This is an article I was sent by a friend. It is from 2017 but I found it very informative and concerning. I was not aware that so many of these economic advisors were working inter party. I thought my readers might find this information of value. I was astonished recently by the suggestion that Gordon Brown and Alastair Darling should be involved In any Independence negotiations, even more so that it was being suggested they should be on Scotland’s side. Who have you been talking to Andrew Wilson?

Who really runs Scotland and the UK Parties

The elite who really run Scotland, Mariana Mazzucato, Joseph Stiglitz, Anton Muscatelli, Lady Susan Rice.

With growing evidence every political party in power in Scotland is working together to dismantle our entire democracy, we now find the so called opposing political parties in Scotland and Westminster are using the same “people as their “party economic advisors” a role invented for UK parties by Gordon Brown to ensure the UK is run the same way as America.

The Herald reported yesterday an official economic advisor to every Minister in the SNP o, Jim McColl, attended a £25,000 a head Tory fundraising dinner in Scotland last week along with Ruth Davidson and Theresa May.

Tory billionaire Jim McColl admitted to “the Scotland Bill committee” he lives in Monaco to avoid paying tax in the UK, yet he is Nicola’s economic advisor, despite her claims to the people of England she thought tax avoidance was obscene, immoral and despicable, and promising a “zero tolerance” approach in Scotland.

Jim McColl is not the only official advisor to the SNP government with links to the Tory Party.

Nicola personally chose Italian American Mariana Mazzucato in March 2015 – a woman who is an official economic advisor to the Westminster Tory government who John O’Donnell recently chose to be a member of the council of economic advisors for New Labour Westminster shadow cabinet too.

She advises the EU and Mazzucato also advised the Greek Government which disastrously failed to reach agreement with it’s creditors, resulting in the Greek referendum.

Mazzucato is a member of the elite “World Economic Forum” club that meets in Davos for their annual jamboree.

Alex Salmond chose Joseph Stiglitz, former chairman of Bill Clinton’s council of economic advisors to “advise” him and all his Scottish Government ministers.

Stiglitz was recently chosen to also be an official economic advisor to every New Labour shadow Minister in Westminster along with Mariana Mazzucato.

Stiglitz is a member of the global political power “Club of Rome “which consists of current and former Heads of State, UN beaureacrats, high-level politicians and government officials, diplomats, scientists, economists, and business leaders from around the globe”.

The Club of Rome, based in the bankers paradise of Switzerland, was founded in 1968 at David Rockefeller’s estate in Bellagio, Italy so banker’s control the agenda in every country.

Like Mazzucato, Stiglitz is a member of the elite Davos club the World Economic Forum “Named one of the 100 most influential people in the world, Times (2011).

This is why Stiglitz told Bill Clinton what to do, as his economic advisor, and now tells SNP Ministers and now New Labour’s shadow ministers what to do too – to ensure the UK parties are also singing from the same hymn sheet and implementing the same economic policies desired by the bankers and the global elite.

Stigletz, like Mazzucato, advised the Greek Government – and we all know how that worked out for the Greek people.

Nicola Sturgeon said

“I am pleased to be able to draw on international expertise relating to these issues with existing members such as professors Stiglitz, Mirrlees and Ruane whilst the addition of Professors Muscatelli, Mazzacuto and Carter add expertise on areas including innovation, inequality and entrepreneurship, coupled with the unique perspective of Sir Harry Burns and, of course, the business expertise of Jim McColl and Amanda McMillan.”

Alex Salmond also chose former long term non-executive Director of the Bank of England and Lloyds Banking Group Scotland managing director Lady Susan Rice as an economic advisor and in July 2014, she became his first Chair of Scotland’s new Fiscal Commission to run Scotland for the Bank of England.

Nicola replaced Lady Susan Rice as an economic advisor as she is now too busy to fulfil this role after Nicola appointed Lady Rice as the Chair of the board of Scottish Water instead.

Lady Rice, appointed just in time, to take Scotland and our Water into Westminster’s new UK private water market which goes live in April 2017, after Nicola personally lodged permission for David Cameron and Nick Clegg to include Scotland and our water in Westminster’s new UK Private Water Market, all done behind our back during the Scottish Referendum.

