Iain Lawson’s article yesterday could be viewed in two different ways. It explains the agony facing an indy voter, who knows support for a good local MSP will be seen, when taken with all similar votes in the country, to be an endorsement of Nicola Sturgeon whose conduct he finds reprehensible. Or, he finds himself in a political blackmailed position, where he dare not do what he wants without unfairly punishing a good SNP MSP.

But what if others with an SNP MSP who is not a good one:  just one of the sheep on the backbenches who bleats unthinking support on demand of the leadership? Or one of the new  MSP candidates so obsessed with Woke issues that they would be oblivious to the £268m cut in social housing as set out in the SNP budget last week?  

The dilemma those  second group of individuals will face, as does Iain Lawson, is that when all their votes are counted together, they will be seen by the media, and claimed by the leadership, as solid endorsement of all they have done.  

That is the cost of “Wheesht for indy,” the national political  blackmail  wielded by the leadership. “You don’t like the way we have centralised power in the party, made a mockery of the previous party constitution, marched you up the hill and back down again on the referendum, rammed gender down your throats,  sacked the most able MP, attacked free speech, set out to ruin and imprison the former leader, but ‘Wheesht for indy’ because we are the only ones you can vote for.”

To say Independence voters are between a rock and a hard place, isn’t the half of it. SNP members and supporters who are not members but voters, are in the same position here that Trump placed decent USA republican members and voters in during his presidency and at the 2020 election.  “You are repelled by what I say and do, but you have nowhere else to go” was his message. Basically the same as “Wheesht for Indy.”

Unlike Iain Lawson I don’t have a good SNP MSP presenting me with his dilemma. I am, therefore, freer than he is to consider whether by my vote I am going to endorse an SNP government with its toxic  tentacles stretching into and around civic Scotland, and whose practices revealed in the parliamentary inquiry are shown to have debased the open, fair, just, democratic principles that the party was established on. The rectitude of the past, exemplified by Gordon Wilson’s integrity as leader, is no more. Can I, when the rot at the centre is unmistakeable, vote for it?  No.  

At present, as Iain Lawson demonstrates, party members and non-party indy activists are going to be trapped into endorsing what they do not agree with.   But does that need to be the case?  Yes, time is short, but it has not run out. There needs to be a revolt and a change in leadership, a real sweeping change.  The first action falls upon the NEC to demand and create the change.

If it cannot do so, and the party membership finds it has no means to do so, then all better get their heads out of the party sand, and the polls, they are in at the moment, and realise that others are not bound by the same ties, the people, and they will shortly be emerging from the smothering of politics that has been a feature of the Covid-19  pandemic.  The leadership, it is reported in the press, thinks the pandemic has meant the public has paid little real attention to the parliamentary inquiry, and it will quietly sink and disappear.  That is a self-serving error of judgment.

Although those who succumb to the “Wheesht for indy” rule cannot think beyond today,  and seem ready and willing to throw away their moral compass and do mortal damage to  the Scottish body politic, ripping to pieces the ethical standards that underpin a society where law and justice should be pre-eminent, it does not follow that the people will be so accommodating.

Widespread  vaccination will do more than protect us from the virus.  It will slam  open the doors and windows of politics to show a government misusing the limited devolution powers and patronage to pursue vindictive and unlawful actions against a single citizen whom it feared, with its legal arm going after two of his supporters. Will the public “Wheesht for indy,” turn a blind eye, or ask itself what would this group do if they had the full untrammelled powers that will come with independence? Will the public believe these leopards will change their dark spots?

What if the public ask, as I think they will, what sort of law and justice can we expect from this present lot if they are in charge in our future? The “Wheesh” merchants, if successful, will turn the SNP and the whole independence movement into an ideology akin to that in Stalin’s USSR, where the   “Wheesht for the party’s cause” enabled criminality to flourish, because the people who did know the truth stayed silent.  Vilification and persecution was the lot of those who did speak. Joanna Cherry’s persecution is mild, dismissal from a shadow job,  but the vilification is not greatly different from that dished out by the Kremlin’s stooges.

Of course it isn’t Stalin in Bute House, and her chief of staff isn’t Beira, nor are all those SPADS and compliant civil servants officers in the KGB.  But they are capable of using the system to send a man to ruin and the jail, whom they believed was in their way.  And the system they have created can put Mark Hirst through an eight month wringer, and put Craig Murray on criminal charges that somehow are not pursued against other journalists much more culpable, but who happen to take the side of the government’s complainers against Alex Salmond.

Once it emerges from under the blanket of pandemic measures, I doubt if the people will obey the “Wheesht ” order, and be content to vote for those who do.

Of course I could be wrong. The leadership bet is that I am. That the people are as willing to “Wheesht for indy” as much as the most fervent party member. But if I am right……………………well.

Ah but, I hear the “Wheesht” advocates cry, if all followed you it would put back indy; there would be no referendum by Christmas.  There are two answers to that: Mike Russell’s Christmas promise is utter garbage. He is playing to the indy gallery.  Two minutes thinking about the process and the logistics, shows it cannot happen in that timescale.

But let me deal separately with the much bigger issue, that failure to achieve an SNP majority will set back when independence will be achieved. So it will.  But a set back by a few years in the life of a nation is nothing. Independence will happen.  But just as important to that achievement is how it is achieved.  If it is to be in the immediate short term, and the price is to submerge, as if they are of no importance, the bedrock principles of a democracy  –  law, justice, decency, and fairness, then what kind of Scotland do we think will emerge?  One tarnished by how it was achieved.

Final point. Everyone is aware that the unionist camp is salivating over all the muck revealed. Whose fault is that?  Salmond’s? No. When he won the judicial review, he did not name Nicola Sturgeon or anyone else in the SNP. He deliberately sought to pin the blame on the permanent secretary alone. It was not he who landed himself in court in the ‘trial of the century,’ but those who, failing at the judicial review, set out to “get him”  by going to the Crown Agent and the police. It is in their lap the blame lies, and theirs alone.  Is Salmond, a man whose character was turned inside out for all to see during the court case,  not entitled to produce evidence that he was placed in that dock by people who conspired to put him there?  Alex Salmond got a fair trial, but there is a question as to whether he got the fairest trail. His defence was not allowed, by a judge’s decision at preliminary hearings, to bring forward evidence of the conspiracy.  In the public court of a parliamentary inquiry, it seems the same ruling is to apply against him again.  We should be ashamed of those who govern us.


I can only speak for myself but it is important to me to campaign for that better Scotland. A Scotland where justice and fairness is upheld and where their is no tolerance of bullying or state intimidation. That is what provides me with the energy, the determination to help bring Independence about. I greatly fear for the Independence cause at this time. I am despondent and disillusioned that a lot of SNP members think those values so minimal as to be unimportant and can be postponed to a later date. After Independence you say, but how do you ever deliver that if you have become uncaring, corrupt, an alien to justice on the journey?

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.

