After the latest block by the Scottish Government to allowing any of Alex Salmond’s evidence to be presented to the Inquiry, in absolute horror at the dishonesty and injustice of it I resolved that I could no longer vote SNP in May, after 35 years of doing so at every election.

Over the weekend I have had time to reconsider as I recognised this would make it impossible to support George Adam in that contest and that would be hugely unfair on George because he deserves that vote. Why? Because he is a fine MSP, hardworking and he represents our town very well. He has also been a friend for decades as is his wife Stacey who always supports George to her fullest ability. It is a good deal for Paisley, a two for one offer as they both love this town, and our football team and devote their lives to making both better. St Mirren in 6th place suggests its working!

So I will vote SNP with my constituency vote. I will not vote SNP with my list vote because I have no wish to throw it away needlessly. I don’t know yet what I will do with it but I do know that at the last election the SNP did not get a single list seat in this region and with the polls being better this time round the chances of winning one with SNP list votes is as close to nil as possible. I would rather use it to reduce the chances of a unionist MSP getting elected unnecessarily.

I find the debate over list voting quite simple to understand. Both votes SNP is undoubtedly the best tactic for the SNP. They don’t want voters to think they can advance Independence by voting for anyone else other than the SNP. They think they have a monopoly on Independence. To be fair they have had, until now! This election has the potential to be very different. Both votes SNP is good for the SNP but not so much for Independence is a growing realisation amongst the electorate.

Now on the constituency vote the SNP are safe, there is no time to build a pro Independence alternative this time round. If there was I would think it could happen. The SNP under Nicola Sturgeon has lost its way, promoting dangerous policies above the issue that was the driving force of the .Party, Independence. People have lost trust. Nicola has also lost the plot sacking or not utilising her most effective MP’s and replacing them with people of much lesser ability. She seems concerned only in defending and promoting a motley crew of biology deniers while ignoring their destructive and divisive effect on the rest of the Party. Then there is the missing money? Where is it? Weeks pass, if there was a genuine explanation I would have thought we would have heard it by now. We haven’t, so it is increasingly likely that both the ring fence and the almost 600k is gone. It is going to be difficult to convince people to donate again, in advance of the May election if this “mystery” has not been resolved in advance.

There are some pro Indy alternatives available on the list although none as yet seem viable, lacking both the credible leadership and finances to compete effectively to become the recognised opposition. A potential goal for a serious list Party with the right leadership and finances could make that happen.

The fact that we are discussing the prospects of other pro Independence parties developing would have been unheard of in all the post WW2 years of the SNP’s history until now. It is a measure of the SNP failure to drive on with Independence that there are already several pro Indy parties emerging. Fans of the Nicola can do no wrong faction might like to consider why this development of new pro Indy parties emerging has only happened under her leadership, when all previous SNP leaders, going back decades, never once ever faced this type of problem. Why is it happening now? What has gone wrong are good questions to ask?

Folk are realising that being handed the leadership when the SNP were riding a wave, with membership over 100k plus, the unionist opposition in tatters, the Independence Movement has been moving backwards ever since. It has been a strategy free period, devoid of any effective tactics, all energies devoted to staying in power in a risk free environment where the repackaging of the discredited S30 option into a new, more fancy 11 point presentation, cannot disguise the rotting carcass of the original proposal inside. It has no chance of ever being delivered but the pretense goes on. It has to, she has nothing else. Her focus is based on gender politics, that is her priority, alongside introducing major centralizing powers that kick ordinary members and branches into the sidelines, stuffing the NEC with her range of minority interests who have no interest in Independence but have a very determined alternative policy platform of issues that are anathema to the bulk of the membership.

Nobody, including me denies that her communication skills are excellent, her management is confident and effective, all important as a First Minister but as the head of a radical movement seeking Independence she has major weaknesses. Firstly she is far too busy, she has far too much on her plate to devote the time and energy required to fill that role. It is far too important a role than to have it in the hands of a part timer, even if I could be persuaded to believe it was her abiding ambition to deliver Independence.

Meantime her husband has failed to make the improvements in party organisation that have been required to handle the huge influx of new members. Now, as the membership is rapidly reducing in the face of a major reaction from the membership over increasing concerns about corruption and dishonesty, considerable anger over how Alex Salmond has been treated, the NEC VOTE to take control of the number one spot in every region of the country reserving the places for Bame/ Disabled candidates and the Self ID MOVES on gender and disablement, accompanied by the sacking of Joanna Cherry and now Neale Hanvey, that level of dissatisfaction amongst members is increasingly apparent and growing.

Nicola the infallible has lost control and is displaying serious bad judgement, making a panicky video over a handful of youngsters crying over their cereal while ignoring the tens of thousands, many of them long term members and funders of the Party that have left, unnoticed by the leader.

