Alyn Smith: OK. So you defeated me. Now it’s time to deliver

By Alyn Smith Originally published in the National

WELL, I told you they wanted me out and they succeeded. Here, evidently, is where loyalty to the leadership of my party, to party policy and to the cause of independence gets me.

Congratulations to the SNP’s new policy development convener Chris Hanlon. I pledge my support to him going forward on anything positive and constructive to furthering independence.

To the observers and pundits of Scottish politics, I would suggest that it is premature to read too much into these results. We’re in Covid times – party conference this year was a unique event where you only had to pay a delegate fee and could vote in the internal elections from your sofa. There’s a discontent and scratchiness to life generally and there was a mood to kick back against the establishment which I was somehow perceived to be part of.

We had 2440 delegates but the voting in the policy motions was regularly around 1400. That tells me 1000 delegates were only there for the rankings. Social media (and indeed this newspaper) have played a disproportionate role in the party’s what-should-be-internal discourse over the last year, given that we couldn’t have meetings.

Because of Covid, I didn’t have the track record of organising National Assemblies over the year to look back on, and the role was also misrepresented, as if the policy development convener is somehow solely responsible for handing down tablets of stone when the reality is the whole policy development committee is there to encourage the wider party to formulate policy, and we encouraged 130-plus motions from branches.

So many excuses, all valid but all beside the point. I did not have the support and must reflect on what happened. These results do matter and should not be dismissed, not least because there has been a big turnover in the make-up of our National Executive Committee. There has been a clear desire to change course. I will do all I can to ensure that it is not to veer into oncoming traffic.

The rules of the SNP have just changed. I’ve long said I don’t like factions, and I still don’t even if I seem to be in a minority.

The SNP have always been diverse, but we never did permanent alliances. Now, perhaps, we do. Or at least until the alliances cobbled together for this vote fall out.

I don’t like talk of a left wing or a right wing of the SNP. Traditionally, we would agree one policy from all our perspectives and then unite to defend it, and that unity was our strength. Until recently, at least.

The fact that members of our party have been allowed to openly undermine and dissent from our agreed policy and collective discipline will have grave long-term consequences – we’ve only just started to see them. This is a wake-up call – progressive policies, fraternal loyalty and self-discipline cannot be taken for granted.

The fact that Joanna Cherry, on the eve of our party conference, was able to give an interview to The Times attacking our leader in the most disloyal way possible is bad enough. That there is no apparent consequence to such disloyalty is quite incredible to me. That she was elected on to the NEC of our party is remarkable altogether.

To oppose is easy, to govern is hard, and in every victory lie the seeds of the next defeat.

As the new NEC will discover, there are a lot of difficult issues facing us that will not be resolved by a neat hashtag or a blogpost blaming “HQ” or “the leadership” or espousing a “Plan B” that barely exists and won’t last three seconds in the real world.

You’ve won. Congratulations. Now it’s on you to deliver.

How this gathering of opposing filter bubbles and WhatsApp groups will work as a cohesive or coherent NEC remains to be seen.

And it will be seen, by all of Scotland at a time when people want to see serious people working hard, not falling out over the narcissism of small differences or personalities and ego.

But, I don’t see a lot of coherence there – the idea that sincere women’s rights defenders will find much long-term common cause with Alex Salmond apologists hardly strikes me as likely.

That a number of people elected on to the policy development committee thought it helpful and productive to organise a simultaneous alternative conference the day of the actual SNP conference in order to talk about Plan B and magic-bean currency options does not fill me with confidence there will be a lot of discipline there.

So new rules, new tactics. I’m out as policy development convener but I’m not going away and I’m not going to be bullied into silence. I’m starting a faction! I’m in the SNP Wing of the SNP.

We were out-organised this time, it is our responsibility to dig in and organise better for the next. An old, possibly apocryphal, story is that William Wallace asked his friend Andrew de Moray to find him a phrase to get him through good times and bad, and he did – “this too will pass”.

So it will, what comes next is all to play for. Independence will be won on the centre ground, on an inclusive, radical, progressive internationalist platform. That is still in sight and I’ve not devoted the last 20 years of my life to it to give that up now.



