1.Nicola sends an ultimatum to Boris stating that unless a Section 30 order is approved in sufficient time for an Independence Referendum to be held on the same day as the May 2021 elections, then the constituency vote in those elections will represent the substitute referendum where the Party winning the majority of seats wins a mandate for or against Independence.

2. If Westminster want the decision based on votes rather than seats then they must pass the Section 30 order with all speed otherwise it will be seats that will be the determining factor.
This ultimatum to be voted on by all members of the Scottish Parliament and Scots MP’s representing seats in Scotland to give it the maximum authority.

3. Great efforts to be made in Scotland to attract international support for this democratic method of allowing our people their international rights of self determination.

4. Requests are made to both the EU AND UN to send monitors to supervise the voting and counting processes.
Much of this can happen before we exit the Single Market and will hopefully attract support amongst current EU members.

This is a clearly democratic route. Westminster has the opportunity to agree. The World can see clearly we are seeking a fair and honest way to express our right to self determination.

LET WESTMINSTER BE SEEN AS A PARIAH STATE IF THEY REFUSE. THIS ROUTE WILL WIN INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT AND RECOGNITION (IF WE TRY) I posted this yesterday and it was well received. I am posting again today and asking people to share It everywhere so we Drive it up the agenda and force an answer to the question.


ESTONIA 1.35 million Independent 1991

Can we be independent? Yes by parliamentary vote.

Can we have our own Central Bank? Yes you can set it up before Independence.

Can we have our own currency? Yes in full operation 8 months after Independence?

Can we join the EU? Yes, your in.

What about NATO? No problem.

What about a seat on the UN? It’s yours.

What about a seat on the UN Security Council with full voting powers? Yes you can get that.

SCOTLAND. 5.4 million. Ruled from London.

Can we get a Section 30 order? No you can’t.


How many games have you ever won when your opponent gets to make up all the rules?

Just asking?



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27 thoughts on “SO WHY DON’T WE DO THIS NICOLA?

  1. I just can’t get my head round us asking the entity that has most to lose from our departure for “permission” to even have a vote in the first place. Would they ask us if THEY wanted out. Of course not and it shows how cravenly subjugated we’ve become. It’s downright humiliating and the fact that we embarrass ourselves in this manner says to the world that we don’t have what it takes to go it alone without Mother England.

    The people are ready but we need our “leaders” to get off their knees. Maybe stopping thinking about their pension pots and expense accounts would be an idea as well.

    SNP – Scotland NOT Party. They should remember that.

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  2. There are so many things that COULD be done, that are politically feasible, the only thing missing is a spine I think, or the will.

    Thank you for alerting us to the simple fact that it isn’t that difficult to outline a plan, and an alternative one, and a timeline, Iain. Where there is a will,,, there’s a way, as the saying goes.

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  3. If I understand right, S30 was an agreement between the two governments, not a permission. So, if Westminster don’t agree to a legal, democratic vote that would be seen by UN, EU and other countries as legitimate, then tough. Let’s get going.

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    1. Sub-section 5 of Section 30 of the 1998 Scotland Act allows normally reserved issues (such as the “constitution”) to be temporarily devolved, eg for the few hours needed to conduct a referendum. It’s not an “agreement”, but neither is it really “permission” – the legislation describes how, and under what constraints, this transfer of power can take place.

      The process for holding the 2014 referendum was set out in the Edinburgh Agreement between the two governments, separate from the Scotland Act.


  4. its time for nicola sturgeon to give up her contract with the bbc and allow the health secretary to read out the position of the virus every day.johnson gove and cummings are plotting to take all the power away from the scottish government they plan to make devolution a dead duck its time our leaders started fighting back nicolas statement of not doing politics till the virus is over should be put to bed time for our leader to start leading.or stand down and let somebody else take the challenge of leading scotland to independence.nicola cant hide forever she is protected by her husband peter murrell who heads of any challenge to nicola look what happened to joanne cherry.its time for the snp mps and msps to take charge of the situation and make some effort to stop westminster closing scotland down before its too late.they are fighting for their jobs after all.a lot can happen before the election in may 2021.its time for action not silence.


    1. But But.. Nicola makes me feel safe and I only have half a brain so this must be protected from Covid. We can wait an negotiate our independence 3 yrs into a Hard Brexit as that makes more sense than to do it now while we are in the EU.