I got a phone call from a MSP when I was in the middle of writing this article. He/she had read me saying I was not going to vote SNP with my first vote. He/she was phoning to remind me Nicola Sturgeon was not the SNP and I should not let her actions stop me voting for the Party that I had supported for decades. His/her exact words were “the SNP will be here long after Nicola Sturgeon has been and gone”.

He/she was right, opposition against the actions of the leader should not stop me supporting a Party that includes so many good people but let me be clear my support for the SNP in May is because of those other people and the cause of Scottish Independence. It is not for Nicola Sturgeon and her gender based agenda, nor her Hate Crime Bill or her centralizing agenda at the expense of the ordinary membership. The fact that I need to keep that MSP contact secret tells you everything you need to know about Nicola’s siege mentality and her fondness for sacking people who do not fawn at her every word. By the way George Adam had no knowledge I was writing this article either before his neck is on the chopping block as well.

Things are very difficult for Nicola Sturgeon at the moment but they are as nothing to winning in May then continuing the do nothing strategy on Independence. If she tries that then her end will have become very close indeed. We deserve better.

I am, as always

Yours for Independence.

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  1. Great post, I suppose you have hit every nail on the head. I agree the SNP is not ALL about Sturgeon, but what I don’t understand is, why.? Have the likes of the MSP who called you, not spoken up about what she is doing, because their silence does make them complicit in her very actions. Surely the whole political party. MPs & MSPs, Along with the members can stop her, force her out along with her sneaky toad of a husband. IF it can’t be sorted by the people we vote into Parliament as MSPs or MPs, then to vote HER & the cabal she has surrounded herself with. Will just give her another 5 yrs of power. And allow the new U.K. GOV in Scotland to finally take over. When someone accuses me of letting the TORIES in, if I don’t vote SNP. I can scream, because the TORIES are already here, allowed in by the inactions of Sturgeon, & her refusal to use any of the mandates she begs for at every election..I just feel let down by so many within that party now. It is knowing who to trust, IF anyone at all..

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  2. You are fortunate, Iain, that you have an MSP that you can trust. I don’t know much about mine. Over the last few days I have been considering writing to her to say I cannot give her my vote unless she speaks out against what is happening in the SNP.

    In the absence of any alternative, it looks like I may just submit a blank ballot paper.

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    1. I am in a similar situation as the choice on the Constituency vote is between an SNP candidate who seems to have been involved in the plan to remove Alex Salmond from public life and a possible Green, whom I cannot vote for because of their stance on Gender identitiy. I will probably spoil the first paper and vote ISP on the list.
      I feel completely betrayed by the current state of politics in Scotland and am not hopeful as to what will happen if there is not a majority vote for Independence in May, still less of enough MSP’s prepared to push for that and challenge Westminster.

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  3. Face a similar dilemma in that my MSP is a good guy who I’ve known nearly all of my long life but will not get my vote as long as Ms Sturgeon remains leader
    This lady has no interest in independence as your blog clearly states and her self-interest and ego know no bounds
    She needs to be out sooner rather than later to remove the stench of corruption and allow people to vote in comfort

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  4. My husband has been saying for some considerable time that independence was being kicked into the long grass by Nicola. I wasn’t so sure but my comment to him every time he said it was that if she didn’t get independence for Scotland, if she stopped trying to achieve it then there would be a great many people who would never forgive her. I’m sad to say I now think we were both right.

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  5. My MSP – decent human being – supports the GRA and Hate Crime Act. I cannot in all conscience vote for them. If the election was held tomorrow I would have to write an anti GRA and Hate Crime comment on my ballot paper. It would also represent a protest against everything that has gone wrong with the SNP in recent years. How desperately sad a situation is this?

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    1. Agree completely Grouser, exactly my position.
      I too will be spoiling my constituancy vote. If I genuinely thought the SNP would in fact deliver independence I might reconsider but it’s just a carrot to buy five more years in power.
      GRA and draconian Hate Crime bill here we come with SNP.
      Well not in my name.

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  6. I’d reconsider voting for the SNP on the constituency ballot IF the candidate had the gonads to speak out against the “corruption and dishonesty” taking place. So far – silence is golden, golden.

    Everything you say about Nicola Sturgeon is exactly why she shouldn’t be anywhere near Bute House and I’m damned if I’ll be partly responsible for her and her hubby being kept in the style they’ve become far too accustomed to for my liking.

    Hopefully there’ll be an “independent” candidate on the ballot who sees indy as the top priority. If so, that’s who I’ll be voting for even if they’re a complete no-hoper, just as I voted SNP many times when they were a long way behind in third place. “Principles” is the word I believe.

