Is it too much to hope that we are getting near the end of the blatant lies that dominate our politics here in the UK?

As I write this it looks likely we are looking at at least three major and devastating blows being inflicted upon us before the end of the year. The first is the final nail being driven into the coffin of our membership of the Single Market and which will be very damaging here in Scotland, given our export based economy, and will wreak enormous damage resulting in many tens of thousands of lost jobs and huge damage to many of our companies, companies that are already reeling from the Covid19 pandemic.

It is still not clear whether it will be a no deal or a very poor deal. What is clear is it will be very damaging. We are trying to establish whether it will be 100% as bad as the Afghan deal which the Government chooses to describe as an Australian deal and they like to kid on is some form of victory. A No deal will be exactly the same as the Afghan deal , trading on WTO terms. Doesn’t sound so good that way does it? More lies yet again.

The second blow is the Westminster move to impose their “Internal” Market Bill. How , it can be called “ internal” when it is the actions of a foreign Government, who were rejected comprehensively by the electorate in my nation imposing completely unwanted legislation on us while at the same time seizing many powers from the Scottish Parliament back for themselves in London. It is a an intentional attempt at weakening the Scottish Parliament’s already limited powers and helps to spread confusion over which Parliament holds the powers over certain very important areas of our economy. Again completely planned to achieve that impact. The sands are shifting under Holyrood. Intentionally so. They lie to us that we will benefit from this theft.

The third area of huge concern is Covid 19 itself and the plans to relax control measures over the Christmas period. As I examine the current levels, both North and South of the border this seems unwise. It is sending out a confusing message, yes we are loosening off our controls but please don’t take advantage of us so doing? How daft is that? It is a big signal that they know they shouldn’t be doing this but they don’t want to take the blame for spoiling Christmas. For many families what would really ruin Christmas is losing their parents or grandparents because they were exposed to the virus over the Turkey and trimmings.

Now the headline talks about lies and there have been loads of them. Giant whoppers told by senior politicians. Lies that they knew were lies at the time. Lies told for the intention of disguising the reality of what was being planned, playing down the risks, presenting a false prospectus. Sadly so few people pay anything other than a passing interest in politics and are therefore quite easy to con and mislead. Those responsible for Brexit have been expert at expounding the fairytale of the UK pulling out of Europe and the Single Market with little or no impact on our economy. Now that we are coming to the end of that path, there is no talk of “oven ready” trade deals or “the easiest deal in the World” , now they concede there may be “disruption” and “shortages” and that easy trade deal projection has disappeared. They have of course known this all along. It was largely the plan.

As shoppers in Scotland notice the increasing appearances of Union Jacks across the board in supermarkets and the rapid disappearance of Scottish labeled produce complaints are handled by supermarkets by denial that it is happening, yet we know there is a UK Government funded organisation with a budget to “encourage” the spread of this propaganda throughout the supply chain. We witness many iconic Scottish products being supplanted by British substitutes, heavily designed by Union Jack packaging. So we have The Great British haggis, the Great British Porridge, Union Jack labelled Whisky. Slowly but surely they are intentionally reducing the visible presence of Scotland in the market while supplanting it with a red, white and blue substitute. This is malicious and intentional and our taxes are being used to supplant ourselves.

On Covid 19 lies are everywhere. So is the outright and blatant misuse of purchasing to enrich their friends and supporters. Private Eye this week revealed that no less than 10% of total purchasing of equipment and supplies for Covid were secured by companies dealing directly with Ministers rather than going through the normal, regimented purchasing systems. These contracts involved many billions of pounds and resulted in many orders being issued to companies with no experience whatsoever in operating in these product or service areas.

So why is this happening? My view is this is not a Government with any medium or long term plans. This is a one or two term raid organised and planned. For the raid to be successful that maximum level of disruption was required so Brexit was ideal for that purpose. Taking power then concentrating as much of the supply chain in the hands of your supporters would be very lucrative for all involved. Covid 19 was just a bonus, it created an urgent emergency where normal rules and safeguards could be replaced with a more ad hoc system which the Tories were quick to use. Stage two of this process will be the extension of private health companies into the NHS. Waiting lists will be the excuse for this. A great many Tory MP’s (and some Labour) with links to private health will further enrich themselves if it can be achieved. The inquiry into all this, which will arrive long after the perpetrators have done a runner with the swag will have a field day, but as usual it will be too late.

As the countdown continues for the ultimate pay off which is heavily reliant on share price collapse and a currency slump where the hedge fund backers and other big investors have bet heavily on a no deal Brexit and some serious disruption while they have “shorted” the share prices of a host of UK companies and the pound and will have a huge payoff if it happens. With Johnston and Sunak in charge their men are in place to make it so.

