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The BBC yesterday finally gave up any claim to be a public service broadcaster, making clear their sole purpose is as the propaganda arm of Unionism and that they don’t give a fig for the welfare of the Scottish population.

Personally I think it is another mistake, a huge miscalculation that will engender a response that will prove much more damaging to the future of the Union, effectively removing BBC PROPAGANDA from a great number of homes in Scotland.

Thanks to the moronic responses generated for the masses in response to BBC complaints very few will waste their time complaining. No, much more likely is that tens of thousands, if not more, use this as another motivation to join the army of Scots who no longer pay the licence fee. That way not only do they lose the much needed revenues they also lose the ability to spout propaganda into our homes. 

Some times Unionists would be better thinking more about what they wish for. To the vast majority of Scots this move will be condemned and viewed as yet another example of British failure to look after Scotland’s best interests.

I view this as yet another ill thought out panic response to polls showing growing support for Independence. Only morons would think it a good idea to effectively ban the First Minister broadcasting to our nation both the current Covid19 situation and what steps the Government and public need to take to control this lethal virus. Particularly as infections are rising.

I hope that any family affected by this decision consider suing the BBC for recklessly making it easier for the virus to spread in our communities. Crowdfunders are available.

This is not the action of a reputable public service broadcaster rather it is the actions of a Soviet controlled media. If you didn’t think our freedoms were under attack you know better now. We might not need to wait for the ballot box, everyday gets closer to outright revolution being justified. They are now officially and blatantly taking decisions  designed to kill our people. Those who work for BBC Scotland should rebel and tell their bosses this is a step too far. The public are very angry about this make no mistake.

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