Here are some facts

  1. Alex Salmond was falsely accused with multiple charges being made against him.
  2. Long before any trial the “charges” were maliciously leaked to a newspaper.
  3. This led to a media frenzy that championed the multi charges from so many different women as evidence there was no hope of acquittal.
  4. Throughout the trial media reports were extremely hostile largely reporting the prosecution evidence while ignoring the defence evidence that effectively destroyed the prosecution case.
  5. During the trial Mr Salmond’s defence team tried to lodge a number of WhatsApp messages that they argued proved a clearly planned conspiracy against him. The judge did not permit them to be lodged.
  6. The trial ended with every single charge being thrown out by a jury comprised of more women than men. Not a single charge was upheld.
  7. Much of the prosecution case was shown up as patently false or contrived.
  8. Shortly after the trial those responsible for the rejected allegations signed a press release that continued their smear campaign against the man who had just been cleared of every single charge
  9. The BBC in the form of an hour long documentary then produced a programme called “the Trial of Alex Salmond” that repeated all the allegations, had interviews with the “victims” using actor’s voices and pictures of nervous twitching all for effect, YET MANAGED TO OMIT THE ENTIRE DEFENCE CASE, EVERY SINGLE DEFENCE WITNESS WAS IGNORED. It was aired multiple times.
  10. Last week one of those WhatsApp messages were leaked and it was revealed that the SNP Chief Executive was actively encouraging pressure to be applied on the police and to open up more allegations through the Met in London. I am led to believe there are more WhatsApp messages from this closed group which provide much more evidence of the plot and those involved.
  11. It is already known from numerous press reports that a number of the allegations were made by senior members of the SNP and Scottish Government.
  12. Craig Murray, who reported the trial honestly and accurately, unlike the MSM who continued to try and paint Alex Salmond guilty, is facing contempt of court charges despite doing considerably less to reveal the identities of the alphabet women than was possible from the reports in many of the mainstream publications

This section that follows is not all facts but includes opinion based on the information I have.


Political patronage can be lucrative. Any leader of any Government has the opportunity to move into their administration many positions in both Government and Party to  their closest allies and friends. These positions, both paid and unpaid are largely reliant on the leader staying in place. 

Now, if the people concerned have true talent they probably could survive a change of leader, but, it is much safer to them if any potential contenders can be kept well away from the centre of power. I fear that is what we are dealing with here with the malicious attempts to kill off Alex Salmond and keeping Joanna Cherry out of Holyrood. I do think they are both connected to the same fear. Likewise control of the NEC is part of the same problem.


I am told it was brought on by the incident involving Mark MacDonald where he retweeted a message he should not have done and a bandwagon developed calling for him to resign his seat. There was a great fear that Alex Salmond would view such a by election as an opportunity to re enter Holyrood. Two things happened at this stage, the first allegations against Alex Salmond emerged. I believe it likely this was to only to stop him becoming a candidate but it was also accompanied with an easing back on the Mark McDonald situation where there were no more calls for him to resign his seat, merely to lose the whip. So no by election, he could stay to the next election with his seat being probably based on a future all women shortlist if necessary.. Problem solved.


For Alex Salmond if he had been found guilty he could easily, at his age, been facing a prison sentence that could have seen him spending the rest of his natural life in jail. Think about that. Then think of the enormous pain and suffering he suffered over almost two years knowing he was innocent but still knowing his freedom was entirely dependent on a jury believing him innocent. The more so that the jury for that very extended period were subject to the same hostile commentary coming from the MSM in advance of the trial. Commentary designed to influence opinion. Look how many supposedly loyal SNP people were influenced to accept his guilt. Often the same people today who complain and whine when efforts are being made to encourage the Party to take action against those involved in this plotting.


I have known Alex Salmond for thirty five years. We are not close. I sent him a message of support in advance of his trial and contributed to his defence fund. I am friendly with a good number of MP’s and MSP’s and some of what I have written above comes from these sources. None of the above is single source information.

I hope this matter can be dealt with speedily. I have been calling for a Party Enquiry from the end of the trial. Perhaps last week’s revelation of the Chief Executive’s enthusiasm for pushing the charges against Alex Salmond is the explanation of why it has never happened. I remember swift action in the past.

I suspect this started as a silly plot, but having succeeded in heading off the threat in Mark McDonald’s seat, some bright spark, thinking of the various selection battles arising in the lead up to the May 2021 decided they should administer the coup de grace with the creation of more malicious charges which spiraled out of control and resulted in such damage to Alex Salmond, despite his innocence, and which will ultimately result in a lot more humiliation and disaster for those responsible as the truth about these events becomes increasingly apparent. More and more people know the identities so this is inevitable.