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    1. It just occurred to me: much has been made in the past about NS not receiving her full salary & donating her pay rise to charity (or handing it back to the government) – something she learned from AS, it should be noted – but this is so much easier to do when your husband is earning a(n undisclosed) six figure sum as well. Amazing how generous the rich can be while remaining rich…

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      1. It earlier occurred to me Robertson promised £60k to charity and didn’t pay up

        On the other hand the late former Presiding Officer Alex Ferguson promised his pension to local charity around £130K and did (i stand to be corrected on that)

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  7. I fail to see the logic in the article, although in my case the MSP is in my opinion a piece of trash before I’ve voted for the party and not him.
    What has happened over the Sturgeon reign is the branch officers or sycophants do her bidding without question.
    So to vote for Sturgeon New Party, compromises MY principals that I’m not prepared to do
    Kurikat make mention of them letting the tories in, as they say there are NOT
    Sturgeon has
    As I have previously posted if the Lego Hod Carriers Party have a candidate, I’ll vote for them
    I’ll retain my integrity

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  8. Good article Ian and you have certainly made some very good points, however while I would have found it too difficult to even hold my nose and vote for them I have another reason for not giving them my vote, I do believe they will win in May but I think it will benefit us more if they do so only by a minority,.
    if we can get even 10 seats in Holyrood and even if they are split between the ISP and AFI and I would hope we could do better than that then we can create a situation where the SNP have to rely on these votes to get (or not get) policies/budgets passed, I say this because I believe the greens will also lose seats in May which means these other indy MSPs can push the SNP to move on Indy as well as hold them to account,

    Of course these new MSPs would have to be the right people and ideally with say Alex Salmond leading one of them.
    I often imagine a scenario where if by chance Sturgeon survives the enquiry only to then have to stand in Holyrood on a daily basis having to face her mentor, well to my mind anyway that would be such sweet revenge for Alex.
    I also believe one or either of these parties should be challenging the SNP on certain constituency seats by people standing as Independents, as Martin Keatons is doing in my constituency, he’s standing under the AFI but independently, sadly only on the region though or he would have received my first vote and ISP 2nd.
    Saying this I do wish they would all get together and make one strong party which would be better all round, as it is, the vote is going to be split between them all but then we’ve never been too great in Scotland at doing the right thing, we’ve always been our own worst enemies.

    So anyway as it stands right now I couldn’t vote SNP, of course things could happen that could change my mind, like Sturgeon being gone and the right person replacing her or of course the thing that to mind mind a party serious about indy would be doing and that’s making the election a plebiscite, that more than anything convinces me that the SNP are not the party of independence because I can’t believe this is not the option they are going for, it’s the safest and quickest option and we know is the way many other countries got their independence, I honestly do not want us to go down the ref road, I believe that is just asking for trouble but what do I know.
    So for now I’ll be abstaining on the first vote and using my list vote wisely. without a plebiscite there is not much option and a mistake that I believe will cost us indy for a decade at least if not for ever, of course in the meantime Westminster will be working hard behind the scenes to ensure Holyrood is rendered powerless so all ive just said might well prove to be meaningless anyway. wha’s like us eh?

    Actually having read that back and being too lazy to cut most of it out I’ll say only this, if Mays election is not a plebiscite then in my opinion the dream will indeed be over.

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    1. Helen, Alex Salmond’s assertion that “The dream shall never die!” is perfectly true. However, it is a dream and we need to make the dream a reality.

      As I have mentioned in previous threads, I have zero confidence in my own MSP who is a Sturgeon groupie. I’m glad Iain has a MSP in whom he can have confidence, but sadly that is not the case for so many of us.

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    2. “if Mays election is not a plebiscite then in my opinion the dream will indeed be over.”

      The only Scottish independence party supporting a plebiscite election on independence is Solidarity. I would suggest that the total List vote could be used by any indy party as a plebiscite on independence and to have that in its manifesto and possibly also printed where you make the cross. If there is a majority vote in favour then it would be clear that a majority of Scots have indeed voted for independence in a national plebiscite and that may then be taken to the UN for recognition.

      Solidarity stated that:

      ““If the SNP hierarchy is serious about independence, they can simply recognise that, include it in their Election Manifesto, and if a majority vote for Independence supporting Parties, then independence can be declared and an application to the UN can be made for international recognition. It’s that simple”! “Anything less is not good enough”!”

      If Solidarity are the only party who will commit to an independence plebiscite election in their manifesto then I will vote for them.

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      1. They won’t do that, Alf. Have you noticed the change of attitude in The National? The FM thinks she can hang on, despite all that’s happened, but only the GRA Reform and the Hate Crime Bills will be in the Manifesto. Independence is off the menu even as they say it is on it. If it wasn’t, they would be exploring every avenue, opening every door to see if there is a chink of light, but they are not. When she made the video, she was nailing her colours to the mast.

