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While the unionists throw the kitchen sink at the Independence Movement they swirl around in a cloud of self delusion that this move or that attack will be the one that finally brings the drive towards Independence to a halt.

If they  could only cripple Alex Salmond or pull down Nicola Sturgeon it would all fall to pieces. Sorry guys and gals but it doesn’t work like that. Both of them could disappear, abducted by aliens, but the Independence Movement would move on regardless.

It’s always been a mystery to me to understand why Unionists think this way. It makes no sense. If you look at Nicola’s critics they don’t complain about her driving Independence forward too quickly, no the criticism centres round her keeping her foot on the brake most of the time. So how does her being abducted slow down the move to a referendum?

There are hundreds of thousands of Scots engaged in driving Independence forward. They do it in conversation, they do it by attending rallies and marches, delivering leaflets. They live in every city, town, village, islands and in all our rural areas. They share a commitment and a vision of a better Scotland, something unionists can’t match,

Unionists have no vision to inspire anyone, they are happy to hand control of Scotland to our much larger southern neighbour, they ignore the democratic deficit where England’s massively large electorate determines our every UK Government, irrespective of how Scotland voted. More recently they pulled Scotland out of the EU and the Single Market on the back of English Brexit votes while Scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay in. They know keeping Scotland in the Union is not good for Scotland, yet they persist. 

I try to fathom it out. Very few of the wartime generation are still with us. It can’t possibly be for economic reasons, Westminster is doing enormous damage to our economy all the time. It can’t be because they think Westminster brings competent and reliable Government. This must be the most incompetent, chaotic Government in living memory. Up to their eyes in debt, running a huge deficit, there is no financial security to be found staying with London. Rather the reverse.

I think it must be a fear of change and this is perhaps the message we should be concentrating on as Brexit looms. Everything is going to change, the combination of the Covid crisis and our unwelcome removal from the Single Market ensures great changes are in front of us. We are going to have to rebuild and adjust.

We just need to ask can we do that more efficiently as an Independent nation in the same way that other North European nations have done like Norway, Sweden and Denmark and our closest neighbours Ireland or do we stay tied as second class citizens in our own country?. To a debt laden England, a country that is going backwards in the World losing power, respect and friends across the globe and only interested in us for the resources and wealth we provide? I know my answer to that one, so it’s bye bye chaps!

I don’t think any of the above revolves round Alex Salmond or Nicola Sturgeon, maybe not even the SNP or wider Yes Movement it has become ordinary discussion amongst the Scottish population. It is a regular topic of conversation between pals and workmates, husband and wives, a part of everyday life. It is abundantly clear what impact political discussions are having, as the polls move gradually in favour of Independence. That is why yesterday’s latest Panelbase poll commissioned by Business for Scotland showing Yes at 55% was no shock for Indy supporters. We should be grateful for the increased activity from Westminster Ministers in Scotland, it appears to be working…for us! . People are talking, folk were asking, after the terrible train incident why Grant Shapps, a Westminster Minister was at the site talking about it. It did not sit well in Scotland. His very presence was seen as political interference.

Barriers are being knocked down, confidence is building, this is solid movement in the right direction and it is happening irrespective of individuals, important as they may be, so I would confidently forecast the only impact of Nicola and Alex being abducted by aliens will have, will be us having to cater for those new friends arriving by spaceship for the party to celebrate our freedom, when it arrives in the very near future. Beam me down Scotty! Oh, and home rule for Mars!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

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