In the spirit of giving the SNP leadership an easier time I will not outline any of the promises and pledges they made in relation to defending Scotland against these outrages and which have most clearly not materialized. I would not put money on that position holding so If any secret, clever plan exists, now would be a good time to play some of those cards.

Our people are facing a few weeks of disaster, months in terms of the impacts being first implemented, years, perhaps even decades of living with the resulting damage to our economy.

We need to face the reality that time is not on our side, every week, every day, moves are being taken which are closing off our position,powers and options. We need politicians willing, able and brave enough to come up with workable plans to defend our interests. Some people tell me these people exist in our Scottish Government. I would like they were more visible, active and vocal. 

Our country, our economy and people are under sustained attack. Time is running out. We have made promises to the Scottish people. Clear promises, we have collected the mandates required. How are we going to use them and is their sufficient time left?

I don’t know about you, but, I am worried. Having poll leads are no good if tens of thousands of people have lost their jobs. The jobs will be gone and unused poll leads will eventually go with them.

We are being governed by madmen. Take the latest gunboat diplomacy from Westminster threatening French fishermen with the Royal Navy. It’s madness, let me tell you how the French would respond to this “threat”. They would get a few friends together and go and block the port of Calais. Their fishing boats would be in French waters, the Navy would be helpless to do anything about it, but the Ferries bringing in desperately needed goods, important stuff like food and medicines on lorries would be at a standstill. The days of the gunboat are over, the suggestion only highlights how delusional Westminster is.

The French have rightly earned a reputation for very successful and effective protests. Would that our leaders in the SNP showed a similar ability to disrupt Westminster as effectively. We could learn much from them. We will need to because we will be requiring new and effective tactics very shortly I suspect. We will be facing real challenges in the months ahead. We are going to need to box clever. We asked and our people handed us the gloves. They now, rightly, expect us to fight.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

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31 thoughts on “AN END TO THE LIES.

  1. Another excellent article Iain, like you I am also worried, very worried and we should all be, it’s obvious what is coming down the road and unless action is taken and taken very soon I fear we’re going to find ourselves in a position from which there is no escaping, I’d love to believe our government have some great plan which they are about to act on but going by recent actions I find it very hard to think this could be possible, we have a leader who talks about events months ahead, I listened to Mike Russel yesterday talking in an interview on politics Scotland about how they will try to mitigate as much of the damage as they could and this is before we get started on what the leader and others in our government tried to do to an innocent man, a man who we all know would have handled this Westminster government very differently, we have a CEO of the party who still to this day maintains his position, he knows this is damaging the party yet his ego comes before anything else as does his wife’s, to my mind if either of these two were serious about doing the right thing for the people they represent either one or indeed both of them would have already stood down, that they haven’t but instead focus on nothing else but covering their own backs tells me that doing what is necessary to protect Scotland and her people is far down their list of priorities if indeed it was ever at the top, I honestly don’t believe we have the time or the luxury of waiting until next May to take action, I can’t help but think that unless Sturgeon makes it clear to not only the UK but the international community that she intends to make next years election a plebiscite and announces that very very soon Westminster will have Holyrood shackled down so tight there will be no room for any movement, too much valuable time has already been wasted, I don’t know if it’s possible for others in the party to move against these gradualists but if it is I’d really like to see it done ASAP, this is probably the most I have said in response to any article and to be honest it’s surprised me because I honestly feel I am at a loss for words these days. I am fortunate in one respect in that when the shit hits the fan and Scotland is subjugated I know I am in a position where I can choose to go and live elsewhere but many many aren’t and it angers me that our country and our people will be beyond saving.

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    1. Helen and others just to caution you on having faith in Mike Russell , this is a copy from a Craig Murray post of an excerpt from Mike Russells book , the views will shock you

      Grasping The Thistle the book

      Finally, just to remind you how very bad what Russell and MacLeod wrote about the NHS was:

      Take health first of all. We would encourage the private sector to compete with
      established NHS hospitals, clinics and other services. We would encourage NHS
      management and staff to buy out existing NHS facilities and services under favourable
      financial terms and join the private sector. We would require NHS facilities that
      remained in government ownership to be run at a profit however modest. Those that
      failed to maintain profitability over a reasonable time frame would be privatised. In
      each geographic area the government would solicit bids from the area’s medical
      facilities and GPs for the various services it required for its citizens. Fragmentation of
      services may well see the redundancy of large general hospitals and their replacement
      with privately run clinics specialising and competing in particular medical procedures
      and services, at least in the more populated areas.

      One idea that is worth further consideration is the possibility that some provision may
      be supported by “Payment vouchers” made available free of charge to citizens in order
      that patients would receive treatment wherever they wished. Citizens who wished to
      make their own arrangements with medical service suppliers would be free to do so.
      Armed with their voucher they could shop for the fastest and best service and if they so
      wished add to the value of the voucher.