        She and her coterie are neoliberal capitalists and Scotland will be opened up, via this ordure, to corporate America. When you have huge corporations supporting Stonewall and its affiliated organizations,, you know something is very wrong. You either have to believe that it is all about a small minority over the majority and everyone has been captured by this madness (some definitely have and show al the signs that those captured by the M*****s cult used to display: a very real cognitive dissonance) or we have to delve deeper to see what it is about.

        I believe that it is about destabilizing our society (and all others in the West, initially, before moving on to other less open parts of the world) to open it up to a new wave of predatory capitalism, just as the Iraq and Syrian wars were, just as what caused the 2008 crash was. I’m not trying to claim that there is a small bunch of people – rich, white men – who have sat down and planned all this, just that capitalism has its own momentum and comes in waves, and society is usually in a state of flux, ripe for the picking, when the next one comes along. How the rich, white men react is that they see the opportunities for themselves and help things along.

        All kinds of shields and smokescreens and useful idiots blind us to what is happening until it is too late. Think about it: we are entering an age of anti science, anti biology and Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Big Tech are all slavering at the mouth and financing groups like Stonewall which is infiltrating even our schools. Stonewall is probably too stupid to realize that it is being used, or doesn’t care just so long as its insane ideology is pushed through. Twitter bans people who raise any objections. The MSM is completely biased and denounces journalists who are questioning the orthodoxy.

        I, too, will vote SNP in the Constituency, but ISP in the List. The SNP should not have it all their own way.

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      2. Alf,
        I agree with you , the SNP manifesto for the May election should be a one sentence statement. ‘Vote SNP and if a majority of SNP MSPs are elected the SNP will take that as a mandate to negotiate independence with the Westminster government.’ Or words to that effect.
        But that will not happen. It should have happened in the 2017 GE. That was the the perfect time. A year after Brexit, Scotland voting to Remain. 2014 Pledge broken. Tory government with one Scottish Tory MP. The SNP were entitled to use that GE as a plebiscite, but they chose not to. Why?
        I think the SNP under the present leadership realise the vision of an independent Scotland is unobtainable. They dont believe in it any longer. The mess that is Brexit has confirmed their doubts. They see the disaster of Brexit and it scares them. And they are right.
        They are never going to admit that, obviously. How can they?
        Scotland had its chance in 2014. We never took it. I often wonder how many life long nationalists became political cynics in the months after 18.09.2014? I wonder how many of my fellow Scots were, like me were angry and then ashamed of their country?
        Remarkably in 2017 their was a chink of light, a number factors unexpectedly aligned themselves. In the EU referendum Scotland voted decisively to Remain in Europe but England and Wales voted to Leave. No one predicted that result. And then Theresa May called a snap GE (to win a majority to force Brexit through). That was the time to use an election as a referendum in Scotland. A one statement manifesto. The SNP were entitled to, they even had the pathetic ‘Pledge’ signed by all three UK parties to wave in their faces. I believe that had the SNP done this it would have received a massive majority especially in a first past the post vote.
        As we know that didnt happen. The present leadership decided a long time ago to go down the road of a second referendum. In fact I think just before the GE in June of 2017 the SNP introduced a completely unenforceable useless motion at Holyrood about future Scottish governments being committed to the second referendum road map. (please correct me if I am wrong on the detail here.).
        The point I am trying to make here is the present SNP leadership are using the ‘second referendum’ demand as a tool to kick independence into the savannah.
        They are dodging it, their raison d’être. There is no chance that the May elections will be used as a plebiscite by the SNP. Of course if the present leadership has been replaced by then…………………………………
        Who cares? I dont.

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      3. Lorna, if Solidarity or any party includes in its manifesto that this national election is a plebiscite on independence then that is good enough for me. If a majority of Scots voted for independence and Tommy Sheridan and any other indy party leaders took that majority to the UN for their recognition of an independent Scottish state then that is good enough for me. It does not matter who sits in the UK’s devolved set-up at Holyrood – a majority vote in favour of independence is what is important.

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      4. I’m with you on this Alf, they will struggle to get that many candidates standing I imagine, but if they have one round my bit – on that manifesto – I’ll have no problem lending them my vote. All the people that say they ‘hold their nose’ to vote SNP, should also have no problems holding their nose for another, more productive, party too.


  9. One thing is certain, if the SNP do not do well in May, the independence cause will be set back. To not vote for the SNP at least in the constituency vote, is madness. Principles should be devoted to sorting out the SNP afterwards and that should be the message Nicola gets.

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    1. “if the SNP do not do well in May, the independence cause will be set back. ”

      That is not necessarily the case. See my response above to Lorna.

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  10. Cracking post, Iain, and one I find myself in complete agreement with. Until I read the comments, which I also entirely agree with!

