Ever since I started writing this blog every time I  have questioned the absence of any visible strategy from the SNP to move Independence forward I have faced a tirade of abuse from the”my party right or wrong brigade” , who assure me that there is no problem and that there is a “secret plan” that exists and that Nicola is playing “cards close to her chest” and that she does not want to give any hint about when she plans to “spring the trap”. Now, if any of that is true, she is playing a cracker and it must be one hell of a plan because all I see at the moment is the Independence cause taking blow after blow with no obvious fight back or strategy to defend Scotland from those attacks. What worries me even more, it is not any of the elected or senior members that tell me that, it is followers from the grassroots who are the “convinced”, the “ certain”. I think they should worry about that. I do not claim these senior people would tell me about any plan but I am sure some would “steer” me away if what I was writing was wrong or unfair and they knew a clever plan existed.

We are just witnessing the last few bars of the Grand Old Duke of York strategy being played out in the Brexit Theatre. Having very publicly promised that the SNP would not allow “Scotland to be dragged out of the Single Market against our wishes” and pledging our opposition to a No Deal. Asking for mandates and being granted mandate after mandate, they now lie unused and having spent four and a half years mouthing meaningless soundbites, including trying to “save” England from what they voted for, we now find ourselves tomorrow facing a vote in the Commons where our representatives have been ordered by the leadership to vote for a No Deal rather than the desperately poor deal on offer. It is quite unbelievable. The SNP voting for NO DEAL! Make no mistake that will be label attached to our actions if we put our own heads in the noose.

Even when faced with only the choices of abject failure, the order goes out urging the completely wrong choice. We should have no part of it, Scotland, having been ignored and ridiculed throughout, should have no part of it. WE SHOULD ABSTAIN AND THEN MOST OF OUR MP’S SHOULD BE PACKING THEIR THINGS AND RETURNING TO SCOTLAND TO TAKE UP THE REAL BATTLE FOR INDEPENDENCE. We should be letting the World see we want no part of it. There is widespread agreement we need to build international support, here is a huge opportunity to attract that support and signal to nations all over the World that we are serious about becoming Independent. Favourable opportunities like this don’t occur very often, it could be many years, if ever, that such an opportunity will present itself again. We must grab it with both hands.

Please note I suggest most of our MP’s should return North. We need to maintain a limited presence, because the SNP finances dictate they are reliant on the short money that comes from being the third party in Westminster to pay staff costs and salaries. Jobs and salaries that would not exist without Westminster’s money.

Another thing I hear regularly is how silly I am to suggest we should turn the constituency vote in next May’s elections into a independence referendum. Have I not noticed we are in the middle of a pandemic? My answer to that is there seems to be no sign that anybody is planning to cancel the elections. There seems no opposition to Scotland going to the polls and the successful candidates being granted more years in Parliament and the salaries that go with it. Other countries are managing to go to the polls. It’s a strange type of virus that can be averted when it comes to electing a Government in a General Election but only becomes lethal if the word Independence is on the ballot paper! 

Our “strategy” is a do nothing strategy. Our leader is out of politics, there can be no referendum, voluntarily mind you, until the pandemic is over. Sorry that is wrong, it was recently extended, again voluntarily, until the “effects” of the pandemic has passed. God knows when that will be.

Even then if current policy is to be followed it is dependent on those nice folk down at Westminster, you know the folk plundering our resources daily, having a cataclysmic conversion to morality and granting Scotland the much desired “gold standard”. Fat chance!

It gives me no pleasure to say this but if our leader has decided to concentrate on Covid and its effects then we need another political leader to take on the key role of pushing the Independence agenda forward. We are getting trampled on that front at the moment. They have run all over us, ignored us and bludgeoned Brexit through. They have built and staffed an alternative Civil Service organisation in Edinburgh through the Scottish Office ready to replace the Scottish Government if required. They are stripping powers away from our Parliament and we are powerless to stop them. While our team walked off the park because we thought Covid 19 had stopped the game, their team have played on and have been busy scoring goal after goal at our expense.

I don’t believe there is any secret plan. I don’t believe Nicola has any cards left to clutch anywhere, I don’t believe there is or was any clever trap. I believe the current SNP leadership have had a strategy by pass and while the heart of the movement, the activist base is still beating effectively, a lot of the vital organs are needing nourished and the brain is in desperate need of more oxygen. The oxygen of new ideas, direction, determination and an aggressive strategy. The years of the gradualist snail pace have got to come to an end.

2021 will see this come to a head. The manifesto is key. It must be an Independence Manifesto, that is what Scotland wants. No Hate Crime Bill nonsense, no GRA or any of the convenient diversions some folk built their internal power bases on. Folk that in the main no longer prominently feature, having been the first casualties as the ordinary membership took the initial steps to reclaim their INDEPENDENCE Party back.

The perfect storm is before us, the polls are encouraging, Westminster is both unpopular and in disarray. The Westminster Government are  crooks and charlatans busy raiding the public purse to enrich their friends and donors, many billions of pounds have been squandered in this way. The UK performance on Covid has been abysmal while the leadership claim they are world beating. The World laughs in disbelief. They have insulted the whole of Europe and even now try to present a terrible deal that takes everyone backwards as some sort of success. 

Now is the time to strike, catch them off guard, turn May into a referendum using the constituency vote. Announce that tomorrow, let the World see we are serious. Make that Scotland’s response. Honour your word and you will have every Independence supporter and the vast majority of remainers in the country behind you. Let that be your “secret plan”, throw the cards from your chest onto the table and let us be having them once and for all!