I selected this as my Worst Article of the Week, it could have been the Month or Year, it was that bad. A category that had to be created especially for this article that highlights the writers inability to respond with any grace or dignity to his electoral defeat. People are often angry after losing an election but this article was way beyond that, it sought to publicly malign the electorate, the ordinary membership of the Party. It was hugely misjudged. It smacked of entitlement that somehow it was their failure he had not won.

He blames social media and the National, COVID 19, lazy uncommitted delegates sitting at home all too ready to “get him”. He plays the victim, ignorant to his own self important arrogance, claims the credit for attracting over 130 resolutions but not the blame for them all being consigned to the bin in advance of Conference. Avoids his “Big Daddy” role in a band of juvenile bullies who used intimidation and threats as their most obvious tool to oppose any that stood against them, particularly against Joanna Cherry and Joan McAlpine. 

His attitude stinks, look at his language “Alex Salmond apologists”. That was the language of a snake. Nobody needs to apologise for Alex Salmond, every charge against him was thrown out, although quite a number of senior SNP figures do owe him a long overdue apology.

He is right, his side were out organised, out thought, outfought by many, many ordinary SNP members determined to seize their Party back and put it back on track delivering Independence. He is enraged by the exposure of his NEC allies on social media and blames this for his and their demise. I do so hope he is right about that.

He can try and put together a fringe moaners and whingers group but I forecast he will find it hard going. Careerists and trendies are not attracted to failure and defeat, it involves a lot of hard work , effort and a completely new agenda to come back from such a setback. More likely many will join the Greens as some were already tweeting yesterday. Lookout Patrick they are coming your way!

He was “Big Daddy” when he seemed all powerful, now he looks and is behaving like a bitter old has been. It really is an outstanding example of how not to handle a defeat.

In conclusion, it was a lady called Dot Jessiman who is the heroine of these elections and no Alyn you are certainly no William Wallace, or Andrew De Moray for that matter.

Finally I had to laugh about how you would try to stop the new NEC veering “into oncoming traffic”. Face it Alyn your hands are now nowhere near the steering wheel and you can’t drive anywhere from the boot.

I am, as always


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56 thoughts on “WORST ARTICLE OF THE WEEK.

  1. Our Party owes a debt of gratitude to yourself and other bloggers who made members aware of this, yet suffered attacks by some MP’s. Dot is a heroine for persevering and exposing the machinations within the NEC.
    Considering he is opposed to Factions, his new group SNP wing of the SNP might be renamed In for INDY, now. Thankfully I am not on Twitter but the bile being displayed by his group towards these democratic results will lead many members to ‘wish them well on leaving our party’
    We now need our MP/MSP’s to abide by the rules of the party and stop attacking their colleagues. We also need our leadership to acknowledge the new NEC and to work with them
    The hard work starts now!

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  2. When Alyn Smith was an MEP I was immensely proud of his presence in Brussels as he epitomised my concept of Scotland in Europe – an intelligent, culturally sensitive Scotland with a willingness to embrace and learn. When he was parachuted into the Stirling seat I was suitably pleased and imagined business as usual in Westminster with a persuasive ambassador for our nation.

    Fast forward 12 months and I can only see the hollowed shell of what I imagined had existed in Alyn Smith. The opportunism, the sheer malice, the complete and utter lack of self-awareness. It’s that last one that sticks in my throat the most. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? Not a bloody chance!

    At least this putative puppet master has had his strings well and truly cut.

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    1. I felt the same way about him Phil, his tearful ‘leave the light on speech’, even though a bit cringey showed passion and implied dedication.

      We have a lot to thank the bloggers who stuck to their guns through all the shit that was thrown their way by the faithful, the beguiled and lets not forget the unscrupulous. Credibility seems in short supply these days but this select group of bloggers have shown they have it by the shed load. They held the SNPs feet to the fire and came through for the YES Movement.

      I didn’t renew my SNP membership 18 months ago because things weren’t right but I did so online last night. I hope if enough people have done the same then that’s another message sent. It can always be withdrawn if the path strays from the prize.

      There’s a ways to go yet but I’m feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time.