    NS & PM are not the SNP. But how do we get rid of them & the toxic legacy they will leave behind when the inevitably leave their respective posts? It appears that the MSPs & MPs have very little power or standing within the party & we’ve all seen that the membership & branches have no power at all anymore. So how do we save our party?

    I’ve always voted SNP but only joined in 2014 after the referendum. I left again in 2017 in protest. Peter Bell’s blog from the other day had me considering rejoining simply so that I’d be in a position to vote for NS’s replacement but I don’t know if I can bring myself to give the current SNP any money or apparent support.

    I’m torn between wanting to support Kenny Gibson (who, like George Adam, is someone I can respect personally) & thinking that the best thing that can happen to the SNP (& potentially the independence movement as a whole) is that they lose & are forced into a serious rethink. If we vote for the ‘good guys/gals’ how do we stop that vote being counted as support for NS & her gang?

    And how can we be sure that the ‘good guys/gals’ really are ‘good’ when virtually none of them have spoken up against the current direction of the SNP? I know that there is the reality that speaking out against NS comes with serious risks (that alone should alarm everyone) & that keeping the head down for now allows someone the opportunity to fight another day but I’m increasingly less accepting of this line of reasoning. At some point if you don’t make a stand you become complicit & I’m thinking that the ‘point’ was some time ago.

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  11. Somewhat off topic and perhaps small beer in the scheme of things but what is the SNP doing about the abolition of the Saltire on Scottish number plates to be replaced by UK and Union Jack flag with NI exempt? They did nothing about driving licences with the Union Jack.

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    1. I already have a saltire & the EU flag sticker on my number plates. I’m not planning on removing them, but I might just have to buy some more in anticipation of a new car sometime in the next 5-10 years or so.

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  12. My sentiments exactly.
    The destruction being wreaked on the party through the actions of a small but vocal body of biology deniers is frightening.
    This tail wagging the dog situation is untenable and must be set aside.
    I too will support the SNP candidate to keep the push for independence front and centre. The list vote will go to whichever indy candidate presents as the most credible individual.


  13. If the SNP do not object effectively to the imposition of the Union Flag on cars and it is left to individuals to take action we can do something. I bought small sticky saltires and put one on my driving licence over the Union Flag and I put two on my new passport just under where it says BRITISH PASPORT. It is possible to buy sticky saltires to put over the Union Flag on car number plates.

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    1. I too have ordered stickers but is that what we have come to – a sticking plaster nation? If our Scottish Government cannot defend what we want on car number plates, heaven help us and bang goes yet another marker of our Scottish identity and nothing is done.

      The Tories are simply walking all over us day in day out. Perhaps we should revert the name to Scottish Executive instead of Scottish Government – Billy Connolly’s “wee pretendy government”.

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  14. Great post, Iain, tinged also with a degree of sorrow.

    Your post had me almost regretting my recent rant against George, Mhairi and Gavin, however I cannot, in my heart, regret what I said about any of them. I don’t know either of them personally, although Gavin did indeed visit me at my home in 2019 and I’ve bragged in the past of being paired-up with Mhairi in, I think, 2015 when leafleting. Yes, I’ve bragged about that, like an impressionable teen, and that’s how much it meant to me at the time.
    I loved this party, as dearly as I loved my country etc, etc – we all know the passion – but if my very brother were the MSP for Paisley at this time, with a clear conscience and with absolutely no guilt, I could not vote for him now.
    Perhaps it’s true the SNP will be here long after Nicola Sturgeon has gone, perhaps, but she’s not gone, is she? She’s very much here, big-time, and right now the SNP Tzars would have to send me to the Siberian Salt Mines to shut me up.

    There’s still support for Sturgeon within the party, and there appears to be a conveyor belt of bogus – and powerful – individuals ready to replace her the instant she’s stopped/arrested; why would I support that? Why would I support a party fronted by Angus Robertson, its ranks filled by the likes of Pete Wishart, Kirsty Blackman, James Dornan and George Adam? George Adam? how am I so cock-sure he’s one of ’em? I’m not. I haven’t a clue if he’s as bogus as the rest of them or not, not knowing his stance, not knowing his views, not knowing if he’ll wheesht for indy or work to rid ourselves of the rot.
    I expect you to support George, Iain, knowing him as a friend, but I don’t know the man as a friend, I know him as SNP MSP for Paisley. Similarly, Roddy MacLeod will vote for his friend, Tom Arthur, but big Tom’s already slapped Roddy – and his constituents – in the face by recently, and publicly, pinning his personal colours to the mast, as has Gavin Newlands, my own MP.