Circumstances will never be better than now. This is the golden opportunity. Let us take it.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

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76 thoughts on “AND SO THE DAY DAWNS

  1. Another great & honest post Ian, & yes the world is watching. & waiting for Scotland to have the balls to stand up & behave as if we really are serious about INDEPENDENCE. Because so many people in other countries can’t believe that we shall be waiting on the MAY elections to give the SNP another mandate to ASK permission to hold another REFERENDUM…

    A REFERENDUM that the DIRTY TORIES will RIG, a referendum we can never win..

    For a couple of years now even since MAY & her Henry 8th clause, we in Scotland knew what that was all about, it was removing powers from us. We even sat moaning about the new U.K. GOV building being put together for the Scottish Secretary & his 3000 civil servants to take over Scotland. And not once that I can think of, did we ever hear anyone in the SNP complain about that building, or even ask questions about it.

    I agree with you 100% that the FM should be coming out with an announcement NOW, not AFTER January1st, that the next Scottish elections in MAY, will be a Plebiscite election for INDEPENDENCE. If the People of Scotland want INDEPENDENCE then all they have to do is vote SNP in the majority of Constituency seats..

    If Nicola doesn’t have what it takes as a leader to do this, make this announcement. Then the other political brains in this country, like the ISP, Scotia future, Common Weal, Robin McAlpine, Lesley Riddock, & so many more, MUST all come together stand in that election stating a VOTE for them would be a Plebiscite vote for INDEPENDENCE..

    We can not nor should not, leave our futures and especially the futures of our children to one woman.

    A woman, who it has to be said has NOT been as honest & transparent as she would have us believe. Nicola made a good deputy, but she has not been a good leader, she just wants to be popular on the WORLD stage. Whereas we want Scotland to take centre stage.. IT IS TIME.. There has never been a better time. The world knows how WM behaves. NOBODY stays with a bullying partner forever.. We have given them 313years to get the UNION right. But we all know, especially now, WM does NOT LIKE UNIONS.. They prefer to always be in charge, giving the orders, & taking whatever they want whenever from their partner..

    Surely, we can’t go into the New Year, without an announcement of a Plebiscite Election..

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  2. 2014 was rigged and the next will will be manipulated by “The Deep State” .I am not sure that London will ever give a Sec 30. As you say time to withdraw from Westminster, leaving a few to have a token presence.

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  3. Great article, Iain. You could’ve saved yourself the bother though and just typed this bit:

    “the SNP finances dictate they are reliant on the short money that comes from being the third party in Westminster”

    Therein lies the problem. Party before country, power for power’s sake. Tony Blair in a skirt has to actually DO something or she has to step aside.

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  4. Great Post and 100% right Iain. There is no strategy at play by instructing our MP’s to vote for a ‘no deal’ because make no mistake that is how it’ll be reported in the media. It’s laughable when even NS is saying it doesn’t matter how our MP’s vote, it makes no difference. Well ,no shit sherlock!
    We all know this, so what are we doing down there?
    Don’t turn up/abstain and get our brightest back here to address independence.
    Any fool can see the IMB is designed to strip out Scotland’s meagre powers, time is running out.
    It’s got to be a plebiscite election in May or we really can forget Independence for a generation.

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  5. If Nicola has any counter argument to Iain’s excellent post it is this.. Technically we are not out of the EU yet that will happen at the stroke of midnight on Friday, For me that’s her LAST chance to live up to her promises ! and if she thinks she has been under pressure… on the first of January 2021 that pressure will go through the roof so for her sake I really hope she does have a “secret plan”

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    1. Technically we left the EU on 31 Jan 2020. We did not have to wait till now to know that Brexit of any form would be bad for us – you don’t wait for a car to hit you before starting to move out the way.

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  6. No, We The SNP Must Vote Against the Fat BoJobbie’s Rotten EU Deal!
    If We Don’t Vote Against how can expect the EU to welcome us back?
    This Wednesday The SNP is Against Leaving the EU, and the Rotten Deal!


    1. Alspals it’s not about the SNP being against leaving the EU. That boat sailed last January. We voted against brexit, that is already clear- it’s England’s blue and red tory bourach. We have already spoken. Our position now should be to abstain by walking out en masse, chucking the bloody mace on the floor, and getting our arses back to Holyrood.
      Excellent post Iain. I agree 100%.

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      1. A Bruce – totally agree. Abstain from the vote and say bye bye to Westminster.

        I used to think the current leadership were useless but meant well and wanted independence. I don’t think that now – I think they are useless and just want the money not independence.

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    2. The EU is also party to the deal. They have negotiated the best possible deal to minimise the effects of brexit to the remaining member states, why would they penalise Scotland for voting for the best available option?


  7. the snp leaders have no intention of taking scotland to independence,they have given johnson a get out of jail free card by insisting on a section 30 agreement, last night angus macneil snp mp said that nicola would not change her mind on section 30,so it doesnt matter who we vote for in may if the snp leaders dont budge all we will be voting for is another 5 years of the same.

