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I am getting angry with the SNP these days. They seem badly off course and making some very strange, and in my view, very dangerous and unpopular decisions. Of course any unpopularity Involved in these measures is masked by the outstanding performance of the First Minister in dealing with the all consuming Covid19 crisis. I still think there is reason to worry though, because sooner or later Covid19 will move lower in the news cycle and with it the virus will be gone and the Independence Movement will be left facing the hostages to fortune the SNP are busy delivering.

There is also a power struggle going on. It’s a bit of a weird one though as only one side seems to be involved. These are a bunch of very insecure people who hold senior positions mainly through  patronage and who seem engaged in a war with anyone who isn’t Nicola Sturgeon. Wake up to this Nicola,I know you are snowed under, but this is not a good look. You are going to need to make changes to sort this out.

So far it’s been Alex Salmond that has been the main victim, even though he was cleared of all charges you would never know it as the Woke brigade carry on their vendetta against him. Based on smear and innuendo their anger at him defeating their conspiracy and plotting infuriates them. They have much to answer for and the answers will be sought and found. The Parliamentary inquiry that starts on the 18th August and what follows in Alex Salmond’s book are entirely the results of their devious and dishonest behaviour. Folk need to remember that when the publicity grows. It wasn’t Alex Salmond that started this. It was the politically insecure and selfish.

The attempts to throw every conceivable barrier in the way of Joanna Cherry contesting the Edinburgh Central seat has direct connections to the Salmond trial as well. She is viewed as someone loyal to Alex during the trial and therefore it is much more preferable to these folk to have Angus Robertson, a friend and ally, as the choice. 

The problem here is it appears the vast majority of members in Edinburgh Central want to support Joanne Cherry so a “way” must be found to keep her off the ballot paper. Hence the moves to try to debar her standing, to introduce a £10K charge into the process, to try to create rules that she must surrender her Westminster seat in advance of contesting the selection battle for the Scottish Parliament seat in Edinburgh Central, rather than requiring its surrender should she be elected in next years Scottish election. This is the type of political infixing that brought Labour to its knees. It is really dispiriting to see its arrival in internal SNP POLITICS. I have already cancelled my subscription to Angus’s Progress Scotland organisation. It may have provided him with an income after he lost his Moray seat but it has delivered little in my view and other pro Indy blog sites have conducted much better polling.

So is that it, is that the extent of my anger? Well no, there is more. I am very opposed to the proposed Hate Crime legislation. It is very dangerous, it threatens freedom of speech, it lays people open to being a victim of concerted action by fringe groups, who conspire to insist they are offended by something and then call for prosecution of the person who “offended” them. It is a licence for more “politically correct” legislation that will empower the malicious at the expense of the rest of our nation. Likewise the GRA plans are enraging many, have never been passed at any SNP Conference but seem to have become policy despite this. It is not clever politics particularly when the person most responsible for it announces at the outset of consultation that she intends ensuring it is adopted irrespective of what the consultation reveals.

To top it off we have our courts taking ludicrous action against Craig Murray and Mark Hirst. Action that is blatantly biased given that no action is being launched against the other journalists who did more to reveal the identities of the alphabet woman than Craig or Mark. The difference of course is that they were part of the UNIONIST MSM who crucified Alex Salmond in advance of his trial and who have been still busy banging in the nails since his complete acquittal. As Wings  have exposed, the office of Humza Yousaf and the Crown Prosecution Service and Lord Advocate are playing pass the parcel in doing their best to avoid answering who is responsible for this outrage.

Now let me be clear, I want to support the SNP, I think Nicola is an outstanding First Minister, I have many long-standing friends in the Party, both elected and ordinary members. I live to see Independence delivered and I support all measures that make that goal more likely. However when I see things going wrong, where I see loyalty to Nicola, not rocking the boat, being used to smuggle though bad legislation, moves that build opposition to Independence and make it much easier to criticise an Independent Scotland then I am going to speak out.

I have no political ambition for myself, my time has been and gone, but I have a fierce ambition for Scotland’s freedom and it will not be denied without challenge.

26 thoughts on “I AM GETTING ANGRY.

    1. That may get you a day in court. People using the justice system to enable political persecutions and then protect them under a blanket of privacy does not sit well with most people.


  1. Looks like the settlers are circling the wagons, but it’s already too late.

    Nicola Sturgeon has apparently kept sufficient distance from a lot of the controversy that she could clean house instead of letting the people that got into positions of power when she assumed leadership destroy the party. Depending on how ruthless she was, it might even enhance her reputation. Blaming the chaos on the COVID crisis and focussing on Brexit would be a bit rich but if the outcome was a party that would easily win in 2021 then all would be forgiven.

    That might be a bit of wishful thinking but any leader with mettle could easily accomplish it.