You will note this article does not suggest any MI5 or Westminster involvement in this debacle. I do not rule it out but if there is I am unaware of it. What I do see and find utterly despicable is the cooperation between those who created the false allegations and the Unionist media who have been delighted to use these gifts to smear a man who was, and still is, the greatest threat to the Union. That has been betrayal with a capital B and they should be ashamed of themselves and certainly holding no office within the SNP or Scottish Government. It is just ridiculous that those seeking justice on this matter have to suffer accusations of being disloyal and disruptive from the same folk who are willing to overlook the actions of those who created these disgraceful and vindictive events. Has the World gone mad?

I desperately want Independence. I never created the false narrative, I never leaked the charges to the media, I never conspired with others to endanger the freedom of an innocent man, or who continued to run an organised smear campaign against him once the charges were all dismissed. All done from hiding.

Think about this, if people see you trying to bury such wrongdoing, prepared to let it go, they are going to ask what else is being hidden in our drive for Independence? It would be an effective attack that we can’t defend and would cost us dear. You simply can’t call for a fair and just Scotland and then turn a blind eye to this. It won’t work, but more important it is just so wrong.

So if you are angry at all this and you would be right to be so, restrict it to those responsible. Being seen to tolerate and condone this sort of evil plotting, cowardly and devious behavior is not the route to a free, just and prosperous Scotland. We are a better people than that and our leadership needs to reflect that honesty and decency to inspire our people, or else all will be lost….and will deserve to be. It’s a better, honest and just Scotland we are fighting for! Let’s not forget that and lead with the high standards Scotland deserves.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

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58 thoughts on “FACING THE TRUTH

  1. I find this whole situation extremely distressing – and very disappointing. It really needs to be resolved, a cleansing to take place – and if the perpetrators have any honour left they should admit to what they did, and step down now!


    1. Alison, if they had any honour in the first place they would never have even contemplated this action never mind do what they did. I am so very disappointed in independence supporters who just want to sweep this under the carpet and call people who rightly see that this conduct is just not acceptable all manner of offensive names.

      I am also very disappointed in one independence blogger who I know for a fact knows what has been going on but chooses to ignore it.


  2. My tuppence worth. Nicola Sturgeon and Murrell have very likely been played like a fiddle. N S is very clever, but not beyond the BritNats’ tampering by installing plants in high office in the SNP.
    Now leaking apps? How terribly convenient, bring down the leader of the SNP, before the election in 2021, cat amongst the pigeons, independence support now the majority. Let’s see what else is ‘leaked’ in the next few weeks and months. This all stinks to high heaven, hallmarks of extremely sinister interference from outside of the party. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

    Who gains by this, who wins? Two very important questions.

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    1. That’s my opinion as well. The lies and smears on Alex Salmond make me sick and that some SNP females were complicit in this angers me.
      I am pretty sure MI5 are responsible for this and we should not jump to conclusions.
      And to be perfectly honest I want independence as soon as possible.
      We can get to the bottom of this after independence.

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      1. Let us be crystal clear the comments about the benefits of pressurising the Police both here in Scotland and in London to double the trouble on as many fronts possible for Alex Salmond are not the words and actions of a so called nationalist, and chief executive of the SNP.

        Murrell should be sacked immediately and others should follow.

        We want shit, and I use the word shit correctly, cleared out of our party. The guy is a thug, a criminal and he needs to go. And were it not for the rotten police and the COPFS, and they are rotten, Murrell should be facing jail time. We either stop this rot or we step out of Democratic rule of law politics altogether.

        Let’s get our party back. Let’s get our rotten Police and Prosecution Service cleaned up. And a start would be to clear Murrell and Ruddick out right now, this week, with more to follow.

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    2. I agree this is all too convenient timing for the union! MI5 don’t often leave a trail.
      While I’m a big fan of Alex Salmond whom I believe will be regarded as a hero in times to come I don’t see any benefit of cancelling independence.
      What I do see is misery , hunger, total deprivation, thrust upon our population in 3 months time if we don’t escape this union. . Alex would not want that.
      We can’t afford at this moment to be as ‘noble’ as you purport to be.

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  3. Great summary and analysis.

    Do you think it might be time for a fresh start for Alex and for him to join and lead ISP perhaps.