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  8. Voting against the deal would be nothing more than utterly pointless posturing – the game’s over ,we lost , time to move on to the only goal worth scoring , our Independence – and simply provide another stick for Brit Nats to beat the SNP GOV with ; it would also be no more than empty bravado , too little too late and crying ” foul ” after a dismal peformance by the team that pledged ” we will not be draggged……” you know the rest . Only one response will be adequate to restore some badly needed self-respect and demonstrate some fight , some defiance , that being advocated here and elsewhere in the undeluded , Nicola DOESN’T ” have this ” sections of our support ie have NOTHING to do with this travesty , delare it loudly in HOC , it’s an English issue for England to live with and leave that open prison for good . We would not be any worse off by doing so , on the contrary , such a militant response could have a galvanising effect beyond our current support and draw more people to our cause . We Scots always respond to displays of courage and resistance , qualities we need now as much as at any prior time in our history

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  9. Great post Iain. I left the SNP in despair after that awful election in 2017 because I saw what direction we were headed. Three years later I’m still in despair. We’ve been on the back foot for over six years now and the only way I see that changing is with new leadership. If not, it’ll just be more of the same until Scotland is all but extinguished. Stronger For Scotland; really? A lot of people in the SNP need to take a really long look in the mirror.

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  10. I swear, I’ll freak if I see another tweet apportioning blame for the mess to the Tories when Scotland’s future was in our own hands all along.

    I’m sick of seeing “Tories!” “Tories!” on my timeline when Scotland’s fate had ZERO to do with Tories and everything to do with the Scottish National Party – Scotland’s party of of Independence.
    I’m sick of the clever, astute tweeters who’ve urged faint of heart, blind trust and patience when it’s now too late. I’m sick of the smart-ass howling at the Tories – Johnson, Mogg, Gove etc – when the same ‘SNP have a secret plan’ people offer nothing but defence of a rotten First Minister – yes, rotten, stop pussy-footing round this charlatan, she let Scotland down in Scotland’s moment of history, and she’ll ALWAYS let Scotland down.

    I’m sick of those accounts with legions of followers who, two days before the 1st January 2021, are still suggesting the ISP will ‘split’ the vote, like we should meekly continue along our path NOT holding the SNP to account. It’s too late now, we’re out.
    When the Tories have the Brexit they screwed out of the English people – bugger-all to do with Scotland – and when Scotland have a country swollen with poll-upon-poll of desire to leave England behind, yet refuse to act – where the hell do we now direct our ire?
    Stop being pissed at the bloody Tories, they’re just doing what they do.

    Thanks for your work, Iain.

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  11. No one could argue against any part of this coherent, logical and intelligent response to VOTE FOR NO DEAL. Has the SNP finally given up? Has it? You’ll need to convince us loyal followers that you’re intentions are sound. Let someone take over the lead on independence. Abstain on the Brexit vote and make the May election a referendum on independence. If not! WHY NOT????

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  12. A perfect summary by Iain. The SNP do not have a strategy for independence and are absolutely dire at rebuttals especially those at the top.

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  13. Could some one explain to me just when Indy was there for the taking and how the SNP were to deliver it before now? Looking back over the last six years I cannot see any point, pre-covid, at which Scottish independence was the settled will of the electorate, a referendum win could have been remotely guaranteed or there was any credible “UDI” (or whatever) that would have stood the test of public opinion never mind the law.

    All I see here are the blusterings of the deluded, impatient and disingenuous. It is not the Tories that are the greatest threat to independence, it is the Malcontents (and their “unionist enablers”) who are the biggest threat. And don’t unionists know it !!


    1. Bungo, you have a point. However, I really do not think that we need an overwhelming majority of the people for independence PRE a referendum. Move on to an independence footing, when the people see that you are serious, that this isn’t some pipe dream that those in opposition can demolish at will, and you will have made your point. I have studied other, similar scenarios in other countries, but I have never seen a situation where a PRE independence referendum, predicated on the votes of Unionists from within the population and on those of people who were not born in the place seeking independence predominated all discourse. That is what has happened in Scotland. Putting aside all other apparent reasons for not pushing ahead with independence, it is precisely the acceptance of the massive rUK vote against independence that has caused the stasis. This vote (and I am not suggesting that all rUK residents are opposed to independence because, plainly, many are very much in favour, just not enough of them) reflects the attitudes that prevail south of the border.

      We are not the first to encounter the negative aspects of such a demographic’s vote on self-determination, and we won’t be the last, but I think we could do worse than look at the Baltic States where a far bigger threat from the Soviet juggernaut than we have from England, pertained. They assimilated many ethnic Russians, while some, not many, returned to Mother Russia. However, that is the crux of the matter: the SNPG is afraid to move towards independence with anything like determination precisely because of the threat that England is, and the threat that could come from hosting a large percentage of rUK residents within Scotland who, by any reasonable conclusion, must reflect the English political mindset.

      That is exactly what the situation was in NI until fairly recently, and why Irish re-unification was impossible from both the Irish and British perspectives. Now, re-unification is a matter of time, as Catholics start to outnumber Protestants, but, even in the Protest communities, the prospect of re-unification is nothing like as abhorrent to the younger generations as it once was because of the Europeanisation of the whole island. Brexit is going to cause many disruptions to the British status quo, not just in Scotland, but, here, at least a percentage of those rUK voters who voted NO in 2014, will come to an appreciation that an independent Scotland with at least some ties to Europe is a far better prospect than an inward-looking England. My own take is that we should find another route to independence, rather than a second indyref that will narrow their options. Cynical? Yes. Pragmatic? Yes. Realpolitik? Yes. No more anti English than voting NO in 2014 was anti Scottish. The difference comes in that I believe it is a matter of perceived self-preservation of my country and ALL its inhabitants, rather than just one demographic looking out for itself at the expense of the rest of the population, and the population born here, to boot.

