He is not talking about Scotland though. For unionists what makes obvious sense all over the rest of the World does not apply to Scotland. Why? Because Westminster has not finished with Scotland yet. We are their cash cow, we are an asset rich, resource rich nation who unlike the sixty four other nations who have managed to break free in the last hundred years from London’s grip we are still tethered to a system that actively works against our best interests every single day.

I truly wonder how anyone can be a Unionist in Scotland nowadays. Are they blind to what is happening? The next few weeks are going to take this blindness to new levels. How can you miss us being dragged out the Single Market against our clearly expressed wishes? Are you blind to the obvious Westminster tactic of undermining Devolution? It may be far from perfect but Devolution has delivered much more for Scotland than what went before. We must not sit back and let this happen. Whimpering opposition will do nothing. I await some real opposition.

Gove is right, regaining democratic control in your own country will make people happier. It is the clearest admission that allowing others to control your future is a very unhappy existence, a much poorer option than ensuring the key decisions are taken by those best placed to do so, those living and working in Scotland and therefore being the best informed about what is needed and with the most at stake in getting those decisions right. Surely nobody believes Scotland’s well-being is top of Westminster’s agenda, our priorities are rarely discussed and if any solution clashes with England then there is no hope of winning any vote where our representatives are outvoted by a margin of ten to one. Are Unionists-in Scotland blind to these facts? How do they suggest we overcome such an incredible disadvantage? Do they care?

Now I know there is a theme in current thinking that we need to be gentle with No voters in the hope they can be magically transformed into new YES supporters. Will that create a solid base of Yes supporters? People that will stay Yes supporters when the full might of the UK MEDIA is turned on against Independence in any referendum campaign. Let’s be kind and just state that remains to be seen. Covid 19 has had an impact but for how long?

Now I get told all the time that things are going well because the polls are good. Polls are encouraging but they don’t always materialise, particularly if that support you have been expecting has been gathered on a lot of other topics rather than straightforward support for Independence.

I question that strategy and let me explain why. Political “experts” were stunned and amazed that following the 2014 Referendum, the YES vote did not just melt away and disappear following what was a hugely dispiriting result. Far from melting away the YES supporters doubled down and determined to carry on the fight. Many tens of thousands joined the SNP. The SNP swept the board in all elections since, other than a slight dip in 2017 when the SNP LEADERSHIP forgot to campaign effectively for Independence in the election and 500,000 Independence supporters stayed home unenthused. They didn’t vote for anyone else. I gently remind folk that was an election when the polls got it seriously wrong as hundreds of thousands of “SNP” supporters didn’t turnout on the day. There is a very important reason why they didn’t, it provides the answer about how and why we should be campaigning today.

Our success in 2014 was gained not by being gentle with No voters, no we were running a CONVERSION CAMPAIGN, where we convinced people that Independence offered the best way forward for Scotland. For the first time in my lifetime many Scots thought about it seriously, decided we were right and were converted, not just for that referendum, but for all future elections (or referendums) that Independence offered the best way forward. Since then they have used their votes to forward the cause of Independence. In 2017 they were ahead of the SNP on this and even when the SNP run the most awful dispiriting campaign hardly mentioning Independence they either still voted for them or refused to vote against them and stayed home. The SNP learned their lesson and moved Independence back up the agenda and were once again rewarded with more success. The go slow Nationalists would do well to recognise these facts and ensure that whatever campaign they announce for next May has a sufficiently strong pro Independence message at the forefront that will enthuse and invigorate that huge section of the electorate. We also need another CONVERSION campaign from the start of 2021 until polling day and on.. It is worth recalling that the previous CONVERSION campaigning took us from the mid twenties to forty five percent support in a relatively short period.

To win Independence we need to win the argument on Independence. We need believers, not just supporters. We need those who cannot be diverted from the goal, who will not be swayed by a hostile media or a patently false “Vow”.

Everyone in the YES movement must play their part but those professional Party Members, especially our army of elected MP’s and MSP’s should be singled out, with measurable targets where during the term they have been elected for they should deliver clear progress on driving Independence forward. I am working on putting together some constructive suggestions on how this could be achieved. Our elected politicians are our most precious assets, they have much to offer and deliver. They should be organised, enthused and supported to become much more effective.

Last month the ordinary membership took back control of the NEC and a spirit of new hope and energy swept the entire YES movement. It has created a momentum which was badly needed and will achieve great things if it can be maintained. New focus and specific roles and targets are the way to go. I know politics and business are different but there are also a lot of similarities as well. A well organised sales force, highly motivated and armed with the most convincing message and supporting literature is a powerful tool, particularly if it is well led.

