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Thank you

I am going to have the weekend off, but before I have my rest I wanted to thank everyone who has helped make the launching of the Yours for Scotland blog such a success.

Already many thousands are engaged, each day that passes more and more people join in the process, a special thanks to those who have subscribed or pressed the follow button, that helps us to rise in the search engines rankings.

An especial thanks to those who shared the articles. This is crucially important, introducing new people all the time and allowing me to try and influence more Scots to our cause, winning the freedom of our country.

Finally can I thank those who have left comments and joined in the debate. It is important these are constructive and reasonable. Being polite costs nothing but if we are attracting soft No’s and the undecided to this site (and we are) then we want to present ourselves as we really are, reasonable, well mannered Scots who care for our communities. I am delighted that thus far I have not had to remove a single contribution so well done everyone. Proud of you all.

That is quite an achievement because we have discussed over the last two weeks some potentially explosive topics. My view is nothing is off limits, I want to hear what you think we are doing well, where improvements are needed. I want to float and consult on new ideas, new policy areas and generally do all I can to engender confidence in our abilities to win the debate.

So I hope you and your family enjoy your weekend, that we all stay healthy and I will be back from Monday

Iain Lawson

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