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      1. 100% Lorna . There is nothing ” racist ” or -* sigh *- ” Anti-English ” about the fate of a country ( any country ) being determined by the indigenous people of that country . Why should Scotland , uniquely , be obliged to follow the route of allowing those with no historical or familial connection to our country the opportunity to vote for it’s continuing subjugation ? That said , it would be very difficult to argue this case in a referendum context without opening ourselves to a deluge of accusations of being ” racist ” , also in that type of context , possibly counterproductive , if , as anecdotal evidence suggests , a majority of EU citizens voted NO in 2014 and would likely vote YES in any future Ref , assuming of course there are any such left after Patel’s scorched-earth immigration policies kick-in . Ideally we could avoid a replay of 2014 , by avoiding a Ref altogether and find , as you say , another route to our goal

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      2. Not disagreeing with you Lorna. I just don’t see any point before 2020 when Indy would have been any more than a very long shot. A long shot that’s failure would set Indy back for many years to come.


      3. Bungo: when David Cameron stood on the step at Downing Street and told us that EVEL would be enacted, that was the point at which the incoming FM should have stated in public, in front of the cameras, that we would be seeking another democratic, legal route to indy, the referendum result notwithstanding, precisely because the arrogance of Westminster was indicative of a contempt for Scotland and her right to independence. When Brexit was voted on and forced through against the will of the Scottish people, that was yet another opportunity to reiterate our right to seek another route to independence since the political landscape had been changed irrevocably and unilaterally by England. At the same time, all the groundwork necessary should have been done to ensure that we have other options. None of this was done. This is the reason that Wings and the Rev have turned their guns on the SNP, not, emphatically not, on independence itself. The SNP has let us down time after time and behaves as no other Independence Party in the history of the world has behaved when presented with so many open goals.

        As I have said in my other posts, the paralysing fear of big England and the rUK NO vote in 2014 have been allowed to dominate all discourse around independence. That was also a serious mistake. A letter in today’s National (30th December) states that we are “Scots” in inverted commas and that we should not use alienating language. Well blow me down with a feather. The letter writer evidently does not understand that our sole claim to independence is by dint of our being Scots (not in inverted commas), and that, if we are not Scots living in Scotland, what the hell are we? That is why the cultural aspects of nationalism cannot be separated from the rest. Imagine putting “the English” in inverted commas or “the Germans” in inverted commas. What a cringing, subservient race we are. Our rights in international law attach to our nationality and our being members of the people who occupy the country called Scotland. We have no rights conferred by being subservient, because we are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and everyone should feel sorry for us, or because our big neighbour confers them out of the goodness of its heart. Our international legal rights are conferred by the UN Charter (human rights and self-determination), by the Treaty (an international agreement) and by any domestic agreements and legislation as are applicable.

        We have International rights to the territory called Scotland because we are Scots with no inverted commas, because we and the country called Scotland are indivisible. Otherwise, anyone can step in and take it from us (imperialist appropriation) or move in and take it over from us (colonialism). If we don’t know who we are and what is ours by birthright, no one else is going to give a damn. It is for those who come here and have received a welcome to try and fit around the national imperatives of Scotland, not the other way round. It is time we learned that vital lesson before we throw it all away.

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  14. Fireworks promised, fireworks delivered! The only correct course of action for the SNP in Westminster is, as you say, return all but a token number of MPs and announce that there will for a plebiscite in May. No ifs, no buts. The ISP are ready to take the places of Unionists in Holyrood, but it is imperative that the Scottish Government heads off the obvious reduction of their powers that is, I suspect, only days away. ScotGov needs to begin immediate talks with Ireland and Wales about forming an alliance of Celtic nations, and to stop talking to England until a deal is ready. Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening, so what is our, the Scottish people’s plan B?

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    1. I would like to see the new ISP state that they will put a mandate for actual independence in their manifesto and chalenge the SNP to do the same.

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  15. The SNP over the past six years, but especially the last 4.5 years have done nothing to increase support for independence. Lots of other people have though, especially with regards to currency and the economy, but the SNP chose to ignore rather than involve those people in a broad independence group, with the SNP being the political means to gaining independence. Unless that position within the SNP changes, I don’t see the SNP doing anything different that will make the next few years any different either. Helpfully Wishart has just made clear how likely that will be. The enemy within is always the biggest threat.

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  16. Great article, Iain, and so to the point. I would just ask: why is the SNPG not making more moves to take us to independence; why has the SNPG not been grasping every opportunity that has come its way to lead us to independence; and why does the SNPG effectively lie to its supporters and voting base on the reasons for not taking us to independence?

    We have explored the bum polishing of seats theory; we have chewed over the big fat salaries and easy ride theory; and we have sucked on the donut rock the boat because we need everyone board theory. Yet none of these actually explains, beyond the superficial why a party whose main policy, and whose raison d’être, is independence, has not regained our independence in circumstances that have been so propitious as to be a gift on a platter by the British State.

    That leaves collaboration, and I personally believe that there are those right at the heart of the SNPG who are collaborators with the British State, and it leaves fear of the future. These two together, I believe, are the principal reasons for the inertia. It is unthinkable for any sane or even reasonable person to reject the infiltration theory because the British State specializes in this method, has used it mercilessly in the past, and we need only look over to both Northern and Ireland proper to understand that. Secondly, instilling paralysing fear in its opponents is yet another of its specialities. In some colonies, far enough away and far enough removed from ‘Britishness’ as to be fair game, it has used the physical persuasion techniques to bring about that fear principle. In its ‘white colonies’ and its domestic colonies – us, the Irish and Welsh – it has abandoned the physical fear principle in favour of the psychological fear principle, which might be even more effective in the long term.