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      1. I often wondered how hard you had to work as an MEP, and what exactly they did. I suspect they had a lot of freedom and spare time, but a dedicated hard-working person could have made good use of the opportunity to network and build a profile. Winnie Ewing seems to have impressed, and carved out a reputation for herself as ‘Madam Ecosse’.

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  3. A bad bitter loser in a strop due to the fact that he was binned, chucked, dumped, rejected by the members.

    And dumped he will remain. He and his ilk do not reflect mainstream thinking and I very much suspect his days for ever being selected as a candidate for election are gone.

    The members have spoken and he will now be relegated to a woke on the sidelines.

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  4. Aye, it had to be said Iain.

    There are some parliamentarians we desperately need back from London, to work in Scotland for Scotland. And there are others, who can remain, uselessly and forever ridiculed, in that other place. Pity the old NEC blocked that route last time round. Perhaps the regional lists might be opened, with the new NEC able to pull out the cork that is currently stopping the bottle. Just a thought…

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      1. Bill, the issue with the list system ( D’Hondt ) is that last time 953,000 SNP list votes delivered four SNP seats. It therefore doesn’t matter how good the candidates are on the list because if the SNP do well in the constituency they’ll get next to no seats on the list.

        And that is why there is the big argument that done properly, SNP 1 and Indy List Party 2 could deliver a super majority.

        So big names into a list party and we could be truly off and running.

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      2. @Alspals and @willie No, no, no! – SNP 1&2 is the only way to guarantee an overall majority. If we get over 50% on the FPTP vote and over 50% of the list vote we are GUARANTEED to have over 50% of the seats and an absolute majority. All this talk of ‘wasted votes’ is nonsense. None of the increasing number of minor indy parties will win a single seat but will possibly cost us the win. Not a single opinion poll has shown them combined (also combined with the right wing parties, SSP, and others) with as much as 3% of the vote between them. It is a myth based on hypothetical figures snatched from thin air. Neither will they reduce any of the unionist parties. They too will gain seats according to their vote and if they score over 40% of the vote, that is almost exactly the number of seats they will gain. It’s called PR for a reason. I do so wish people would stop trying to deceive. Besides, we don’t have a clue who their candidates will be. Show me their candidates and an opinion poll that shows them anything other than a tiny minority and you might have some traction.

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      3. Bill you say – “Its called PR for a reason” sorry but it is not a proper PR system. It is a system that MAY give an end result similar to the percentage of votes cast for each party but far from guaranteed like a standard full PR system.

        There is a simple video on the Scot parliament website than can be viewed that explains how it works.

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      4. @Cubby Can you show me a single Holyrood result since its inception where the seats have not been closely aligned to the % vote of each party (above a threshold)? I know how the d’Hondt system works and how it has worked in Scotland. Has nobody even thought that if another indy party ran, the Greens could suffer even more than the SNP as a lot of Green votes on the list are because of this 2nd vote nonsense, or because people want independence but do not want to vote SNP? Again not a single poll has shown any support for these parties. The figures are literally wished out of thin air. And we do not as yet have a clue who will be standing as their candidates.It’s a non starter and been promoted by people who say it will take out unionist seats. Not a single unionist will vote for any independence party. The only way to reduce unionist seats is to take unionist votes.


      5. Bill, my comment referred to the fact that you wrongly stated it is a PR system. You now admit that you were wrong in saying that but you claim you understand how the Holyrood voting system works. It is surprising that you state that you do understand how it works but you make a comment that is wrong.

        The merits or otherwise of new parties is a different matter. Arguing against democratic parties being set up is not a good look in my opinion. Arguing the merits of your own party or preferred party is a much better look.


      6. It would help, Cubby, if you didn’t keep making stuff up. Nowhere in Bill’s post does he “admit he is wrong” about calling the Holyrood voting system PR. Your attempt at appearing sage-like kind of looks sad as a result.


    1. In 2011 the SNP won its absolute majority by polling 45.4% in the constituencies and 44.0% on the list.
      This translated into 53 constituency seats and 16 list seats.

      In 2016 the SNP lost its absolute majority by polling 46.5% in the constituencies but slumped to 41.7% on the list.
      This gave us an increased 59 constituency seats but by dropping 2.7% on the list we won only 4 seats and this lost us our overall majority.

