This gentleman contacted me last week asking how he could help my blog. He kindly enclosed his reasons for supporting Independence. I thought his reasons deserved a wider audience. Jim is 82 so he wants to see Independence soon. Sitting about is not an option. Jim is from Livingston, he has supported Independence for 64 years.

Why I Support Independence for Scotland 

My name is Jim. I am 82 years young and have always believed that Scotland should be an Independent Nation. I feel as strongly about it today as I did 64 years ago. Now, however, I find I want it even more for my children and grandchildren than I do for myself. 

Decisions about Scotland’s future must be made by the people of Scotland. I believe that an independent Scotland should, of necessity, have a written constitution. At the heart of any constitution would be the protection of the rights of every Scottish citizen alongside restrictions on what politicians can and cannot do. I would certainly like to see the constitution place a total ban on nuclear weaponry being housed anywhere within Scotland. Drafting of such a written constitution should be undertaken independent of politicians and parliament and must be agreed by the majority of Scottish citizens. This will not be easy but is vital for the right outcome to be achieved.

The time is long overdue for Scots to step up to the plate and show that we can be a successful independent nation again. We can continue to display the qualities of leadership, ingenuity, entrepreneurship and egalitarianism that have been Scotland’s lasting contribution to the world. 

I was a senior executive in the world’s largest multinational company and travelled the world extensively. Everywhere I went, as soon as it became known I was Scottish, I was received with genuine warmth and affection. Scots have played key roles in many independent countries around the globe. As Scotland moves towards another Referendum, global markets are becoming increasingly aware of “Brand Scotland” and major companies are continuing to invest in Scotland.

We have already shown the world what generations of Scots with imagination, talent and energy, can achieve. Should we not also use these same attributes when it comes to our own future? Independence offers our youngsters the opportunity to help shape the future of their own country.

For me, only independence can allow us to pursue a truly ethical foreign policy and avoid the folly of illegal wars – not to mention the abomination of nuclear weaponry some 30 miles from our largest city. I have stood in the Peace Park at the epicentre of The Hiroshima atomic blast – the most profound experience of my life. In my humble opinion, every politician should stand in that very spot before they pontificate on the “merits” of weapons of mass destruction.

Full control of our economy will allow us to make choices about the future direction of our nation. For sure, we will make mistakes – but they will be our mistakes and we will take full responsibility for them. Overall, I know we have the resources and the talents to make Scotland a fairer and more just society.

Being an independent country is as much to do with how we feel in our hearts and minds as it is to do with the economy. This will be a huge decision for Scotland and must not be taken lightly. We need to know the facts to make an informed decision and not be influenced by scaremongering or false propaganda. I see no reason why Scots, of any political persuasion, when they assess independence objectively and emotionally, can come to any conclusion other than that Scotland should regain its status as an Independent Nation.

Interestingly there are 28 countries with smaller populations than the UK but with greater wealth as measured by GDP per capita, and 17 countries with populations smaller than Scotland who have GDP per capita greater than the estimated $42,640 GDP per capita of an Independent Scotland (Fraser of Allander Institute 2018). Even if “Extra-regio” (oil) activity is excluded, I am convinced that an independent Scotland would be in the top 35 countries in terms of wealth as defined by GDP per capita.

The World Bank figure for UK GDP per capita is $42,300 (31st).

My belief that “Small is Beautiful” is confirmed by the 17 countries that have smaller populations than Scotland but that are wealthier than the estimated wealth of an Independent Scotland. Not many people will be aware that near the top of the Table in terms of wealth is Luxembourg (3rd )with a GDP per capita of $US114,705 and a population of only 620,000 – probably reflecting a high proportion of European Union personnel with exceedingly high salaries and expenses. 9th and 10th on the list are Ireland and Norway with GDP per capita of $US78,661 and $US75,420 and populations of 4,94m and 5,35m respectively.  Both Ireland and Norway have smaller populations than Scotland but are almost twice as wealthy.