    Is there any way back into SNP, which doesn’t seem likely under the present circumstances. He would take a lot of disenchanted people with him I suspect.

    Also, what chance right now of any significant change in the SNP hierarchy, they seem to be pretty untouchable.


      1. Well argued ArtyHetty. One word replies are always convincing, try swearing as well to drive the point home.


    1. When the Scottish election process starts
      And the people involved in the AS case are still in place, possibly being put forwards for election.
      I think it is only democratic for those that
      Know who they are.
      Should go all out to scupper their plans for election.
      To suggest, not voting for them in a subliminal way.
      There is obviously more than one way to skin a cat.

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    2. I guess it depends who the real SNP hierarchy are doesn’t it, and who they take their orders from.
      A.Salmond is not daft, he won’t jeopardise independence in any way. Those who seek to thwart independence failed with plan A which was to take down A. Salmond. Plan B is to take down Nicola Sturgeon and ensure that the SNP are ousted at the election in 2021. England has far too much to lose if they can’t keep Scotland shackled, post Brexit. With more ‘leaks’ guaranteed, it’s incredibly suspect. Part of plan B. For a group of people to have set up apps, then ‘leak’ them? It’s almost as if it was designed deliberately to be revealed, when required.

      There’s a huge ominous building in England where they employ 1000’s of people, at great cost to the public purse, who are the real untouchables. Actually, there are a few one being Westminster.

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      1. Artyhetty, the Whatsapp messages were taken from Ruddicks phone by the police during the police investigation into the allegations against Salmond. Under the laws of evidence the messages then had to be provided to Salmonds defence team. As Iain in his article says the judge subsequently ruled the messages inadmissible for the trial. So the jury found Salmond innocent without even seeing the Whatsapp messages. The Crown office also ruled that the messages were now the property of the crown.

        So in conclusion your statement ” for a group of people to set up apps, then leak them” is an assumption that may be wrong. The leak could have come from the Crown office or anyone in Salmonds team who kept a copy of them.

        In general however, I do not rule out The British Secret Service being involved. Certainly, it is obvious that there are people in high positions in the Scotgov/SNP who are not that interested in independence – they are Britnats. Remember one of them was emboldened enough to state she was a soft yes supporter during the trial.

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    3. Tommy Hutton, no need to get so worked up. Sometimes one word, not sweary, seems to suffice. I have expanded on that however. Do you have anything ‘convincing’ to contribute to the debate?


  4. Thank you, Iain. It is obvious that there is something wrong at the heart of the SNP just now. I say that with great sadness. However, the Party and the Yes Movement are bigger than this and no matter how much unionists want this to harm Independence it will not. It does not change my drive and desire for us to run our own affairs. I will continue to vote SNP (probably not with both votes) until we gain our independence. After that .. who knows who we will be able to vote for?

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  5. Excellent summery of the facts as I would see them. Alex Salmond is the greatest spearhead for an Independent Scotland, some one who brought us from a low position for YES to near victory. To smear a man of his calibre is unforgivable, especially if it were not for the honesty of a Scottish jury he could be serving a long term in prison. As a SNP member for nearly 50 years I am disgusted by this whole affair and we must route out those who are now too cosy with devolution, and then move forward with renewed vigour to our goal of INDEPENDENCE NOTHIG LESS as our old slogan cried from the roof tops . Alex I salute you and would see you back to lead us to ultimate victory.

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  6. We must get independence. The majority of the population are not aware or even care about this l. What they do care about is their children and opportunities in life, free prescriptions, an NHS that works for Scotland and not privatised and food on the table. You really seem he’ll bent on attempting to scupper it. Why?

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      1. It’s healthy to debate this, and have a conversation about it, and a healthy scepticism is in order to balance things out. Put absolutely nothing, nothing past the BritNat state when it comes to matters of keeping what they see as theirs. The empire lives on, they will not let go easily, psychological manipulation is very easily done, control the narrative, divide and rule, and bob’s your uncle, job done! Some fall for it, hook, line, and sinker. That’s why they do it. Who controls the media? There’s your answer and it’s why we need these sort of blogs.

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      2. You are not trying to ‘scupper’ independence are you? Despicable behaviour is not acceptable, but nor is deliberately making children go hungry, privatising the SNHS, and plunging families into poverty etc.
        Let’s see what transpires, but we all need to prioritise independence, or see Scotland destroyed, that’s the reality of where we are at.