      That looks VERY much like neo capitalism to me

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  2. My thought on ” An End To The Lies ” ……I wonder what Nickiii will be wearing at today’s floor show – sorry , Compassionate Mother/Staff Nurse of the Nation Show – will it be the nice little white pant suit with floral embroidery and ” killer heels ” , or something more sombre to reflect the wintry weather and loss of the NEC TRAdicals , like a black hairshirt and grey flannel dungarees ? In other news …….Scotland just over a fortnight away from being completely shafted , it’s alleged protectors AWOL – presumed comatose from bingeing on their own delusions . On the plus side , the polls still showing only 44% of turkeys intend to vote for Xmas , the other 56% would prefer an Easter Rising , though suspect their owners are chicken .

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  3. Iain, I so wish that you were wrong, but you are absolutely spot on with your assessment. We are screwed, and mightely so, unless we can take our affairs into our own hands. Even if we start that process immediately we will still suffer from a lengthy period of disruption, rising prices, shortages of essentials and the usual lies, deceptions and distortions from unionists on an unimaginable scale. I fear for us. It is just tragic that so many of us will not live to see a better Scotland.

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  4. Everyone in Scotland needs to read this- especially the well-meaning Tory voters who still desperately hang on to the hope that there is some decency, competence or even some honour left in Westminster. There isn’t.
    It’s rotten to the core and- like the thirties- when evil is thriving, all the energy of the system goes into propaganda and cover-up- nothing else. For everyone’s sake, including the cheated and manipulated electorate in England, Scottish Independence must come in 2021 and fundamental constitutional change should follow -immediately- in England.
    I hope we are back in the EU very quickly. Our focus should be west to Ireland then east and north through our own ports and new infrastructure. England will follow us back eventually.

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  5. The current SNP have a huge amount of responsibility for this situation. The current UK Government clearly has it’s privatisation money making for the very few well under way. The coming shambles that is so evident in so many areas is only explained by that end goal. With regards to Scotland, all three UK political parties frequently try to outdo one another with the vitriol with which they state that they will never let Scotland have a vote on independence. Realistically not even after a generation because then, as now as well they know, they would lose. So who the UK PM is doesn’t matter in Scotland in terms of having a vote on independence.

    Yet despite this, the SNP plan for independence for at least the past four years, has to be to try to win a moral argument with a UK Government that has no morals and also as seen recently, no respect for the law when it suits them. Trying to win a moral argument that you have no chance of winning is utterly pointless, yet the SNP have kept banging (whining) on about getting a Section 30 agreement with Westminster because it’s the democratic (moral) thing to do. Result – door slammed in their face time after time.

    Joanna Cherry took a different tactic with the UK Government when it attempted to break the law a year or so ago. She took them to court and won. A small victory but one that surely shows what is required when dealing with a UK GOvernment. Use the moral stuff for sure, as the EU have done with UK Brexit negotiations, but also use the necessary legal processes when any moral argument is ignored. This is clearly the missing and key part of any SNP strategy to gain a vote on independence. When faced with a UK that will not under any circumstances, give way to a moral argument (eg democracy / 58% of people in Scotland want independence, with the percentage that want a vote on independence being well into the 60% range) then the ONLY option is to back it up with the use of the law.

    All the arguments about how Scotland could hold a binding vote on independence will only be won if backed by law, not through the pleading for a morally agreed Section 30 with Westminster. It is largely because the SNP have and still do rely solely on the moral argument of a Section 30 rather than addressing this though the courts, that Scotland is in the position it now finds itself in. So no-one can just blame the UK Government for this disaster, the current SNP were complicit with their unwinnable sole moral argument for independence. It reflects a basic fact – that the current SNP leadership does not want independence and are content with things as they are. Unless that changes and the legal side is used, Scotland can forget about getting a vote on independence. That will be Sturgeon’s legacy and Scotland’s fate. Scotland within the UK and outside the EU for any length of time will be economically and socially disasterous beyond imagination. It is not a situation that in any way is anything other than a quite literal disaster.

    Hopefully those who do actually want independence and who also have the necessary legal skills can take over and lead the SNP through the only possible way to have a vote on independence – through the courts. Such legal skills would then become even more vital with the independence negotiations with the UK. Just ask anyone from the EU involved with the UK brexit negotiations! (however no doubt the Scottish Government would also then be able to use some of the EU legal experience gained with Brexit for Scotland’s negotiations with the UK once a vote for independence has been won).

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    1. Mairianna, there are so many products now with union flags on them if they keep this up we will be starving soon if Brexit doesn’t do the job first.