  5. Good piece, worthy of wider discussion.

    The route to independence is not supinely restricted to only asking Boris Johnson if we could please have a S30 referendum sometime.

    And in stimulating debate doesn’t the idea of setting up many of the mechanisms of an independent state now, as make so much sense. That is after all what Estonia did.

    In fact, in Scotland the exact opposite appertains whereby Boris Johnston and his government are actively setting up an alternative Westminster civil service to take over the running of the currently devolved ministries such as farming, agriculture, food standards, environmental standards, even healthcare – all being stripped out for a post Brexit Britain where the Scottish Parliament will have as much say a a local community council.

    This needs to change. We need to pursue an alternative strategy. We need to pursue our rights and we can do this through national and international legal mechanisms.The UK, Westminster, cannot just do as it pleases whilst Scotland and her people just accept it – sitting meekly asking for a S30.

    Nicola Surgeon cannot therefore be allowed to continue saying that now is not the time, that there can be no other route. There are other routes and they can be pursued now.

    And neither can Nicola Sturgeon say that after a COVID her next priority is the economy. That priority is now, not right now and economic mismanagement coupled with a Brexit we did not vote for is something we need to action sooner rather than later. But again, what are we hearing from our Scottish Government.

    So time for us all to contribute to the mature debate that we desperately need to have. This is our movement, our country, our way of life and it is not something that is to be choked off by a small malign coterie of control who quite frankly appear more focussed on scuppering independence, and the Scottish Parliament itself.

    Good stuff Iain Lawson for calling for folks to discuss and debate. Your proposal for independence and the references to Estonia most certainly gives insight, and welcome food for thought.


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  6. No Section 30! Section 30 is toxic and must be totally renounced.

    Renounce Section 30 process
    Assert competence of Scottish Parliament in constitutional matters
    Recall MPs to join with MSPs in a National Convention
    Propose dissolution of Union subject to referendum
    Call referendum entirely made and managed in Scotland

    #NoSection30 #ScottishUDI #UnionNoMore #WhiteRoseRising

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    1. I agree, Peter, but Iain’s point is well-made. We would not actually be accepting the S30 route as the only one. We would be saying: make it easy on yourself and us by agreeing to a S30 Order or, whether you do or not, we are going by the election route. I believe that actually confronting Westminster is when it will all happen. In the end, how we confront them is less important that confronting them and setting in motion the means of leaving the UK immediately. However you slice and dice it, there is a ‘Union’, even if it is only in name, and a union of any kind implies more than one side. We would be affording England-as-the-UK far more courtesy than they have ever shown us, as the other equal partner in the so-called Union that is no real union. Again, you have this obsession with a referendum that is totally unnecessary, and which is a greater trap than anything else. It has been the insistence on a referendum of any kind that has led us to this stasis, this inertia, because we simply cannot imagine beyond that for reasons that are entirely spurious. The Treaty itself gives us the legal right to take Scotland out of the Union in the same way that we were taken into it, but in reverse. Polls are not infallible, but they have shown a majority for independence in a series of five or six now, and, in any case, another win at the polling booth also gives us that right as the core policy of the SNP is independence. It is persuading Nicola Sturgeon wherein lies the rub.

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    1. Did you not see her on GMTV or whatever that morning TV programme not on the BBC is (I only saw a clip elsewhere). Just this week. She was encouraged to talk about independence but said nothing, only that her focus is on Covid. Let’s hope she is really hiding some smart plan that’s going to come blasting out shortly and shake everything up, but I suspect not.


  7. Excellent. I hope that the FM reads your blog, Iain. Although the S30 Order is nonsense anyway, actually giving Westminster the opportunity to agree or not agree is paramount, even if it is simply protocol and courtesy and nothing else, since this is supposedly a ‘Union’ in name, if nothing else. Basically, we’d be saying: it’s up to you whether or not you take the easy road; we are going whatever. The same goes for the Treaty route. It would be up to Westminster to challenge our case or not as it saw fit. Both these options pre suppose that vertebrates will be doing the job, of course, but, you know, I think Westminster would be forced to show its hand to the world. It is because we shilly-shally and dither and will we-won’t we, that gives them the impression that we are not really serious. Cold, hard reality would kick in.

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    1. John Jones. I think you know the answer to your question as to how many former British rules countries had to ask for a S30 referendum.

      Kind of summarises where we are, or should I say Nicola and the clique are in their strategy for independence.