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      3. Well said, Iain. We cannot build an independent Scotland on this kind of stuff. We need this to be cleaned up – and very soon. Above all, we need to stop the kind of behaviours that are simply reflections of Westminster: dubious lobbyists having control over elected MSPs, for starters; real separation of the roles the FM holds, or proper scrutiny at all times; and, although, I don’t doubt that the rules keep the CEO’s, and the FM’s, roles apart in most situations, there is bound to be some overlap that being a married couple and living in the same home cannot avoid.

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    1. Isabel, I think that it is appalling that you state that Iain is trying to scupper independence. Disgraceful. It is the people behind this whole scandal you should be berating not Iain.

      The sooner we clear out the Britnats in the SNP the sooner we will get on with independence.

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  7. Thanks for explaining this. I had always wondered why they tried to ruin a mans life who was not only innocent but had given so much to the independence campaign. I’ve had a lot of time for NS and the party but this really leaves a sour taste. I will always vote SNP until we get independence but just when we had the momentum it could all come crashing down.

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  8. Dear Iain

    I SO agree with all you say and sincerely hope ALL will be revealed to allow us to become an Independent Country like we (almost all of us) want and deserve.

    Catrina Shand

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

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  9. it is up to the members of the snp to hold an inquiry into this terrible affair that could have put alex salmond in jail for the rest of his life.watching davy in the truck he says that the members are up for it they will bring things to a head like they did with joanne cherry.I think davy is just all talk and nae action he shouts a lot but is anybody listening.we need it cleared up as soon as possible if we dont sort ourselves out how are we going to sort out westminster


  10. …..and what of Mark McDonald? One could hardly blame him if he contested his seat as an independent. Perhaps he should start a crowd funder.


    1. Poor McDonald gets pilloried by the SNP for a childish, silly and inappropriate message while the people who judged him (McCann) are involved in trying to send Salmond to jail for life and removing him from the SNP history. Put Salmond in jail and remove any mention of him was the plan – it is up to the SNP members to get a grip of their party. You have your Chief Exec, your Chief Operating officer and your Head of Discipline/Standards all involved on the Wattsapp conspiracy. Others no doubt on the NEC ARE COMPLICIT.

      SNP MEMBERS GET A GRIP OF YOUR PARTY – it is your party your responsibility.

      If more people knew who the alphabet women are then there would be a lot less of this head in the sand stuff.

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  11. There are several agencies involved here besides the SNP, the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government.

    I am trying to understand the machinations behind targeting Murray and Hirst who attempted to report on Salmond’s trial, as that seems excessive, unnecessary and irrelevant to any party interested in bringing down Salmond. It appears purely vindictive if indeed they are the same agents behind it.

    1.The media has its own anti-SNP agenda. We know that.
    2. But what about the Crown Prosecution Service and office of Lord Advocate? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_Advocate#:~:text=Her%20Majesty%27s%20Advocate%2C%20known%20as%20the%20Lord%20Advocate,within%20the%20devolved%20powers%20of%20the%20Scottish%20Parliament.

    I am assuming that separation of powers applies and that in bringing the case against Murray and Hirst the Lord Advocate was acting ‘independently’ of political direction. But is that true? How exactly do law, parliament, and civil service intertwine?

    Suppose for instance, the Scottish Government civil servants (Lesley Evans) were to consider that Murray and Hirst were in contempt of court, could they ask the Lord Advocate and Crown Prosecution Service to investigate? Or does the LA and CPS make its own judgements on what it needs to investigate? I.e., does it act as a regulatory body in such matters, deciding all by itself what is or is not contempt of court? Or does someone have to bring a case?

    Sorry, I am ignorant of the law. But in general terms for there to be a crime, someone, the ‘plaintiff’, has to allege criminal injury, for the law step in.

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      1. Surely it is a simple legal question: is it up to the courts to decide what constitutes ‘contempt of court’ or can others bring that case?


      2. I think with the evidence before us tells the tale clearly enough.

        This was an attempt to politically assassinate and jail Alex Salmond. It was coordinated from within the ranks of the SNP and more than aided and abetted by the Police, the COPFS and the judiciary. Do not let anyone kid you that there is the separation of powers. It is a fallacy. This behaviour is straight out of the Brigadier General Sir Frank Kitson playbook.

        That it has been extended to Craig Murray, Mark Hirst, and Minnie Singh who is in jail further reinforces the complicity of the dark state.

        No one, should underestimate the Uk’s dark arts brigade and I once recall a colleague who had been a career soldier British, Canadian and Rhodesian special forces saying that Salisbury had instructed that special forces put a bomb on a school bus to blame on the insurgents. And then one only needs to look more recently at Northern Ireland.