      I’m thinking of taking a pair of scissors with me and cutting the flag off any products I have to buy with a flag on it and leaving the flag on the floor😂😂😂😂😂

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      1. Tell me about it Cubby, I had to give up avoiding Union jacks my fridge was so bare after a shop, I’ll still rake around for a Scottish flagged item, and have no problems with Wiltshire ham or anything. My excuse for only ever buying beef that states it’s country of origin and for that origin to not be England is that they are still not free from BSE – a stupid Union Jack doesn’t help with that!


    2. Have you any idea how stupid / pathetic this sounds. If this is the best you can do I suggest you keep your opinion to yourself.


      1. Margaret, when saying someone is stupid I recommend you actually point out who is stupid Mairianna, myself or both of us. Failure to make that fundamental point of detail crystal clear only serves to make you seem – well, a bit stupid.

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  6. Quite frankly it is difficult to not fear the economic and social tidal wave that is headed our way.

    Every aspect of our lives will be impacted from working condition to freedom of movement to economic catastrophe for the many whilst the super wealthy suck out the very life from ordinary citizens.

    Yes Iain, the shooters are betting heavily on a currency and stock price collapse. That has been built in to the process and for the shorters failure, collapse, bankruptcy brings rewards for them. For the rest of us wrecked pensions, a trashed currency and all wrapped up for those fortunate to be in work to hav3 their terms and conditions trashed. A sweat shop environmentally compromised economy on the doorstep of Europe it’s not difficult to understand why the EU is insisting on a level playing field to sell into their market.

    But hey, we voted for this. And when it hurts, as it will, then maybe the sheep will wake up from the relentless trek to the abattoir and try to do something about it. I truly hope so, but unfortunately for so many of us the clock has now struck midnight – and the chaos commences.

    Off for the highlight of my existence now – a Big Mac and fries. Got to get the priorities right. A bit like voting for Nicola and her gang. La, la la land.

    Good to see your blog back. Hopefully it will continue to inform and stimulate debate and wider awareness of where we are headed so that we belatedly can do something about it.

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  7. Sorry “ shorters “ not “ shooters “ as the spell check put in.

    But thinking about shooters, I was listening to Jeremy Vine this morning and one of the Brexiteer zealots set to oppose the views of Alistair Campbell was absolutely salivating about the use of the RN gunboats being set to defend British sovereignty against the enemy.

    These people need to be careful about what they wish for because threatening military use is never a good thing. The days of sending a task force down to Argentina and the Falkland Isles is long gone. Neither the French nor the Germans will accept it.

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  8. Just watched a 1991 Telefis Eirran film about the background to the 1921 treaty. It was called not unsurprisingly ‘THE TREATY’

    The film focussed on the negotiations between the Irish and the British and the political dynamics within the Irish Independence movement.

    A most interesting film for those who know little of the Irish struggle against the might of the then Great British Empire.

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  9. Some suggestion that rerouting trade via Northern Ireland might offer some mitigation for Scotland. Worth thinking about how that might work.

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  10. This is incredible, unbelievable. Here a make a comment, free of all hate, swearing, foul language and incitement to violence….and I have to wait for ‘MODERATION’ prior to its publication.
    What sort of a world do we inhabit?
    You’d have thought that the likes of Ian Lawson, independent successful businessman, Estonian afficcionado and man o’ pairts would have had the courage to run an unrestuicted blog in the true spirit of the internet…..but NO….. Even here it’s all censorship.
    “Speak up and speak your mind, man.”……….Aye sure.


    1. Your comment was irrelevant and in the poorest taste. The incident at Oran was a tragedy. Using it as an argument over fishing disputes was crass and in ill taste. You can post it elsewhere if you want but it won’t get any publicity in this site.


  11. “The incident at Oran was a tragedy. Using it as an argument over fishing disputes was crass and in ill taste.”

    Oooooh……. heavens above , mercy me,…….. ill taste. I must inhabit a different Scotland to his nibs, Mr Ian Lawson.
    What a laugh!…….A bunch of Glasgow dockers and sailors swooning over such a remark.
    “OOOh Crawford, did you hear thon?”
    “I certainly did Farqhar, I couldn’t believe my ears. My, he’s ever so bold, isn’t he Crawford?”

    “In ill taste”….in YOUR opinion……or perhaps also prescient, in mine…….Perfidious Albion? Anyone heard those words uttered before?


  12. Iain I agree with everything in your post above , it is only the various bloggers who are pointing out the reality of the shitfest coming down the tracks and gaining speed towards us with nary a plan or fight from our (ha,ha,) leaders to protect OUR country Scotland

    On another point I notice that you had deleted my post on the last thread , as I had stated, it is obviously your blog so you determine what is acceptable to be posted , it will not stop me from enjoying and contributing to your articles

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