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To the Presidential Election in the USA. I watched the first debate. I will be generous, it was awful, truly awful. Who won? Frankly my feeling was who cares? Neither candidate came across as competent, or nice. They came across as a couple of nasty old pensioners, filled with hate for each other, who had lost any ability to debate without juvenile catcalling. As an advert for democracy it was a disgrace.

How come a great country like the USA can end up with a choice of these two losers for President? The solution in the next debate is for the chair to have a card system where after a few warnings against interruptions he can brandish a yellow card warning either candidate that any further infringement will give the other candidate two minutes unchallenged delivery with the other candidate having his microphone switched off. Even graduating to a final red card if necessary.

They need to find a way to make the candidates behave or else there is little point in having further debates as nobody learned anything other than the electoral system that allowed these two to emerge as the main candidates is seriously flawed.

Maybe I am naive but I think politicians at this level should have a responsibility to act as a positive example to people on how candidates who disagree and have different ideas and priorities can debate in a civil manner and allow the audience, which at the beginning was estimated at 100 million people, hear the arguments and would become informed by both sides and able to evaluate the worth of their argument. Instead they got a slanging match from both sides, where neither candidate made any attempt to do anything other than badmouth the other. There was no positive message from either. Neither was worthy of my vote was my conclusion. I would be amazed if a tenth of the audience were still watching at the end. It was that bad.

I felt sorry for those experts whose job was to evaluate who “won”. Fortunately they had in the main the good sense to admit the honest answer was nobody and like me they were pretty disgusted by how I’ll mannered, disruptive and totally negative each candidate was. Both candidates should be deeply ashamed. I hope young people don’t get the impression that this is what politics is all about.

Money corrupts and the US system is full of money and if you ever wanted proof that cash does not produce quality then this US presidential election would be the prize exhibit. I thought it was bad enough last time with Trump and Hilary Clinton but this one, on last nights showing, has reached new depths.

Who will win? Who knows. There are new issues arising all the time not least if Trump can succeed in getting another Conservative justice appointed to the Supreme Court before the election. That would make it a 6-3 majority in the Court and the Democrats are making a lot about how Obama Care could be endangered. As tens of millions of people are affected, not least those with pre diagnosed conditions this seems to me to be a potentially vote swinging issue for the Democrats. The polls have Biden ahead, both nationally and in the swing states, but not by much. So it looks likely Trump will be defeated but it is nowhere near certain and there is still all to play for.  O

I find it hard to be enthused about this contest, not because it’s not important,it is but because I have very low expectations of either being much of a President which is tragic for such a great and important country.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

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7 thoughts on “33 DAYS TO GO.

  1. Frightening thing is that Trump is Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage’s best friend, who’s going cut us a deal when we finally leave Europe.

    American healthcare privatised system. Well Trump wants that, has said its on the table, and of course there are many behind Johnson who are of the same opinion too.

    Yeah, American Healthcare here. I cant wait. Free to buy as much health care as you want from caring corporates. Yeehaw, how the little folk will cheer. UK Internal Market Bill rules OK!

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  2. Better debate by the standards of those who respect democracy is not compatible with better television by the standards of those who make such decisions. You can have a good debate. Or you can have a TV debate. Apparently, you can’t have both.

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  3. You said that your reaction to the debate would be not to vote at all (assuming you had one).
    Some commentators are suggesting this was exactly the outcome trump was aiming for
    Seems like he might be successful.

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  4. I see from today’s National Pritti Patel is refusing to rule out the UK setting up it’s very own Gitmo Bay camps in the Scottish Islands to house asylum seekers. Quite why you’d want to locate asylum seekers in remote Scottish islands is a good question.

    But America does it with prisoners in Gitmo bay and of course Australia off shores many asylum seeker centres miles away from Australia.

    But for Scotland it’s the same mindset that contaminated Gruinard Island with anthrax and decided to locate nuclear weapons, and testing ranges up here. Depleted Uranium is Us. Scots thrive on shit, and the southerners feed us it..

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  5. Personally, I thought the obvious approach to take was just to have the moderator control the microphone and switch one on and the other off when their two minutes was over. Too sensible an approach for American tv who probably wanted an argy bargy. But they got a lot worse than they expected – Trump trashes everything.

    Authoritarian morons seem to be in vogue in too many countries these days and it seems morons come out to vote for them.

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  6. Perhaps, one day, the Americans will take a tumble to the fact that grey matter is worth more than greenbacks.

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