        And that I am afraid is the type of people Peter Murrell and his group have thrown their lot in with.

        But we can make a start neutralising this poison by getting rid of people like Murrell and his co-conspirators. Sack him now, with more to follow.


  12. I’m wondering if Nicola knew about this fiasco. Alex was her mentor and she held (still holds?) him high esteem. If she didn’t know about it, imagine how she must be feeling now! Murrell needs sacked asap, no ifs, no buts.

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    1. I am also wondering whether she did, initially, try to save him him until she learned of the gravity of the ‘charges’, and then tried to distance herself, as she was obliged to do. I hope she did not actually fib to the parliament, nd, as yet, there is no concrete evidence that she did, or to the inquiry, but did not regard the earlier meetings as being ones that the parliament needed to know about – in other words, personal-cum-party investigations from which she exempted her husband, as CEO, these being between her on a personal level and her as party leader, before she deemed it necessary to involve officials of the party. I hope that was the situation, and I will not pre judge her or Peter Murrell until we get the rest of the evidence. What does appear to be seeping through is that there is not enough separation between all these different hats and not enough scrutiny of personnel in the upper echelons of the SG and party.

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  13. Excellent piece, Iain. This must be brought out into the open and the mess cleaned up, no matter who is involved. Yet, there is something that niggles away at me, and that is NS’s, and even Peter Murrell’s part in all this. You see, I cannot envisage a scenario, had Alex Salmond fallen and been convicted, that would not have brought the FM tumbling down after him, and Peter Murrell would not have wanted that ignominy for his wife, or himself. Look at what is happening now, and try to envisage the scenario had Mr Salmond been convicted. Would we have shrugged and said: och well, he must have deserved that. I rather think that the house of cards would have fallen even sooner. So, if they did, why did they risk it? Neither seems particularly incautious. Did they, themselves, feel threatened, if indeed, they did sanction all this, and there is no proof – yet – of that.

    Yes, I believe there was a plan to rid the SNP of Alex Salmond, and, yes, I think the whole thing started off as a measure to ensure he could not stand again, but that, like a snowball running downhill, it gained momentum and grew bigger and bigger exponentially. To a great extent, I also think that the SNP was its own worst enemy with its ‘whiter-than-the-whitest Unionist’ Calvinist morality that no human being could possibly live up to. I have no doubt that the improper behaviour that Mr Salmond admitted to was the reason for much of the anti Salmond feeling against him within the party – that and his audacious cleverness and risky behaviour. If you didn’t want to hurry independence, he would not your kind of man.

    There also exists within the party, at the highest levels, this ‘woke’ ideology that is taking over the party’s internal mechanisms, rendering them useless, that is going to tear it asunder if it is not checked, and I think that all these things came together in a ‘perfect storm’, so to speak, and then, ran out of control. However, it all seems too pat for this just to have a ham-fisted effort on the part of party apparatchiks alone because, to put it frankly, there is a serious lack of brain power now in the party’s higher (and younger) echelons. The only thing that can account for this is favouritism and being promoted above ability. It is a serious mistake that every party makes eventually, and it destroyed Labour in Scotland.

    I have no doubt at all that this internal mess has been orchestrated to an extent, and ramped up, by the British State, albeit its origins are home-grown. It is inconceivable that the British State, which is not Johnson and his Tories, incidentally – they are only the front men and women – is not involved in trying to bring down the SNP and neutralize it. If its agents were present at simple and innocent Bannockburn Marches in the past – and they were – how much more dug in are they now that the break-up of the UK is threatened? Just because we cannot see the strings yet, doesn’t mean that they are absent. They have infiltrated the SNP long since, infiltrated the hierarchy and the ‘woke’ element. Adams and MacGuinness, in NI, two of the sharpest knives in the drawer, were used and fooled for many years by British double agents standing right next to them.