The aim should be to bring together the best message, with the best organisation and effort, all pushing forward on the widest front challenging Scots to confront the truth that only Independence provides the escape route from the hopelessly inefficient, bumbling dishonesty of Westminster which is mired in squandering huge amounts of public money enriching their friends and donors and which is now planning to privatise the NHS and other vital public organisations. Threatening the very existence of the Scottish Parliament itself. There is an urgency in stopping these things happening. Timidity and failing to act when the right conditions permit is a failing every big as being rash. Cool, rational decision making would suggest it is unlikely better conditions than those present now will exist again any time soon. It is time to take our brave pills.

When we secure democratic control of our country, our people will be richer, our country will be fairer and capable of so much more. Through example, we can achieve great good and our future will be much, much brighter.

It is not a dream, it is achievable, and soon. We just need the right plan and the determination and energy to make it so. Let’s do it!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

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41 thoughts on “BY JOVE GOVE IS RIGHT!

  1. YES, We can hear Gove saying “We are leaving the European Union to Take Back Our Sovereignty!”
    Then turning to Scots saying “Don’t leave the UK, You are too wee, too Stupid & too poor to have Sovereignty for Your Own Country!”
    BTW Bluebottle, the UK is Not 1 Country!!!

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  2. It’s a laudable article, but it is undermined by one subjective assumption about the NEC results. The “ordinary membership” did not “take back control”. One motley faction of “conservatives” out manoeuvred another motley faction of “progressives”. Unfortunately, too many of the “victors” appear to be more interested in toppling the SNP leadership than in campaigning for independence. I want to believe they’ll knuckle down and concentrate on Indy but I’m not confident.


    1. If you believe that Bungo you are going to be easy meat next time round. Try getting support for GRA or the Hate Bill now, if the SNP leadership don’t drop these hugely divisive measures which the “ordinary members” that you seem to detest, never ever voted for, then there is every possibility the leadership will be gone. The members voted last month to take their party back, only fools would ignore that. It is not personality driven it is policy at the heart of this.

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      1. Ermmm …. you’re going to have to explain much of that post Iain.

        (1) “Easy meat” for what?

        (2) Why should I be bothered about support for the GRA or Hate Crime Bill?

        (3) On what basis do you make the claim I “detest ordinary members”? I am an ordinary member. I have little time for those who put their own petty agendas before independence, which is what too many Malcontents do, but to claim I “detest ordinary members” is a ridiculous thing to say.

        (4) And leading on from that, it is the height of hubris to equate the few hundred Malcontent activists that out manoeuvred the “progressives” in the NEC elections with the entire “ordinary membership”. On what basis do you make that claim? There are over 100,000 “ordinary members” with the overwhelmingly vast majority of them having nothing to do with the elections. That is the problem with those that debate in an echo chamber. They only hear what they expect to hear and, with everyone in the chamber agreeing with each other, they assume anyone with a different view must be an outlier.

        (5) Not “personality driven” …. aye right. Almost every thread on almost every Malcontent site contains a plethora of character assassinations of Sturgeon, with any hint of a flaw in Salmond’s character not tolerated. Really Iain?


      2. Anytime you want to co sponsor a poll with me where we get ordinary members the opportunity to vote for or against GRA and the Hate Crime Bill and we can put to the test your theory that it was only a few hundreds “malcontents” that were involved. You know where to reach me

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      3. I am not particularly interested in the GRA or Hate Crime Bill. Nor have I ever hinted I was. You are making that classic Malcontent error of assuming that if I’m not supportive of your faction I must support your arch enemies. Like Old Firm fans that cannot conceive of anyone not supporting one of them, even if they claim to support another club or none.

        FYI, the first Indy site that “disappointed” me was the “Woke” Thousand Flowers site (thankfully dormant these days) when I discovered it describing the likes of Joan McAlpine as ” W*nker of the Week”. I hold no candles for either the Woke or Malcontent factions. A plague on both your houses so to speak.

        I guess I’m not going to get answers to my questions. Just deflection ☹


      4. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Faction means “a group within a larger group, especially one with slightly different ideas from the main group”. Given your claims and postings around the NEC elections, especially your willingness to take credit for it along with the rest of “our bloggers”, I’d say you protesteth too much.

        But what has your affiliation with a faction, real or not, got to do with explaining comments you made to me? Are you only obliged to explain yourself if you ARE in a faction but, if you are not, you don’t? As I said before, it just looks like deflection.


