Why are you not a member?

It is an absolutely silly question. Writing as I do, openly and honestly I would have a membership life expectancy of days as a member if I was. Nothing happens if you plot to bring down a former leader and First Minister but write a few lines against the NEC and you are a dead duck! Let’s look at it though and you can decide if I did the wrong thing not renewing my membership.

The most common suggestion is “Why not stay a member and change it from the inside?” How practical is that? Let’s look at some of the key issues at the moment.

I think these would all qualify as major issues

  1. The organised fit up of Alex Salmond by senior members of the SNP attempting to jail him, potentially for the rest of his life, on a litany of false and trivial allegations, leaking the charges to the media, then continuing the smears after the charges were all dismissed by the jury.
  2. A complete absence of any disciplinary action against those involved
  3. No action taken to suspend the Party CEO despite his clear involvement.
  4. The complete removal of National Council, the one body where individuals or branches could highlight problems and seek support from across the Party.
  5. The use of a secret ballot within the NEC for the first time ever, removing all accountability to the membership.
  6. The growth of minority representation resulting in the relegation of Independence on the NEC.
  7. Abuse of the vetting selection process to assist the chances of certain candidates.
  8. The abuse of removing constituency powers in arranging hustings etc.
  9. Denying constituencies access to their own mailing lists of members.
  10. The overdue status of the Party Accounts for 2019, now many months late

Presuming nobody would describe any of the above as being trivial and being sure that loads of members, inside the Party are pretty mad about a lot of them how is “changing things from within the Party” going for them.? Lots of them have written to the National Secretary, Business Convener, HQ listing their concerns. They have been met with a wall of silence in the main. So trying to change things from within is off to a pretty dismal start. Where next?

Well in the past you could have went to National Council, you could have asked your questions publicly at office bearers reports and they would have been forced to answer EXCEPT they got rid of National Council, removing at a stroke the ability of members and branches to join together and force issues and answers from the Party leading figures. How convenient?

Let us just take a look at what is happening, hustings are restricted to 100 members each, the secret NEC committee was created to add candidates in many constituencies, Dumbarton for instance had two candidates added at the last minute, neither of whom anyone had ever met. They were banned from creating a shortlist so their hustings involved seven different candidates all sharing a ninety minute hustings with many hundreds of members denied access, but expected days later on vote on “their” choice without hearing a word from most of the candidates. Fair…you have got to be kidding.

So all you members, how are you getting on changing any of the above, getting justice for Alex Salmond, building a campaign across the country to get National Council reconvened? Your not are you? Why, because you don’t know how to contact branches across the country? No list exists does it? Hands up anybody that thinks this is an accident! Your communication is entirely reliant on HQ, who can turn it on or off like a tap, as Dumbarton discovered last week.

So changing anything from within is a joke. Let’s face facts, a lot of the above wouldn’t be known by many members if it was not for blogs like mine. Ordinary members would be still in the dark to all these moves. Moves that are purposely designed to remove the powers of the ordinary members and branches. Moves that are designed to centrally control the entire Party in the hands of the clique.

Ditching Salmond, dumping National Council, stuffing the NEC with minorities and taking control setting an agenda completely foreign to the drive to Independence, forcing highly divisive issues like GRA and the Hate Crime Bill to the top of the agenda are all part of the same plan. Now there are loads of members who are opposed to all of the above but none, thus far, have been able to solve it from within.

Now thanks to blogs like mine and others, we are attacking their plan, revealing what is going on, giving you the info you need to tackle it from within. Now you know about it, something that wouldn’t happened without the assistance of the bloggers.

So when you listen to the clique and their leaders decrying bloggers like myself understand their motivation. They hate us because we shine lights on their dirty little plots, expose their games and make it infinitely more difficult for them to get away with it.

I will continue to do my bit, as will many of my fellow bloggers. Thanks to us you know the games that are being played. It’s now up to you as insiders to bring it all to a halt


I am, as always


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42 thoughts on “WHY ARE YOU NOT A MEMBER?

