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With polls showing support for Independence anywhere between 53-58% and on an upward trend, the Labour Party, formerly the dominant force in Scottish politics, were suddenly overcome with their latest overwhelming desire to achieve self destruction  and decided this was precisely the right time to announce they would oppose any referendum for at least the next five years. 

Languishing in the polls, showing up in some with as little support as 13% for Labour it is hard to decipher what this announcement was intended to achieve. Particularly when the same polls indicate that as high as 42% of Labour’s remaining supporters support Independence. They appear determined to further alienate these remaining supporters.

Labour left wingers are not best pleased. They rightly question who exactly created this new policy position?They ask what consultation took place?. They suggest it is the latest policy made on the hoof.

As Sarwar explained “You’ve got to recognise that, ultimately, it’s for the people of Scotland to decide their own future. That’s a fundamental principle, a democratic principle, one that I support, and one that I hope every political party and every politician would support.“But at the same time as that, we’ve got to recognise that we are not going back to the old arguments of 2014. We are going through a pandemic that has changed the world, and has changed Scotland, and our focus for the next four or five years has to be coming through this pandemic, rebuilding our economy”. In other words another classic example of the doublespeak that makes them the shambling wreck of a party they are today.

So does that mean Labour would oppose a referendum at any point in the next Parliament he was asked? “Yes” replied Sarwar so clearly he doesn’t support Scots determining our own future.

The problem with that argument amongst others is that last sentence in the main quote. This is where the Labour Party state that the Scottish economy would be best being rebuilt by Boris Johnston and the Tory Westminster Government in London because that is the alternative to Independence. How many of their remaining supporters see any sense in that? How many think that is better than the Scots rebuilding our own economy, free of the malign influence of the English Tories?

Scots witness the confused response to Covid in England, the looming disaster of Brexit, the Tories awarding hundreds of millions of pounds to their pals and donors in the form of uncontested tenders, as a Minister reveals he didn’t know Dover was a port and another Minister loses many millions of pounds after awarding a huge contract for ferries to a company that had no ships. Convincing Scotland that these are the very people to put in charge of rebuilding our economy looks a bit of a “challenge” to me, but Labour in Scotland are volunteering to be the guys to make that case! Looks impossible to win with that argument. Indeed it looks suicidal.

The SNP should be rubbing their hands with glee, it looks very much like Labour are setting themselves up for another five years of exclusively competing with the Tories and Liberals for that shrinking Unionist vote in Scotland. Likewise the Greens must be thinking that with a determined effort they could win over that element of the Labour vote that support Independence but are reluctant, for whatever reason, to vote SNP.

Either way, the future looks increasingly bleak for Labour, hampered by a weak and unimaginative leader who is visibly out his depth every week at FMQ’s and stuck with a key policy decision that completely eliminates any prospect of electoral advances in the years ahead, it looks like the best job available within the Labour organisation in any constituency in the country is Membership Secretary, not a lot to do and a declining workload guaranteed in the years ahead. Whatever you do, don’t agree to be the treasurer!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.

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  1. The only feasible rationale for Labour’s continuing position that I can think of is that:

    (1) Labour doesn’t understand that Scotland is a country rather than a province and therefore Labour needs to be appraised that among other forms of evidence of Scotland‘s nationhood the UN lists Scotland as a country. It should not therefore be ruled by another country, its larger neighbour; and

    (2) Labour’s focus on England is so overwhelming that the potential loss of Labour MPs from Scotland in perpetuity trumps any considerations of Scotland’s wellbeing. Labour’s participation in the deliberate deception imposed upon the Scottish people regarding the value of an independent Scotland’s oil wealth is a clear example of this. But it’s only one example. Whilst English cities were being rebuilt under Labour Governments immediately after the 2nd World War and motorways were being built, Scotland was totally neglected until the advent of Scottish oil panicked English dominated Government into some form of investment.

    I imagine that a combination of these reasons applies. However a diminishing number of Labour inclined voters in Scotland will support such ideas. Some are older Labourites opposed to the idea of ‘nationalism’ – who don’t realise that considering Scotland to be your country is no more nationalistic than considering the British State to be your country. Others are dyed in the wool New Labour Blairite metros, their focus on London. These, however, have always been a minority in Scotland.