This banker is not the only economic advisor placed on the board of Scotland’s public water as Nicola also chose Amanda McMillan OBE, Managing Director at Glasgow Airport company as another of her new Economic Advisors – who is now a non-executive director of Scottish Water’s private Arm Business Stream board with Lady Susan Rice.

Nicola and Alex Salmond’s other deal with Westminster Tories allows the UK government to bypass devolution and dictate to Scotland’s 32 local councils once again – SNP and Westminster Tories joint venture called City Deals.

Another of Nicola’s “economic advisors” is Sara Carter, who is a member of the UK Enterprise Research Centre and co-Chair of the British Bankers’ Association Diversity & Inclusion Business Council, who has also served on the UK Government’s Women’s Enterprise Task Force.

Professor Anton Muscatelli was also chosen by Nicola Sturgeon. He is a former consultant to the World Bank and the European Commission and Gordon Brown’s chosen advisor on monetary policy to his House of Commons Treasury Select Committee.

Muscatelli was recently appointed to Chair the Commission of Urban Economic Growth for the new Glasgow City Region (SNP/Westminster Tory joint City Deal scam).

Muscatelli was also appointed to the Board of the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) which controls funding and oversight of all of Scotland’s Colleges and Universities.

Currently Nicola and Derek Mackay, are attempting to put a super quango in complete control of not only all college and university budgets for Scotland but also all the budgets for Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and nine other education training budgets – in what was reported on Thursday to be a “ministerial power grab”

In reality is it Nicola’s power grab for unelected Anton Muscatelli, Gordon Brown’s former government advisor on the super quango board?

As we find these international power brokers and bankers are not just “advisors” but taking over control of Scotland’s budgets – despite no one electing them – as political leaders we now find are just puppets of the global elite.

The political misleaders get well rewarded for following the orders of the Club of Rome and Davos set, bankers and Royalty as they all get appointed to the UK privy council for life together – for services rendered together.

Since their riggerendum Nicola and Ruth Davidson rewarded with seats for life in the British Establishment UK Privy council – alongside Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Alex Salmond, Ian Duncan Smith, Michael Gove, Angus and a host of other so called Scottish political leaders who all served their masters together very well.

It seems Nicola does not run Scotland at all but is just a puppet of the board of economic advisors, members of which advise every minister and shadow minister in the three most powerful political parties controlling Scotland and the UK parliaments – who control our lives together – as New SNP, New Labour and Old Tories are all told what to do by people who are in clubs controlled by Rothschilds, Rockerfellers and the global elite.

So it’s not just Ruth Davidson and Theresa May’s billionaire Monaco based tax avoiding pal Jim McColl we have to worry about but every other member of the Scottish Governments “council of economic advisors” telling Nicola Sturgeon and her “government” what to do and taking over control of Scotland’s budgets.

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42 thoughts on “WHAT A TANGLED WEAVE ?

  1. This post is Not surprising! But in Addition to the Economic Advisors running Scotland, I would suggest that the Husband of the Current FM, Peter the Mole Murrell IS the Power behind the Throne! He Dictates what happens in the SNP and Must be replaced ASAP, mainly due to His Mole like behaviour with the Police in trying to Jail Alex Salmond!!!

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  2. This demonstrates the need for AGR. If we raise all our public funding requirements from our land then the influence of international markets and players has less effect on our National well being.

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    1. I am not sure. I was sent the article from another friend. I agree it looks identical but I don’t know a Mel Kelly and can’t confirm if she was the author. Not seeing the significance, the content in the main can be checked if in dispute surely?


      1. In addition to that blog site titled:
        “What The Politicians Don’t Say
        What’s really happening in Scotland”

        Further web searching finds 21 articles on http://www.opendemocracy.net by
        “Mel Kelly

        Mel Kelly is a systems analyst/programmer and mother of two.”


        She appears to be a woman who put some considerable efforts into tracking and documenting the machinations of Britains Ruling Elite.


  3. This piece is absolutely consistent with what we see in front of our very eyes.

    To Sturgeon’s list of right wing advisers we could of course add Banker Benny Higgins who is now the factor – manager for the biggest landed gentry estates in Scotland, the duke of Becleugh Estates.