      In 2011 we won a majority of seats even though we failed to get 50% on both polls. The system actually favoured the SNP!

      We lost it in 2016 BECAUSE our list vote dropped!

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      1. In the last three Scottish elections, the minority “independence parties” did not attract nearly enough votes to win a single seat though they went in with high hopes. Even if each had won ten times more votes than they did they would not have won four list seats (that the SNP itself held in 2016) between them and might not even have won a single one.
        Both votes SNP is the practical strategy on the road to independence.


      2. Stewart, the Scottish Greens is a minority Independence Party and they won enough seats to support the minority SNP government. So respectfully I think you are misleading people. I voted Greens in the West of Scotland region in 2016 this helped provide a majority of independence supporting parties in Holyrood. If I had voted SNP in the regional list it would not have elected an SNP MSP.

        Personally, I think this – it is either both votes SNP or vote for someone else on the list is wrong if you want to maximise the number of independence supporting MSPs.

        Look at your region and vote accordingly. South of Scotland voting SNP on the list has provided SNP MSPs but in other regions like my West of Scotland not so much. Not one SNP MSP was elected in the West of Scotland list in 2016.

        With regards to James Kelly I believe his objectivity on this matter has been affected by his personal hatred of Wings over Scotlands.

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      3. Stewart, if 41.7% voted for an Indy List party lparty what could the likely tally of Indy list seats be.

        Now I know the SNP are forecasting circa 55% and are forecasting taking most of the constituency seats – and I know this will not be exactly evenly spread across the eight regions. But wwhat in theory could 41.7% of the list vote secure out of 56 list seats.

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      4. Stewart, your conclusion that the SNP majority was lost in 2016 was due to the list vote decreasing is simply a mistake. A classic wrong cause and effect analysis.

        There is not a national list vote – it is a number of regional votes.

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      5. Cubby, apologies for leaving the Greens out of the equations. I had cut and pasted my post above from part of an earlier, longer post I’d written referring to “3rd pro-independence parties”.
        My argument is that it is more important that the SNP itself wins the overall majority than it falls short and has to rely on one or a number of third parties that can use its/their minority power to dictate strategy and policy in the build-up to indy-ref2
        I appreciate the list vote is regional but that 2.3% drop across the board nationally lost them enough regional list seats to lose their overall majority. The difficulties in forming a workable alliance with other pro-independence parties are illustrated by lack of effort by both the SNP and Greens to form an overall government.
        If the Greens feel they can’t form a governmental alliance with the SNP how is it feasible to envisage such a pact being agreed between the ISP or the AfI with the SNP?
        I don’t know how many times I’ve seen supporters of both these organisation writing about giving “the SNP a boot up the arse!” and it makes me doubly wary of such an alliance after May 2021.
        This, and the fact that these parties will not win a single seat anyway (especially after Tuesday morning’s NEC results), is why I believe that it is best for the cause of independence if the SNP does the next steps on its own.
        I also dispute your wrong cause and effect point. Had the SNP won 46.5% in the constituencies and 44% on the list, no matter what the regional breakdown, it would have won an overall majority as it did in 2011. In many ways, I’m relieved it didn’t but I don’t hold that view about May 2021.


      6. Willie, I answered your question in part in my response to Cubby.
        I think it is wrong to believe that SNP votes will simply switch from SNP to a third (ie not the Greens) pro-indy party because this has been an option for the last three elections and such parties have failed to win a single list seat.
        I also think it is a bad independence strategy because there remains a great deal of ill-feeling towards the SNP in these parties and I believe the inevitable hostility to the SNP will be bad for the independence movement generally.
        The number of list seats will, first of all, be influenced by the number of constituency seats won and in which constituencies and, obviously, the number of list votes won in the various regions.
        The SNP is not predicting its percentages nor the number of constituency seats it is expecting to win. I think the figures you quote are from opinion polls but, as stated above, I think the SNP should try to maximise its support in both. This would be the best strategy for the SNP and for the Scottish independence movement.


      7. Note to the Pony.

        Bill got it wrong because he stated “closely aligned “. In a proper PR system the parties get the number of seats in exact proportion to their votes. So I am not making things up as you stated.