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  2. You are spot on with your analysis Iain, after nearly 50 years in the party winning elections when the high heed yins could not, I am beginning to wonder if I am in the same party. The ones causing the problems must be exposed sooner or later, if only for the sake of what they put Alex through. Then they can disappear into the scots mist where they belong. Some of the policies we are pursuing, go directly against what I believe, and yet years ago I would not have had any problem with the direction of the party. It concerns me great at a time when we are so close to our goal.

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  3. Maybe as age has taken me out of active politics I have been unaware of the proposed £10K levy and having to give up one seat before contesting in another but these will surely be dismissed out of hand by the members in the unlikely event that they ever come up for discussion.
    Constituencies have the fundamental right to choose whichever candidate they thing best supports their views.

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  4. Spot on, alas

    The phrase in your piece that really hits home is this

    “This is the type of political infixing that brought Labour to its knees”

    I am not regretting my decision to terminate my SNP membership and join ISP.

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  5. You forgot the threat to women’s rights and the rank misogyny and science-denying ideology behind it. The SNP are losing a LOT of female support. May that continue whilst they through this crap at 50% of the population because that is not a Scotland anyone wants for their daughters or granddaughters. https://forwomen.scot/

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  6. Problem seems to be, that some ‘high profile’ people in the party seem to think that they are, somehow, ‘entitled’ to a higher, or elected, position of their choosing. Much as I like Angus, he is a shrewd politician, but Joanna hasn’t hesitated and waded into fights and won, where Angus would have held back to assess the situation again (as he seems to often do). I know which one of the two I’d want, when it comes to a straightforward fight. And I know which one took on the Tory Government and Boris Johnson and wasn’t scared to do it – and won! Wonder which of those two, the Tories are most frightened of? That would be MY choice!

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  7. Very well said. I think it’s only downhill from here for the SNP and indy unless Nicola gets rid of the woke, pro-gra. pro hate bill brigade. Oh, and a date for a ref of course.

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  8. Only one minor point: It is standard practice in most western democracies to give up any political seat, whether that be a politician, mayor, or councillor, before standing for election in another elective capacity. In this case Westminster for Holyrood.


    1. If that’s standard practice, then it doesn’t seem to apply in Scotland as there have been several examples of those not giving up an existing position until elected in the replacement, or even holding two seats simultaneously. Even Alex Salmond did that for a while, Westminster and Holyrood, though he donated one of his salaries to charity.

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  9. It may be ‘standard practice’ but it is honoured more in the breach. I can think of several examples of giving up a seat after election in another capacity or even holding two positions simultaneously. Alex even did for a while, though giving one of his salaries to charity.


  10. Excellent post, Iain. I would only add that the Tory government’s threats associated to the so-called UK internal market mean that speed is of the essence. My only other comment would be to add to the chief wokist’s list of shame when she suggested children should be taught to give “enthusiastic consent” to sex with adults.

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  11. Says what so many many of us think Iain.

    Nicola must change because if she doesn’t the SNP are finished. The electoral tide will turn, not back to unionism but to a party that will commit to independence. The tide turn however will be a hiccup at a time when independence in nearer now than ever with a weak U.K.

    Let us hope the SNP will change, that it will win a majority next year and that an Indy List party will pare off second votes to deliver a super majority. Sadly with the NEC decision to debar Joanna Cherry, with the criminal conspiracies against Salmond, Murray and Hirst, with Angus Robertson and his wife Jennifer D now R, this change is going to be resisted by the coterie of wokes.


  12. Yes and with the gerrymandering of procedure whereby an individual has to give up their job to stand as a candidate this may have deep consequences.

    Firstly, as in the case of Joanna Cherry, the ruling coterie may indeed have stopped her from standing in Edinburgh Central.

    But what of the unintended consequence of let us say councillors trying to make the move to being elected as an MSP or an MP. Are they too barred from standing unless they resign their council seat.

    And what of the impact that restricting people to be able to put themselves forward to stand. What do ordinary rank and file individuals think of making it more difficult, making people resign their jobs to have a try at election. This is most certainly the stuff that creates new parties.

    The SNP do not have a god given right to be lavished with seats. And a list party does not need to be only a list party. And that is an arrogance currently supercilious Angus Robertson May come to learn.

    So here’s a prediction. Angus Robertson for Edinburgh Central will bomb. He will not be the next MSP.


  13. Says it all really. Thanks for writing this Iain.

    As a party member of over 30 years, I am appalled at recent events in and around the party – not least the treatment of our greatest ever leader (not to diminish Nicola who’s doing a great job on CoVid – but she owes much of what she is to his support and example).

    There is only one reason for the SNP to exist – national self-determination and independence. The rest is peripheral.

    Electoral success and good governance are merely means to that end. Some people have lost sight of that. Others, I suspect, have never believed in it, and have jumped on a careerist bandwagon when after hard won success arrived.

    We must get back to the only reason for our existence. Freedom.

    Thanks again, Iain.

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  14. The perpetrators must be outed Immediately to clear the way for Independence and select the right people for the job


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