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  1. Wonderful, brilliant piece. Thank you both as this is exactly how I feel. I can’t in good consciousness vote for the new snp careerist candidate here.SlainteSent from my Galaxy

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  2. Ok, for more years than I can be bothered repeating, I have voted SNP. Since 2012, I’ve been an active supporter of Independence and the SNP. Why? I wanted independence for Scotland. Why? I wanted to live in a country where the people got the government they voted for, a democratic country where fairness and justice for all were paramount. Do I believe the SNP government as it is at present can deliver that for me? No. Jim Sillar’s challenge, and that of many others, to the decent, truthful MPs and MSPs, is do something NOW, before it is too late. Can I live with independence being shoved down the road? Absolutely yes, if it means that the Scottish people get the government that we dream of.

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  3. Agree with every word Jim, I can not now find it in my heart to vote for the leadership or even to keep those MSPs & MPs that have allowed this to escalate with their silence. All for the sake of hanging onto the huge salaries..
    To vote SNP as things stand within that party today, is to be complicit in all that they have done & intend to do..

    If Sturgeon cared at all about the party, let alone the country, she would resign, first off she should have fired her husband, over his WhatsApp texts, Evans for going straight to the CPO with the witness statements without their permission, & her Own special adviser, who has also led the lie on Geof Aberdeen ever being in a meeting with Sturgeon on 29thMarch.

    She could still try to save the party. But her ego is such that she sees the polls saying another huge win for HER. Not for the party, not for the country, but for HER.. Another one that should be forced to resign is Swinney, as he has been the one refusing the committee documents or allowed witnesses to be challenged. When you fear the truth coming out, then you are GUILTY of something yourself.

    I can’t believe the amount of wheesht for Indy people out there that enjoy slagging off the corruption of WM (I do it myself) yet are prepared to vote for the most corrupt SNP party we have ever had, if they can get away with all that has been going on in that party since at least 2017 that we know about. Then they are capable of anything.. They MUST be removed. Scotland was widely respected for it judicial system, it is now a mockery of justice. Nobody is safe with this party hierarchy, they can ruin lives, ruin careers, have you jailed just because you do not agree with their agenda. That is NOT a party, that is a CULT.. Where most of them all obey the chosen one. Like the sheep they are.

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    1. How sad.
      So you would rather Scotland remain in the UK… The imperfections within the hierarchy of the SNP should not be used as weapons to destroy the chance of Independence. The people who will benefit from your views are those who fear independence. To me the real enemy is Westminster….we should unite to achieve Independence then sort out the right and wrongs. The Tories will love you.
      And if they remain in power they will gradually destroy Holyrood and any future chance of Scotland becoming Independent. We need wisdom not aggression.


      1. Thank you for your post. It demonstrates that some rate honesty, decency , justice and fairness sufficiently unimportant that they can be ignored. I also enjoyed your description of the corrupt and evil behaviour of the leadership as being “imperfections” to me they are a bit more than that.

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      2. Spot on, Iain. I’m having trouble getting my head round how that comment – well, just getting my head round a few of the comments on here – that, for the sake of some tortured ‘reasoning’, common decency and common sense can go hang.

        “Imperfections” – I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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      3. Contrary, I can just see a murderer saying to a judge – can I go free please m’lord I just have a couple of imperfections that led me to do this murder.

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      4. No, I don’t want Scotland to remain in the UK forever. Neither do I want an ‘independent’ Scotland that resembles Stalinist Russia. Let’s get the canker cut out before proceeding towards an honest, democratic independent Scotland. Although Ms Sturgeon appears to be enjoying her own personal Scottish fiefdom with no great desire to cut ties with the U.K.

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    2. Could not agree with you more
      Ms Sturgeon is driven by her own massive ego and lust for power and money ( 5 million property portfolio?)
      Whataboutery about WM will never win a vote as doesn’t address the original point
      Integrity can overcome resistance but corruption never will

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  4. I never in a month of Sabbaths thought that I’d ever, ever believe that it might be best for Scotland if the SNP lost the coming election. A tiny corner of my mind believes that the SNP do not want to win it anyway. Why? Because those running the party do not really want a change to the status quo that they are so comfortable with and being in opposition might suit this mindset best for them. Losing the election will put some out of a job, but certainly not all, and that may be a risk that they are willing to take.

    Between this May election and the following one there is time for another vehicle to independence to become established. This may be one of the new “list” parties stepping up, or something else. Following on from what anniefraethehills says above, I can wait another 4 years for a government that will actually work to deliver independence. I’ve waited 69 years so far, what’s 4 more?

    If I dared to suggest this on most of the FB pages I follow I would have a baying mob with pitchforks at my door, but I’ll take a chance here where argument is more respectful and much more thoughtful.

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  5. I couldn’t agree more gents. You guys and many others have been issuing warnings for a while now. What we get in exchange is accusations that we’re the 5th columnists, the infiltrators, the 77th Brigade, etc etc. I’m sick of it personally. I’ve said openly that I’ll use my constituency vote for the SNP. That vote will be for the long standing members who’ve remained and who are determined to seize the party back. It won’t be for the leadership and it won’t be support for the GRA or Hate Crimes nonsense. The list vote was never SNP anyway as I fully believe in playing the system that you’re presented with if you can….and we can if we get our act together.

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  6. Spot on – except its Beria for Stalin’s right-hand man – who did for Stalin in the end.

    Are there any more folk with the courage to speak out against the wokeratti cabal ? Or will they all wait like Khrushchev ?

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    1. I spotted the typo also. I think if Jim had read Beria’s wikipedia entry he would not have referred to him. I wont expand on matters but you’ll see what I mean if you read it. Anyway, as Jim says what can we do. My choice is between Sturgeon loyalists or Murdo Fraser!


  7. At one with JS.
    If the Party doesn’t radically alter course on GRA, it’s treatment of vocal opponents and is not seen to be clearing out the pig-sty that houses Wolf, Evans, Murrel and fellow travellers the game’s a bogey.
    The Greens, though not squeaky clean may reap the dividends.
    I’m not an adherent to or advocate of ‘ wheesht for Indy’ mentality and have tried to engage with my MP (PW in Perth) over the JC and NH purge from their spokesperson roles to no avail.
    I fear that it will be with gritted teeth that my MSP (new) candidate will get my vote.
    Beyond May we must see the Party returning to one where the NEC is the vehicle by which member’s wishes, expressed in a conference forum free from manipulation are fulfilled and not be the tail that is wagging the dog.

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  8. Sadly this’ll be denounced in certain quarters as the bitter ramblings of a yesterday’s man, jealous that “oor Nicola” has taken us closer to independence than he ever managed.

    How do you get through to them? Maybe another 5 years of inaction will do it? I’m just content in the knowledge that I won’t be voting to put their snouts back in the Holyrood or Westminster troughs.

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  9. Justice, fairness, decency and the rule of law. I posted that here a few days ago. I don’t know exactly how strong willed or supine my MP is. Like many people on the indy spectrum, life gets in the way of being totally active – be it totally active for indy or, indeed, woke. Professional, paid politicians and party aparatchics can afford the time, and sometimes even the resources, to do the research and make informed devisions. Most people will make their electoral decision on the little they can find out, if they are that motivated, or what they are told which is a mass media story.

