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This is madness. He is damaging his country, this is turning the USA into a laughing stock worldwide. The World’s leading democracy being held ransom by a petulant loser whose refusal to accept an election result and digging his heels in, arguing he was “robbed” despite being unable to provide a shred of credible evidence, is utterly disgraceful and insults the Democratic credentials of the entire American population.

Yes it was close, very close in some States, but Joe Biden has won both in terms of the all important Electoral College and also the popular vote where Joe Biden is more that five million votes ahead. The election was over a week ago and still Trump refuses to concede defeat. Worse so intimidating is Trump that the entire Republican Party, with a few honorable exceptions, are willing to sit by and support Trump in his delusions. 

The reason for that? Because while he will be out the White House shortly, he will not be out of American politics. Trump and Trumpism will remain a powerful force in the Republican Party and anyone with any future political ambitions dare not stand against his wishes. The more so if the rumours of him starting his own TV Channel are true.

The legacy of Trump’s closing campaign which hosted huge rallies all over the country with hundreds of thousands of people attending, ignoring social distancing and many refusing to wear masks is now resulting in record numbers of new infections, over 144,000 today as I write this article, over 65,000 in hospital. New records, Covid soaring in 45 different states. Covid and the poor control measures were a factor that helped cost him the election. His final rallies will have killed how many when the true figures emerge?

It is difficult for Biden, he needs access to particularly security information but also other Government departments as his interim team begin the process of taking control in January 2021. It is the height of irresponsibility for Trump to be blocking this. I find it outrageous that Trump’s State Department are not connecting calls coming In from World Leaders to President Elect Biden congratulating him on his election victory. This is petty, childish even, and do far more damage to Trump’s image than it does to Joe Biden,

Some questions. Is this a Trump tactic to extract a pardon in advance of the legal actions he is expected to be facing when he leaves office? If so I hope Biden refuses, this type of irresponsible behaviour must never result in any advantage to the wreckless clown.

Now the one thing I don’t hear often enough on US TV STATIONS is that this was all forecast, from Trump’s own statements BEFORE the election. He planned in advance to create this story about election “fixing” long before a single vote was cast. Yet still a week after the election he still has failed to come up with any credible examples. Republicans have launched numerous court actions in numerous states, all with the same result, they have all been dismissed.

He must concede and work constructively to ensure a smooth transition. Anything else and I hope the new President is not slow to take retribution once he is installed as the new President in January. The World is watching Mr Trump, it’s time for you to show some sense and dignity and stop this ridiculous charade immediately, it is badly harming the country you promised to honour and defend.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

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Footnote For those living abroad

Great celebrations in Scotland last night after our national football team qualified for our first major competition in the last 22 years. Exceptionally good performance and well deserved. We are rewarded with a first game in the tournament against England at Wembley. It is expected this may attract a lot of people watching it on TV. There is however no guarantee the match will be shown on FREE to watch TV AS FOR EXAMPLE LAST NIGHT WHEN SCOTLAND WAS PLAYING THEIR CRUCIAL QUALIFIER IN SERBIA NEITHER BBC SCOTLAND OR SCOTTISH TELEVISION SHOWED THE GAME LIVE. Sky Television, normally pay TV, did make it free for their cable and satellite customers. SCOTTISH TELEVISION SHOWED THE LIVE FRIENDLY BETWEEN ENGLAND AND IRELAND INSTEAD!. And they wonder why we don’t like being governed from London?


  1. The Hell with Chimplandian politrix. This country gets their swill jammed down our throats morning, noon and night, and obsesses over their worthless open-air-madhouse politrix in a way we weren’t conditioned to do 30 years ago. We’ve just become another cultural colony of that failed experiment in democracy. The Hell with them.


  2. All those scurrilous Cambridge Paralytica Facebook tactics the dude employed last time round, looks like somebody get ahead of him as he slept.

    “You see, in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.”

    Trump digs.


  3. You’re having a laugh, surely!

    “The World’s leading democracy”? Where’s the democracy? One rich old white man against another rich old white man, is that a choice? Greater or lesser evil? An entity governed by a constitution written by slave owners 225 years ago is NOT a democracy.

    “..the Democratic credentials of the entire American population.” Do you include the morons calling for the vote to be halted outside the counting places, whilst toting automatic guns? Democratic credentials my Aunt Fanny!

    You’ll be aware of the interference of one Barack Obama in the Democrat nominations, where he persuaded all other candidates to drop out of the race and back Biden against Bernie Sanders. There’s your democracy in action Iain.

    Joe Biden was instrumental in pushing through laws which resulted in many tens of thousands of black Americans being jailed unjustly. That’s racist in anyone’s book.