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    1. As ever , you have articulated my thoughts perfectly Lorna . What I’m struggling with is , despite being compelled to acknowledge that there is something seriously amiss within the upper echelons of the SNP , the present dilemma is ,for anyone with even a passing knowledge of the machinations of the UK State , entirely predictable , we always knew it would try it’s utmost to divide the movement ” by any means necessary ” and that is exactly what is happening . Whether , as you say , it is being aided in this strategy by elements within the SNP ( and I suspect you are correct in this ) there is as yet insufficient proof to conclude that is the case with certainty , or is entirely an internal matter , can only be speculation at this stage , the salient question is what to do about that doesn’t risk further fragmentation of the movement and possibly plays straight into the hands of the UK State by doing so . A timely ( and ideally discreet , though this is probably not possible ) stepping-down of P Murell and maybe a couple of others would maybe help placate the growing disquiet , but , as others have suggested here , leave the bulk of the calling to account until after next May’s elections . If not , I fear the consistent support for Indy we’re witnessing will be disappated , and the fallout from losing an SNP Holyrood majority will set us back for many years , maybe terminally if the UK Gov succeeds in it’s attempts to neuter our Parliament


      1. I fear doing nothing is not an option and I totally disagree there is insufficient evidence. It is overwhelming to anybody who cares to examine what happened, with the exception of the identities of those directly involved. Even those are becoming widely known as well as some of those “assisting” in the background.no chance of uniting the Party until this is done. There is more, much more, to come.


      2. Iain , what I meant was insufficient evidence of P Murell being a ” mole ” , actively working for UK Security Services , or are you saying there is clear evidence of this ?


  14. Mairianna: the prosecution in Alex Salmond’s case petitioned the court to bring the charges of contempt. What they omitted was that several others had done no more or less than Messrs Murray and Hirst. Contempt of Court is not an actual criminal offence in Scots Law that can be brought by the police, for example. If these charges are not dropped before going to trial, I’d be surprised, but, let’s say, not shocked, given recent events.

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  15. I went to find ” Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive” – believing it was Shakespeare- but the internet assures me it is from Marmion- I should have known all that but I didn’t. And Marmion is about Flodden- perhaps an ominous coincidence. I think you are probably right Iain- from petty jealousies and resentments, monstrous evils can be created. The viciousness of the plotting is clear. The Westminster employees joined in- that is also clear. The suffering they have caused continues. Alex in particular could easily have succumbed to the stress associated with it- and that cannot be undone. Nicola was trapped as FM that is clear- and I will always believe that in the end – she was targeted by a plot- which probably grew with help from elsewhere- so that two iconic figures- and the sum of their partnership -were destroyed at one go. Alex is coming back to us thank goodness. Nicola is in a terrible position. Peter Murrell must be honest- first of all with her – and then with the rest of us. All those involved will be named eventually because it is clear that enough people know the whole story and all the names already. They cannot undo the nightmare they have created so they don’t have any choices really. History will name them and shred them, For Scotland;s sake and – in the hope of some faint redemption- a few might be drawn to confess and apologise. I hope so. This is a nightmare – but Scotland comes first.

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  16. Great article Iain .
    I cant believe what they did to this man and have gotton away with not being sacked. They tried to ruin him and still shocked to hear Peter Murrell was involved. Its not as if Nicola job was threatened we all know how hard she works. Also not allowing Joanna Cherry to stand for Edinburgb is just stupid with the talent that she has. Makes you wonder if we will get our Indy because we certainly dont want to wait 4.more years.
    Craig Murray is also having a rough time of it. Looks like we have unionist posing as SNP to trg abd destroy our movement.

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  17. Excellent article Iain. I commend you like other independence bloggers for stepping up to the mark and having the courage to raise this scandal. Despite all the evidence ( and it will only grow ) some other independence bloggers have decided to look the other way. Looking the other way regarding criminal activities is just not acceptable to me. It is one thing to say disregard policies you don’t like for the benefit of achieving independence but this scandal – no way. Apart from that point (re the scandal) – having Britnats at the heart of the Scotgov/SNP is a risk in itself to independence.

    I thought by now that the picture would be clear enough to SNP members – but clearly not for some. I thought last year that Wings went too early with its comments and too explosive with its comments without enough evidence but after the trial and everything else I really thought there was enough evidence for all to come together but no. Some want to hold on to their idea of what they would like things to be rather than what the evidence tells them.

    Has Peter Murrell denied the truth of the Whatsapp message leaked ? What official response has there been from the SNP?

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  18. A number of commenters above and elswhere seem to be convinced that this scandal is a plot to bring down both Salmond and Sturgeon. It may well be the case. If the plot succeeds and another SNP leader takes Sturgeon’s place what good does it do for the Britnats? I will still vote for independence as will I believe most people. If you were a Britnat the plot will really succeed if the successor is a true Britnat/Secret Service person. So look at who would be in line to replace Sturgeon. Did any of the possible replacements have a strong role/connection to the scandal.

    Just my speculation following on from what others have speculated.

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