    And Susan Rice, banking supremo being put on the Board of Scottish Water. Kind of tells you where Scottish Water is going next year after the U.K. Internal Market Bill takes effect post Brexit. Privatised water, a Scotland where the vast majority of land is owned by the super rich, and where at the drop of a hat, the already part privatised universities could be American style ‘ privatised ‘ to join a privatised NHS, That I’m afraid Ipso facto looks like the future Nicola Sturgeon and her advisers have for us.

    No wonder she was so focussed on now is not the time, getting rid of people like Cherry and Salmond, and installing a slew of lightweight independent lite political Pygmy MSP candidates whose key focus seems to be trans rights.

    Yep, it all fits in too with the member and branch lock out too. Thatcher created Tony Blair. No she didn’t. She created Nicola Sturgeon too!

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  4. So in effect they’re all corrupt to the bone, I’ve thought a lot lately that here is minimal chance of Scotland ever regaining he independence, this article just reinforced that belief. is there even any point in voting at all.

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  5. This also confirms for me another concern which I have had about Nicola Sturgeon especially during this *Pandemic*
    although seeing as the people are at each others throats as it is I’ll say no more about it.

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  6. I’ve long cynically thought, that we won’t get independence until the bankers, lawyers, and senior civil servants of Edinburgh finally understand their own personal $ advantage in renouncing Union.

    At that point, independence will be unstoppable.

    I think that moment is approaching. The question is, what are the rest of us, who won’t benefit from the Wilson ‘vision’, going to do about it?

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  7. Yes indeed. I don’t know much at all about banking or economics but I have read about the Bilderbergers and the following is how I feel:
    The world is organised by those whose names we hardly know. National “leaders” through deference, fear, insidious pressures, legalities are forced in most cases to follow the economic rules set by obscure/ secretive groups including the G20, IMF, World Bank and the Bilderbergers. They influence/control exchange rates, foreign policies, international conflicts and treaties and crush countries like Venezuela who try to escape the stranglehold. They keep the Third World and its natural resources at their mercy.
    I don’t think for one minute that all the people named in this article are actively engaged in this way but their careers force them to conform to the system. Well-meaning individuals- like Andrew Wilson perhaps- fall into line, see no alternative and write stuff like the Growth Commission- naively thinking it will impress “powerful independence granters” within these shady “world order” groups .
    One of the great chances from the Covid pandemic may be the havoc wreaked on currencies and the exposure of the fantasy “money” presently circulating in the UK and US etc. Behind these “hard currencies” there is massive, unimaginable, debt and not a lot of substantive GDP. The dollar is surely not so well placed anymore to blackmail national banks of smaller countries.
    This is Scotland’s chance. We have the only meaningful, legitimate currency of the future- natural resources- in massive quantities. Along with smaller nations throughout the world- particularly developing economies, blackmailed and robbed for decades by the banking systems, we should ditch any idea of subservience to the corrupt world banking network and set out own system, We don’t need our economy assessed by Bilderbergers; they do not “grant independence”.

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  8. Non-executive director of Andrew Wilsons Charlotte Street Partners is Roland Rudd, brother of the ex-tory minister Amber Rudd. These people seem to swirl in a very small elite circle making all the economic and political decisions although not directly elected. I listened to an excellent independence live interview with Robin Macalpine and he confirmed what I have suspected for a long time, that the SNP do not do policy making in Scotland which would make a real difference to peoples lives. They make changes which allow them to appear socially minded, eg no perscription charges, no university fees, no bridge charges, but, although welcome, these are not changes which really help society become more equal. Where is the push for independence, the land reform, the council tax reform, the jobs bonanza for Scots from wind and wave power? None of the real changes have been attempted as far as I can see, its back to the old “Jobs for the boys”, so reminiscent of labour.

