It has been suggested that I should highlight that what follows is not written by me but reproduced without amendment from a comment posted on my blog site by a reader.

With branches across Scotland in absolute uproar it is difficult to see how this will play out well for those who have rigged the selection process.

In my own constituency the strong and able favourite candidate was rejected at vetting at the very last moment whilst the chosen leadership woke candidate was vetted and approved and had commenced his campaign early doors.

That at the very last moment two candidates were added to the list without anyone in the branch or CA executive knowing the arrangements for balloting – timetable were then changed throwing in to disarray previously arranged hustings. 

So, what we have is the early vetting approval of favoured candidate, the early commencement of his campaign, the late rejection of the popular and capable candidate on spurious grounds by the vetting committee, a rejection at appeal despite widespread support testimony from all manner of colleagues, the last second unannounced Addition of what can only be described as two serial ballot spoiler candidates – and the leadership expect the local constituency to buy this.

Well they have another thing coming and this is not going to play out as the leadership connived. Members have had enough and the chosen one will not I predict be elected. Of that there is now absolutely no chance.

Thank you Mr Lawson for bringing this poison, this cancer to peoples attention. Folk across Scotland can now see the extent of the poison that curses through every process in our party. And that knowledge, now laid bare, will be the gestation of kill or cure.

The comment above is published in full and without amendment. Members ignore this type of thing at their peril.

I remain, as always


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  1. Hmm. I have just looked through all the 31 seats with contests and struggling
    to identify where this is.

    Are you not permitted to say, or at very least which region?

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    1. Have worked it out now, was thrown by thinking it meant only 3 or 4 candidates,
      but realise it’s a higher number.

      On assumption I’m correct can’t see the chosen one winning, majority of other candidates are there for, well not sure why and there’s one clear frontrunner I’d have thought, knowing a bit about the constituency and the
      types of candidates they have supported before.

      Of course maybe membership has changed over last couple of years.

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  2. Thank you Ian for printing this letter. The NEC feels full of poison just . As I commented yesterday we as a family will always vote SNP and vote for independence. After many years we are sad to say our membership has been cancelled. Should things greatly improve in the SNP so called hierarchy we will renew our subscription .

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  3. Interesting tweet from Ian Grant Edinburgh Western on the sending out
    of candidates statements, Marco Biagi, Edinburgh Central seems to clarify situation.

    But seems a very odd system of sending out statements.

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  4. Thanks, once more, Iain. Very concerning, a bad look, doesn’t augur well. Yes, a satisfactory outcome due to vigilant branch members, but how many branches are being duped, robbed of a worthy, capable candidate?

    Iain, could you make an additional note at the top of this piece that it’s *not* your work. I thought initially it was authored by you. Wee bit confusing.

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    1. I agree it is not crystal clear where Iain’s words change to the other persons words. Perhaps a line seperating the two.

      Keep up the good work. Whilst it is good a poll shows 58% support for independence people are deluding themselves that the the SNP is in shape to take advantage of this.

      Meanwhile in the background the internal market bill progresses, Brexit progresses and the UK gov builds its new offices in Scotland. The 1997 Ref result under attack and the best the SNP have is Blackford telling Johnston he is a bad man. Well the vast majority of people in Scotland already know Johnson has no time for Scotland and that he is a bad man.

      We need a new leadership in the SNP and a revitalised party which focuses on independence.

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  5. Having raised some of these issues at local constituency level I am being rebuffed with the comment “look at the polls” and it is hard to argue against them. The problem is the good poll ratings may be built on sand and have more to do with how bad the opposition is and if Westminster got its act together things could change very quickly

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  6. I am no longer a member, but this is just one of the reasons I left the party. It is a disgraceful state of affairs for any party, but, for the party of independence, it is nothing short of criminal. People simply will not believe what these pseudo ‘wokerati’ are capable of, but information from America and Canada (no prizes for guessing that’s where it started) years ahead of us in this infiltration, and, now, trying to fight back against it, will leave those people in no doubt that independence is not, and never was, their agenda, in Scotland. The wholesale, enforced restructuring of society is at least part of their agenda, and, on the face of it, some of it appears to be ‘socialist’ and progressive, but it is anything but, in reality.

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  7. I have been informed that my choice in Uddingston and Bellshill is:

    Lynne Anderson
    Stephanie Callaghan
    Tracy Caragher
    Clare Montgomery
    Anum Qaisar

    II don’t know any of these individuals. Also, if Anum is a woman, then that means there are no male candidates (how woke is that?)

    But what I really want to know, if anyone can help me, who among these is NOT of the Woke persuasion, and who actually believes in independence? Otherwise it’s a spoilt ballot.

    Any (non-defamatory) assistance would be most welcome.

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      1. Yes she has worked for Humza Yousaf and Carol Monaghan.
        She ran Ash Denham very close for selection Edinburgh Eastern in 2016.

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    1. Here’s what I know of the other candidates; btw is Shazia Babar not also a candidate?

      She is a lawyer – http://justnright.com/about-our-team/our-team/shazia-babar/

      Lynne Anderson is a Cllr – she’s the one I’d pick


      Stephanie Callaghan – Cllr https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/stephanie-callaghan-new-hamilton-north-7264838

      Tracy Caragher another Cllr – https://www.facebook.com/CarragherT/

      Clare Montgomery activist from Bellshill – here the article about blood donation
      from her pinned tweet



    2. There are 3 Cllrs you can look them up, Lynne Anderson (would be my pick) – Stephanie Callaghan
      and Tracy Caragher.
      Clare Montgomery appears to be an activist from Bellshill.
      Think they all have twitter accts which will give you a sense of who they are.

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    3. Thanks toacotsmaniac, and Albalha . I’ve hud a wee rake aboot and thanks to your helpful guidance, I’m a wheen clearer.

      I’m sorry it has come to this – I used to go in wi an open mind – but no noo. A bit naive.

      Recent events have stunned and shocked me.

      Thanks again

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      1. You are very welcome and I have just been told that Shazia Babar who was in for your seat has pulled out,
        that’ll be why she wasn’t on your list!

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  8. I also have left the SNP after 0ver 50 years of being a supporter – still believe in independence but don’t want governed by an unethical (criminal even?) elite

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    1. Margaret, if you conspire as a group to send someone to jail on falsified charges then that is an attempt to pervert the course of justice and also committing perjury in a criminal trial – both are criminal acts. These are people emboldened by power who are sure they are untouchable. The Salmond scandal is a classic abuse of power and misuse of public funds

      I don’t vote for the Westminster parties because they are crooks. The SNP leadership has gone down a wrong path and they need to be cleared out if the SNP is to retain any credibility as a decent political party.

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  9. Those who have left the party should think again you cannot change anything from outside. We must get rid of this cancerous faction which is driving us in the wrong direction. There is growing anger from the membership and a strong desire to fight back but we need as much support as possible please think about rejoining and taking back our party for the people intent on independence and not the small minority intent on forcing through their vote losing agenda.

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