  1. You are shining light on this and I thank you. If it wasn’t for you and Wings I would be mainly unaware. Indy then an election is essential and needs to be ASAP.

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  2. “Change it from within.” Of course you should Iain – in the same way the Labour Party has been working to abolish the House of Lords since the 1920s and just why Ruth Davidson has accepted “elevation”. No – pressure from without, pointing out the rot and those causing it, is the best way to influence reform. If this does not happen then the party will see its support disappear. Independence is too important and an alternative to the SNP will be found to produce it. We can’t wait much longer.

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    1. “An alternative to the SNP will be found”. That’s the real reason why they’re running scared of a list party at the next election. If they were genuinely going to hold a referendum within the next few years another small Indy party is no threat to them. Another Indy party that might become established in the next 5 years If we haven’t had a referendum is a different matter entirely.

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  3. Agree, though the only change will occur from within. Commenting from outside will possibly encourage and enlighten members but to effect change, you have to have a voting role. If there are not enough members, then the cliques prosper. More power to your elbow. Many members are now more alert to what has been happening and are reacting to this. Bloggers are a big part of this

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  4. Your ten point list pretty much nails exactly where we are.

    The clique may have schemed well or may think they have. But will they succeed. And what do they want to succeed in. Certainly not independence. That is for sure. But independence and a better Scotland is where the members want to go, where the wider electorate wants to go, and the clique do not have a monopoly of that.

    There is time between now and May 2021 for a lot of things to happen. One is that support for the current SNP could plummet and plummet very quickly. It is without doubt very much the case that many of the policies such as GRA and the HCA are not just supported by the electorate but are actually opposed by the electorate. A vote winner then when exposed during an election campaign. Or what of the COVID bounce. Nicola May have been riding high on the daily stage show but that won’t last forever. Or of the onslaught of a combination of Brexit and Boris of course there will be widespread resistance. But just yesterday Michael Russell was reported as saying he thinks a referendum might be possible, yes wait for, not by the end of next year 2021 but possibly, by the end of 2022. Might as well make it a referendum sometime in 2032 Mikey Boy – and do you think the electorate will wait.

    Nicola Sturgeon said about six months ago that she was prepared to remain the First Minister for the next five years. Now was not the time she declared.

    Well here’s the question. Will the SNP members and the wider electorate wait. I don’t think so.

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  5. And another item for your list, Iain:

    Not only does Nicola Sturgeon avoid AUOB marches (while attending LBGT and anti-BREXIT events) SNP councillors on Glasgow council attempted to sabotage the Glasgow march by changing the approved start time. When they were ignored they instituted the prosecution of Mannie Singh – our first political prisoner.

    No disciplinary action was taken by the SNP against those councillors.

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  6. Thank god we have you and other bloggers prepared to expose these charlatans, I cancelled my membership over a year ago and nothing could make me renew it or indeed vote for this party as it stands, I fear it is too late for the party to be saved barring a miracle now, maybe the enquiry will give us that, who knows, but for myself I now see them as toxic as Labour. who could have thought a once great party could be brought so low by so few.

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  7. Thank you for the illumination you have provided.
    Quite understand that membership of the SNP would be short-lived in anywise under the current regime.

    I would, however, urge folk who are not doing the work that you do but who are concerned about the hijack of the SNP to stay. For the majority of us, getting angry and leaving would be a cathartic but ineffective act.

    We need the votes of informed reasonable people to sort this mess out, otherwise it means starting again from scratch. Local members that I know would have no truck with the wickedness that has gone on.

    My current status with the SNP is ‘unavailable for campaigning’, certainly not fundraising but I’m keeping my vote ready for whenever I get a chance to push back.

    I’m lucky that I can vote for my constituency candidate with a clear conscience despite being SNP, my list vote is probably lost to the SNP

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  8. This blog, and all others opposing the scam that is the current SNP, are what keeps me enthused and filled with a hope. Thank you, Iain.

