A discussion with honest views and straight answers.

Make yourself a cup of tea sit down and enjoy a chat amongst many of the top pro Indy bloggers as we discuss Pete Wishart’s recent attack on us and the SNP Conference including several topics the Conference decided to bypass. Just click on the link below. I hope you find it of interest and value. It was recorded BEFORE the NEC results were known. Give it a few seconds to load at the start.


7 thoughts on “A discussion with honest views and straight answers.

  1. Iain, I just thought I would thank you (along with other bloggers) for your efforts in getting the SNP back on track and, of course, more importantly hopefully back on track for independence. Many thanks.

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  2. Fabulous: all the bloggers, including yourself Iain, come across really well, and it’s good to hear civilised discussion. Thanks for posting it, well worth a watch.

    Lots of good points made. One of those is how too many people these days seem to worry about how something *might* come across in the MSM – this is the weirdest one of all – the only approval there will ever be from the MSM is if you take a unionist stance, so – if you support independence in any way – you don’t want them writing nice things about what you said! The worries people have, the unfounded what ifs, should be getting allayed – not encouraged – by our SNP parliamentarians.

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  3. I would also like to add my thanks to yourself – and the other unblinkered bloggers and commenters – for helping to bring some sanity back to the current SNP and hopefully signalling a return to 100% focus on our aspiration . Well done , thank you . Agree also with Contrary above , tiptoeing round the almost universally negative MSM is ridiculous , indicates a lack of trust in the people to make their own judgement and gives it undue power and influence , they will always distort and misrepresent anyway , what should happen more often is robust rebuttal of such distortions by our elected representatives


  4. Sorry , also meant to say ……thanks too to Dot for her significant contribution . Really enjoyed the discussion by you guys too . again , thanks

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