Peaceful route is best.

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Politicians, elected one’s that is, hold a privileged position in society. They are recognised as being the result of the democratic process and are afforded the power and status that the democratic system demands they legitimately deserve.

They are expected to defend, irrespective of Party, our freedoms and our democratic way of life.

So what to make of Alister Jack, the Scottish Secretary who has said No second independence referendum “While Nicola Sturgeon is First Minister or during her lifetime”?

Nicola Sturgeon has just enjoyed her 50th birthday, wishing her a long life it could be 2070 before Mr Jack considers it appropriate for Scotland to democratically determine our future constitutional status. That is not going to wash in Scotland. He is heading for a fall, a big one! The SNP hold 48 of Scotland’s 59 seats. Jack’s Tories hold six. He insults our intelligence and democracy with his completely stupid and reckless utterances.

When I was younger I read at length the history of Ireland’s battles to free themselves of English rule. I often wondered just how stupid and cruel those at Westminster must have been and the continued folly and interference after Independence that led to the decades of strife that followed. Troubles that only ended thanks to EU Assistance and help from the USA. Of course the UK has no involvement in Europe anymore so in future Scotland will have to handle Westminster on our own. That could be a problem.

I wonder what Mr Jack thinks will happen after his statement. Does he expect the YES movement will just accept this and go home and forget all about it? Does he think people will not vote for Independence parties and return to the Tory and Labour folds and it will be happy, non demanding Scotland again, content with a few scraps from the Westminster table? If he does he must be mad.

At the first opportunity, remove a Tory will be the campaign ambition of every area of Scotland where they still exist. We will vote and vote and the Tories will get smashed at the polls time after time. We will scream out to the World about this prisoner of war camp that is now Scotland where the people of Scotland are held prisoner and denied even the most basic freedoms of an impoverished colony. Where we sit powerless as Westminster.rapes our resources against our will, sells off our assets with no regard for our welfare. Could Westminster just ignore democracy year after year? If they do there could be serious consequences.

Some will fight, a resistance movement will grow, when democratic routes are denied, then there is no alternative. It could well be Ireland Mark 2 but it will be worse, much worse. Mr Jack must know this. Does he care I ask?

Let me be absolutely clear Scotland wants no part of this but equally we will refuse to become a slave state to the English. I hope and pray none of this comes to pass but if it does it will be on the head of Mr Jack and Westminster. It will be their actions, their reckless statements and policies that will have been the catalyst.

Scots want to win our freedom peaceably and through the ballot box, we have no wish to see violence. To suffer like the good people of Ireland did a hundred years before us just because we want our international human rights of freedom and self determination.

I call on every politician in Scotland, Unionist and Nationalist alike to condemn out of hand Jack’s idiotic and reckless statement and let’s all recognise that democracy demands a free people’s right of self determination through the ballot box and that only despots would deny people living in a free and democratic country that right.

We need to argue this internationally. There have been three UK Prime Ministers since the Referendum in 2014, we voted for none of them but each has been able to change the policies of their new administration while still denying Scotland our rights to change ours. The powers to drag us out of the Single Market against our wishes. We are the majority. It will not do!

This article was inspired by the recent death of John Hume who devoted his life to ending the violence in Northern Ireland. Westminster paid tributes to his life’s work and his assistance in the peace process while avoiding mentioning the culpability of previous Westminster Government’s in creating the “troubles” in the first place. Let us hope they have learned from the past and they are not all like Jack the kipper!


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