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Until now I have written about the vetting and various problems, including people who were rejected. It has caused some argument and anger, on both sides, which I regret. However I suspect it is nothing to the anger that will be unleashed if anything other than an honest answer is provided to this question.

Today I am turning to who have been passed, at least who I believe have been passed. Vetting has now been completed so can the Leadership of the Scottish National Party confirm that none of the women involved in the Alex Salmond trial, known as the Alphabet women, were approved to be candidates and therefore none will be official SNP Candidates in the forthcoming May 2021 elections?

A simple yes or no answer will suffice. However, if the answer is No how did the standard question in the vetting with words to the effect of “have you anything in your past that could potentially result in damage to you or the Party during any campaign?” not have had the desired effect of eliciting a disqualification at that stage? Or did their actions have official approval? I think the answer to this question will tell us that, as will total silence.

My concern is because many members are ignorant of their true identity. People may be reluctant to vote for other female candidates in case they are supporting one of them in error. This of course is most unfair and disadvantages female candidates across the board.

No need to answer me, it is the members of the Party, particularly those attending the imminent hustings across the country, that need to know that answer.

It’s the simplest of questions. All it needs is a Yes or No answer. Silence is not acceptable to anyone. It will only make the situation worse.

You see I don’t think this is a matter than can be postponed, put off, swept under the carpet. I think it is capable of causing a huge, unnecessary split in the Party. To think those responsible for this evil and malicious plot could be rewarded with a seat in Holyrood for their actions is abhorrent to many, members and supporters alike. This is about nothing other than honesty, decency and justice. Does it still exist in the SNP?

As they say “ all that is needed for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing”.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.

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14 thoughts on “A SIMPLE QUESTION.

  1. Off topic but loosely related under the woke issue, This Wings article on Stirling is unbelievable https://wingsoverscotland.com/waiting-for-the-men/. How do we know who we are voting for these days and the whole thing seems to be arranged to keep members in the dark as much as possible.

    Should the candidate hustings scheduled for tonight and tomorrow night even take place until this allegation is cleared up?


  2. My personal ‘savvy barometer’ has to be Twitter. We generally get wind of events before non-Twitter, and if our Twitter folk are slow to twig – and by god they’re slow – then we’re having to work doubly hard for crucial change. And as things are, to me, crawling-along at a snail’s pace, I’m dearly hoping someone behind the scenes has more damning revelations so that this sham can be burst wide open.
    I notice the msm have quietened down again, when the SNP should be facing an obvious barrage of questions? That’s helluva decent of them, to lay off the SNP when the scandals threaten to expose and are crying out to be.

    As regards your open question, Iain; ‘Have any Alphabet women been approved to be candidates in the forthcoming May 2021 elections?’ If Stuart Campbell is being blatantly misled by the Sco


  3. Apologies, Iain, just let my error remain. If you responded to every call for ‘deletion and repost’ you’d get no work done.

    I merely wanted to make the point of what little chance you have of an answer to your question when Stuart Campbell is being almost daily ignored with FOI questions etc.

    Good work, Iain.

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  4. Without identifying anyone, I can categorically answer the question. The answer is No. At least one of the Alphabet Women has been cleared to seek nomination at the coming election.

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    1. Have you checked to see if is legal to know the name of an alphabet woman, without being officially sanctioned to do so?
      You may have dobbed your self in … I suspect lobotomy would be the sentence preferred by the Sondergericht.


  5. The party mechanisms and administration have been too thoroughly compromised, either through the steady self insertion of the living dead of former Scotlab blorts looking for a new home, or the shenanigans of the boys from the ministry. Time to burn it all down, sadly, and start again from the ground up.


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