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What do you say about this incredible, incompetent Tory Government?. They deserve every bit of criticism that is weighing down on them from all sides.

Despite having the huge advantage of seeing what happened in Scotland they proceeded to try and inflict the same grossly unfair downgrading system on exam results in England that severely disadvantaged children from the poorer areas. How do you defend a system that downgrades kids from private schools by 10% while downgrading marks from schools in poorer areas by 40%? How could you possibly think that fair? Why would anyone seek to defend it?

The Uk Government are guilty as sin over this, but they are not alone. What about the media and in particular the BBC who were in raptures of delight when the Scottish Government reacted speedily to the problem? Their reward from the media? Ridicule as they piled on the criticism. Can we now expect programmes devoted to the apologies as the media who now recognise that the Scottish Government called it right? I am not holding my breath!

I will leave you with what I think is the funniest comment I have read about Gavin Williamson, the UK Education Minister. “Gavin Williamson is a man so incompetent he paid full price for a DFS sofa”

Sums it up perfectly.

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