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  9. Christ ! It’s getting to the point where I’m scared to read blogs like yours Iain , likewise Wings , Barrhead Boy , for fear of becoming even more dispirited about the state of our government/s , the seemingly endless litany of shady , unelected/unaccountable influences , the shameless pandering to the Neo Liberal Agenda , and what all this means for our future prospects , None of which suggests you and the other exposers of the darkness behind our , supposedly , benign ” leaders ” should desist , it’s of the utmost importance that you continue to do so , just not sure I can stand much more personally , The current logic-defying C19 measures so enthusiastically imposed ( despite the ” this hurts me more than you , honest ” declarations by NS ) by our own Gov has just added another layer of division and distrust to our perceptions of what’s going on ( or not going on ) vis-a-vis Independence . Maybe I’ll just take a wee break from all Social Media , Anyway , keep-up the good work Iain

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  10. Bankers, big business, etc. have never been interested in ‘society’ – that is for the underlings, the consumers of their Mammon-based empires. According to Norman Tebbit, he warned Margaret Thatcher that the end result of her economic experiment would be to let the dogs loose. I saw it coming, he said. I had always thought him a horrible right-wing fascist type, but, in this interview anyway, he came across as thoughtful and insightful, wistful even for the working-class from which he rose through the ranks. It just shows that even Tories are not always lacking in self-awareness, and even awareness of the down sides of their ideology.

    It was even odder when he said that Thatcher herself realized the effects her policies were having, but she appeared to believe that it would all work out in the end. What she actually did, of course, swiftly followed by Blair, Brown and the rest, was to open up our society to unfettered American-style, neoliberal capitalism and neocon solutions. The law of unintended consequences, indeed, and trying to do ‘good’ can bring about evil just as surely as doing evil itself.

    The one relief we have is to back-pedal when we see that something is not going to work out as intended, and could actually create very bad conditions for the mass of the population, but our politicians in the past 50 years at least have been of the petulant, intransigent kind, and we have suffered, as a consequence. A childish, tantrum-like ethos has entered our politics as never before, with entitled people stamping their feet when things are not to the their liking, but, of course, this rather reflects our wider preoccupations in the West where getting-by is no longer enough: we must all be winners in an ever-shallowing pool. Both Blair and Cameron were examples, in their different ways, of this not-quite-mature enthusiastic adoption of ‘new ideas’ that quickly tuned sour, like narcissistic teenagers who wanted to re-invent the wheel.

    It will take great courage and even greater resilience to break free, but we are hampered by the SNP top dogs, the SNP being filled to saturation point with this kind of political animal.

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    1. I think the curse of our age is narcissism -” reality ” shows , talent contests , instagram ” stars ” , online influencers , and I would add ” gender ” obsessives , Facebook halfwits quite prepared to physically hurt themselves ( or others ), everyone ( though most noticeably the young ) wants to be a ” Star ” in their own movie , or a victim , or told how fantastic they are , anything that gets them attention


    1. Hi Derick! I don’t who that Mel person is but they did write this and it rang true with me. A long time ago- about Dounreay- the Orkney group shared a book by Rosalie Bertell- “No Immediate Danger” . It was the first time I ever heard the word “Bilderberger” and her warnings stayed with me. They seem clearly echoed in this piece.


  11. Careful Ian or you will be tarred with the same brush as WOS, as in one post on The Tusker

    October 25, 2020 at 7:50 pm

    The theory about Wings absolutely makes sense. His blogs – and the resultant comments – are now so rabid and toxic that they can only benefit the Britnat cause. Inexplicably he doesn’t seem to realise (or care about) the damage he’s causing to the cause he claims to love. I’ve donated to his site in the past, but never ever again. Tusker all the way now.”

    What is it about people who cannot see what is happening but attack the messenger? Are we supposed to sit back and ignore what is happening within the SNP hierarchy?

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      1. Just a few observations about the ‘Reverend’ Stu.