    2. What happened with the NEC elections was a warning to the SNP, this is not the party many of us have spent all our adult lives voting and fighting for, if you don’t like what happened you certainly won’t like what’s coming down the road.
      if we can’t get the party back on track we’ll replace it with one that won’t be taken over with ideologists.

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      1. The Malcontent faction ARE ideologists. Again, the dictionary is our friend here. Ideology is defined as “a theory or set of beliefs, esp. one on which a political system, party, or organization is based”. All the NEC elections did was replace one ideology driven faction with another. There is a distinct lack of self-awareness among Malcontents.


      2. And there you have just said it yourself Pony! If the SNP is not based one one specific belief then why do we vote and follow them??? There sole purpose is to achieve Independence for our beloved Scotland. This site has promoted only that one ideology yet for some reason you cannot see that because in your eyes the other things don’t matter to you.
        The problems that have been identified by Iain and the rest of the bloggers and malcontents as you delightfully call us has shown that others within the Party had used their own main beliefs such as the GRA and Hate Crime Bill as more of a priority than what the SNP is supposed to be about.
        It seems to me that because you don’t give a shit about one aspect of what is happening then neither should anyone else. It seems to me that you are the one with a problem here as all of us that agree with Iain do not wish to see the Party driven to political suicide, we just want to see our country independent.
        Maybe it would be better if you just toddled off to the Wee Ginger Dug’s blog with the rest of the ‘Wheesht for Indy’ mob.
        Incidentally, this was always going to happen when you have a group of people that question what is going on.

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      3. If only that was the only Malcontent ideology Robin. The “Woke” faction’ s support for the GRA and Hate Crime Bill may have seemed “suicidal” to you, but the “Malcontent” obsession with evisverating the SNP and toppling the leadership just weeks before the most important election in Scotland’s history is far more “suicidal”.

        I doubt the GRA or HCB will make much of an impact on the election with Indy, Brexit and Covid dominating the debate. The general population may express a different opinion to the Malcontents depiction of SNP policy if asked about them, just as they may express a view on what their favourite ice cream is. But whether they mean as much to them as it does the Malcontents is a completely different story.

        The entertainment and advertising industries are full of the “Woke” agenda. Even the new Star Trek series is awash with it. That would not be the case unless they believed beyond doubt society was relaxed about it. Anyone that tries to make political capital out of “othering” minorities may find it back firing on them.

        As to my “toddling off”…. why? Are your beliefs so fragile they are threatened by one person posting a counter view? Are you only comfortable in a self-selecting, monocultural echo-chamber? Why do you fear debate?


      4. Pony says “do you fear debate” 😂😂😂😂😂 laughable – the poster who has been trolling me like – well a troll – trying to come over all intellectual.

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      5. Get over yourself Cubby. I mentioned above that Malcontents in general tend to lack self-awareness. However, you are the poster child for lack of self-awareness. Your comment is laden with irony.


    3. Conservatives & Progressives? Interesting take on the current SNP.
      Speaking as an outsider, as I left in disgust a while back, I’d prefer to categorise it as Pragmatic Yessers, who recognise that some of the policy on offer is a massive vote loser, and Science Deniers with no interest in Independence.

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    4. The FM’s Christmas card this year – no, I didn’t get one – is a photo of Nicola Sturgeon on skates in a skating rink. She’s skating on thin ice now, with GRA reform and the hate crime bills, pretending to be out of sight in the long grass, but still growling and baring their teeth at the electorate, and independence still not promised as an election priority. Tell the world that we are making the 2021 Scottish election one that announces our claim to independence and the start of negotiations if we win a decent majority of the seats. Forget promises of yet another mandate for yet another stab at yet another request for yet another S30 Order. Forget a referendum completely. Make the election a plebiscite. The Unionists cannot afford to boycott it, but if they do, a properly-constituted, legal election, they will have thrown in the towel. Let them put their money where their big, fat mouths are. She won’t, though, Bungo. If I’m wrong, I’ll be very happy to apologize.

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      1. Lorna, make the ” election a plebiscite” – been saying that myself for a long time. The SNP would probably win and that is why it will not happen under this leadership.

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    1. And I wonder how much doing that is going to take, she has never even mentioned let alone congratulated the “ordinary members” that won back the NEC. She just seems to have little or even NO interest in INDY, I think once CHRISTMAS is past & the Covid 3rd wave strikes, she will get another year of standing in front of a camera everyday, taking full charge of the 3rd wave. Reminding us that COVID is all she can concentrate on right now.