        So not sure if this will be seen as a sage comment by yourself but away and bother someone else with your silly interventions.

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      8. Stewart, thanks for your reply. Your analysis puts it all done to the reduction in the list votes but ignores the impact of the increase of 6 SNP constituency seats.


      9. Note to Cubby. Pedantry and semantics are the refuge of the charlatan. You got caught. Don’t make it look worse.


  5. I don’t want to waste any more words on Alyn Smith , your comments above say everything necessary . I would only remark on the salutary example he provides of someone being elevated way beyond their skills and merit simply because they fit a pre-existing requirement , in this case , of the current SNP – ” on message ” with the prevailing ” Gender ” gobbledegook , no great urgency regarding Independence , uncritical adherence to the great Leaderene’s ” strategy ” ( could someone remind me again what that is exactly ? ) . No great surprise his response to losing has been so embarrassingly petty and juvenile . Character is revealed most not when things are going well and we’re ” winning ” , but , rather , when things don’t go our way and we feel the sting of defeat and disappointment of thwarted ambitions . Time will tell if these comments are accurate in relation to ” certain ” others in the Party also .

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  6. What a Sore Loser! I Only wish that We got a Vote on Peter the Mole Murrell!
    He unfortunately is Still there! Why??!

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  7. 🙂 I chuckled when I saw the title of this article – what a fabulous idea!

    But when reading it – I’d heard rumours of course – it is so bad, so very very awful. This man calls himself a politician? Not only does he not know when to keep his mouth firmly shut, he goes ahead and insults everyone, including himself. It’s cringeworthy, dire, embarrassing, nasty,,, actually, you said it all Iain, and I agree with your assessment on this.

    The SNP leadership are peddling in The Cringe, eternal victim-hood – it’s not healthy, for them or us. I’m sure Patrick ‘no-debate’ Harvey will welcome them all with open arms.

    Well done to the party membership – I think a lot of hard work went into this from quite a few unseen corners as well as those named, as well as your pivotal articles Iain – and more than anything, it shows (however things may turn out – there are still too many things to sort to say for sure yet) – than Scotland CAN sort it’s own problems, when the will is there.

    There is still a lots to do – please DO keep up the pressure Iain, don’t kowtow to bullies: that’s all these kind of ‘wheesht for indy’ and ‘my way or no way’ type messages are – bullying. They use false arguments and emotional blackmail intended to silence and discriminate. Bullying.

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion, and there is no point in silence on any matter – the security services have untrammelled access to all our communications, they already know what’s happening – it is better to keep everything publicly known (within reason 😉 ), then we can at least coordinate – and there are a lot of good ideas out there from all different people, let’s keep everyone informed and up to date.

    We have perhaps the biggest hurdle to overcome next, but I detect a certain amount of political manoeuvring going on – much needed – and I don’t think the clique and sycophants have a chance against experienced political operators, their self-awareness is so low (negligible) – if this article by Alyn Smith, one of their supposed big-hitters, is anything to go by. As a selling point for independence, The Cringe is NOT a winner.

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  8. The worst article of the week, by a street. But there may be more. I haven’t seen this confirmed, but I’ve seen a story on line that the party has paid Mr Smith’s legal costs and damages payment in the case brought by the Brexit party after AS accused them of something which was found in court not to be true. A six-figure sum no less, at least £1 per member, maybe nearer £2. Was his statement re-iterating SNP policy/opinion about the Brexit party, or was his statement his own personal opinion ? If the former, then the party was justified in coughing up the cash, if the latter then let’s have the money back please and stick it back behind the ringfence while you are at it.

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    1. Aye Geoff. IF it is true that the party paid a six figure sum for Smith’s big mouth, it equates to at least the last 20 years of fundraising by our branch for the party. Every dance, Burns Supper, street stall, cheese and wine nights, rallies, collections, raffles, all the blood sweat and tears of many good people over two decades, all gone to pay for this self-centred idiot’s stupid remarks. If you equate it that way it shows how much he has really cost us.

