I was originally going to title this Can the Tories sink lower? Don’t get me wrong I am not talking about their electoral fortunes. That is a given, they can go a lot lower than they are today, no I am talking about the tactics they are likely to engage in to try and divert attention away from the self inflicted economic disaster that is looming in front of us as Brexit, minus any EU trade deal, moves closer every day

The very public execution of Jackson Carlaw is a bit of a dead giveaway of what is coming. He always looked a bit uneasy rhyming off the Tory script when it was patently false and his cheeks fluffed up a puffy red as he did his best to create some faux rage.

Not so Ruth Davidson, who takes over as The Tory leader in Holyrood today. The lies and bile flow from her mouth with ease. She thinks nothing of introducing the most evil of arguments, particularly adept at stirring up religious intolerances in favour of the Union, caring nothing for the enormous dangers such language can stir up,  especially in the West of Scotland. Being reckless and irresponsible is well worth it she feels,  if she can get those followers of religious bigotry active on the streets in “defence” of the Union.

This time we should call her out for this the minute it starts. There are a lot of Tories who will not support these tactics and who will share the same concerns as the rest of the population about bringing back the bad old days and bigoted divisions of the past. She can be damaged, badly damaged, across all communities if she tries that trick again. We should not hesitate.

Her sidekick Douglas Ross is a bit of an unknown quantity to me, which given he has been an MP for some years, does not suggest he is any great shakes. I know he is an assistant referee and runs the line. He may get on well with Gove then. He has been known to run a line as well! (I know that’s an old one but too good to ignore)

He resigned over the Dominic Cummings incident so I wonder how he will get on with being back under his command again. We won’t find out of course until after the May 2021 election when presuming he is returned to Holyrood via the Highlands and Islands list he will assume duties at FMQ’s as Ruth Davidson gets her payoff, joining the army of failed Scottish Tory and Labour politicians who swopped electorates for ermine and a few hundred quid a day. Clever her getting that deal signed off before taking up her temporary role as leader at Holyrood where it could all go so badly wrong if the Tories take a pounding next year. Her escape route is clear, for the rest it will be every Tory for themselves.

I know the Tories see Davidson as the potential saviour of the Union, she enjoyed incredible support, verging on delusional support,  from the media in Scotland last time round with her regularly being projected as a viable First Minister. All that praise and fawning promotion came to naught. It is no more credible this time round, less so, not least because of the incredible public support for Nicola Sturgeon which crosses all normal political boundaries. Also everyone knows this is a temporary, one off gig, that dies off the minute the polls open.

Her. role this time is to be the one woman wrecking ball, talking Scotland and our Parliament down at every turn and providing 100% support for every madcap policy that Westminster can come up with, irrespective of what damage it does to Scots and Scotland in the process.

She will never be forgiven for the damage she inflicts but that is as nothing for the soon to be ermine clad rogue whose future is assured in the House of Rogues where electorates and the wishes and needs of the common people can be arrogantly  dismissed for the rest of her life. Such is democracy in the UK.

We can do nothing more than give her the roughest of rides while she is still with us until she becomes the latest tawdry example of why our country so desperately needs Independence.

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