    I’ve supported Scottish independence from the beginning of my life, voted for no other party since my first vote, and why I became (was) a member of the party. My elderly mother had never previously cast any vote at any time in her life, at any election – I urged her to vote Yes in Alex Salmond’s referendum. I also urged her to vote for the SNP in 2015 when she was barely able to walk across her living room – she made it to that polling station, mostly for me: what should I tell my old ma’ now? Oops, sorry, ma’ – I gave you a bum-steer? I’m beyond disgusted, past being sick to my stomach by them. I detest that party, Iain. I detest them.

    The party’s rank-rotten. I don’t know how many vipers are in the nest and I don’t care a tuppeny-damn. That party get none of my votes in May.
    One final point; Joanna Cherry’s also pinned her colours to the mast (I respect that woman so much) as has Angus Brendan – these are the Scots for our times – I trust these people.

    Thanks for all your work, Iain.

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  15. “ He/she was phoning to remind me Nicola Sturgeon was not the SNP and I should not let her actions stop me voting for the Party”

    Genuine question Ian, has he/she spoken out publicly in defence of Joanna Cherry and/or against the GRA, HCB, Salmond stitch up or do they “wheesht for Indy”?

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  16. There may be good MSPs. There undoubtedly are. And you Iain may have one in George Adam.

    But not all constituencies have good MSPs. Some are soft on independence, some are just in for the pay and perks, whilst others as Sturgeon has shown, are absolute fifth columnists. And so no one, absolutely no one should misunderstand the rotten stinking shell of of a once great party that the SNP has become.

    Who let this happen Iain. Who let the NEC be taken over. Who allowed the members to be disconnected. Who allowed the NEC to change the constitution like a prostitute changers their knickers. Who stifled debate, who allowed Sturgeon to do what she has done, and is still doing .

    Where are the voices of the great and good MSPs who sat quietly comfortable taking the money whilst Surgeon and her coterie undermined, and still undermine, everything we have all striven for.

    Below is a link to a forensic piece by solicitor advocate Gordon Dangerfield. I challenge everybody to read it. The scale of Sturgeon’ s vile vicious mendacious behaviour is clear to see. What Iain, save for a few honourable exceptions, have our great and good done about this, save trough for Scotland.

    Yes we have some good guys, and some gals too. Yes there is now a fight back. But what of our elected representatives. The sleeping slumber, the troughers trough, and they, as much as the Sturgeon gang, have brought our party to its knees in a rotten failed state.

    So please can folks maybe read Gordon Dangerfield, and then ask themselves why would they vote for an SNP candidate who can support such a thoroughly rotten party. Time the good guys stood forward.

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  17. excellent post, which I shall now read more thoroughly. just thought I would like to say that I am well pleased that not only are you blessed with a real SNP MSP but also, I am extremely pleased to see things are improving in my home town and that the Saints are (for them) on a high.

    onwards and upwards for the town, the team and your SNP man.

    like you, I shall grit my teeth for SNP, one more time but, will use my list vote for a true raison d’etre indy list party.

    more strength to your elbow.


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  18. Up until the last 10 days I would have voted for SNP on both ballots, as I have in all Holyrood elections to date. My view has always been that ‘both votes SNP’ maximises the mandate. Whilst I understand how d’Hondt/AMS works my view was that the seats then take care of themselves in terms of forming an SNP majority.

    That is you would have an SNP democratic ‘triple lock’ victory:

    1) majority in constituency popular vote
    2) majority in regional popular vote
    3) majority of parliamentary representatives

    No longer!

    If I were to cast my ballot for the SNP on the region then I would be implicitly endorsing the gerrymandering of the lists. I am all for fairness and equality but this must not result in the grossly disproportionate over-representation of ANY group. (It should, of course, be based on the merits and demerits of individual candidates as per democracy – a seemingly old fashioned idea according to the current upper echelons of the SNP but there you go). It also leaves the lists open to manipulation by the unscrupulous as, in the case of disabled, any potential candidate can “self-identify”.

    My constituency candidate in Edinburgh Southern (in the Deep South, Ian Murray Country, the Heart of Darkness – take your pick) is a former constituency worker for Joanna Cherry whom she considers as her mentor. So she gets my vote.

    I’m not too fond of the Greens as they have a huge biology denying segment as well.

    It’s a bit of a dilemma really.

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  19. Only words i disagree with is
    ‘her management is confident and effective’.
    Confident yes.
    If you mean effective in achieving her narrow goals then yes but not much else.
    The only achievement i can think of is making sure the SNHS is in good shape.
    I am sure there must be other minor achievements but nothing major springs to mind.

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  20. As someone who delivers groceries for a living around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire who supports Scottish independence and has done for a long time I am getting a bit fed up of independence supporters fighting with each other rather, as Indy Truck Davy would say keeping the ‘Eyes on the Prize’ and Davie PHD says we need to stop grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Having the opportunity to travel around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire I find, regardless of agreeing with her politics, they believe she has handled this Covid 19 pandemic well and we need a majority voting for independence when the time comes, not independence supporters fighting with each other, unionists must be loving this.