In 2015, after the disappointment of losing the 2014 Referendum, my 15-year-old grandson asked me why EFTA Membership was not a priority for an Independent Scotland. He asked: “What’s not to like about EFTA? Control of your own agricultural and fisheries policies, access to the Single Market and freedom of movement which would help Scotland’s ageing population challenge.” If a 15-year-old can grasp this, why do many older Scots fail to see the advantages on EFTA Membership for an Independent Scotland

Being independent means Scotland’s future destiny will be in Scottish hands. I can see no reason why Scotland should not be an Independent Nation again and, as a young octogenarian, I SHALL live in an Independent Scotland.

Post Script: • As an SNP member, I am currently in despair at the erosion of democracy in the Party and at the lack of progress on actively pursuing Independence. • I am at a loss about what I can do about it. Answers on a postcard please – lol• Forever the optimist, I may yet live in an independent Scotland, especially if my “lifelong ambition” of being shot in bed by a jealous husband when I am 100 should come to pass. That gives Scottish politicians about 18 years to secure Independence for Scotland – but much sooner would be much, much better. My wife may shoot me long before that for posting “my lifelong” ambition. In the current state of the world, humour is often the best medicine.

We are not Too Wee or Too Poor but we sure are Too Damned Stupid (So far).

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  1. Thanks for this excellent post Jim ( and by extension Iain for facilitating it ) , nothing to add other than that I agree with every word you have written .

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      1. ahahaha naw , might skip that part , anyway the chances of being in that scenario are as slim as the current SNP Hagioship declaring it’s intention of slinging the S30 ” route ” anytime soon

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  2. Well Said Jim, and must say your statement mirrors my thoughts and experience as I travelled around the world during my working life.
    All thinking citizens of Scotland must now see the time has come in there time to invest in independence as a safeguard to our grandchildren’s well being and future.

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  3. As Scotland moves towards another Referendum, global markets are becoming increasingly aware of “Brand Scotland” and major companies are continuing to invest in Scotland.
    That is why we are seeing an onslaught against ‘Brand SCOTLAND’. Westminster/Tories are determined to minimise the greatness of our uniqueness and do mish the market and awareness of our Brand. When we are Independent we will need to almost start from scratch undoing the ‘Britishness’ of our wonderful products. The not too sublime affect is in every supermarket. Jacks instead of Saltires on many products. British Whisky is just one example.
    Jim, your article mirrors my own ambitions for my country and being slightly younger but hoping to be here for quite a while, I need to see an Independent SCOTLAND for the future of our nation.

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    1. Frank, I would like to ask you 1. why do you think we are moving to another referendum and 2. Why do you think only a referendum is the path to independence.

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  4. Couldn’t agree more Jim and thank you Iain for sharing.

    I’ve also visited Hiroshima and it is an experience I’ll never forget, very humbling.

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  5. Only a few years behind Jim, I too would like to see independence having helped to pursue it for most of my life. Unlike Jeremy Corbyn who recently said he has been in the Labour Party all his life, I readily admit I did not join the SNP when I was a baby.

    My current problems are the conference nominations which I received a couple of days ago. I have not a clue who to nominate or more importantly who not to nominate. It’s the same with the Holyrood election candidates, should I simply cast my vote for one or should I rank all of them? I know I am not alone with this problem and there is no guidance whatsover, is that deliberate?

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    1. There is a list on Denise Findlays twitter page that may be of some help to you -.sorry I don’t know how to link to it. There is also a group on Facebook, SNP members for Independence, that is very useful.

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  6. Well said Jim. Like you I share your hope, your dream, as so many of us do.

    The current hiatus occasioned by the current SNP leadership is more than a disappointment . But it is not the end of the road. As a true patriot once said the dream will never die.

    Of that we can all be certain. Our time will come, and it might be nearer than we think.

    Thank you Jim for an inspiring letter.