    And for the benefit of the liars, thieves and the corrupt perpetrating the scam – we know you read these blogs – we’re on to you, and, as my friends from the east end of Glasgow would say, you’re tea’s oot.

    Cheers, Iain, excellent post.

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  9. Can’t disagree with the majority of this. Only issue that is a bit vague is the publication of the party accounts. It appears it might well be the Electoral commission which is holding things up here. They have only recently published the accounts for parties and accounting units under £250 000(2 months late). None of the other main parties have been published yet. Their reasoning? They want to publish all at the same time. While it is possible the SNP were late submitting, it could well be one of the other parties, so I will reserve judgement on that point for now.

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      1. The accounting year is 31 December so even large companies have 10 months to submit to Companies House who publish them. So how are they ,


      2. Normally published after six months I am told. Anyway the latest indication was November which tha last time I looked was more than ten months. Quoting the last possible date is not good practice. You know that?


      3. Just received a bundle of SNP fund raising Christmas Raffle tickets to sell.

        Well, for me, and my wife, straight in the bin, with a note into the prepaid envelope to say no chance in the current circumstances. ( in fact it would take a wheen o raffle tickets just to pay the £200k or so cost that the party shells to Peter Murrell alone in salary, pension and expenses every year !!! )

        And like the many many others, the days of financially supporting are gone.

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      4. The accounts were filed (late) a while back. It is indeed the Electoral Commission that’s holding them up now. I’ve been trying without success to get them released but they’re refusing to do it until they can release those of all the main parties at once, and obviously the Labour and Tory ones are a lot more work.

        And no, the SNP accounts have never revealed the remuneration of top executives, even within a range, and there’s no reason to expect they will this time.

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  10. I left a few years ago, sickened of the way that the party throws its own under the bus at the merest hint of scrutiny.


    1. If you insert ‘a select few, who don’t quite fit into the insider clique ideology, of’ between “throws” and “its” I would think that could be point no.11 for Iain in the list above. The harsh punishments only apply to some people – now obvious, but oh so reasoned away in the past by saying they couldn’t have any taint in the SNP – oh what high standards they have!! For some, anyway.

      Lying, backstabbing, hypocrites, as far as I can see.


  11. Aye! Well done Iain and to all those folk who have opened up.
    I’ve always asked questions ,coming from my gut feelings, never got the answers.
    These blogs including Peter’s throw light into the dark corners.
    I remember at conference listening to the lifelong member Gerry, sorry forgotten his last name, he was always pulling them up.
    Yet there was the crowd poo pooing him and howling at him while he was up at the rostrum.
    I thought that was a bad show.
    Keep on keeping on.
    Disappointed with my local branch and the MSP including the MP.
    People make change not politicians.

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      1. Gerry Fisher is alive a and well and on a Zoom Branch meeting very recently.


  12. I still feel there is something of a contradiction in your position urging members to do this and that in terms of changes to the SNP, yet not being prepared to affect these changes directly through active and voting membership of the SNP.

    Should current SNP members stay and fight?

    And, if so, why, if as you put it “changing anything from within is a joke” ?


  13. Your blog, Iain, along with others – Wings, Peter A. Bell’s, Barrhead Boy’s, Grousebeater’s, Campbell Martin’s and others, all highlight what is happening within the SNP. I was education officer in my local branch and, gradually, I became more and more disillusioned and depressed by what I was seeing at parliamentary level. I left, and now, I will say what I think – and I know I go on a bit – rather than say what I was told to say, even if that wins me few friends. The party is still in my heart, but my heart just is not in it anymore.

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  14. Yes, as well as throwing the Christmas raffle in the bin, I can’t think there will be too many remaining members wanting to contribute any more than the bare minimum to the party HQ.

    No democracy, no fairness, no dough. It’s simples.