    I despair of the future as much today as when I posted my justice, fairness, decency and the rule of law comment here last week.

    I am an SNP party member, was at the recent National Assembly and have a constituency party meeting next Monday evening. The SNP want campaign funding from me because the Murrels and their shenanigans have largely bankrupted the party.

    There is only time for a party coup, not a reasoned debate about our future before the next election.

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  10. Exactly mirrors my own feeling. I have voted for independence because of a belief that an independent Scotland could serve its communities in a fairer and more accountable way than the present UK. However, the rot and corruption within the current SNP and its establishment tentacles matches anything coming out of Westminster and cannot be a basis for the future. A delay is preferable – in fact needed – so the new emerging independence parties and organisations can fill the vacuum in a way that reflects the optimism and high ideals of the 2014 referendum.

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    1. The conduct of this SNP administration does not simply “match” Westminster, no, it leaves Westminster in the dust when it comes to courrption and wrong doing. We Scots always seem to lapse into assuming a moral superiority, a smug, self-regarding stance which contemporary Scotland shows to be wholly false.

      No party at Westminster (beyond the SNP) would sit back in silence whilst its leadership conspired to imprison innocent people for political expediency. Nor would they tolerate conduct such as repeatedly refusing to comply with Parliamentary votes requesting the release of information*, or transparently seeking to obstruct enquiries.

      (*when Westminster voted to make the British Government release legal advice pertaining to Brexit, the documents were provided the very next day).

      However, the Parliamentary SNP *will* sit back in silence, as they have already been doing for some time. Why? They are immoral and self-serving. Truth and decency means nothing to them. Like many in Scotland, they are fiercely tribal and this comes before doing the right thing. Plus, most of them are unimpressive individuals who rely on the ongoing patronage of the tribal leadership – look how Sturgeon has protected sick predator Derek Mackay at ever turn, to enable him to keep coining it in taxpayers expense.

      Far from being morally superior, modern Scotland is rotten to the core politically, judicially and in its civic institutions. The Crown Office are currently dealing with the fall out of their own malicious prosecutions, which seem all the rage in Scotland today.

      How completely awful it would be to live in an independent Scotland, the only banana republic which doesn’t produce bananas.

      As a naive student, I voted for the parliament to be created. The worst decision of my life. By now its clear devolution has been a total failure which – at great extra cost – has delivered the lowest standards of health and education in my lifetime and failed to achieve anything of note beyond fluff like “gay marriage” and free tampons.

      Devolution has also laid bare the poisonous character and corruption of the self-serving incompetents who occupy high office in this land. Sturgeon looks set to join the startling list of First Ministers and Holyrood party leaders who have had to resign in disgrace in just 20 years of Holyrood.

      Never mind voting for independence, I would vote to restore centralised Westminster governance in a second.


      1. I don’t agree with pretty much anything in your post but I am leaving it up as an example of the unionist attack we can expect over this self inflicted wound we have opened up and for that you have my thanks.

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      2. Wow, gabrial syme, that quite an explosion of total fantasy. Westminster parties wouldn’t sit back and let it all be swept under the rug?!? Wow. Ignoring even recent events of Theresa May losing a big pile of evidence then binning the paedophile inquiry, after delaying if for years, on receipt of her PM role? Must be in that alternate universe I keep hearing about.

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      3. How about ( a bit of whatabouterry is ok as far as I am concerned now and again) Lord David Steel covering up the actions of the peodphile monster called Sir Cyril Smith. A Lord and a knight of the realm and Lib Dems.


  11. Jim is right about many things here and that wouldn’t be hard with what is happening at the moment. I won’t go over all the things that are wrong with the SG at the moment, he did it more eloquently than I ever could. However, I am in somewhat the same situation as Iain, with a new candidate that I voted in as a local prospective candidate through the proper party channels. I pretty sure she will be a good MSP and as far as I know not one of the wokerati. So my 1st vote is an easy choice.

    My 2nd vote is in the balance so far, but will be determined nearer the may election. It will depend on various factors and will be, as always, with the independence cause in mind. It is with this thought, that I find it very difficult to see how advocating that we let an SNP majority slip away at the may election, as somehow advancing the the independence cause. That is plainly wrong and very dangerous. We (the ordinary members & supporters) can still fight to regain the party with a majority and mandate for a referendum in place, rather than carping from the sidelines with a unionist government in power for 5 years. The fight for the soul of the party should be gained from the inside if possible. If not, we have 5 years to build a properly united Yes movement to push the SNP leadership into action and possibly take over.

    Yes, the SG and SNP leadership have done some terrible things lately, but having a unionist SG for 5 years would be utterly unbearable and something that the independence movement would find very hard to recover from.

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  12. My sole reason for voting SNP is for Independence, believing, as I was told, and have passed on to so many people that I can’t remember, that AFTER Independence we will have to have Elections where we can decide just who would should like to govern us. This means, of course, that ALL Political parties will be able to stand for the government of a new Independent Scotland. I don’t know of any other way we can do it, unfortunately.

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    1. How do we get to “after independence” with an SNP more than content with devolution? They have shown no enthusiasm for indy since 2014 and I no longer believe that they want it,

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      1. Wee Chid,
        I think you are right. I think the SNP leadership, most of their MPs and MSPs realise the goal of independence is unobtainable. I thought the same shortly after the referendum in 2014.
        Westminster will never agree to a second referendum. If an SNP government went ahead and held a referendum unilaterally, unionists would not take part. It would be quite within their rights to ignore it. The result would be irrelevant if only 40% voted.
        We have missed the chance of the use of a general election as a plebiscite. That should have happened in the 2017 GE immediately after the Brexit referendum.
        The game is up. You only get one chance at breaking a 300 year old constitution.
        When I read a book by Jim Sillars back in the 70s I was immediately persuaded to vote and campaign for independence for Scotland. Now its my turn to persuade Mr. Sillars.
        Scotland is the only country that when offered the chance to become an independent nation declined the opportunity. At that time I was ashamed. Angry even. But I worked my way through the different stages of grief, shortly after 18.09.2014, and arrived at the fifth stage ‘acceptance’. When I am asked my nationality now I say British. I can now watch the ongoing SNP palavers with a disinterested fascination. The Germans have a word for it ‘schadenfreude’. Taking pleasure from others misfortune. I wonder if this is the beginning of the end of the Scottish National Party?
        My whole outlook to politics has changed. I switch on FMQs and get a laugh now. All the faux insincerity. The self-righteous indignation. It is the best comedy on the box.
        Trust me it is liberating no longer yearning for something you are never going to see. Take the satisfaction there is for knowing, for believing that independence was the right road but that our fellow countrymen were persuaded otherwise.

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  13. Postcolonial literature (Fanon, Cesaire, Memmi etc) tells us where we are, and what will happen, to some extent.