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      1. Bill, got a letter in to my household yesterday from Sturgeon requesting funds to fight the election. Not a penny more will be going to the SNP – trust has gone. We will vote SNP in the constituency but no more money until all the wasters/crooks have gone and trust has been restored.

        My household has contributed over many years FOR INDEPENCE or so we thought not for it to be wasted on chancers.

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  9. I thought Mr Smith was condemning factions in one of his articles- which I supported- in The National. The mess of side-tracking and single issue groups within the NEC was obviously a problem even to people like me who do not take part in the internal SNP stuff. I thought he was trying to sort that out. His remarks about Alex were shocking and leave me wondering about mindsets- and a lot of other things- but the passing reference to Alex was very worrying.

    I still believe that Holyrood Civil Servants, well- known to and directed by those commissioned to prevent Scotland’s Independence-hatched a rotten vicious little plan to catch Nicola and Alex in the same net. They enrolled some really, really stupid bitter idiots in various parts of Holyrood and smirked as they leaked and drip-fed the BBC poison. They were shocked by the courage and tenacity of Alex – which exposed and routed their sleekit, vicious, illegal ” procedure” – but they are still – to this day- gratefully hiding behind the determination of Nicola to follow the law- as they knew she would- even if it included the brand new specially designed “regulations ” concocted to set the trap.

    I think Nicola is still trying to follow the law- despite all the mess around her. And look at what else she has to deal with- Covid and all the viciousness of unionists waking up to the fact that through her Scotland is gaining more and more respect internationally throughout the world.

    All of these thingfs- especially the ghastly plot against Alex- needs sorted- and it will most assuredly be- so all those who took part are on borrowed time. But anyone in the SNP- absolutely anyone- who puts any personal issue, any particular resentment before Scotland’s chance of independence right now- will NEVER be forgiven. One look at Leslie Evans, Rees- Mogg and that nightmarish ” clown” in Downing Street should remind us all that there is only one real enemy- the claws of the frightened British State, sinking deeper into its very last colony. This is our one big chance.

    Sorry – it is a rant but every single one of the people now running the SNP needs to put Scotland first.

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    1. Mulwharcarcom, after reading your post I find myself wondering what this law is that you believe – ” the determination of Nicola to follow the law” . Can you clarify – what is this law?

      I find myself wondering if I have missed something.


  10. well said; another excellent article. as others have said Alyn Smith really shows his true colours here, it’s hard to believe someone who has been in politics so long could have come out with this diatribe in a public forum – I can’t think many will want to vote for him in the future and I suspect the Labour/ Tory candidates against him (if he’s selected again) will have a field day with his comments. Well done to you Iain and the other bloggers for shining a light into some of the darker recesses of the party when it was needed most. The new structures make it more difficult for members to talk to one another (altho that’s starting to change) and the support from yourself and other bloggers helped to open a lot of eyes to what was happening within the party. Now’s the time to start focussing on what we can achieve to get the party back to campaigning for independence.

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  11. This is absolutely shocking, as was Kirsty Blackman,s tweet on Tuesday for which she did rightly get slated. No wonder the party has been on the wrong track when its leadership is so amiss. I didn’t vote on most policy motions because either they were so banal, I took it as read that we would be behaving that way as a party naturally or I disagreed with some aspect of the policy because they shoved everything but the kitchen sink in there. Wasn’t part of the problem that we faced the lack of resolutions from branch? Hardly something to congratulate himself on. The Alex remark, totally throwing a nasty little tantrum. Thanks for your guidance and great article IAIN.

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  12. Iain, not being an SNP member I am generally not familiar with the internal workings in the SNP but your blog has certainly helped me gain some understanding. Would it be fair to say that a lot of SNP members are also kept in the dark?

    Can I ask you a question Iain – can the New NEC review the appropriateness of having a married couple occupying the two top positions in the SNP. To my mind this would only be appropriate in a family business although even then it may cause difficulties😀.

    Have the NEC ever discussed the infamous Murrell messages? I remember it was on an NEC agenda but it was not discussed.

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  13. Thanks Iain for your blog over the last few weeks and months and special thanks to Dot, she has more integrity in her little finger than Alyn Smith has in total, it takes a brave person to step out from the shadows and shine a light onto the behaviour of the last NEC.