    The other matter, that is related to the other two, and that few will touch with a bargepole, but must be acknowledged if we are to move forward, is the fact that at the very least, around one quarter, probably more, of our voting population has rUK origins, and proved to be very resistant to persuasion in 2014. I am not saying that many rUK people have come to Scotland to make their home and are every bit – often more so – supportive of independence as we are, but we must bear in mind – if and when there ever is another indyref – that this particular group voted overwhelmingly against independence in 2014. In each lost PRE independence referendum in the past 50 years and more, all have been lost on the votes of those not born in the area trying to gain its independence (Quebec: the Anglophones; New Caledonia: the French settlers; Catalyuna: the Spanish state; Scotland: a combination of the minority Unionist Scots plus the minority rUK plus the minority EU. We have to acknowledge what happened or any sense of reality goes out of the window for next time, and that includes for a partially-plebiscitary election.

    I see no benefit in not acknowledging that fact and making our plans accordingly. It is, more than any other reason why I, personally, would much prefer a different route to independence than another indyref that will give this particular group, hostile to independence in Scotland, a second opportunity to vote against it again. I also believe that they are entitled to vote, to vote as they choose and that they should not be castigated unduly for their choice except insofar as that choice breaches international law as contained in the UN Charter, and breaches the Articles of the Treaty of Union.

    The Baltic States gave their Russian origin populations a choice: come with us as citizens of Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia, or return freely to Mother Russia because our independence is non-negotiable. I think, in the end, we are going to have to do the same. Most will stay, I believe, some will leave – as indeed, will be the case with Unionist Scots who cannot accept Scottish independence, but, again, the majority will stay. On independence, all should be treated equally, whatever their origins and offered Scottish citizenship, with full rights and privileges. No way could I ever support gradations or tiers of citizenship for anyone, wherever they come from. All should have their human and civil rights cemented into a new, written constitution.

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    1. I am certain there are those among the Malcontent posters on these sites who are “collaborators” with the British state. There are those, especially on Wings, who ARE the British state,


  17. Me Bungo Pony : You can’t see any point when independence was the settled will because there was no action, no campaign and no response to the media lies( except to bung them 3.5million quid and appoint the guy who wrote the vow).

    Nicola has failed because at many points an independence campaign would have won. The SNP just didn’t campaign. She is, at very best, economical with the truth, and unfit to lead (rhiannon, GRA , humza’s stasi bill etc.). She must go and hopefully soon.

    And we must rid our party of the tiny minority of very influential genderwoowoo clowns.

    Great article Ian

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    1. “Nicola has failed”!!! Last time I looked Indy was sitting at 58% in the polls and the SNP at over 50%. It’s a strange sort of failure. Malcontents appear to believe the best starting point for an Indy campaign is when you’re behind in the polls. Apparently that guarantees victory …. somehow.

      As I have said before, the SNP have to deliver Indy. Unlike the Malcontents who just moan about not getting the campaign they want (version differs between each and every Malcontent) when they wanted it. Though the point at which they wanted it is never really specified/explained.

      The SNP HAVE been campaigning for a YES vote. They have been doing it in an effective way that has seen hundreds of thousands of NO voters switch sides. They have done it by demonstrating that the Union doesn’t work for Scotland no matter what you do. They gave the UK govt every chance to do right by Scotland full in the knowledge that they would fail to do so. Had they not done so, Unionists would have just described the SNP as cheap opportunists, merely using Brexit to achieve their own indy ends, with no interest in doing what’s right for “most” Scots. Unionists would simply accuse them of not using the powers open to them under devolution to make things better for Scots and fight for a deal like Northern Ireland got. And with NO evidence to the contrary, there is little chance any where near as many Scots would now be backing Indy. The same with Covid. Actually doing things in our own best interests and subsequently getting better results (though still being adversely affected by being in the Union – especially so) has demonstrated (not just explained) the benefits of independence.

      Activists, even the likes of Common Weal, have been effectively talking to each other over the last few years. The vast bulk of the electorate are largely oblivious to the good work being done. What they do see, is the SNP giving devolution every chance to protect Scotland and thereby demonstrating its ineffectiveness. Actually demonstrating the benefits of Indy through actions in the real world rather than brow beating people with theories and opinions is by far the best way of achieving our goal. And it has worked …. in my opinion.


      1. I fail to get excited about polls when there is no plan to translate the Independence element into a actual result. As to how we got there while Nicola’s communication skills on Covid are obviously a factor there is also the stunning incompetence of the Tories at play here. A review of poll numbers in Wales for instance shows a similar boost during these times.

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  18. Good post. “Having very publicly promised that the SNP would not allow “Scotland to be dragged out of the Single Market against our wishes” and pledging our opposition to a No Deal. Asking for mandates and being granted mandate after mandate, they now lie unused and having spent four and a half years mouthing meaningless soundbites, including trying to “save” England from what they voted for, we now find ourselves tomorrow facing a vote in the Commons where our representatives have been ordered by the leadership to vote for a No Deal rather than the desperately poor deal on offer. It is quite unbelievable. The SNP voting for NO DEAL! Make no mistake that will be label attached to our actions if we put our own heads in the noose.” Thank you for that paragraph in particular.