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  7. Great post, one that resonates with so many of us Seniors. My dream has always been to live in an INDEPENDENT Scotland. In 2014 I felt my dream was coming true, then 19th Sept I went into mourning.. Only to be lifted again by the 2015GE. Who could ever have seen that happen in Scotland? a clean sweep all except for leaving 1 unionist each in the 3 Unionist parties. I knew then that this was Scots answering that referendum, letting WM know, we wis robbed. YOU LIED TO US, BROKE THE VOW, & MADE SCOTS SECOND CLASS MPs in WM…

    I truly thought that huge victory PLUS already having a majority SNP Gov in HR, that things HAD to change, WM was told to think again.. Well the change happened, but certainly not for the better, our MPS laughed at EVERYTIME they stood to speak, sneered at just because of either the Party they belonged to or the fact they were Scots. For a whole bloody year I watched nothing but embarrassment at how our MPs were treated, told off for clapping, as it was NOT the done thing in WM, how many times have you witnessed clapping since? YES, Cameron got what he said he was going for, EVEL, only it should have been spelled EVIL.

    SNP as good as they were, we could all see, were second class politicians to the UNIONISTS in that place.

    With 2 majorities we should have walked at the treatment being meted out to both our MPs & Scots in particular, if we didn’t already know it, they were all out to show us, “YOU lost, you now belong to us..”

    2016 came the BREXIT vote, Scotland voted 62% to remain, so the mantra then became, “SCOTLAND SHALL NOT BE DRAGGED OUT OF THE EU” it was said that often, you just knew it was not being taken seriously, as it was just a “slogan” like BREXIT MEANS BREXIT, Being repeated over & over..

    When it was made abundantly clear that it would never mean anything to WM, it then started to not mean anything to us Scots back hame.. It was just words, with NO sign of any action. Scots gave the SNP another Mandate in HR election 2016, one where the FM Stated, would be reason enough for her to go for another referendum..Which Scots delivered, & giving her another 5years. Then In 2017 with another GE called. In comes May, with all those slogans, but the one she used on us Scots was “NOW IS NOT THE TIME..”

    And those words from May were all it took for FM to get back in the box they in WM had built for her. Too many Scots saw how easily she backed off, hence why she lost so many MPs in 2017..That fire that stirred in 2015, & saw NOTHING IN THE PROCEEDING 2yrs to benefit SCOTLAND from that victory, & two majorities in both Parliaments, not even delivering 1 extra power to Scotland, we didn’t ever even have any of our amendments accepted. Even Labour were refusing to back ours, they chose rather to abstain..WHY were we still there? What good were we doing for Scotland? Other than watching our MPs be sneered at, humiliated by people who really believe they are better.

    We also saw our FM join in marches & rallies to save ENGLAND from itself, a country that DID vote for BREXIT she tried hard to save from itself. if only she had shown the same interest in the marches & Rallies of the people keeping her in government up here in her own country.. Yet even when 120,000 people marched through EDINBURGH past HR, the silence was deaf, she never even showed her face to that huge turnout.

    2019, saw another GE, (funny how WM could have GE every couple of years, yet their argument for us was our referendum was a once in a generation.. The Message I got there was an ELECTION counts, referendums don’t. Yet our HUGE VICTORY in the 2015 GE didn’t get us anything, but abuse..hmmm

    Once again the new PM said NO, to another referendum. While by now it was obvious, if it hadn’t been already, SCOTLAND was being dragged out of the E.U. Because Scotland had NO say in the matter..Concession were being made for GIBRALTAR, IRELAND, But Scotland would do as it was told & leave with ENGLAND.

    Thank god for COVID, because if it were not for the people seeing & listening everyday to the FM’s updates, which it has to be said, she did & does better than any other U.K. Leader, she found a new fan base. .

    She has surged in popularity. But not by people like me, who put her where she is to get us OUT of a rotten corrupt UNION.. Led by a party who have broken every rule & every law, & getting away with it. Surely we as a country that it has always been said is an EQUAL PARTNER in that rotten UNION, could do something about how WM was behaving..

    So a certain Martin Keatings decided to take the PEOPLE V S30 to court, to see if it could be agreed that we do NOT require permission from WM to hold another Referendum. And what does Scot Gov do… Fights against this, tried delay tactics first by playing games. First the were in to fight it, then they were out, but as Martin Keatings soon found out they were only ever out in name. They intend to fight against the people winning that case.