      Yet WM has not just pressed ahead with BREXIT (Pretendy negotiations) they have a new flashy building ready for January1st when the Secretary of State for Scotland Jack the lad, will take FULL charge of Scotland, during the COVID 3rd wave, taking over the powers she once held at HR.

      Covid has been her saviour in so many ways. She obviously can’t delegate or doesn’t want to, as that would leave her free to maybe turn up to the harassment committee, or answer the charge of having lied to Parliament & breaking the ministerial code.

      Unless we hear she will make the May election a plebiscite election. Then there will be no point to the SNP either. Because too many of us are sick to the back teeth of being the one country in the world that has to ASK permission of what is “obviously” our Masters in LONDON, if we can be an Independent country AGAIN.. And when those masters are the most stupid of monkey’s, that makes our begging even more embarrassing..

      Where is her guts? Where is that desire she has declared often enough she has for INDY, because if ever there was a RIGHT time to tell them where to go it is as soon as the BREXIT deal or NO deal is announced, & she knows how terrible what WM has agreed will be for Scotland, The country she is supposed to be fighting for. The world especially ALL of EUROPE can see what WM & so many of what is now far right fascists have taken over England. That they are no longer a Parliament to ever be trusted.

      Is she really going to beg to the likes of these people again? And if she has ever believed in INDY but knows she is not going to deliver, then she needs to do the decent thing & step aside, let the membership vote for someone who will take the fight TO WM, instead of waiting to see how they will react..

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  3. Excellent article Iain. I wouldn’t concern yourself about a drop in quantity of articles if you have this level of quality.

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  4. There will be a greater chance of them knuckling down and concentrating on Indy if they perceive that the Leadership is doing precisely that , rather than what has been it’s stance since 2014 eg strangling even the most salient criticism and putting everything into the gracious granting of a S30 . I agree however that we should ALL be directing our fire at the Unionist opposition and minimising the internal wrangling . Great article BTW Iain. .

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  5. I would be grateful Iain, if, you having experience in the business world, you might look at the situation arising in a few days now, when Scotland, still part of the UK, becomes liable legally to meet the Westminster trading plans. I have for a long time (since the 1990s) been attempting to alert people to the dangers of TTIP, and have done so repeatedly here since realising that TTIP dangers lurk for us in the plans Westminster has for the new distribution of our resources. My contention has been that we have to have very clear and traceable evidence that Scotland is already seriously seeking independence from Westminster, not just talking about it, in order to have any viable and reasoned claim to annul our unsought responsibilities to Westminster trading agreements. I think this would be useful when the corporate world takes us to court for reducing the probability of profits they had assessed in those agreements. I don’t know whether I am afraid because of the cynicism and aggression of the corporate world, or whether there may be outlets for us that we are so far showing no signs that I can see of seeking. Instead the SNP is becoming more neoliberal not less, more centralised not widening its remit. And, like it or not, Covid is providing excellent cover for much political activity both here and at Westminster, for underhand and hidden agenda to be pursued. I would very much appreciate the views of other people about this. I think that Martin Keating’s case is the one bright light shining in the seeking of recognition of Scotland’s right as a nation to cut loose from a treaty that is now not just not adhered to, but opposed in principle. Everything else is just words. I don’t think just words, nor the error of requesting Westminster’s Prime Minister for permission to ask our own people for their assessment of their own future, will be enough to prevent the loss of not just our resources, but the respect for the land itself. We have, for example, with an official contract from government or parliament, don’t know which, for some company to have access to Loch Lomond. We only narrowly escaped having a theme park built there. So far. And the sites of scientific interest and animal refuge that actually serve and protect research for the whole world have been targetted for business interests, like Coul and yet another golf-course. Our natural and cultural history are as nothing to the promise of £££ or $$$. Think Nestle, that brutal bunch of money-seekers, and how they will view Scottish water. Think fracking and the variety of our rocky landbase. Think factory farming and the terrible consequences to farmers in India of American agricultural trade. The SNP does not guard or protect the unpopulated spaces (even weakens them by taking away infrastructure that supported them) because there are scant votes to be had there. The rural communities can’t protect the land itself from pillage, as any African community or North American Indian tribe could testify. There needs to be infrastructural recognition and planning and we cant begin that without some real understanding of where we actually are regarding trade plans. I’d be interested to hear your views and the views of others, I’d be very content indeed if that reveals that my fears are nightmares only.