    The SNP MPs should not be participating in this vote. They should get back to Scotland and start working towards a plebiscitary election in May 2021.

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  19. Spot on Iain – “It must be an Independence Manifesto, that is what Scotland wants. No Hate Crime Bill nonsense, no GRA or any of the convenient diversions some folk built their internal power bases on. Folk that in the main no longer prominently feature, having been the first casualties as the ordinary membership took the initial steps to reclaim their INDEPENDENCE Party back.“

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  20. absolutely superb, as are the comments.

    only by chance have I come across this blog. obviously I have missed many wise observations from you and your contributors.

    thank you.

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  21. Yes, yes and a thousand times yes. I too am sick of the “secret plan” nonsense. We aren’t in Narnia. this is real life and we are being truly screwed. The appalling response by Wishart today to a most reasonable suggestion was beyond the pale. The man has gone native. I’m so depressed because I can’t see a way forward that will win us our independence in my lifetime. Sturgeon and her cabal have robbed me of that opportunity – She really did mean “once in a lifetime”.

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  22. Just read Wings and the comments by Peter Wishart MP in response to a commentary by the respected Yesser and SNP member Dr Tim Rideout is an example of the arrogant cancer that sits in our party.

    More arrogant than New Labour before their collapse, and more arrogant than the most obnoxious Tory. Wishart truly is a piece of excrement that believes he has a god given right to be the MP for Perth. This guy, like so many of his ilk are no nationalists. Poo Ba’s of the British state they feed at the trough of public pay and faux importance.

    Read the guy’s response to Dr Tim, and then ask yourself is this the type of person you would want in the SNP or would vote for.

    But Wishart isn’t the only lush turncoat in town.

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    1. Not if it’s on Wings. I’ve no interest in going on that hotbed of fifth columnists. Lost all faith in the guy.


      1. What do you make of the complaints procedure against Alec Salmond MBP? Unfair, unlawful and tainted with apparent bias. if you don’t like wings over Scotland try out Gordon Dangerfield who is an Independence supporter.

        There was wrong doing there and anyone who has followed the issue knows it. The last thing those involved in that wrong doing want is a referendum because that wrong doing will be exposed for political advantage and the parties involved in that wrong doing will themselves be exposed.

        If that doesn’t worry you it should.

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      2. The procedure was flawed AB. The attempt by Malcontents to do the Unionists job for them by using it as an excuse to bring down the SNP govt and set Indy back decades is also “flawed” ….. not to mention downright suspicious and/or idiotic from a pro-indy standpoint.

        NO credible evidence of a conspiracy against Salmond has been provided. Nothing. Not even from Mr Dangerfield. Just innuendo, blind faith (in the wrong people) and wishful thinking. Anyone who thinks bringing down the Scottish govt on the back of this nonsense will somehow hasten independence is quite literally kidding themselves.

        PS Nice bit of reverse psychology there Cubby. Okay then, I’ll go to the Dangerfield blog since you seem to want me there. I know you love me really 😉.


    2. “This guy, like so many of his ilk are no nationalists. Poo Ba’s of the British state they feed at the trough of public pay and faux importance”.

      Are we talking about the “Malcontent-in-Chief”? A man who hasn’t had to do a days work in years but made a very nice living out of the pockets of his “loyal” devotees? A man who must dread every rise in the polls for Indy/SNP as it threatens that very comfortable existence? Who needs to fund a pro-indy blogger when your country is already independent? Is it any wonder that he has suddenly started advocating things he once derided and attacking the only Party and leader who can deliver independence?

      Do you see how easy it is to make such accusations no matter who they are made of and their actual veracity?


  23. Is it entirely fair to blame the SNP though for the lack of progress? When you look at it historically, when have political parties voted into power ever achieved independence from underneath the suffocating yoke of an imperial power? When you look at it historically it has been by a struggle of the whole people. Political parties and elected leaders have only ever been a part of it, not the whole of it.

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    1. I don’t get your reasoning Mairianna. You claim it is fair to blame the SNP then state there is nothing they could do about it. There is a flaw there.


      1. I said it was NOT entirely fair. I.e., it is party fair, partly not fair.

        I.e., yes, they could do some more, but are limited constitutionally by what they can do legally unless they have overwhelming support for something far bolder than to ask for another referendum which the UK government would agree to recognise the result of. That’s where the struggle of the people comes in. I’m not entirely convinced that the people yet support bolder action. But it is we, the people, who have to continue to make the struggle and convince the rest. We who read these blogs support bolder action, but we do not speak for the rest of our countrymen, only a section of them. We need to try to build an independence movement separate from the SNP or any party.

        I agree with other commentators that at some point confrontation with the UK government will become necessary.

        I have said before that post-2014 it was not possible for the FM to be three things simultaneously, be the FM, the leader of the SNP, and the leader of the independence movement, because 2014 was a watershed moment, and politics on this side of 2014 was a radically transformed political landscape. The indy ref was cathartic. It raised support but not sufficiently to succeed, only to divide and polarise the country.

        In that landscape I think it was right that the FM tried to govern in the interests of both sides, and temporise. She deserves respect for this. She runs a government, not a campaign. Unlike Trump or Johnson who have no interest in government as far as I can detect.

        However, I’m not sure she recognises that the baton charge for independence campaigning must now pass to others. Here I agree with those who criticise her, and especially the point Iain has just made, that she and the SNP should not be a brake on other independence campaigning. Which does beg the question, apart from saying she believes the S30 route to be the right one, how exactly has she been a brake on other campaigning?