  15. Is it even possible now to get the party back on track to independence? Will Sturgeon and Murrell stand down due to the inquiry some time early next year, having been found to be lying to parliament? Will Sturgeon have a successor in the wings that will carry on this odious agenda, alien to much of the membership after she’s gone.

    So many questions, so little time to the next Holyrood vote, and who to vote for.

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  16. Very thoughtful piece, when you see all the “little” things put together it is quite damning. My quandary is if SNP lose votes and lose Holyrood, which could happen, and a Unionist coalition gets power then they will legislate for no more referendums. I know they cant bind a future government but that would be it for 5 years which is too late. So, my view is that SNP have to win again, have control and we need to see action being taken on Indy straight away. By that I mean an immediate referendum being called post May 2021, If not, I will accept their intentions are not Indy and we then must create a new Yes party that will sweep the boards in 2026.
    My preference is that Indy Ref is called now and we vote either before or at the same time as HR21.
    Another school of thought is that Party Leader is replaced at Conference along with COO, and a new pro Indy leader is elected.

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  17. When the Iraq fiasco took place under Blair’s Labour Government I started to vote SNP. Like many after the referendum of 2014 and the English Votes for English Laws stunt by Cameron my late wife and I joined the SNP. I am now considering my membership of the SNP. In all honesty I cannot support a party which has removed it’s internal democracy due to a minority of woke activists living in fear of a backlash from the many and losing control of the party. As an aside I remember my brother at the time asked me why I started to vote SNP as in his opinion it was an establishment party to catch all the ne’er do wells, seditionists and anarchists and would never ever allow Independence to happen. It would provide an outlet to vent feelings against Westminster control. The events of the past six years have had me wondering how much of what he said was true.


  18. Iain i have recently started going to mtgs etc after years of inactivity. I was out of the country for a few years. It is not the same party no National Councils . Not a member based party. All statistics and data and Peter Murrell is not popular by members although Nicola is. I will vote for them but my second vote no.

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  19. I left the SNP a few years ago. Joined around 1980 North Ayrshire CLP.
    The reason? It was over how the SNP voted in a debate. I think it was the last day of a Scottish parliament, I think it was 2016. Labour had put forward a proposal to change the law regarding organ donation. The change: to make Scotland a country where ‘Presumed Consent’ is practised. (the existing system requires medical staff to check donor registration lists and then to approach relatives and request the use of the deceased organs. Presumed Consent means they don’t have to have that terribly difficult conversation). I believed it was a sensible and humane proposal and I know it is practiced in other countries.
    However the proposal was voted down by the SNP. I could not understand why and so I contacted my MSP Bob Doris, and asked why. He told me, quite openly, that the SNP group had decided before the debate, that they were going to support the Labour proposal but, that they changed their minds (by text during the debate). Why? He told me that they changed their minds because of who summed up for the proposal. He said the SNP MSP group could no longer support because Jackie Baillie summed up for the proposal and that that was the reason .
    Bob Doris also said, (something along the lines of, I never took notes) “don’t worry, we’ll bring it in next year and get the credit”..
    I said (again not verbatim) “that was it. I can no longer be in the SNP”. I know I mentioned ‘young people on dialysis waiting for a kidney transplant’, .
    One last thing; I’m glad I’m out.


  20. Does anyone remember that Stalin seized control of the Soviet Communist Party by cancelling the membership of anyone who wasn’t one of his supporters? The Sturgeon clique seem to be taking a leaf out of Stalin’s playbook with all the member expulsions, exclusion of candidates, show trials of Old Comrades, etc. Or maybe their model is from Orwell’s 1984 with all their NewSpeak gobbledygook. What exactly is a Head of People Advice?

    Re candidate vetting, I can understand that a political party needs to check out a candidate’s background to ensure that there aren’t any skeletons in their closet that might emerge during the election campaign eg criminal convictions, Nazi Party membership, etc. However the decision about whether they’re suitable to be a candidate should be made by the local party branch, not by faceless apparatchiks in a secret process. How does the SNP justify this undemocratic practice.

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