    In summary, surely if ELECTIONS are the ONLY thing that counts of importance. Instead of advocating for ANOTHER MANDATE, which is what the “DRAFT BILL” is, as it is JUST A DRAFT, NOT an actual Bill. If the FM Really believes in INDEPENDENCE for Scotland, then the 2021 Election should be made clear that this will be a PLEBISCITE ELECTION FOR INDEPENDENCE. No more REFERENDUMS, no more asking. Put it to the people, if you vote for us in 2021, then you ARE voting for INDEPENDENCE..

    She once said the PEOPLE will decide, now she is fighting against the people in court.. WHY?

    I have voted SNP for 53yrs, not as long as the poster here, only because I am younger, but my health is what is letting me down. My dream of wishing to live in an INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND, has changed to, I hope to die in one.. And I doubt even that ever happening under this present leadership in the SNP.

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    1. Think you covered all the bases there my friend , and what a sad litany of missed opportunities and submission it is , I would only say that Covid has been a godsend for NS , a protective wall behind which she can reiterate the same ” now is not the time ” insulting garbage as her erstwhile ” opponent ” old cornfield frolicker May . My sole consolation is that there is an abundance of passionately intelligent , committed , resourceful people in our country who have seen through the inert non-campaign of our ” leadership ” and are not content to sit idly while another 6 years is squandered , Now is very much the time , and time is the one resource we do not have in abundance

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    2. Kurikat, much as it is difficult to say, the evidence is clear the current leadership will not deliver independence because they don’t want to. If the SNP were the party of independence they would put a mandate for ACTUAL INDEPENDENCE in their manifesto for 2021. The bastards from London have infiltrated the SNP.

      The polls show 58% for independence and the SNP promise a draft – a draft – bill for a referendum. What an insult to our intelligence. Some fools in the SNP still believe in Sturgeon even though it is clear she tried to fit up Salmond.

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    3. To Kurikat thank you for that comment it echos exactly how I feel , and thank you Jim for your emotional post and to Iain for posting it , I also agree with Cubby’s post re the DRAFT CON, if Sturgeon were serious about independence she would DESTROY the TOU in the international courts but NO she continues with the INSULTING DRAFT BILL, she NEEDS removed and reviled for what she has done to independence support

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  8. That’s beautifully written, Jim, a credit to your country.

    I got pre-Referendum 2014 from that, when the whole country was electric and alive with expectation, creativity and vision. I also got Wee Blue Book from it, bolstering with information, offering facts and figures we never see outside pro-indy folk. Lacking any cynicism (guilty..) I had a wonderful moment of nostalgia as I read through it, reminding me that beauty is far more powerful than negativity. When unionists decry a ‘divisive’ referendum in 2014, your contribution reminds me of why they were so wrong, so threatened, and moved to distort the reality of 2014.

    As I find it increasingly difficult not to be cynical these days, please visit Iain’s blog on occasion and remind me what Scotland looks like as an independent country.

    Thanks, both Iain and Jim – twa auld buggers talkin’ common sense on behalf of us* young yins.

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  9. I agree wholeheartedly with the article and most of the comments.I am 77 years old and still an active member but I am increasingly in despair in the way OUR party is being run.Undemocratic and unconstitutional decisions being made by NEC.They are selected to represent the views of the membership not their own particular agendas. National Secretary and CEO failing to respond to letters of complaint and taking no action on the com plaints. It is time the members took back control of the party. How lucky they are it s going to be a virtual conference where the right to challenge those matters will be somewhat muted.We are part of a voluntary Union.To me that means you withdraw at any time without permission.Particularly when one of the partners tries to show superiority over the others and blatantly disregards the code of The Treaty of Union. Forward to Independence.