        1) He’s not a Reverend , or anything remotely like it. I’d question his mental stability.
        Apparently anyone can use the title ‘reverend’. It’s not against the law. But you have to wonder at the mentality of anyone addressing the public, posing as a religious man when totally unqualified and undeserving of such a title.
        Perhaps ,one day, he’ll take some time off from his forensic journalism to explain this curious behaviour(often accompanied by obscene language) to me, and to you other SNP supporters,

        2) He writes about Scottish nationalism……yet he lives in the southern English town of Bath, just down the road from GCHQ.
        Doesn’t that strike anyone as odd? If i was the head of the SSS(Scottish Secret Service) I’d have him tailed and bugged 24/7, just to check on ALL his contacts.
        He may well turn out to be wholeheartedly devoted to Scotland and it’s regaining independence ….but you never know, unless he’s checked out,

        You’ll be surprised,(I won’t) if come the moment of even half-looking like getting independence……he disappears, or is involved in a set-up. sexual or financial scandal….and off he goes to MI5 with a big list of potentially dangerous subversive supporters.
        The referendum/plebiscite will almost certainly fail. It’ll be rigged……. like the last one was in 2014 …….and MI5 will have a handy list of dissidents who might threaten the British state by maintaining or resurrecting a discredited, moribund SNP.
        Time for change and waking up to the existence of con-artists and plain, downright, evil people.

        “Guilty until proved innocent”…….should be the watch-word for all that have some positive interest in Scotland’s independence.(sadly)


      2. A reply to AWoLsco I have noted on a few occasions your need to demonise and denigrate the PERSON named rev Stu BUT I have never seen any of your comments refuting or exposing any untruths in his articles , you may not like the PERSON because of his language or his exposures that is your entitlement , but your attempts to malign his forensic exposures by concentrating on his person says more about you than it does him
        I as a Scottish voter am SICKENED AND BETRAYED at the duplicitous, corrupt cabal of lunatics which we trusted to bring us independence and to make our country BETTER for ALL who live here, not to enrich themselves and their masters

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  12. The author seems to be of a certain type (uk column for instance) which, while you might well disagree with some of their attitudes and conclusions, actually do some useful spade work identifying links behind the scenes.

    If the appointments and policies outlined are correct (they certainly do not sound far fetched), they are worth paying attention to.

    Some of the bete noires are a little misplaced, Stiglitz is certainly one the more thoughtful chief economists of the world bank and mazzucato is something an enthusiast for national industrial policy. While neither are particularly radical,they’ve never seemed malign to me.

    She advises the EU and Mazzucato also advised the Greek Government which disastrously failed to reach agreement with it’s creditors, resulting in the Greek referendum.

    This the kind of thing that this type often get upside down. The Greek government disastrously succeeded in reaching a terrible agreement with its creditors (mainly german banks, it was their bailout) but the main players were lawrence summers and the eurogroup (eurozone finance ministers). Mazzucato did not figure significantly to my knowledge.

    The overall picture the article presents does not jar too much with my impression of the FM, awed by the powerful and awkward with the lumpen.

    Something of a pilot fish.

    The pilot fish’s relationship with sharks is a mutualist one; the pilot fish gains protection from predators, while the shark gains freedom from parasites

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  13. Sorry for the formatting screwup in the last post.

    The latest article by the author, 2019, is a good example of the digging around I alluded to.


    Plenty of pilot fish, plenty of sharks.

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  14. Anybody looked at the Board of Scottish Water recently. Stuffed with corporate bankers and oil industry executives it is now a business split into four holding companies.

    Under noted is a link to the Board’s composition for anyone who wants to look –


    Certainly looks like the four business units, one of which is international, another of which is described as Business Stream is is all set for privatisation.

    Tsar Nicola and her corporate placepeople have certainly planned well.

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  15. Not too far off topic.
    There was a story in today’s National headined ‘The election of a trans woman for the SNP would be a great victory’. On reading it, I added a mild comment on the lines of what was the evidence that a trans woman would be more likely to be elected than someone who had worked in the constituency over a considerable time.
    My comment appeared at around 4th or 5th. I later looked again later and it appeared that there were 27 comments. Curious to read them, I went back to the article to find there were none as all had vanished and were unobtainable. This amounts to censorship. Why were previously accepted comments removed? Was there one in particular that offended someone, or was there a large numer of such? If so, why not just delete that?
    We will probably never know.