    The long-term dominant National Party and its pampered bourgeoisie elite, now heavily bought into by the colonial power, always seeks its own accommodation with colonialism. This leads to so-called ‘radicals’ (i.e. true independence supporters) being victimised and attacked, as we see, by the National Party supported by the ‘arms’ of the colonial power – prosecutors, police and civil service.

    This leads to the creation of new national parties, as we see happening in Scotland, which have a more definite and urgent focus on securing national liberation. There are now five alternative indy parties to the ‘daeless’ tainted SNP. These new parties are offering a different solution, with at least two indy parties considering an early plebiscite election on independence in May – i.e. Solidarity and ISP. Others may follow. A positive majority national vote for independence in May can then be taken to the UN for recognition, according to none other than Tommy Sheridan, someone who has also felt the colonial oppressor on his shoulder; I agree with him. Who sits in the UK’s devolved/colonial ‘parliament’ after May matters little, for it should not last long, since the people will have decided to remove its rotten carcass.

    The inevitable outcome is, as Jim Sillars says, independence; one way or another it will have to happen. The colonial oppressor, the usurper, has to decide if it wishes to continue to stand in the way of democracy, to mess up the natives culture and society, by hook and by crook, like the bully power and exploiter it has been for a century and far more; or instead, leave for good and let the natives get on with re-building their nation and fully developing its people, without external interference.

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  14. Thank you, Jim Sillars, your post says it all. It is how I feel, too. I do not want to enter into an independent Scotland (if we ever get that chance, that is) that is rotten to the core, that places women and girls in danger for an ideology, ridden through with anti science and anti biology, that no sane person can possibly believe. It is The Empress’s New Clothes with bells on. I am not naive; I am not stupid; and I am realistic enough to know that we all have clay feet. I can forgive mistakes. It is the deliberate pushing of policy/ideology at the expense of the whole country and its people that I cannot endorse. It is not as if mountains of evidence, right across the board do not exist to show that we are on a very wrong path. Johnson, I believe, is responsible for the very high death toll in the UK (and in Scotland) because he will not believe the evidence of the scientists and virologists, did not believe it so that the UK could be sealed off in time to prevent the spread in the first weeks. The buck stops with Nicola Sturgeon, too, for the profound stupidity and lack of democracy in chasing a Brexit U-turn on behalf go the whole UK, instead of pursuing independence, constantly leading independence supporters by the nose and crushing our hopes over and over again, in allowing the injustices of the Salmond affair to occur in the first place and in pushing an ideology that will see women and girls ousted from their sex-based spaces and rights, and our children mutilated in the pursuit of the ‘feel good factor’, a predominantly middle-class, white, university-educated ennui, Western ideal that does not exist in reality.

    I am sick at heart, so sick of all this. My heart still lies with the SNP, and I will vote for my MSP who is a decent chap, but my second vote will be reserved for another party, ISP. It is the only way I can protest what is happening.

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  15. I cannot disagree with Jim Sillars on how things look but I am on the same path as Rodmid (10:07 above). If the SNP does not do well in May, it will damage the cause and the unionists will gain.

    Far better to play the Perfidious Albion way, use every asset you have and then ditch those not wanted once the election is passed. If there were serious misgivings by the majority of the membership on leadership and strategy, we would have time to force change but to paraphrase Mrs May “now is not the time”. Once Covid recedes and live meetings are possible, surely there is something in the SNP constitution to hold an EGM or use the next national conference to force change by all means necessary.

    It is also my strong view that Johnson will carry on and take the Tories into the next GE in 2024. This can only be to our advantage as the potential of another Tory win can only increase the indy vote. It is highly unlikely Labour could win a GE without Scottish MP’s but could reduce Johnson’s 80 seat majority, resulting in a hung parliament with the SNP holding the balance of power – a perfect scenario to negotiate Scotland’s future.

    Thanks to the current leadership we are completely unprepared to hold a referendum. The priority is to sell the independence prospectus and vision to the people of Scotland. Only then should a referendum be considered.

    We need to be very careful on our strategy.

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  16. “But let me deal separately with the much bigger issue, that failure to achieve an SNP majority will set back when independence will be achieved. So it will. But a set back by a few years in the life of a nation is nothing. Independence will happen.”

    And there it is! The bloated bluebottle of self-serving naivety in the rare ointment of consensus. I was in full agreement With Jim Sillars up to this point. Which is a novelty in itself these days. But the sense in everything else he says is negated by the senselessness of the above.

    I do not believe that a man of Jim Sillars’ long experience could possibly be unaware of the foolishness of supposing the British state might suspend its efforts to secure its grip on Scotland until it is convenient for us to resume our own efforts to restore Scotland’s independence. He knows damned fine that delay is not a consequence-free option. But he chooses not to acknowledge this because it would undermine his argument.

    He is not the first to do this, of course. He is by no means the first to purvey the pernicious notion that independence is inevitable so we can afford to wait and to indulge our political rivalries and animosities in the meantime. Which, not at all incidentally sits uncomfortably with his perfectly legitimate observation that the current indulgence of political rivalries and animosities twixt the Salmond and Sturgeon camps is inflicting serious harm. Harm which must at some point impact electorally on the SNP and thereby on Scotland’s cause.

    I agree with Jim Sillars on all of that. The repugnant farce being played out on various stages at the moment is corrosive and will cause lasting damage to the party and the independence movement. Damage which now cannot be avoided but which can be mitigated by bringing the entire matter to an early close. Albeit a closing which must give closure. I say end it. I do not say bury it. (https://peterabell.scot/2021/02/09/for-scotlands-sake-end-this/)

    But the idea that we can afford to take our time over ending this horror show even if Scotland’s cause is “set back by a few years” can only be put down to pathological naivety or political recklessness. And Jim Sillars is not that naive.

    Jim Sillars is correct. “There needs to be a revolt”. If this revolt entails a change in leadership of the SNP then so be it. We’ll survive that even if it is not the ideal time far a leadership contest. He is correct also in stating that this revolt must start with the NEC. Although I personally think there will have to also be a mass revolt among party members and the wider independence movement in order to prompt and support any action my the NEC. This will have to be an organised revolt. That requires a suitable organisation. We have that organisation in Now Scotland.

    This must not be a mindless revolt. Nor can it be a malicious revolt itself prompted by vindictiveness. That will only keep the wounds open. It must be a revolt for a purpose. And the purpose itself cannot be as divisive as the issues the revolt seeks to resolve. Not a revolt against the leadership but a revolt for the purpose of repairing the SNP and restoring it to its role as the political arm of the independence movement.

    Above all, the revolt is urgent. We simply cannot afford to procrastinate any longer. The British state has all the pieces in place to finally close down all democratic routes to the restoration of Scotland’s independence. To ignore something that even British politicians acknowledge as their intention is plainly idiotic. The need for a revolt to get the SNP back on track must not blind us to the need for immediate action to halt the British Nationalist juggernaut about to crush Scotland’s democracy and identity.

    The revolt has to happen now! The SNP has to be sorted out in readiness for the election in May. The party must go into that election on a clear manifesto for independence and under leadership that is committed to pursuing the manifesto commitments with relentless determination and unshakeable tenacity.