    I feel as if someone has at last switched the lights on all over the party, a lot of what will be exposed in this light may not be entirely pleasant, we maybe couldn’t see it but we could smell there was something not right, but now with a new NEC things can be identified and cleaned up. The plus is that all of us who were disheartened and completely demoralised can now see that we were not alone and have more hope in the SNP progressing the cause of Independence as it’s primary focus than we’ve had in a long time.

    I may not always agree with everything the new NEC does, and that is as it should be but, what I do know is that the cause of independence is now at the heart of that NEC and that is what we have all been wanting to happen for a long time.

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  14. @ mullwharcharcom Do you honestly believe that the Alex Salmond stitch up was done without the collusion in any way by or from Nicola Sturgeon , as a non SNP member but an avid independence supporter I have to say this delusion of oneself whilst ignoring ALL that has taken place recently is at best disappointing , so the abuse Joanna Cherry , Joan Mc Alpine and other females have been overwhelmingly subjected to , Nicola Sturgeon was unaware it was happening , the narcissistic vile comments Smith put to a national paper , Blackman’s equally vile rantings on twitter , Hunters and others in the SNP signing the mental demands of deviants , ALL these things Sturgeon knew nothing about , maybe her excuse for NOT wishing the NEW NEC members well is that she didn’t know anything about it or she was BUSY

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    1. This, among many other comments, gives me no confidence the Malcontent blood-letting is anywhere near sated. While some, including the site owner, appear to believe the “rot” has been cut out and it’s time to move on, unify and get on with independence; others seem keener to prolong the internecine madness and won’t rest until more have fallen to their swords. There is only about four months until the most important Scottish election in history and yet they still believe it is preferable to put their narrow vision of party purity before independence. Bloggers beware. If you don’t go with them, your current elevated status may fade as you become “part of the problem” and you too might need to “beware the ides of March”.


      1. Pony, I thought the Dec 2019 GE was the most important one in Scottish election history. On thats right the one before that was as well.

        Do you have insider info that the SNP will put a mandate for actual independence in the manifesto. If not then it is just the same as all the rest.

        You certainly are a one trick pony that some people seem to want to see time and time again.


      2. Party purity is a narrow vision, folks, according to the above.

        Great post, Iain, again.
        Has to be said, I’ve received a lot of very useful, important, information from this site. If not for your blog – and other essential sources – the NEC would undoubtedly still be rank. Can’t imagine our allies in the msm helping ordinary pro-indy folks by informing us, graciously, that something’s rotten in the state of Denmark?

        Batter-on, Iain!

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      3. kennyparrafinlamp wrote;
        “Party purity is a narrow vision, folks, according to the above”.

        Not only is it narrow, your apparently keen support of it is also sinister and a cause for concern. The SNP has always been a broad church. That’s the basis of its success. Leaving it to Malcontents like you to decide who is “pure” and who must be “culled” is horrifying and shows the Malcontent faction is no better for party unity than the Wokes were. Just another divisive cult.

        Cubby wrote;
        “Pony, I thought the Dec 2019 GE was the most important one in Scottish election history. On thats right the one before that was as well. Do you have insider info that the SNP will put a mandate for actual independence in the manifesto. If not then it is just the same as all the rest”

        Yet again, you’re making stuff up. And that final comment says it all for the most dedicated Malcontent. May’s Holyrood election is now not so important and certainly not important enough to halt the Malcontent purge of the SNP. “Purity before independence” ehh Cubby.


  15. The whole article was classic DARVO – Deny Attack Reverse Victim and Offender, a common manipulation strategy of psychological abusers & power hungry politicians.

    Disappointed & disgusted that the National saw fit to publish it & SNP allowed him to write it.

    He really needs his knuckles wrapped by the party as it could be viewed as yet more attacks on Joanna Cherry & other women of the party. Something a party led by a woman, with so many women as ministers & MPs/MSP’s, should be ashamed of & aiming to eradicate is misogyny. Sadly Sturgeon is fast becoming a worse version of Thatcher, who may have pulled up the ladder behind her but she never set the wolves on those she left behind.

    Hopefully Sturgeon will be given a wee dose of reality by the new NEC.


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