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  16. Where was the article published? I usually re-post your blogs on FB but this reads like a conspiracy theory……


  17. Dear, dear, dear…a little learning is a dangerous thing (meaning here, spelling and keyboard skills).
    To address the paranoid delusions in the comment by AwoLsco:
    I take the use of the title ‘reverend’ to be a nom-de-plume. As the Rev never ever discusses theology or religion or Jesus, I never understood the title as an actual indication of religiosity. I thought this was obvious but there you go…
    As for the Bath issue, I think I’m right in saying that he moved South to work for a video-gaming magazine under the Future Publishing umbrella. Future Publishing is based in Bath. Putting down any kind of roots in a town or city happens naturally over time. I assume that’s why he’s remained there. It would not bother me if after independence is won he decided to stay there despite him saying he would return to Scotland.
    We ‘half-looked’ like we were getting independence in 2014 and the Wee Blue Book was a significant influence in changing minds. I doubt very much that MI5 plants works so openly and consistently and successfully for causes they are opposed to. He clearly passed the smell test for Alex Salmond to give him a platform on his RT show.
    As for the rest of your secret service conspiracy fantasies…yyyaaaaawwwwwnnnnnn.

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    1. ” I never understood the title as an actual indication of religiosity. I thought this was obvious but there you go…”

      Gosh you’re so clever and sophisticated, PhilM. Initially I believed it, and thought this was a website run by a learned Scottish minister but became suspicious and started checking up on him…..and still am doing so, when time allows.
      Turns out that he was some sort of computer games expert….but there you go.

      “Putting down any kind of roots in a town or city happens naturally over time. I assume that’s why he’s remained there.”

      Ah that’s the explanation, is it? We can all relax now…or perhaps not? I think I, and many others, need more information than that.Truth is, that there is very little information out there about this sweary, dictatorial, intolerant Stuart Campbell. I’ve learnt more about Ian Lawson in 2mths. than I have about Stuart Campbell in 6 yrs.

      “I doubt very much that MI5 plants works so openly and consistently and successfully for causes they are opposed to.”

      Well, more fool you, No wonder Scotland’s washed up and on the rocks with the trusting, ever-so blinkered likes of you on board.

      “passed the smell test for Alex Salmond to give him a platform on his RT show.”

      Yes, an interesting pair of pinko commies, I thought, cleverly using Scottish nationalism to advance their transnational, cosmopolitan agenda.
      Why, even this very day, Campbell chased off some poor nationalist that simply expressed (politely, no swearing) his desire to repatriate the many foreigners now residing and working in Scotland, taking up jobs which should be earmarked for our indigenous Scots.
      Talk about committing national suicide ! That’s just the very way to go about it.
      In with the foreigners !. Out with the Scots ! Brilliant thinking !


      1. I’ve learnt more about Ian Lawson in 2mths. than I have about Stuart Campbell in 6 yrs.

        Well thanks to the pair of them, I’ve learned a lot about an opaque organisation based in Scotland called the SNP

        pinko commies

        Evidence please, which you must have after 6 years of investigation.

        our indigenous Scots

        Does that include me, a first generation immigrant, or how far do you have to go back for this classification?

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  18. Rev Stu’s analysis and articles are excellent and I would be happy to quote what he says without further checking and until I find otherwise. His agressive style, language and directness come as part of the package but unfortunately it makes his website unattractive for most soft No voters – especially the perceived ” middle class” ones we need to win over.


  19. Replying to Robert T,

    “but your attempts to malign his forensic exposures by concentrating on his person says more about you than it does him”

    Thank you. You hit the nail on the head. I am a very suspicious person by nature……and would exhort my fellow Scots to be the same. I don’t like being conned by delusional fraudsters. I simply refuse point-blank to go along with this ‘reverend’ malarkey…..and he does live in Bath…..very curious….Why so? He was born in Stirling. Why would an activist Scottish nationalist run a website from Bath, southern England?….to avoid close scrutiny?

    “I as a Scottish voter am SICKENED AND BETRAYED at the duplicitous, corrupt cabal of lunatics which we trusted to bring us independence”

    Yes, surprise, surprise ……for you….but that’s a consequence of just listening to, and believing, what people say and write, and not checking on the background and moral character of the persons uttering their fine words.
    Had you, and many others, but been more aware and sceptical, years ago, then you wouldn’t end up duped, sickened and betrayed,

    IMO, the origin of the current schism in the SNP doesn’t go back a few years, but a few decades, to Alex Salmond and his Group of ’79. He was, as you know, expelled from the party…..for forming a party within a party, or rather a movement, as the SNP was in those times.

