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Sir David Omand head of GCHQ

I had intended to write a serious response to his comments and warnings about our defence, security and intelligence services but as you will read laughter took over.

Thought I was travelling back in time yesterday. I was reading the latest “friendly warning” from Sir David Omand, the head of GCHQ who in a gesture of friendship to our country warned us against “magical thinking”

What was this I thought? The retelling of Cinderella’s story? No it was a modern version of the Big Bad Wolf and a fable of how defenseless poor wee Scotland would be if we found ourselves Independent and defenseless because Trident was no longer available for our protection. It set me wondering if all the other nations that lacked a hugely expensive, totally useless weapons system, you know like Germany, Italy, Greece or countless others, all woke up each day terrified they had no button to push that was capable of wiping out tens of millions of human souls across the globe.

This vulnerability did not come alone. No we couldn’t be a member of NATO either. At this stage I wondered if he had been out for a meal with the Former Secretary General of NATO  George Robertson who warned us back in 2014 that we were vulnerable to attack from outer space unless we saved ourselves by allowing London to plunder our resources instead. The Martian’s were quite insistent about this George explained.. I hope I am not presuming too much here but I am pretty sure if Scotland was wiped out by Mars or Jupiter, or anyone else, including the Klingons, NATO might have something to say, Scotland being a member or not!

Now I am not sure who is running NATO these days but looking at a map of Europe and taking into account the importance of oil in defence matters I struggle to see how NATO would not want a major European oil producer like Scotland inside the club. Worse our rather vital strategic position close to the main routes into the Atlantic from the Baltic for surface ships and submarines would make a Scotland outside the NATO Alliance a bit of a gift to any conflict with say Russia.

Speaking about the Russians he also warned us about these pesky Russians interfering in our elections and here was me much more concerned at interference from London in the same contests. Keeping Cyril out of our contests matters a lot more than Ivan to me.

Likewise any Scots intelligence services would not be as well connected as we are through London. It was hard to take this seriously does he not recognise that James Bond was Scottish and much better loved and respected than that Harry character Michael Caine regularly played. Our interrogation techniques using bagipes and whisky are world famous and have eventually worn down the most determined foreign agents. Told you I was struggling to take him seriously. In fact I have given up trying.

Why now was my next question? Was this an exercise in trying out one of the old Better Together fables of 2014 and seeing what traction it could muster nowadays? If so it must have been a bit of a disappointment. Nobody in Scotland, except Jackie Baillie, wants Trident. Everyone sees it as a huge waste of money and we have much better ideas what the money saved by not having it could be used for.So null points on the Union saving scoreboard with that one.

As for being outside NATO we will just have to see but my money would be strongly on a pre filled application being available on Independence Day and the only debate about membership being within Scotland whether we wanted to join or otherwise.

I have no doubt our intelligence services will do fine, we have an army of expat Scots dug in around the World. I am reliably informed many are often regarded as the life and soul of the Party and can remain on their feet while others, particularly the English wither away overcome with the fumes from the Scotsman’s glass. Yes Jock can be trusted will be our motto and we will share whatever info we come across that might be of use to London using the carrier pigeons MI6 supplied to get us started from the division of UK ASSETS as part of the divorce settlement.

With our huge coastline, our oil assets, our strategic location I have no doubt our American friends will be anxious to keep Scotland on board. Likewise it will be crucial to England, given that we share a land border,  that security against any terrorist threat remains effective so I fear once again UK “concerns” are political rather than real and following Independence all those involved will be anxious to work together effectively in terms of security and intelligence. He was telling lies anyway as he insisted that GCHQ has never spied on the activities of the YES movement. My tip to GCHQ, YOU NEED TO KEEP IT CREDIBLE CHAPS! HAPPY SCAREMONGERING!

I am, as always


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19 thoughts on “TIGHT LIPS, SAVE SHIPS!

  1. Loved your take on the article.
    The only reason I could think it appeared now is this is the best Gove’s new “talking up UK” team can come up with.

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  2. We need protection from scum bags like Sir a David Ormand.

    He and his ilk are our enemy. He and his ilk are the spies who listen in to our every conversation, who arm the security services with information to be used against politicians, who spread propaganda to the MSM, who support the establishment.