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  24. The SNP leadership are totally useless. What is the point of Blackford and the rest of them being in Westminster.



  25. Pony, do something useful and count the number of likes you have got on all your posts in Iain’s blogs. I forecast you have not received one like ever. As you revel in trying to prove malcontents wrong – go on prove me wrong.


    1. Is that why you are here Cubby? To be “liked”?

      I’m not. I don’t expect to be “liked” on a largely Malcontent site. I’m here to put a counter view on things. Not to just parrot what everyone else on the thread says and call it debate.


  26. As Cirsium says above the SNP should not be in Westminster it is pointless. A mandate for independence should be in the SNP manifesto for May 2021.

    Sick of the current SNP leadership and their Groundhog Day of a promise of a referendum before every election.

    There is no secret plan in Sturgeons handbag just the knife she stabbed Salmond in the back with.

    There is no democracy for Scotland in the UK. There never has been. It was designed that way from the start in 1707.

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  27. The Westminster appeasers keep saying we cannae have a referendum because we would lose it and it will put the cause of independence back for years to come. Well the years have come and gone and will continue to come and go if the Westminster appeasers are still in charge of the SNP.

    It is better to have tried and failed than never tried at all. The Westminster appeasers are able to forecast the results of referendums that never took place in previous years but are unable to forecast when the winning referendum will happen.

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  28. “It is better to have tried and failed than never tried at all”.

    Easy for you to say. However, the SNP aren’t in this for the laughs and the thrill of the chase like you appear to be. They want to actually achieve independence from a position of strength and are burdened by the weight of expectation that they will deliver it. Opportunistic punts to “appease” Malcontents like yourself are not on their agenda thank goodness.

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    1. No some think they’re in it for the money, and who could disagree with them. AS for the SNP hierarchy (I believe many in the party want independence) they talk a good game on independence, especially when an election is in the offering.

      “Position of strength” oh please do insult us the SNP are skint the EC published their accounts we all know that, they’ve had four years of mucking around introducing loathed bills and attempting to frame an ex-FM and an ex-British ambassador the former to stop him returning to the political fray in Scotland, the latter to stop him on reporting on the first one.

      Of course the only thing folk like you have in your armoury is the polls are now regularly in the 50’s percentage wise, and that if we had held it earlier we’d have lost. Salmond left the polls on 45% all Sturgeon needed was a 6% swing Brexit gave her that or it was very close to giving her that over the last four years, she wasted our chance of achieving independence. Now Johnson has a huge majority and will keep saying no to an S30.

      Thankfully Mr Keatings is doing the job that the Scottish government should’ve done years ago on whether or not we need an S30,, instead they’ve attempted to hinder Mr Keatings at every turn, as has the Lord Advocate.

      No the SNP under Sturgeon and Murrell have failed miserably on the independence front, and the Scottish public are beginning to notice this. Its a terrible thing to say but if it wasn’t for the pandemic Sturgeon’s popularity would be at best average.

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      1. The “position of strength” I alluded to WAS the polls. The rest of your post was the usual Malcontent p*sh I’ve come to expect.

        (1) The “Get Salmond” (for some unknown reason) conspiracy …. [sigh]

        (2) ” …. all Sturgeon needed was a 6% swing. Brexit gave her that or it was very close to giving her that over the last four years”.
        Brexit gave Indy a very brief spike in the polls. It very quickly evaporated. Had they decided to opportunistically “go for it” (by some rarely specified mechanism) on the back of that, they would have had about a month to announce, organise and deliver a referendum/whatever before the polls went back to where they were. It would not have been possible and would have set Indy/SNP back many, many years had they even attempted it.

        (3) As for Keatings, as I’ve now said several times, the law is a crapshoot. You can’t guarantee the outcome and it very often turns out not to be to your advantage. Ask Rev Stu about that one. Indy is best left in the political rather than legal sphere.

        (4) If the “Scottish Public” were “beginning to notice this”, why are Indy/SNP so high in the polls? Again, it is just Malcontents confusing their own echo chamber with society as a whole. An echo chamber that is increasingly filled with the voices of those whose intent with regard to Indy is, at best, suspect.

        It is depressing to keep having to make these points to people who claim to be pro-indy and should be standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of me. I long for the days when I would debate the pros and cons of Independence with Unionists rather than have to endure this internecine “friendly fire”.


      2. “(1) The “Get Salmond” (for some unknown reason) conspiracy …. [sigh]”

        Sigh indeed as Gordon Dangerfield would say, a sigh that most likely will see Sturgeon resign some time in the New Year, as it will be shown that she’s broken the Ministerial Code.

        Malcontents, why would anyone be content with Sturgeon’s lack lustre performance on the indyfront since 2016 maybe the penny will drop why you need to keep on repeating your “Malcontent” approach to so many folk, we can’t all be wrong.

        I could describe yourself in some petty fashion for believing in Sturgeon’s approach on independence but I don’t see the point. Sturgeon’s actions on independence over the last four years speak for themselves.

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      3. We already know she has broken the ministerial code. That does not mean she has to resign. They were minor breaches which the code allows for as it recognises them as being almost inevitable. So long as they are not regular breaches, or the Minister/Party does not benefit from it, no action will be taken. Sorry to p*ss on the conspiracy parade but the reliance on the ministerial code to do for your bete noir just illustrates how weak the case against her is outside the echo chamber.