    Regards, Peter Ovenstone


      1. You’re correct,she has in effect followed Johnson, Odd thought but bear with me,there is no reason why she couldn’t shut Scotland /England one.Who really would it have inconvenienced? Those in the south
        Honestly that’s about it
        Controlling the movement of people controls the spread, I see a certain irony in the last statement,
        Sever restriction were imposed in the Foot and Mouth , it would only be an extension of that I’m making light of the matter But it wouldn’t be hard to do
        Consider sever ice and snow , roads get closed all over Scotland, that type of quantity of road equals the quantity in the border area more or less simple logistic management
        As for the those that breached the border restrictions, I’m sure some charges could be brought,and again irony surfaces,
        A slight flaw would be the locals would be able circumvent “road blocks” in the way NI/Ireland did
        Why do I think the New Border Reivers??

        Johnson should have closed the UK border in late November/December 2019, I doubt we wouldn’t be in the condition we are in today , if he had

        Of course their egos gets in their way


  21. Surely the way to get rid of the problem is to vote them out therefore the constituancy where her seat is the govanhill area which i beleive she has hardly had any surgeries their therefore its up to them to vote hert out if they wish.

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    1. I would bet she is also on the list.
      She is a sleekit one
      After all R.Sturgeon placed to control North Ayrshire Council and failed
      Backed by the Gibsons (K&P….Not W)


      1. Sturgeon will only be on the list RM, or at least at the top of the list if she certifies as a BAME.

        That was what her clique managed to gerrymander Four regions where it’s BAME only for the top of the list and four regions for disabled.

        And do you think many would waste a second vote for a self certified Klingon. Yes, it is an ethnicity. There’s a lot now in the SNP who classify as Klingons.

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  22. I am not an SNP member, I do not know my local SNP MSP very well, and I agree with you about the weakness in the SNP illustrated by the terrible treatment of Alex Salmond. But I am determined to get independence for Scotland so I will vote SNP with my constituency vote, and because I do n to wish to waste my regional vote I will vote for an Independence supported, probably Action for Independence, with my Regional vote. This problem in the SNP is not about personalities it is deeper and more serious. However it is something that can be sorted later the first objective is to get a strong or indy parliament, the second is to get a majority for independence registered not just in a poll but at a referendum. The we can address Nicola Stergeon’s husband and the others who are destroying the SNP.


  23. In Westminster the men in grey suits would visit their leader and tell her it is time to leave the stage. I suppose in Scotland this grim duty will be left to men in dresses.

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  24. I understand your reasoning Iain, and everyone has the right to vote for whomever they want for whatever reason.

    I’m assuming your MSP is one of the ones that has done nothing to try and remove Nicola Sturgeon, and still supports her? In which case, nothing will change, and the SNP carry on along the same corrupt path.

    There is no recourse for the grassroots membership to change the leadership, and the parliamentarians are mostly steadfastly refusing to do so – despite the obvious political and reputational damage she’s doing to the party and the independence movement.

    I am going with my principles on democracy, and cannot support the SNP in any shape or form. If it was a bit of shenanigans, and we got independence out of it – I wouldn’t be too bothered, but outright corruption in office and no foreseeable hope of independence? I won’t be bending my principles for that. If the SNP has ‘a lot of good people’ it would be nice to see a demonstration of that – they may all be hard workers and good for their constituents, but that isn’t worth so much when our country is being systematically reduced to rubble by their leadership. All I see is endless abuse or obliviousness of/to independence supporters, not representation, on constitutional matters.

    Sorry about the negativity – I’ve made up my mind, I think the SNP would be best off getting hollowed out and reduced to the same manageable size as some of the new parties, so I’ll not be making any more (political) opinions on the SNP after this, I doubt there is anything that could be done before May to restore any of my trust in them. They’ve set us back years.

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    1. Too right Contrary.

      People get excited when you talk about Nazis but there is a similar analogy. You know the Nazi Party special police and prosecutors are lifting political dissidents, homosexuals and Jews and incarcerating them in labour camps.

      But the Nazis are the beet party to put the country back on their feet. So, do you hold your nose and vote for them hoping it will get better. No it won’t and that I suspect is exactly the point you are making Contrary. And that is why I as a near forty year member will not for the first time ever be voting SNP.

      We need real SNP candidates or real other independence candidates. Voting SNP most certainly will not macht frei in the current configuration. Quite the reverse in fact with Gauleiter Sturgeon and apparatus In place.

      And sadly Contrary, just like in Germany, there will be those who have prospered or have no conscience under the Nazis.