    How many millions were spent by both candidates on advertising their campaigns? Only money talks in the so-called land of the free. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so damned dangerous.

    The United States is a dangerously polarized failed state, very similar to our own. In no way am I sympathetic to Trump who, sadly, looks to be taking up residence in Scotland in the very near future. Careful what you wish for.

    To sign off on this alarming situation for the world with a statement about a football match is extraordinary. The entire planet is on a shoogly peg but, hey, Scotland qualified for a tournament so cheer up! Dear oh clucking dear.

    Why do you insist on capitalising certain sections of your posts?


    1. Your a bit touchy this morning. The US describe themselves as the world leading democracy. I am on record on numerous occasions of displaying just how false that is. It was sarcasm using that description. As to the football match lighten up, we have waited a long time for that result.


      1. You’re perfectly correct Iain, apologies for my thrawn rant. Everything just seems so dark at the moment.

        I should have realised you were being sarcastic, don’t think I’ve been reading your blog for long enough.

        And you’re right aboot the fitba tae.

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  4. Well, here is the thing.

    Many people have good reasons to want Trump to lose but those reasons are not the same reasons why the political and media establishment want him to lose. Trump is a disruptor and establishments hate that, regardless of what policies they pursue.

    There are many, many people falling into the trap of my enemy’s enemy is my friend over this. I pinch myself at how willing Scottish Independence supporters are to swallow the narrative portrayed by the MSM in the USA (and completely reflected by the UK MSM) when WE KNOW FOR CERTAIN that these people mislead us all the time. Somehow, though, if they are not addressing our Independence then they become credible. Do you really buy that?

    The MSM is the voice of the establishment. They are pushing the line that suits it. If it appears the interests of the ordinary person are aligned then, at best, this is temporary and, at worst, it is just another part of the lie. This is the same MSM that told us that Clinton was a certain winner in 2016 and that Biden would win the national vote by a minimum of 8%.

    In every case, arguably with the exception of Georgia (although see below), they overstated Biden’s position and sometimes by huge margins. The top rated pollster (as per 538 analysis) predicted the day before the election that Biden would win Wisconsin by 17%. The margin there is so small that a full hand recount and audit will be started next week. There is clear motive demonstrated in their pre-election coverage. Why would it be any different now?

    Like it or not Trump has every right to exhaust due process to satisfy himself the result is valid. Hillary Clinton advised Joe Biden not to concede ‘under any circumstances’. And Biden himself said during one of the presidential debates that he would not declare victory until the results were certified. Not a single state has done so yet. So why the hypocrisy and why the rush now?

    Maybe all this blows over and there really is nothing to see but there are enough undisputed facts that raise flags which warrant closer examination – not that the MSM are reporting any of those, of course.

    For example, in Georgia there are 95k ballots marked for Biden but no other down-ballot candidate. There are less than 1000 ballots marked in a similar way for Trump. And, strangely, this phenomenon is not apparent in what are regarded as ‘safe’ states. As I said, this is not proof of anything in itself but it is unprecedented and very convenient and if it benefitted one of my opponents you’re damned right I would want that fully investigated before I accepted the result.

    To Trump supporters I say, by all means fight on, as is your right. But fight on to ensure the integrity of the election rather than for a specific outcome – and don’t get your hopes up.

    To Biden supporters I say, just let things play out. If there is no large scale manipulation going on, there is nothing to worry about, right? Surely a full investigation and audit where there are any disputes is the right thing to do in the long term, even if it causes irritation and frustration in the short term?


    1. Very well put Garry. You’ve articulated what I was ranting about in a much more reasonable fashion.


  5. Reblogged this on Ramblings of a now 60+ Female and commented:
    Trump was brought up to see that failure meant daddy would punish you. When he grew up daddy bailed him out so that he couldn’t fail. The way he’s acting now doesn’t surprise me at all. I only hope the Republicans don’t let him stand ever again.

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  6. Just for the record, the Scotland game was on free to air free view last night, not that you would have known, my cousin alerted me to the fact that he found it, as i use a bt box and that channel (one i had never heard of before called pick ch 35) was not available i had to muck about and tune in a freeview box, finally got it working and got watching after about 15 mins were played. But it was on a non subscription channel on free to air. Bad marketing by Pick, they should have been flooding social media with the news that it was on their channel.


  7. STV (Scottish TV ) show an England match and the relatively new channel the BBC say is dedicated to Scotland – BBC Scotland – shows a Wales match. Says it all about the service we get in Scotland.

    Most of the day the BBC Scotland channel broadcasts nothing – they cannot find anything to broadcast about Scotland – they cannot even broadcast proceedings from the Scottish parliament.

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