      But she’s got other priorities on her mind. Things like ensuring that her government does not reveal Alex Salmond documentation to Parliament and the elected parliamentarians. Ensuring that the health authorities keep secret and do not disclose, unlike England who do it area by area on a publicly available website, the incidences of COVID and test results. Or priorities like the daily COVID floor show which thus far has been popular, which to be fair is what you want first ministers to be.

      But aside, the proposal outlined by Iain has been quite widely received and positively responded to with bro comments on many of the indy sites, and that is good. No one person owns and determines a national strategy to the exclusion of everyone else.

      Indeed, James Dornan in a podcast recognised that if the SNP get to the other side of an election and don’t deliver then ‘ the party will be in trouble’ Never a truer word spoken Mr Dornan, but it’s not the party that anyone should worry about, but rather ‘ the country ‘ because it is the country is in trouble. Andit is in trouble now as we head out of Europe, with our Parliament under threat, our institutions under threat, and our economy facing very hard times.

      No wonder really that there is detailed planning for approximately 1,500 troops to be deployed to support police in the event of post Brexit difficulties.

      The time is therefore now. Nicola can no doubt flit off like George Robertson did all those years ago to a high paid international job with a WHO, or Nato, or the UN, or some huge international charity or wherever retired politicians go when they leave office ( Blair, Brown, Darling all got slots with banks and financial institutions ) But for the rest of us we will be left behind in a post Brexit Scotland to face the music.

      We need a new strategy. And we need that heard, understood, and in play now.


  8. Really enjoying your blogs, so keep them coming……..

    You may want to change the name though. How about ‘Wee Ginger Kitten’ and this kitten has sharp claws.

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    1. Funny :-), but on a serious note I would avoid association with ‘wee ginger’ anything…there is something not right with wee ginger. I cannot put my finger on it but as a newcomer to independence blogs, wee ginger is the only one that makes me uneasy. I have stopped reading it on a regular basis. Perhaps Independence would stop his income, I don’t know, but there is something amiss there.


  9. I read the Sunday National’s article “Voices for Scotland hoping to take over from Yes campaign for indyref2” with a mixture of disbelief and increasing concern. By about the third paragraph I was beginning to think, and hope, that this was some kind of rather well written spoof story. Sadly it was not.

    As if it were not bad enough that a number of pop up political parties are trying slide their way on to the ballot paper for next May’s Scottish Parliament elections, we are now to have a number of pop up political / civic organisations hoping to “lead the charge for indyref2”.

    It seems that an Audrey Birt, chair of Voices for Scotland (VfS) ??? believes her organisation is “best placed” to carry on the work of Yes Scotland. My first thought was who is Audrey Birt and why had I never heard of her. A quick Google search for her and a look at the organisation’s web site left me none the wiser.

    Apparently this pop up organisation is funded by donations from £5 per month. I have to wonder who these folk are, what are their underlying political aims and how many of them actually exist ?

    Audrey Birt apparently believes VfS is “best placed to take forward that non-party political position”. She said “I think we are in a natural position to do that. We have got a lot of skill”. I can see absolutely no evidence of this. How will they take on the well financed, media led might of the Unionist campaign which will soon face us ?

    As a lifelong supporter of independence, I find the SNP’s silence on the successor to Yes Scotland deafening. Where is the SNP’s leadership in all this ? Where is the lead from the organisation with over 100,000 paid up members, stacks of MPs, loads of MSPs, hundreds of councillors and even its very own Government ?

    Yes Scotland needs life breathed back into it. The SNP need to give it some CPR – and very soon please.

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    1. I would not look for the SNP to revive YES Scotland, it was them that closed it down in the first place in case it became a rival. Like you I have never heard of Audrey Birt and her skills but there again all sorts of people seem to be able to access positions of power by just setting up some minority group or other and then claiming recognition, sometimes money as well. The only people that can revive YES Scotland are the various Regional Yes Groups round the country. I wish they would get on with doing so.


  10. I really like the idea of using the next Holyrood election as a referendum, except for one obvious flaw…. If threatened with a election referendum all Westminster has to do is close Holyrood.


  11. I’m impressed, I must say. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and interesting, and let me tell you, you have hit the
    nail on the head. The problem is something that too few people
    are speaking intelligently about. I’m very happy that
    I came across this during my hunt for something concerning this.

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