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      1. That’s a tough decision for you Willie, and must have been hard taken. I was always a tactical voter pre-devolution, so not quite as hard, – so it has been nice (well,,, at the time, I didn’t realise the damage I was doing to my country) in recent years to have something to vote ‘for’ instead of always ‘against’ – good while it lasted I suppose. Unbelievably disappointing now.

        There are lots of lessons to be taken from history – but until we actually have independence, how can we implement any lessons? Holyrood is a glorified council in reality – not an autonomous government, we didn’t structure it, or choose how it was formed. We are bound by having to work within a system imposed on us. I understand your nazi analogies though – popularity doesn’t mean trustworthy. And enough people have little enough conscience to think that’s fine. Very true.

        Well, Iain says Jim Sillars has an interesting suggestion lined up for tomorrow – I have strong doubts that any political rhetoric will heal these wounds – but I’ll hear him out. I will say though, I’m firmly going back to my old principle of judging people on what they DO, not on what they SAY.

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      2. Wheesht aboot the euthanasia o’ the disabled bairns and the konzentrationslagers for the Kommunists und Sozialdemokrats. Can’t you see the marvellous job Adolph is doing on unemployment?!!!

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  25. Alas, my MSP is/was Mark McDonald & my MP is Kirsty Blackman. I do not have any loyalty to either character or party so will not be voting SNP in the constituency vote or indeed in future General Elections. I’m sorry to the new SNP MSP candidate but the fact Blackman is endorsing her is not a plus.

    This decision isn’t too difficult when you conclude that this SNP have absolutely no chance of independence with their current strategy. Also, like many, I spent far too many elections voting for Labour without paying attention to what they were up to with my vote. Am not going to make that mistake again.

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  26. I am going to give both votes SNP: whatever sort of poisonous mess there is at HQ or Westminster, SNP votes are still votes for independence. My two votes will show up as support for independence. That will do. We can sort out HQ and the other messes after the election. And we most certainly will do that- thoroughly. So watch out HQ- and the NEC – the ordinary members -like me- will not tolerate any more mess. Your blog today just sorted the timetable – for me anyway.

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  27. I understand the soul searching going on by yourself Iain and those who have made comments following your article. I will be voting for Independence (via SNP) on my constituency vote, and ISP, if they have a candidate, on the list. If the SNP don’t deliver a referendum, or its equivalent, then that will be the last time I ever put my cross against their name. Five years will give the ISP, or maybe even another newcomer party, plenty of time to develop. If there was a viable alternative, believe me, I would cast both votes in their direction.


  28. Probably the best summary of where we are that I have read! What are the chances of any change before May though. Very little, so is it hold your nose and wheesht for Indy? I’d hate to condone this cabal and I’d like to know which group my MSP is in – where do you find out? Would make it even harder knowing they were wokerati and part of the cult, but I want Indy and thereafter will never vote for any party with such dreadful ideology and leadership. List vote will surely be ISP or whoever emerges as the strongest candidate most likely to unseat a yoon. I dearly wish we had a viable alternative on the constituency vote.

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    1. Google the name and look beyond the first twenty links, see if they are pals with any of the Woke Squad,
      A giveaway is usually what they produce to say how wonderful they are
      Oh and How honoured they are to be selected as Candidate

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  29. I also have George Adam as MSP and have written to him to state that I will not be voting for the SNP until Nicola Sturgeon has resigned or been removed. The argument that the vote is about independence or the SNP and everything will be sorted once we are independent is hollow at best. If the status quo remains as it is we will just have Nicola howling at Westminster for the next 5 years and everything else will tread water or regress. I don’t expect George to reply but hopefully if enough people do similar things a discussion may happen.

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    1. I just wanted to add that I’m not asking this to be nasty in any way. Nor do you need to answer if you don’t wish to do so.

      I can imagine how personally torn you & a whole lot of other longterm members of the SNP must feel. The party you’ve know has changed & left you. How do you (& each & every one of us) reconcile the personal loyalty we must feel for the people we’ve know & have liked for a long time with the fact that we can no longer support the party that they stay loyal to?

      This is the horrible situation people find themselves in in cases of civil war. Brother against brother: friends against friends. Thankfully we are not having to choose whether we shoot at our friends but many of us are having to face not voting for those we’ve long trusted & supported.

      It is difficult…

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      1. If he’s been fitted up (I’ve read this morning that someone else wrote his comments for him & published them without his say-so) then surely his integrity requires that he states this publicly?

        Scotland needs brave & principled people to lead it to Independence. I’ve know quite a few with principles but their actions indicate a lack of bravery. I’d have to admit that my bravery is not very high as all I’m doing at the moment is reading blogs & making the odd comment here & there. But then, I’m not standing for election (not brave enough to?) am I?


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