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    1. I agree with most of what you have written, especially your comments on TTIP. I am also committed to Land Reform and AGRFF and am deeply disappointed at the SNP losing the radical edge required. I worry about who are being appointed to advise our Government. They would not be the members choices, that is for sure.

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    2. Spot on, Ros. If we make no announcement to the world that we are intending to regain our independence very soon and that making trading agreements with the UK, which is not speaking on our behalf because we have given no permission and will repudiate any such agreements made on our behalf, not on our own account, we will be held to those contracts/trade agreements made by the UKG, even if our resources are used flagrantly and squandered, even if those agreements are detrimental to our economic and social well-being. Like you, and many others, I have been tearing my hair out trying to get that across, but, if all the other messes we have gotten into as a result of not reading the fine print and the legal consequences are anything by which to judge, all warnings are falling as seed on stony ground.

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  6. I’m not competent to answer your question Ros , having zero business experience , but I’m pretty sure your fears/nightmares are justified . TTIP is an evil that must be resisted at all costs , I know that much

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  7. I have to admit it cracks me up listening to these clowns in England with their sayings while not seeing the irony in them.
    We’re taking back control of our money, laws borders.
    No country would accept another country trying to force it to stay.
    It’s not a union when the other members refuse to allow you to leave.

    What about Scotland?
    Scotland doesn’t count.

    Let’s get Indy done for the love of god and get it done before its too late and before many more Scottish lives are lost needlessly.

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  8. Good post, Iain. “It is not a dream, it is achievable, and soon. We just need the right plan and the determination and energy to make it so. ” Yes, true, but we also need a real leader not a career politician with a neoliberal, globalist agenda.

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  9. Well said! A neat turning of GoveGov’s own words back upon them. Thank you, Iain – for another article of clarity and vision. I’m also grateful to the cogent commenters here for their points well-made.. I needed some encouragement today!

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    1. A shaft of light through the dark , heavy clouds . We all need some encouragement right now , and blogs like Iain’s are definitely providing that

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  10. Two things. 1).. Progressively more appalling revelations about the behaviour of this Westminster government since they assumed power compel the conclusion that Independence for Scotland is now a MORAL CRUSADE as well as an economic one. See St Paul in Ephesians 6:12 ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Every decent person in Scotland MUST surely reject this awful gang and everything they stand for, and the only way to do that is by supporting
    2). INDEPENDENCE. Stop squabbling about GRA and so-called ‘hate speech’, and remember what Churchill said when upbraided by a fellow Conservative for praising Stalin after Hitler invaded Russia in 1941: ‘If Hitler invaded Hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons’. NOTHING must stop the march to INDEPENDENCE .Let us rally around what we all believe in instead of picking at what temporarily divides us. Mi5/6 will do their darndest to divide us as will the alt -right media’ Just look at the Salmond debacle. BUT we SHALL AND MUST PREVAIL. And that means mutual trust and tolerance for the sake of the greater good. Then we can start post-war reconstruction, which we should have been preparing for in great detail beforehand. . . – there’s a lot to do – Constitution, currency, foreign and defence policies, land reform, reformed taxation and properly financed and supported Social Care and Healh services, ditto Education, No more neoliberal PPP fiascos….. and you know the rest. We have the world to win. Let’s show some solidarity and integrity and go get it DONE!


    1. Fine John, but it is GRA and the Hate Crime Bill that will be at the forefront of Unionist attempts to discredit the SNP in the election campaign. Few teams win when they knowingly handing open goals to their opponents before the game starts. It makes sense to kill off the open goals early. The media are quiet on these issues now as they are keeping them back for maximum effect. How do I know that? Because it is what I would do.

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  11. Or maybe she’s playing a blinder, the more she asks for a section 30 order and it is denied the more she indicates to the world our desire for independence , and continued refusal b y the uk government proves we are treated as a colony, and opens the door to international approval if were to go for Udi…a win win move on her part..


  12. Louise, in theory what you say is possible but in my opinion highly unlikely. One thing most people must know about Sturgeon by now is that cautious is her middle name. The chance of her going for UDI must be very low indeed.

    To me it just makes Scotland look pathetic and provides Sturgeon with an excuse for doing nothing. Remember she promised a LEGAL referendum in her conference speech. A legal referendum will mean Westminster approval (very unlikely) or going to the courts ( lengthy time period) so once again provides an excuse for inaction. Of course if the current court case by Keatings proves that a referendum without Westminster approval is legal then this removes Sturgeons excuse for inaction – hence the Scotgov/SNP being against this court case.

    In summary, I do not think Sturgeon wants independence.

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