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There is a price for everything. The Trial of Alex Salmond programme will have cost the BBC a great deal of money as it convinced big numbers of Scots that enough was enough  and many decided they would no longer provide funds through the licence fee to pay for such poisoned propaganda from the British State.


Interestingly enough the programme was so blatant, so evil, so unbalanced even some of the English media condemned it, no doubt stunned that such a programme could be broadcast in what is supposed to be a free democratic country. It was a total abuse of Alex Salmond’s right to live freely without his human rights being destroyed by such rampant media persecution. Those who were happy to ignore the jury’s judgement that he was innocent of all charges should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, and, if there was any justice, they would face charges themselves.

I of course, don’t really expect any apology, no the great many who complained will get the usual BBC brush off which consists of a sterile meaningless message designed to bore you to death. That is the satisfying thing about dumping the licence fee, if sufficient numbers of us do so, then they will notice that alright.

The UK GOVERNMENT will of course find some other way of keeping the propaganda channels operating, the political position in Scotland is precarious enough without losing the big BBC club.

Desperation has led to it being overused to the point that it is constantly in use on all news and political programmes, with the constant attacks on the SNP and Scottish Government leading to fewer and fewer viewers watching at all. SNP BAAD every day now gets laughed at more often than listened to. The boy that cried wolf and all that!

The other interesting thing I noticed was how poorly done the whole attack was. It was clumsy, it was so obvious, recording a day to day account of the proceedings then suddenly jumping from day seven to day ten was like the lights coming on on the waltzers and the music blaring. It drew every columnists attention to what happened on days eight and nine and would you believe it? That was the days the defence witnesses completely trashed all the false allegations to the complete satisfaction of the jury. Not trusting the viewers with even a tainted, biased taste of that testimony was the biggest giveaway that the allegations were about as firm as runny jam!

I think that is the new problem, the BBC is now questioned rather than believed, scepticism is now widespread, the phrase is that true or did you hear it on the BBC is now in widespread use across the country, every day.

It has become so badly damaged as an institution I don’t think it can be repaired. The younger generation get their news elsewhere and the older generation brought up watching the BBC grow fewer by the day with a combination of them noticing the propaganda element as well or simply reaching the end of their lives, viewer numbers continue to slip. With young people in Scotland recording support for Independence at between 70-80% the anti Scottish propaganda from the discredited BBC has no place in their hearts and minds.

The elephant in the room is that the BBC news services as we know them will be finished in Scotland in the next ten years, even sooner if Independence is secured before that.

It will be a better Scotland when they are gone, they have become strangers to the truth, the enemy of Scotland committed to holding us back and promoting the continued control of our country by a larger neighbouring country.

It cannot and must not last!

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