SNP Members for Independence Facebook Group 

Snp members for Indy facebook group has been set up with the explicit purpose of changing the party’s policy on the preferred route to independence. 

Why is this necessary ?  The answer has at least 3 parts.  

1. Westminster Refusal of S30 request: It is evident to a growing percentage of active members that the preferred Section 30 process has a success probability of close to zero. Either the westminster government will continue to refuse a section 30 request, or in the highly unlikely scenario where they do accept a request, will use the powers of the British state to negatively affect the outcome and aftermath of a referendum.  

2. S30 is an illegitimate route to independence: That the “colonial power” should have no involvement in the independence process of the former colony is an accepted tenet of international law, and furthermore has been fully recognised by the UK government, notably in the aftermath of the Balkan conflict. 

3. The SNP’s policy making process lacks democracy and favours the status quo: SNP policy is “made in conference”, but the party’s internal controls severely restrict genuine policy debate, by preventing discussion of real alternatives to S30. There is no shortage of alternative proposals based on accepted international law and sovereignty, but these are unlikely to be discussed at conference because of the party hierarchy’s unseeing adherence to S30.  

SNPmembers4Indy aims to change party policy on this key issue by developing the ideas behind alternative routes to independence and creating one or a number of proposals for better routes to independence which can be proposed and debated at the 2020 conference – as yet unscheduled.  

This group, restricted to SNP party members,  needs to have genuine critical mass in order for this plan to succeed. So if you are an SNP member concerned like I am about independence then please join this group and contribute to the debate. If you are not on Facebook then please email to play a  part in the process. 

Links to the Group.


I am happy to support this group getting some publicity to help get them off the ground. This is important and it’s great the grassroots are getting organised. In my days the best ideas often came from the grassroots, it would be good if we could go backwards in time to get going forwards again in the future.



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