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  10. Many thanks Iain for posting and to Jim for sharing your heartfelt thoughts on Independence. This forum provides vital oxygen and a voice to so many of us whose lifelong aspiration has been the restoration of Scotland’s nationhood…finally free from subjugation and the malign greed of Westminster.
    A few weeks ago Iain generously posted my first ever published letter to The National newspaper…“It’s Time to Go“.
    It echoed much of Jim’s article.
    There have been so many hurdles littering our route to realising the 300 year old ‘dream’. Now…finally…momentum en masse has arrived! The YES movement and the people of Scotland are in desperate need of one passionate and exceptional voice to carry us over the line.The time for pragmatism and steady as we go is over. Never before have Westminster and the Tories been so exposed for what they are and for all to see.
    A voice of conviction, of imagination and courage. Whether the present leadership of the SNP is that voice remains to be seen.
    Ps Luvin yer humour Jim…may BOTH of “your ambitions” be realised!

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  11. Well said Jim I sincerely hope you live to see Scotland become independent, alas another great indy supporter Sean Connery didn’t.

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  12. While EFTA membership alone does have value, it does not equate to Single Market membership.

    EFTA has its own form of Freedom of Movement, but only with the other EFTA members – Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

    In order to be within the Single Market, and exercise FoM with the EU states, an EFTA state has to either also join the EEA Agreement, or have the same raft of many bilateral treaties which Switzerland does; and the EU does not wish to repeat the Switzerland pattern, so EEA would be necessary.


    1. At least JB my 15 year old grandson was thinking about the options. I am so proud of him. Puts many unthinking older people to shame

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      1. Sure, I have no issue with joining EFTA.

        So he had made a start, but knowing the details of just what it does (and does not) provide is important. As a 15 yr old at the time, he can certainly be forgiven for not having all details correct. Hopefully if he still pushes the same approach as an adult, he had now taken the time to learn more of the actual details.

        I tend to think EEA on top of that would also be useful.

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  13. I really enjoyed your take on independence, Jim and thought it an excellent article. Thank you! .

    May I just remind folks or perhaps alert folks as it seems they don’t know… There is a FULL written Constitution sitting on Michael Russell’s desk, which has been sitting there since last October/November! A full year! I cannot help wonder why it has NOT been brought forward in Parliament? Dr McNaught grew up in America, his father was Scottish I believe, he works in France but works tirelessly for Independence! It took Dr. McNaught over 5 years of his own time and much research, along with input from Scots – and it has hardly gotten a mention by anyone. I try to put it out there when I can, and so many folks have been so surprised there is already a Scottish written constitution! WHY? Why has this amazing piece of hard work not been pushed by SNP at least, even if not legislated for by now? I believe Scotgov will not even answer the phone to Dr. McNaught anymore!

    It’s an excellent piece of work, drawn from many written constitutions around the world, taken the best of them and remodelling them to be pertinent to Scotland. Its a full Constitution and encompasses even a full Corpus of Scottish Law. It really is worth a read, at this link:

    With SNP/Scotgov giving no publicity to the Constitution (they give no publicity to ANYTHING Independence based!), he would try to get some other globally acceptable way of getting independence if Sec.30 was Nicola Sturgeon’s only choice of Indy. And he came up with the Digital Covenent, which he saw as very worthwhile. But again – there’s little exposure.

    I agree with almost all of the points made Kurikat but I’d like to add that that is another thing SNP/Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t seem to want – any input from any outside source. Along with keeping her distance from Indy marches and indy marchers, she does not want us interfering by putting in place things that would progress Scotland forward to Independence, like a written constitution or a court case for Sec.30. Why is that, do you suppose?

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  14. Great article Jim, you and I are the same age and both have world-wide experience of how highly the Scots are regarded across the world. On the 1st September this year a group of Scots (non of us are politicians) launched a public consultation for ordinary folks to share their opinions on the content of a written Constitution. You will find that it covers most of the issues that you have highlighted so please come and share your opinions and vote to show your support. Bob Ingram.

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  15. For anyone wanting to know more about EFTA and the EEA, I would suggest reading “McSmorgasbord” – What post-Brexit Scotland can learn from the Nordics – by Lesley Riddoch and the late Eberhard Bort (with a little help from their Nordic friends). Well worth the read and very well written.

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