    Omand is no democrat. Never will be and he is certainly no friend of Scotland.

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  3. …….and the decaying, decommissioned nuclear submarines currently in Rosyth are presumably part of a greater plan.

    Perhaps ‘magical thinking’ will remove them.

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  4. I reckon that your post has already been read by a staffer at GCHQ and they are wondering whether they should send it up the line FAO Omand the Onanator or just to file it in your existing file and not risk upsetting said Onanator.

    Nice piece by the way.

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  5. Thanks, Not, for reminding us about wee George Robertson! He is the Guy who literally talks out of his nether regions!
    He was a Labour MP & Loved Tony Bliar!
    But Mrs May was More of a Socialist than wee George, or his beloved BLiar or Gordoom Broon.
    BUT I believe that the Murrells Are Very similar to wee George, and IF They get to be the Joint PMs of a Free Alba then Their Right Wing Friends like Thewlis etc Will get All the Good jobs!
    And the Brightest like Gibson, Cherry, Hosie, Keith Brown & Other Top, Top People Will be sidelined!!!


  6. The Boggy Man Will Get You!

    An Independent Scottish Defence Force would be financially crippled by any any share of the operational cost of these Trident nuclear submarines or there out of date weapons system and there infrastructure…….and more importantly the Scottish people do not want or support there placement in Scotland by the UK Government.
    We do want or need them!
    Scotland is well connected and respected around the world in all types of industry and business, and we are certainly able to form a modern intelligence and national protection system to suit our needs and work alongside global systems.
    With major northern sea routes opening up soon due to global warming, the position of Scotland is very important in future world transportation hub industry growth, and of course the Baltic routes are within our remit.
    Who would not want to Scotland ?

    This article from an old GCHQ punter is just classic Tory propaganda output that we are expecting!

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  7. “I had intended to write a serious response to his comments and warnings about our defence, security and intelligence services but as you will read laughter took over.”.

    What a pity. I thought that, at last, a more serious aspect of Scottish re-independence was going to be addressed.

    I’ve had a look back at Scotland’s history, and the striking thing about it is that it involved near-continuous warfare from Roman times, almost right up to today,
    Wars, whether defensive or offensive, make for fascinating reading, but apart from the unpleasantness of death, hostages, slavery and the collateral deaths of non-combatants, there’s a massive downside to the health and vigour of a small nation like Scotland….. for unlike in the natural world where competition leads to the survival of the fittest, human conflict leads to the survival of the unfittest, and add to that emigration of the brightest and most-hardworking (in the main), and it’s not too difficult to see why Scotland’s population has remained at circa 5,million since 1900.

    So……far from wanting an independent Scotland to play a role on the World stage, I suggest we do the opposite and keep our heads down and stay well out of English, European and World affairs, and make it a pillar of the Scottish constitution to go for a policy of neutrality…. and that means no membership of NATO or any other military bloc such as the possible EU armed forces.
    No more sacrifices of Scots for other people and empires or trading blocs, at least until the nation has had time to rebuild…….which may take something like a hundred to a hundred and fifty years.

    Invaders of Scotland:-……Romans, Norwegian vikings. Angles. England.
    Countries Scots have fought for:-….France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Russia and Prussia and the American colonies, nowadays the USA. and last but not least, the British/English/Bankster Empire. It’s quite a list.

    Time for a well-earned rest…….however it won’t be too much of a rest…..for you have to fight, and fight effectively, for neutrality, as the Norwegians found out in WW2.,,,,so that means an army, navy and airforce and hopefully, like the Swiss, we will pay some heed to civil defence.
    Sweden sat out WW2 in neutral splendour, but then they had a well-trained army, didn’t upset nazi Germany and supplied the Third Reich with iron ore and high-quality ball-bearings.
    Clever Swedes.
    Maybe us Scots could learn a thing or two from them…….but we need to get independence first and in the process cast off the English mindset which , I fear has become ingrained in the psyche of the mass of modern Scots.


  8. Surprise. HMS Tyne in the Moray Firth yesterday serenading Russian ships which were supposedly sheltering. Another choreographed photo opportunity to show how wide open Scotland would be without HM forces ?


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