    For reasons beyond my ken, he was re-admitted and now, as predicted then, you have a party within a party, which used to be a movement, drawing in all types, from wannabe Trotskys to aspiring Genghis Khans.
    Now it seems as though one has to be far to the left to feel comfortable with today’s intolerant and downright bitchy nationalists.


    1. Ex members of the 79 group (Salmond,MacAskill) seem to be in the forefront of exposing the degeneration of the SNP leadership these days.

      The main focus of your ire is an independent, non party member in Bath, yet it is the current leadership they criticize that advance the positions you vehemently deplore.

      With your insight, you really should start a blog to clear all this up for everybody.
      Expose the trotskyites and Genghis Khans among us.

      Especially the intolerant ones that don’t want to chuck out large sections of the population of Scotland.

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      1. It also appears awolsco is quite happy with the neocapitalist agenda referred to upthread and installed by her maj Nicola, not for him these pinko trotskyists


  20. “Ex members of the 79 group (Salmond,MacAskill) seem to be in the forefront of exposing the degeneration of the SNP leadership these days.”

    Yes, but little so far from Salmond, while MacAskill is a bit more bold, but cautious as well….. for some reason……
    ……A spat between pinko commies vying for the top positions in a one-party state. I’ve seen it all before, in the old DDR, the laughably named Deutsche Demokratische Republik…..the former pinkos’ paradise.
    Make a complaint about the government there, and you’d have the Stasi knocking down your front door, with you cleaning toilets for the rest of your life….if not put behind bars..

    “The main focus of your ire is an independent, non party member in Bath,”

    Not at all. I intend to complain about nearly everything in Scotland. I’m just starting. Be patient. There’s lots more to come yet.
    No. I’m just suspicious about Campbell and the way he runs his website by employing very heavy- handed
    censorship, often accompanied by foul, unChristian language..

    “Expose the trotskyites and Genghis Khans among us.”

    You know perfectly well what I meant by that. Do it yourself. Ask one or two pointed questions to get a conversation going and within 10 mins you’ll find out whereabouts in the spectrum any individual lies.

    “Especially the intolerant ones that don’t want to chuck out large sections of the population of Scotland.”

    …….Stuart Campbell, Alex Salmond, Jessie Sturgeon…. I could go on.


  21. Replying to Paul’s first post,

    “Well thanks to the pair of them, I’ve learned a lot about an opaque organisation based in Scotland called the SNP

    Well done Paul. Unwittingly you’re taking your first steps on the road to discovery of the strange world called……. “creeping communism”
    It’s a surprisingly common phenomenon and certainly not a particularly Scottish thing.
    Listen to Yuri Bezmenov(ex KGB) on you-tube. Learn something of the Frankfurt School. The Art of War by Sun Tzu….very interesting, despite it’s being written in the 5th century BC(before Christ). Study those, and it won’t be too long before you get the feel of current events in the SNP and Scotland itself.

    “pinko commies…….. the evidence”

    Well, the truth of the matter is that just about everybody is a pinko commie these days. They just will not admit to it because communism has such a foul reputation and human nature being what it is, nobody wants to be seen as a member of the ‘lumpen proletariat’… a slave, a dependent slave.
    However there’s a way out from the lumpen proletariat. Join the party, become a willing and able apparatchik, climb up the heirarchy, by hook or by crook, and become one of the bosses, Maybe just a little boss, but it’s better than being outside digging the roads and you’ve got a nice flat and a pension to go with a very easy pen-pushing job.

    I had a relative who was friends with a Czech doctor, a world-class specialist no less, who was paid a pittance, and was allocated a pokey, dingy little flat under the communist regime. Oddly enough, a dumper truck driver with barely a few weeks tuition was paid about the same. That’s EQUALITY for you. Guess what happened in this socialist/communist paradise.
    Every Tom Dick and Harry wanted to be a dumper truck driver and nobody could be bothered with the years of study and trainng that it takes to produce a doctor, far less a specialist.
    Lots of dumper truck drivers…..few doctors.
    There was a happy ending, He and his wife escaped at the first opportunity to capitalist West Germany, bought an opulent residence with the obligatory mercedes in the driveway, and lived happily ever after, enjoying holidays in the Greek islands and the south of France. They were even able to come to Scotland on several memorable occasions.