    Don’t tell me that’s impossible. We have no choice.

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    1. I too, feel Sillars blew it . Our powers are already being stripped and Holyrood will be more emasculated than a Parish council in a trice.We do NOT have the luxury of time.Despite the stench we must have an overwhelming majority in May to have any hope of success
      The infiltration of the SG and many decision making bodies by M15 and the like, is irrefutable and it will take a lot more than the mere removal of the FM (whom I respect hugely) to go forwards to the Scotland we want
      I assume that if NS is replaced before May John Swinney automatically steps in with no time for her replacement – very worrying ?
      We are between a rock and a hard place. I bow to better brains for forward strategy ( an aside – who has the power to sack the CE and Leslie Evans?)

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      1. Here is a ‘forward strategy’ which at least one of the 6 pro-indy parties (Solidarity) wants to include in its manifesto for May’s national election:

        If a party is serious about independence, “they can simply recognise that, include it in their Election Manifesto, and if a majority vote for Independence supporting Parties, then independence can be declared and an application to the UN can be made for international recognition. It’s that simple”! “Anything less is not good enough”!”


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    2. I don’t believe we can wait either, but, PAB, this is not down to independence supporters – at least, not the ones who have done their level best to get through to the SNPG. It all went wrong in 2014, not just because we lost the referendum, but because we learned nothing from that result to take into the future. By stripping away all the useless sentiment and leaving the unvarnished truth, we could, then, have moved towards a different route to independence. It was never the Scottish Unionist vote that was the problem, but the combined rUK/EU/Other NO vote; indeed, the rUK vote itself, at almost 75% of all rUK voters in Scotland, scuppered independence in 2014.

      I don’t single them out because I want to have a go at English people in Scotland or at English Nationalism, but it is something we always need to bear in mind, and it is English Nationalism, PAB, not British Nationalism, as you keep insisting on calling it. To try and undermine that English Nationalist vote in Scotland, we needed to make people aware of the UN Charter: of our rights under the Charter; and of rUK obligations under that UN Charter. Their obligation was always not to vote as representatives of a colonial power, and that should have been pointed out to them relentlessly.

      You, yourself called loudly for another referendum; you insisted that we needed one. We never needed a second indyref. Never. So much time and effort was wasted in not getting down to doing the only thing that would regain us our independence: set up a plebiscitary election and have the Treaty as back-up. Those are now the only ways we are going to get independence, but we could have been there so much earlier.

      Now, we come to the second part of the equation. The SNPG has acted in ways that defy logic, and that certainly defy sense if they wanted to re-establish our independence. They refused to move outside of the parameters of devolved power. This was and remains madness, if you want to have independence. If, however, you are doing all in your power to avoid having to re-establish independence, then you do just what the SNPG did and keep on doing it, holding out the carrot to beat us on to that dead end, over and over again.

      The SNPG, as far as independence is concerned, has behaved atrociously, with no regard for tactics or strategy or party policy. Once you look at it like that, the Alec Salmond affair falls into place; the whole-UK Brexit falls into place; the refusal to withdraw policies that are almost universally loathed (GRA Reform) and feared, quite rightly (Hate Crime legislation). It is these twin bills that have torn the SNP apart, along with the Salmond affair. You might argue that the FM sees the youth wing and young voters as the future, so she prefers to pander to them, which, I suppose would make sense if the policies themselves made sense and would not harm our society, but close examination of them, putting the science and biology aside, would show that they are destined to destroy our society through unworkability, through setting targets that are not just politically impossible, but impossible under any and all circumstances.

      For starters, how do you teach children that science and biology are nonsense and teach them Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Human Physiology, Gene relationships, etc? You will utterly destroy the Census and any use that can be made of the statistics; you will destroy the prison records for male and female prisoners, for the type of crimes more likely to be committed by each sex; you will seriously affect the allocation of resources for each sex, based on statistics and projections. The list is almost endless.

      “… The party must go into that election on a clear manifesto for independence and under leadership that is committed to pursuing the manifesto commitments with relentless determination and unshakeable tenacity… ”

      You are talking about the SNP, PAB? You have under three months to achieve a coup, bring down the leadership and go hell for leather for a plebiscitary election. You have forgotten one thing: some in the civil service and among the SPADS, and many of the elected representatives, are ‘woke’ and, as such, will be just as destructive even if the head is cut off. If we have learned nothing else from these people, it is that they are relentless in their determination to destroy – not change, but destroy. They are the Hydra. If you are going to bring down the leadership (and I agree, that has become necessary now) it has to be a ‘Night of the Long Knives’, and those barstewards need to be rooted out to the last man and woman, too, or we will face them at a later date. We cannot let them drag us into a totalitarian, but independent, Scotland.

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      1. Interesting post Lorna. The big mistake the SNP made when they first became the Scottish Government was leaving all the London appointed senior civil servants and officials in post to continue running Scotland’s many public and semi-public institutions as if nothing had changed. That was a strategic mistake which has come back to haunt them as civil servants and officials demonstrate their true allegiance and purpose. Fowk cannae ser twa maisters fer thay aye luve ane an laithe the ither.

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      2. I agree, Alf, that we were bequeathed many civil servants who were, to all intents and purposes, allied to the Westminser/Whitehall regime; however, I think it is in an independent Scotland that we need to replace these people. I have little doubt that many of them are neoliberal, as Craig Murray suggests, but, more to the point, at least the top echelon of them is pseudo ‘woke’, judging by past actions. When you have every arm of government steeped in one ideology (I have absolutely no doubt that Stonewall Diversity Champions have infiltrated every aspect of governance in Scotland) it is extremely difficult to change anything. I think that older people have no real concept of how much this stuff has captured our youth, the generation coming up.

        I think that the SNPG, from 2014 onwards, has been playing ‘hoosies’ within the UK instead of setting about establishing everything we need for an independent state. It is a fact that few top public offices right across the arts, culture, history, land management, the environment, etc. have gone to native Scots. It seems that the nation that invented the modern world is just too thick to manage its own infrastructure. There is nothing wrong with having outside input and in co-operating with international efforts – any reasonable modern country would do so – but, if you alienate the very aspects of the society from the population it is supposed to serve, you are heading for trouble. It is merely a form of colonialism that is, in itself, a dead end.

        We need to be bold and decisive now and start preparing in earnest for independence, settling currency questions, setting up the necessary organs of state, the infrastructure, to support independence. This, of course, like so much else, required to have been done some years back. Bold and decisive is not the trademark of this administration: intransigent; immoveable; contrary, all are. They reflect the middle class, painting-by-dots, managerial form of bureaucracy that stifles and crushes boldness and decisive action. I always laugh when people suggest that the young are revolutionary. On the contrary, they are the most hidebound of all, the most conforming, the most censorious. The gradualists, the devolutionists, the entryists must be rooted out, too, or we will be entering independence, if and when it comes, a crippled state which has hobbled itself.

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  17. Fine, Now Scotland will lead the revolt but is it not to be above party politics and who will be the Now Scotland leader of this revolt?


