Annual National Conference 2020 Online

Elections at Conference

The following candidates were elected at Annual National Conference.

National Office Bearers
President – Michael Russell
National Treasurer – Douglas Chapman
National Secretary – Stewart Stevenson
Organisation Convener – Stacy Bradley
Local Government Convener – Lynne Anderson
Policy Development Convener – Chris Hanlon
Member Support Convener – Douglas Daniel
Women’s Convener – Caroline McAllister
Equalities Convener – Lynne Anderson
BAME Convener – Graham Campbell
Disabled Members’ Convener – Jamie Szymkowiak

National Executive Committee
Alexander Kerr
Alison Thewliss
Allison Graham
Amanda Burgauer
Brian Lawson
Catriona MacDonald
Christina Cannon
Ciaran McRae
Dorothy Jessiman
Emma Hendrie
Farah Farzana
Findlay MacGregor
Heather Anderson
Ian Cockburn
Joanna Cherry
Laura Mitchell
Robert de Bold
Roger Mullin

Conferences Committee
Anne McLaughlin
Corri Wilson
Danny Aston
Delia Henry
Joan Hutcheson
Kirsteen Currie
Malcolm Balfour
Patrick Grady
Rory Steel
Roz Currie

Policy Development Committee
Caroline Bamforth
Colin Milne
Cynthia Guthrie
Gordon Millar
Julie Hepburn
Kairin van Sweeden (Unopposed)
Kirsteen Currie (Unopposed)
Lee Robb
Margaret Lynch
Munro Ross
Rory Steel
Rosemary Hunter (Unopposed)
Simon Ritchie
Susan Katherine Sanders (Unopposed)
Timothy Rideout

Member Conduct Committee
Corri Wilson
Cynthia Guthrie
Delia Henry
Elaine Wylie
Ellen McMaster
Gavin Lundy
Malcolm Balfour
Neale Hanvey
Owen Thompson

Conduct Appeals Committee
Ewan Hamilton
Greg Lennon
Lachlan McNeill
Malcolm Mitchell
Margaret Lynch
Robert Thompson
Rod Campbell

It is nearly one in the morning as I write this but I am delighted with these results. It renews my faith in the good sense of the ordinary members and delegates of the Party. This not only elects a new team of experienced, capable, very committed people to this vital committee it send the clearest of all messages that this Party must get back to concentrating on its primary purpose, securing the Independence of our country. My congratulations and sincere thanks to those voting delegates who made this substantial progress possible.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

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  1. Yes and many thanks to yourself, Rev Stu Campbell, Craig Murray, Grouse Beater and all the other commentators who played their part in exposing the rot that had taken hold in our party.

    Long live the SNP – there is much to do but things are now changing.

    Well done to all who brought this about.

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  2. Fantastic news all round. The scissors can stay in the drawer and my membership card will stay in my wallet! Thanks to all prepared to give us back our Party. Independence here we come!

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  3. This is excellent news indeed and something I doubt could have been achieved without the hard work you, Wings, grouse beater and other bloggers did in opening the eyes to many of the dirty deeds within the party, maybe now we can get the vehicle back on the road and to hopefully seeing an end to our long journey to independence. thank you all.

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  4. Reform starts now. However, let’s not kid ourselves. Some elected politicians will do everything they can to undermine the newly elected committees. Just look at the attacks by MP’s on the ‘lists’ and certain bloggers. The language used by Nicolson in particular.
    The membership have to back these newly elected custodians and the top of the Party need to challenge elected politicians who transgress the rules/discipline of OUR party.

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    1. Absolutely right Frank. There is still work to do. Some of the elected politico’s will seek to undermine the changes. But let us ALL be clear, the message has been sent, the change is underway, and they will be gone if they do not smarten up.

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  5. Loving the irony of Neale Hanvey on the Member Conduct Committee, Great night but a note of caution the work is not yet done there are still far to many wokies on some of these affiliated groups OFI and YSI a certain Josh (I piss where I like) Mennie and his remaining cabal can still cause major problems ,these people must be marginalized and rendered ineffective,

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    1. The cabal can cause damage but they have over reached and blown their cover. They had power to scare people when they controlled the key posts (esp National Secretary and Conduct) but less so now.

      I think members are wise to them now and they will find it hard to re-inflate their bubble. They will loose careerists who supported them as a route to power -they will look elsewhere, leaving just a small core of true believers.

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  6. Well, I hope what looks good on paper, truly is good when put to work, I think this is a great start to where the party can be brought back to being the Party where members do get more say again..& That transparent votes must be taken before positions are given.

    If they can get started on their new vision for Indy, sooner rather than later, then they might even get my 1st vote.. But the work has to be seen to be getting done & changes happening to some of the stupid idiotic policies brought fwd, like that HATE CRIME BILL..

    We need to bring the public with us, before & during the May election. So I for one am backing off for now, I still don’t think NICOLA is the right leader for taking us out of the UNION. She has allowed too much t5o go on for too long..But with so many strong decent hard working yessers & not so much YES men/women. They might be able to push & take her along the yellow brick road to FREEDOM. I live in Hope, that I will see INDY in my lifetime now… That is a huge leap from where I was just yesterday..

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  7. I’d like to echo the thanks offered to you Iain – along with others mentioned – Craig Murray, Stuart Campbell and Grouse Beater for providing the information needed to BEGIN the fightback for Independence First and Last candidates.

    Thanks for the great work

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    1. Yes the bloggers did well to spread the message of the moves to steal powers from the members and Dot Jessiman’s bravery in making public the inside story on the NEC was the turning point. She deserves all the credit.

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  8. Many thanks Iain for posting this, Very much a series of steps in the right direction and huge thanks for everyone involved. Hopefully we are now facing in the right direction, but we mustn’t stop pushing .

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  9. “But let us ALL be clear, the message has been sent, the change is underway, and they will be gone if they do not smarten up”.
    “…. Mennie and his remaining cabal can still cause major problems ,these people must be marginalized and rendered ineffective,”

    Meet the new boss; same as the old boss …..


      1. Indeed it is. Thank you . It is under Events/Conference. It is not given a link of its own which might say something in itself.


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