    The position in Scotland has now become more complex, however, as the Scottish National Party has been captured by devolutionists who are basically unionist – of whom Rhiannon Spear is an example as per her Tweet avowing the same. What does an independent Scotland have to offer them? A normal country with vibrant Parties to rival the SNP for jobs and positions and challenge unscientific Woke nonsense. A country where there won’t be BOTH jobs at Westminster and jobs at Holyrood.

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  2. To the very limited extent that it can be regarded as thinking the thinking of British Labour in Scotland (BLiS), is easy to understand when one recognises that as far as they are concerned the only ‘proper’ politics is British two-party politics. The rest is aberration. Their electoral ‘strategy’ is all but exclusively concerned with competing for votes with the British Conservative & Unionist Party in Scotland (BCUPS). BCUPS overtook BLiS by being more British Nationalist than they were. Therefore, BLiS has to ramp up the British nationalist rhetoric.

    Richard Leonard is hoping to replace Baroness Bullstraddler as Queen of the BritNats. The Torie, meanwhile, look to be planning on helping Ruth Davidson reclaim her crown with an attack from the high ground of the British House of Lords. Hence the award of a Dead Stoat Cloak.

    Where does that leave Douglas “Dross” Ross? Not sure why or even if anyone would care. But he could go back to running up and down the side of a field like a monkey on a stick – if FIFA let him. Otherwise, you’ll probably find him wherever they dumped Jackboot Curlew.

    Personally, I’m content that BLiS and BCUPS should continue to chase a shrinking British Nationalist vote as both follow strategies evidently devised and imposed on them by their masters in London.

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  3. You are assuming that those controlling BLiS wish electoral success.

    Consolidation of the Tri-colour British Nationalist vote on their Blue Column has advantages for their constituency vote but will not be complete enough to rob them of the advantage of having three strands for list votes. Even BLiS and LibDems will struggle to fall below about 5-6% on the list (the point at which additional brands become a liability).

    I can think of no other rational explanation for this self destruction and Richard Leonard’s leadership (same applies to LibDem behaviour).

    The main fly in the ointment of my hypothesis is Douglas Ross. A very poor choice but maybe they thought his folksy anti-gypsy line would be ok.


  4. Quite frankly Labour were never interested in Scotland and have always been a Brit Nat party wedded to Westminster Rule.

    Yes they facilitated devolution but that was only a device to head off the SNP vote. That devolution, has given us a Scottish Parliament capable of morphing into an independent sovereign parliament, the Brit Nat credentials are shining through.

    But folks have woken up. Widely predicted to be sitting at 13% and dropping as low last week as 8% in a Council by election Labour are finished in Scotland. That however does not stop them conspiring with the Tories to subjugate the Democratic will of the Scottish people. Labour like the Tories are jus thugs.

    And nothing could be clearer from their stance now laid bare for all to see or from the Tories who through Malcolm Rifkind has just declared devolution will soon be over. This is Brit Nat fighting talk. It is the talk of war war, regime change, and we should not fool ourselves that they will not attempt it. They will and they are not scared. Not here, not in Ireland, not in Syria, Afghanistan or anywhere. They have the capacity, the will and they will do whatever to retain their interest.

    Will independence just drop into our lap as the FM would have us believe. Well if you believe in a Santa Claus it might.

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  5. All Unionists are breaking international law and mores. They did so in 2014; they did so after 2014. They can oppose the belief that there should be an independent Scotland but they are breaking the law if they try to impose conditions on the achieving of independence. Why the SNP does not state this simple and factual point is beyond me. Then, of course, when has the SNP, in recent times, actually done or said anything that might advance independence?

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    1. The SNP exist. They win elections. They form government’s. They govern well. And subsequently they keep independence front and centre in the nation’s mind and illustrate we are capable of governing ourselves successfully. That is what has driven support for independence to the unheard of heights now being seen …. just six short years since defeat in 2014. That is a remarkable achievement and infinitely more than malcontent whining has managed, or ever will. The actions of malcontents can only damage the cause of independence.


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