  18. Very well put Jim Sillars.

    Voting for a party, a regime that strikes at the very heart of honesty, decency and the proper function of the rule of law is no way forward, it can never be. In the 1930s many Germans understanding fine well that the Nazi Party were rounding up political dissidents, homosexuals and Jews were only too prepared to vote for them on the grounds that they were best placed to put Germany back on its feet.

    Well it didn’t put Germany back on its feet. And thinking that putting the current SNP back into office is analogous thinking.

    Time that the decent members took back control. There is still time before the election. The impetus for independence is here. We just need rid of the cancerous and treacherous scum who sell us short. The Germans learned that, sadly when it was too late.

    Wise words, wise analysis from Jim Sillars.

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  19. If Mays election is not a plebiscite then independence is gone for 5 yrs at least, more than enough time to get a new vehicle out in front, without doubt many will vote SNP regardless of knowing they’re voting for crooks, I couldn’t and I won’t but I will use my list vote wisely. I honestly see no difference between the SNP or any of the unionist parties right now so it wouldn’t break my heart in the least if they are decimated in May.

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  20. Sorry David while I understand your sentiments I do not permit bad language on my site so your comments gets the axe in about fifteen minutes.


    1. The Big Man’s doing a fine job just now. So leave him alone with his excellent blog. Says he has no personal political ambition. But you know what, if he thought your suggestion would further the cause of independence, stop a woke in their tracks, I suspect he might. Would be great if he did because he’s well respected. Even if it was to get us through a patch.

      People like Iain, the Craig Murray’s, the Mark Hirst’s and all the many others currently fighting this rotten regime could all have a part to play. And MPs, good MPs they could stand as Hollyrood candidates too. Who says only wokes can be the official SNP candidates. And we need thinkers too in the background.

      This is not over by a long shot. Change is coming. The stye will be cleaned and the voters will have a clean choice. Voters are not daft. Voters have choice. Voters have discretion. They see shit, smell shit and avoid it when they can. A new SNP and a properly crewed ISP or list party gives us them that option, and avoid shit they most certainly will.

      In the meantime KiltedSplendour, leave the Big Man alone to produce his blog. He’s doing an absolutely grand job as it is.

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    2. Thanks for the offer but my days of standing are behind me. I will contribute hopefully through my blog and I will certainly be supporting honesty and decency because without it our fight is worth naught, win or lose!

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      1. Do you think it a good idea, even if not for you. I’d go with Edinburgh Central too and I don’t think I’d mind if it let a unionist party in. We can always sort that later. It would be a small price to pay to wipe the smile off Angus Robertson’s face and teach the party a lesson.

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  21. I would absolutely agree with you, indeed I do absolutely agree with you Mr. Sillars, were it not for the disaster capitalists waiting for their chance to secure Scottish resources through Westminster and bind them into trade agreements which we would find very hard indeed to recover from or to escape from. I keep hoping that AUOB will get an emergency move on, pump up the adrenalin and field MPs. They have all the organisational skills to use in new ways, they might invite other independence parties into a co-operative partnership for the duration of this crisis, and we might then proceed with absolutely open agendum to independence without this horrific corrosive corruption. Thanks for your post, lovely writing, and good to see an honest pledge for decency. x

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    1. Excellent points, Ros. We cannot wait to be swallowed whole by the next wave of predatory capitalism. Many in the pseudo ‘woke’ movement are on the Left, but, as per, it is the Right that is using them. So much of the ‘woke’ funding is from the big American corporations, and I see no desire on the part of the SNPG to avoid that trap. Indeed, the Wilson Growth Report was consistent with the new predatory capitalist wave. The pseudo, middle-class ‘wokerati’ are the vanguard (particularly Stonewall) to soften us up and disrupt society.

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  22. The information that explained how the SNP changed into what it has become for the past few years was this – https://wingsoverscotland.com/how-to-make-a-coup/

    Unless the SNP make changes that can be seen to undo the systematic lack of openess & democracy that they have implemented and stop taking actions that reek of corruption or of going doolally, then I’ll have no reason to vote for them until they do. I expect such changes will only happen if forced upon them. It may be a longer wait than I’d care for.

    ‘Holyrood committee on Handling of Harassment Complaints (the Alex Salmond inquiry) votes 5-4 against publishing Salmond’s evidence, raising doubts he will give evidence at all

    4 SNP MSPs plus 1 Green MSPs voted against publication

    4 Con, Lib Dem and Lab MSPs voted to release it’

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  23. I have to be honest here… I have thought this very thing for months now! I have fought with Twitter folks about the state of the SNP & their ‘new’ policies which were of no benefit to Scotland & indeed, just the opposite; very harmful! I have sworn over & over to various people I would never, EVER vote for the current crop of SNP MSPs given how few are reluctant to raise their heads above the parapets and admit to hating what their ‘heid bummers’ now stand for. And for that exact reason, I agree with every word Jim has spoken. I hate everything the new SNP stand for – the corruption, the criminality, the sick policies that women & children will be forced to follow should these awful people be returned to power. No WAY would I put a tick next to the names of the present incumbents of Holyrood.

    So its as much a surprise to me as to anyone else that may have read my posts of the last few weeks that, as I have read Jim’s article and the comments that it has engendered, I have slowly gotten angrier & angrier. And suddenly I’m feeling – I am damn well going to vote for them, to make sure of 5 more years of devolution (rather than risk unionists getting in) – and the chance to get rid of these awful people that are harming my country!! I don’t want them part of the home country I am (usually) proud of! But I’m not sure NOT voting for them will rid us of them. There may be still too many people outside the workings of HR that don’t understand what is happening, and who will vote for Indy. So I’m left thinking… maybe we DO have to vote for them, to give us time to get rid of them while they are ‘in situ’ – via VONC or NEC or some other way that I personally don’t know of, not being au fait with the finer poilitical ‘machinery’.

    My point is: maybe we DO have to follow the maxim ‘you have to be in it to win it’. Voting agin the regime won’t help a lot, I don’t think. Perhaps we can do more from the position of keeping our enemy closer… It goes against everything I have believed the last few months, and everything I want for my children & grandchildren, but perhaps this is something I have to swallow to give Scotland & the GOOD people in politics, a chance to repair herself.This will take a bit more thinking about… But Peter, Alf, Willie, Lorna have put forward some ideas… Okay, perhaps they can’t be done but maybe ONE can. Or two! Or maybe someone outside this blog has better suggestions. But my point is… I DON’T WANT THOSE SNP TOP HEID Y’INS TO WIN! And perhaps with enough time which voting to retain devolution will bring & some good suggestion from others, perhaps ‘Now Scotland’ people… I don’t know. But I’m thinking we don’t have a lot of time to do what has to be done… unless we vote for that extra time I don’t know. Maybe my anger is just making me ramble. That’s VERY POSSIBLE! Sorry…

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      1. Thank you for that response Iain. I just want to make clear – I’m certainly not angry with anyone here! My anger was purely for the situation that the top echelons of the SNP have put us in! That people we very much trusted, have put so many of us in this insidious position – as someone else said, ‘between the rock & a hard place’.