    “our indigenous Scots……..Does that include me, a first generation immigrant ? ”

    Probably not………. if I had anything to do with it,……is the short answer
    I’ve replied to your questions.
    Now perhaps you can return the favour.
    Why are you here? What brings you to Scotland? Don’t you feel any obligation towards that country and its people that raised and educated you? Don’t you feel any obligation to make it a better place?….or are you of the mentality?……”Everyman for himself and devil take the hindmost.”


  22. So the Scots Government is seeking advice from distinguished professors of economics? And other governments are seeking advice from the same distinguished professors? Shock! Horror! Gasp!

    The real scandal is not that they’re receiving advice from professional economists, the scandal is that they frequently don’t take it. I’m sure plenty of economists told Margaret Thatcher that North Sea Oil earnings would push Sterling up so high that it would make large swathes of British industry uncompetitive and the only way to avoid that was to invest the proceeds abroad in a sovereign wealth fund a la Norway. Instead she courted popular votes by putting the money towards tax cuts, and a high Pound made overseas holidays cheap and British exports expensive. In 1925 Chancellor of the Exchequer Winston Churchill returned the Pound to the Gold Standard, effectively revaluing it upwards by 10%. For Churchill this was all about “national prestige”. At a stroke British goods became 10% dearer in export markets, so exports collapsed sending Britain into recession. For Britain the Great Depression began in 1925 not 1929. This was all predicted before the event by economist John Maynard Keynes in a public paper titled The Economic Consequences of Mr Churchill but Churchill went ahead anyway. (neither the first or the last bungle by WSC) The combined effects of 1925 and the Depression ensured that Britain’s industry was so dilapidated by 1939 that it was dependent on US industry for rearmament and by early 1941 had become dependent on US charity as Churchill had spent all Britain’s foreign exchange reserves.

    BTW those people who argue that Scotland’s heavy industries would have survived if only we’d become independent in the 70s are deluding themselves. The revenues from Oor Oil would have had even more of an effect on Scotland’s smaller economy than it did on the UK’s in the 80s and 90s. In the words of the McCrone report “its currency would become the hardest in Europe”. The only way that Scotland’s industry could have survived would have been through massive subsidies. The experience with subsidised industries is that they become even less efficient as the unions agitate for excessive wage increases, increasing the workforce (usually on spurious Health & Safety grounds) and regular strikes and work stoppages. Management does little or nothing to stop this because they and the unions know that the Govt will pick up the tab. When the subsidies eventually stop, the subsidised companies are fossilised dinosaurs that have no chance of survival in a competitive marketplace. The only way out of this dilemma is to invest the oil windfall outside the country as Norway has done, however it’s doubtful that Scottish politicians would have been any more disciplined than Thatcher and co. For more on this topic use the search terms “resource curse” “Gregory hypothesis” and “Dutch Disease”.

    As for the World Economic Forum etc these professors get invited to speak at these events precisely because they are distinguished economists. No conspiracy involved. Hopefully the politicians and businessmen who attend might learn something.

    @mullwharcharcom “obscure/ secretive groups including the G20, IMF, World Bank”

    Have you been living in a cave? These institutions are neither obscure nor particularly secretive:

    G20 – Wikipedia – ” The G20 (or Group of Twenty) is an international forum for the governments and central bank governors from 19 countries (ie the world’s 19 largest economies) and the European Union (EU)” where they discuss global economic problems. Attended by prime minister/president, finance minister and central bank head from each country.

    IMF – the International Monetary Fund is the lender of last resort to countries that have so mismanaged their economies that they cannot borrow on their own account eg Greece, various Latin American and African countries. A condition of an IMF bailout is that the borrowing country reverse the economic policies that made it a basket case in the first place.

    World Bank – finances development projects in the Third World.

    If you want to see organisations that really are secretive I suggest you look at Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund instead.


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