      4. I have read the Ministerial Code thoroughly but I missed the section that stated occasional breaches were permissible. Can you refer me to that section or is this the usual misrepresentation of the facts for the benefit of the great leader.

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      5. If I did not understand you I would regard this commentary as the start of the damage limitation campaign that up until now had been based on nobody doing anything wrong but which has morphed into ok she did, we all know that, but it is only a teeny weeny offence. What will next week’s message be I wonder?

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      6. I got my understanding of this “interpretation” of the code from interviews of boffins on TV. The “proof” of them is the fact we know she made these minor breaches, she has admitted to them (months ago), they have been widely reported and yet she is still in post.

        She unintentionally misled Parliament by saying she only found out about the allegations against Salmond three days after she was actually first informed of them. That was a breach of the code but as it was unintentional and she gained nothing from it, it is not considered serious. Similarly, she found out about those allegations through an unplanned meeting with Salmond’s PA in the Parliamentary buildings. Parliamentary buildings are not to be used for Party business so this was a breach of the code. However, from what was said by the afore mentioned boffins, it is accepted that such things are all but inevitable given the nature of modern politics and that few politicians would survive a Parliamentary term if they had to resign over it. So as long as it was not planned, it is not done repeatedly, and the “defendant” didn’t gain out of it, it is not considered serious.

        As I said, all this has been in the public domain for months. It is not news. If it was as serious as Malcontents want it to be she would have had to resign long before now.


      7. As I said Iain, it is from listening to the opinion of experts that leads me to my “justification”. As opposed to the subjective opinions of bloggers with an agenda. That and the fact she has not had to resign despite owning up to the breaches months ago. It is just a code, not law.


      8. I’m not sure why you are so keen to put names to this. I’m not one for committing the name of every person I see on TV to memory but I’m sure one of them was Brian Taylor. Is he part of the “Get Salmond” conspiracy too? Gosh!

        In 2009, during Alex Salmond’s tenure as FM, Tavish Scott asked him about an issue concerning funding for a charity. Salmond told him it was all settled. It turned out only assurances had been given, yet to be ratified, but the issue itself was only finally resolved about a week later. He was thus reported under the Ministerial Code. However, the powers that be decided “the First Minister’s comments were made in good faith” so no action was taken. He had not intentionally broken the Code.

        Is Sturgeon to be judged by different criteria to Salmond? If the answer to that is yes, then why has she not already gone as, as I’ve previously said, she has already owned up to the breaches months ago?


      9. I don’t see why Iain. You are allowing me to make my case and illustrate why Sturgeon is unlikely to go over the “breaches” of the Ministerial Code mentioned. I’ll give you another one.

        In September 2011, Salmond as FM hosted lottery winners, the Weirs, in Bute House. Days later they donated £1m to the Party. Labour complained that, as it was Party business and not govt business, Salmond had broken the Code. However, the powers-that-be (again) found that; “Any such visit is expressly permitted by the Scottish ministerial code provided no resources are used from the public purse. The tea and biscuits were provided from the first minister’s private resources stored in his apartment at Bute House”.

        So he was found to have not broken the Code. As Sturgeon apparently did not provide so much as Rich Tea Biscuit during her impromptu meeting with Salmond’s PA, it is hard to see why she should have to resign over it when Salmond didn’t. And again I ask, if she has already admitted to it months ago, why is she still in place if they are as “heinous crimes” as Malcontents desperately claim them to be?

        And where is the “smearing”? All I’ve done is illustrate the paucity of the Malcontent case with examples that also highlight a potential hypocritical “blind spot” in their reasoning. I have, and always will have, a great respect for Alex Salmond. The only way I would even consider voting for one of the pop-up list parties is if he led it. Using examples where he was cleared of any wrong-doing is hardly “smearing” and could only be viewed as such by those determined to find fault whether it exists or not.


  29. @Me Bingo Pony: you seem to have sources of information the rest of us don’t. The SNP you describe is not one that I recognise.

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    1. You just don’t want to recognise it peakcrew. That’s what happens when you allow your opinions to be dictated by people whose motives are …. suspect.


      1. Maybe? I read widely on indy matters, including blogs that are more supportive of the SNP, and others that aren’t. I’m not against the SNP, and I know that it is the best vehicle in the foreseeable future for a political solution to ending the union. However, I am perfectly capable of coming up with my own opinions, and I don’t see this wonderfully orchestrated party that is just waiting for its chance to announce that it has been playing a long game and that it has the undefeatable strategy for independence. Leaving aside the issue of polls, it has failed numerous chances to cement the idea of Brexit being bad for Scotland in the minds of the undecided. It has made policy decisions that do not represent the views of the electorate, rendering it either a laughing stock or a threat to liberty and safety, depending on who you ask. It has made enough bad decisions over the Salmond enquiry and the accounts that it looks very dodgy to people who pay more than cursory attention.

        I am on the fence at the moment, because, as I said above, the SNP are the best opportunity for a political (and, therefore, peaceful) way to get what you and I and everyone else here wants – an independent Scotland – but what the party dies in the next few weeks to capitalise on the huge advantage they now have is key to my continuing support. I wish I could be more confident, and Joanna Cherry is increasing my confidence a little, but without either a huge change of direction in the current leadership, or a change of the upper echelons of the party, I don’t know that i can continue to support it. If you know something I don’t, please let me know, because blind faith isn’t cutting it.

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  30. Great article Iain straight from the heart, you’ve said what many of us are also thinking, that there’s no secret plan for indy by Sturgeon.

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