        Till reading through the comments, I was fully determined not to vote this parcel of rogues in again. But as I got angrier with the SNP, my thoughts seemed to be ‘we need more time to sort ‘that lot’ out! I don’t know how that can be done, I don’t know I can vote for them… but at least I THINK I may have to consider that option, because I’m darned if I want that lot to win!

        But I’ve got till May to read, to work out & make up my mind… And I know folks here are probably thinking the same – but that they’ll do what they feel is the right thing for them.

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    1. Katielass: no, you make a lot of sense, and many of us feel as you do. I agree that dishing it to the SNP makes no practical sense, but I will not give them my second vote unless they change tack on the GRA Reform and Hate Crime Bills. I cannot betray Scotland when I believe that it must be independent in order to realise its full potential, and simply in order to survive, but neither can I betray the upcoming generation of young women who will be the ones to lose out to trans women, even if they cannot see it yet.

      I know they don’t see it; I know they are really steeped in this stuff; but I hope that they will grow out of it eventually and see it for what it really is, just as many young Oxbridge students supported the Soviet Union until they realized that the wool was being pulled over their eyes in much the same way as it was in the West. Young people always have the opportunity to grow out of youthful follies – of Right and Left – but not if their elders connive to keep them in thrall to the lies.

      The Hate Crime Bill is truly scary in its dimensions; it may well be an opportunity to draw together all the various pieces of legislation that reflect the diversity of the type of crimes that it would cover, but to afford trans people and not women its protection smells of chicanery and duplicity, allowing the one group, but not the other to call out hostility and prejudice. As for black and Asian people, of course they deserve protection: they have every right to go about their daily business as the rest of us, without being subjected to abuse and abusive behaviour.

      I should think that about 95% of the public do not support self-ID and about 95% of people would never abuse another person for their colour, religion, sex, orientation, disability, etc. There will always be the cruel and ill-intended ones; there will always be the stupid ones who follow them; and there will always be the mentally-challenged who do not really understand what they are doing.

      Most people will accept trans people as they accept different ethnicities. It sometimes take a while, but we always get there in the end. Genuine trans people need to understand that, if they make less of a song and dance about being trans (or make it plain to the trans lobby which purports to speak on there behalf) if they just live their lives quietly and without apology, the vast majority will accept them as normal, everyday people, and not see them as weird and scary.

      It is that section of trans people who shout and abuse and threaten, who insist that children must be mutilated for their cause, that are the problem. Self-ID is not possible unless women’s safe spaces are recognized and strengthened. The two are entirely incompatible as they are, and third spaces must be created.

      Likewise, Scotland cannot go on as we are: we need to find a way out of the Union completely, or we need to decide what kind of Union we want. It cannot be the one we have. It cannot be one-sided, with England completely in charge of everything. Again, the two positions are entirely incompatible, and, as far as I’m concerned, we must break the Union because England will never agree to being just another part of the UK with the same powers as the rest of us, just as the trans lobby has no intention other than to destroy and erase all women’s spaces and rights. Sometimes, as in WW II, you just have to fight it out for the greater good. There really is no other way.

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  24. iainlawson27
    9th Feb 2021 at 1:32 pm,
    Dont be sorry for me. I despise your sympathy.


  25. I haven’t and don’t always support Jim Sillars on his views and timing but I do ENDORSE and echo his comments above , I openly state I am not a SNP member BUT I have voted SNP for at least 30 years and can honestly say I am incandescently appalled at what Sturgeon and her coterie of lunatics have done to a once democratic party

    Iain I posted a comment on your blog weeks ago relating to a declaration from individual voters to force and threaten Sturgeon that if the party did not concede to our demands the signed individual would NOT vote SNP, the demands would entail e.g.
    “The GRA and HCB MUST be shelved until after independence where it can be discussed properly and voted on by the public , and Nicola Sturgeon MUST state categorically unequivocally and publicly that the 2021 HR election is to be a plebiscite election, whereby if independence supporting parties win the most seats in Holyrood that is a direct INSTRUCTION from the electorate that Scotland is withdrawing from the treaty of union and will immediately begin negotiations for the disbursement of assets

    Unfortunately Iain as is your right you chose to remove that post , I would just say that if a concerted effort had been made by the movement to arrange such a declaration en masse we may not be in the invidious situation we are in just now , although Sturgeon would still be in charge at that time we would then have shown that the movement were taking back control , and if she didn’t accede to our demands we would then know where to place our votes

    PS with the right will and organisation it could still work and is NOT too late

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      1. I respect what you are saying Iain but let’s be honest we are less than 3 months from the HR elections and people are disgusted that Sturgeon is pressing ahead with HER policies and ignoring what people want, we have been too complacent and allowed the wheeshters to dominate the pace , this isn’t about the SNP party this is about the voters in the whole of Scotland and the FUTURE of Scotland as Jim Sillars said, to sit back and do nothing and allow this woman and her deviant clique to destroy our country is a betrayal of future generations, all everyone is doing just now is hand wringing and fighting in their own minds whether or not to vote SNP and whether it is better to abstain than vote SNP and their lunacy

        We all talk of a better future for Scots and Scotland yet we are complacent and moan and complain in the face of the ongoing lies and corruption of Sturgeon and her cohorts

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  26. As always a rigorous and far- reaching piece by Jim Sillars, but one punctured by two things.
    One is that he makes a good deal of the opening up of society and its functioning after Covid – but this is going to be the “Covid election”. My son is 38 and doesnt expect to be vaccinated till between May and September. Many of the restrictions are still going to be in place come the election. Jim might be right about the cleansing effect of the ending of restrictions, but it’s not going to happen as soon as needed for his argument to hold.
    However, another problem is linked to this. How interested are the public? I wonder very much about the Unionist parties banging on about whether Sturgeon knew in April or on 29th March? My own guess is well before then, but even if not, does the public really care about four days? Or is it only those in the Holyrood bubble and their anorak wearing observers?
    It has been argued that the roles of Woodstein in Watergate could never have happened in the UK because of the restrictive legal system we have – that the govt of the day would have used the law (most obviously D notices at the time) to stop the truth coming out. What Sturgeon et al have shown that this is just as possible in Scotland. As Marx observed, the new society will bear the birth marks of the old – that a future Scottish legal system will have the same flaws as the English one – unless we make damn sure they arent able to do this. But Joe Public, the person on the top deck of the Easterhouse bus – doesnt really care.
    Lastly, while Jim presents his usual thoroughgoing critique, the one thing missing is what should we do? As you know I have a Woke SNP candidate in our constituency. Do I vote for him with the aid of a very long stick? Or do I just not bother voting? If I do the latter I am not doing what I can to get rid of Jackie Baillie, so I suspect I better start looking for that very long stick.

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  27. Iain, thank you for hosting this – and indeed, you were correct, Jim Sillars has many good things to say. Is ‘good’ the right word? Maybe not – maybe ‘rational’ is a better description. There are so many comments here that are due closer analysis and reflection too though – and some immediately I want to rip apart – that I’m finding it impossible to express myself on Jim Sillars writing.

    For the general electorate, like me, the only real power you have is how you choose to vote. If, come May, all is still the same with the SNP – a vote for that party is a vote endorsing their anti-democratic behaviour, whoever your MSP candidate is.

    I did read another comment on wings that put forward the idea that voting SNP when that candidate has already gone through the leadership vilification wringer – would not be an endorsement of the leadership – and I think this is good reasoning. If your SNP MSP hasn’t been slated by their own side, don’t vote for them – unless you do endorse the ‘imperfections’ of the current incumbents.

    We all have different ‘red-lines’ and it is up to each and every one of us, and our consciences, to decide if ours have been crossed.

    Obviously some people think that out-and-out corruption in public office, the destruction (in waiting) of the reputation of the SNP, independence and the Yes Movement, is not a red-line. Remarkable. But people will be people eh.

    The SNP really needed to be ‘fixed’ internally before now – I believe it’s too late now for them before May. The leadership has closed all avenues to internal debate, and any attempts at sorting things has to be, damagingly, done in the public eye. It seems like the majority of people in the SNP are holding their breath waiting for someone else to do it for them. Hah, that’s been much of the SNP strategy on independence so far in the SNP – ‘maybe someone else will do it for us’ – always pleading and obsequious. It makes me sick to the pits of my stomach.

    If there is any way to salvage the situation before May, it’s going to have to be radical and swift, as Jim says above. I just can’t see it – there is so much inertia still, at this stage – I just can’t see it happening. Not for the SNP. Other things are afoot, and more options are available,,,

    People above say ‘we’d get a unionist government in holyrood’! How awful’ – would it be awful?..
    1. The yes movement would certainly unite against a unionist government – dah-da! There you have your longed-for unity
    2. Holyrood might survive another 5-years so we CAN vote on it again. Why are people persisting in the naive notion that devolution will last another 5 years under the SNP? There are enough signs to say it’s unlikely.
    3. The SNP *are* unionist, so what’s your point? Pro-devolution is pro-Union.

    I don’t believe unity is required for the Yes Movement – coordination is required – maybe Now Scotland will enable this.

    We won’t be waiting another 5 years for the sham of the British State-run Holyrood government to get round to another sham devolved vote – some say the people won’t accept that: Bollocks! They just need to know that any alternative is valid, is doable, and other people are doing it for them – convince them! If you don’t want independence Now, stand aside and stop obstructing those that do.

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  28. I am being somewhat hysterical there – I’d need confirmation of dates. Still bad that Judith Mackinnon was contacting an SNP staffer – but won’t blow up the whole charade if it wasn’t before the procedure was started. I was just shocked that Mackinnons name came up – thought Ruddick was the most likely one in contact with Ann Harvey.

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    1. Absolutely Iain.

      It’s all predicated on the – somewhat less sensational – SG innocent reasoning behind how did the procedure come about in the first place? They say it came out of the blue innocently responding to the hashtag-MeToo movement – not solely aimed at destroying Alex Salmond at all – so any evidence that shows absolutely that their claims are not true, trashes the entire edifice of their claims.

      There are lots and lots of bits of evidence to show their claims are false, but most are circumstantial and need complex arguments, so it would really be too much to hope for an easy simple-to-understand exposure of their conspiring.

      It needs Gordon’s forensic analysis on any part of this – but if it can be shown the civil servants were conspiring, Nicola Stuegeon should not survive. It might not be clear-cut, but any pressure that can be put to bear will hopefully bring things to a head sooner. And I believe it’s a case of the sooner the better, I think things will get much worse before they get better otherwise.

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  29. I have voted SNP at every election since 1980 (albeit since 2017 I vote on a personal basis in local Council elections where I consider the indy argument to be irrelevant; in fact we have a Lab/SNP coalition which keeps the Tories out!). I decided several months ago that I would vote pro-indy on the second/List ballot but not SNP. The constituency ballot, on previous practice is unlikely to offer much choice but I cannot bring myself to vote SNP (and I have informed the sitting SNP MSP of this and why; I am confident he will win anyway). I may have to record a zero vote on the first ballot. I also think the May ballot should be postponed, at least until July, by which time most folks should have had their CV 19 jag; otherwise I think it is crazy to have folks massing in polling stations. I realise that as a white, middle class. married, Scottish heterosexual male my opinions are unwelcome on most current SNP/nationalist web-sites; I am out of kilter with the prevailing culture. I believe that if the following people were to resign/retire from political life, with no fuss, life would be better for us all: Sturgeon, Salmond, Murrell, Evans and a host of others; otherwise we are all indirect victims of these personalised ego conflicts. A word of warning to the young: Have you ever campaigned on the doorsteps for the SNP when the expected result was 3% of the vote? Have you experienced being laughed at by public sector trades union colleagues for voting SNP in a Scotland dominated rot and branch by the Labour party? Do you understand that a “one person one vote” system means just that; no amount of 24/7 x 365 passion and dedication will change the mathematical reality. All the Nos have to do is vote No, once, and it is dead. The unconvinced remain silent and then they vote when it counts, and they kill your dreams dead. Get real, get some political strategy from the “dinosaurs” about “real-politik” or learn to cope with bitter disappointment. No amount of self-righteous indignation and anger makes your vote worth more than one vote. The unconvinced, the silent majority; make friends with them or they will kill your dreams.

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    1. The inquiry that stopped ANYBODY from inquiring.

      A cover-up of the cover-up.

      Adding to the litany of obfuscation, corruption and conspiracy. Are they spineless, or part of it? How will the public view the SNPs MSPs role in this? That they all lack integrity I imagine. I think we can count on one hand now the SNP parliamentarians that have an iota of integrity.

      There is strength in numbers, but all the SNP MSPs appear to quiver in fear, or they back the obvious lack of transparency (and so lack of democracy).

      It’s not just that the inquiry isn’t inquiring, they are actively aiding and abetting the cover-up of wrong-doing that’s already occurred. And when it’s got to the point where dim-wits like Murdo Fraser and Alex Cole-Hamilton are capable of making valid points about it, it’s not even being done well.

      It’s all rather frustrating.

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  30. It’s a little disingenuous to say that anyone who recognizes that a constituency vote for anything other than SNP is effectively a vote against independence, as “wheesht for Indy”

    It wrongly belittles that point of view as subservient, willfully silenced. It’s possible to hold that view and be outraged and make a noise about it – a huge noise. It’s not wheesht for Indy it’s

    “Shout like hell AND Indy”

    You offer no alternative strategy other then wait a few years till the leadership changes and hope we can regain the momentum.

    If the majority of people are against Nicola etc. then there’s nothing stopping mass demonstrations and driving change from within while retaining the pro independence majority at holyrood.

    Stifling the SNP and waiting for things to change is not the only way – “wheesht for someone else to solve our problems and present a palatable option at some distant election in a few years” is hardly a better option.


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