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I think I got it mostly right in my article yesterday. If anything I was too generous in terms of Nicola’s presentation skills. It was not as smooth as I expected and there were times when she was seriously rattled.

First of all the contrast. Last Friday an innocent man, who was the subject of attempted framing that might have resulted in him being jailed, potentially for the rest of his life, turned up, presented his evidence factually, calmly, armed with documentary evidence readily available. No avoidance, no hedging, straight answers to every question.

In contrast yesterday we had Nicola turning up to explain how terrible this has been for her, how she has suffered, the sleepless nights, the tossing and turning, the constant questioning. The look at me, the poor soap star act, full of emotion, totally lacking in detail.

How many times did we hear, I assume, as far as I am aware, I was not aware, I was not involved, I believe, to the best of my knowledge, I am not sure, I don’t know, each phrase an escape route to deniability in the event more evidence emerges. The language of cover up by a politician. Not a document in sight. Indeed last night after Nicola had finished John Swinney then released more of the legal advice. I think we all know why that happened.

Every time she was in trouble out came the old standby “unfortunately due to legal restrictions” which was used repeatedly. Nicola herself was in machine gun mode throughout,  while Alex Salmond went to great lengths not to personalize his evidence Nicola Smeargun took every opportunity to further smear him. Personally I found that quite disgusting. In the first section it looked like there was a competition to put the words Alex Salmond and sexual into every sentence. Subtle it was not!

The SNP has a huge problem here, they have a leader with no interest in Party unity. Quite happy to further widen the division, indeed to provoke it to new heights, or should that be depths? All semblance of honesty and decency gone, if existing members want that then they are going to need a new Party, or certainly a new leadership. The SNP are going full blown Woke and to hell with the consequences. GRA and the Hate Crime Bill is on the road if people return them in May. Independence supporters are going to have to agonise over that. 

They are really doing some stupid things, throughout Nicola’s testimony Humza Useless was giving a running commentary on Twitter. So here we had the Justice Secretary of the country tweeting evidence that was  being testified under oath. Wholly inappropriate. As I said on Twitter at the time I don’t know how he got the job either!

Of course we had the regimented Nicola Loyal all out in force pledging undying support. She could have confessed to being an axe murderer and the support would have continued while they queued at B&Q for their own Nikkla axes! The imaginary virtual Party was doing well as a rather shallow orchestrated recruitment campaign bore fruit with a “flood” of new members. They better have something more solid in the way of debit cards to replace the tens of thousands of members heading in the opposite direction. This was the student Union politics yet again. Designed for the inexperienced and naive. Not at all convincing. Check the mailbag there is very few cheques in the post and the online server has not been in any danger of crashing either. That’s in the real world of course.

I think this is going to end badly. The fixing of the list seats is beginning to look like a clever move by the Woke element. I can’t see how the SNP can win a majority of seats with the Party in the wrong hands pursuing a divisive and destructive policy agenda that will greatly encourage votes to go elsewhere, mainly on the list but first votes on the constituency will also be affected. The temptation to stay home has also been given a big boost.

In my opinion it’s political madness, self inflicted and being pursued by a Party complacent that Covid will see them through. It might, but it is a huge gamble.

This leadership already threw away the opportunity to act at the time of Brexit, now they may be throwing away the big advantage Covid offered by only going to the polls as the issue fades due to extensive inoculations changing the whole picture. It is a huge gamble that GRA and the Hate Crime Bill don’t become serious issues in the campaign. If they do, the damage, particularly amongst women, could be very extensive.

Nicola let herself down badly today, we saw a nasty, cheap, smearing side to her which until now has been well disguised. It is not the look of a winner. She has been tarnished forever. The days of sainthood have passed.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

For information purposes I detail below a statement from Alex Salmond.

Press Statement by Alex Salmond

  1. Mr Salmond has lodged a formal complaint with the Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government under the civil service code, on the conduct of the official who is alleged to have breached civil service rules, by disclosing the name of a complainant in the Scottish Government process.
  2. A letter has been sent to the Parliamentary Committee Convener supplying further requested evidence but also noting that we could complete our evidence if the Parliament would serve a Section 23 Order on Levy & McRae as suggested last Friday. 
  3. Mr Salmond will be interviewed by Mr James Hamilton, Independent Investigator on the Ministerial Code, this week.
  4. The requested information that was supplied today is a) the minutes of the Commission and Diligence of late December 2018, b) the minute of proceedings of the Court decision of 8th January 2019 at which the Government decisions were found to be “unlawful”, “procedurally unfair” and “tainted by apparent bias” and c) a specific witness statement requested by the Committee. 
  5. That witness statement provides further corroboration for Mr Salmond’s evidence before the Committee. On all key points with varying accounts Mr Salmond was asked by the Committee to provide corroboration and has now done so with multiple independent witnesses. The First Minister has not provided the Committee with any such corroboration. 


Through a Scottish Prism podcast.

I will be posting on this site later today a podcast Through a Scottish Prism with myself, Barrhead Boy and Jeggit discussing recent events. Should be lively.

58 thoughts on “TARNISHED FOR ALL TIME

  1. Yet still we have the #IstandwithNicola crowd who think the queen of liars can do no wrong. I despair. How can she sit and say that she doesn’t know who all the complainers are? Aye, right. How can she blatantly lie about not wanting all of this made public when her govt had to be threatened with an injunction to stop them issuing a press release regarding the affair? Why can’t people see through her?
    I’d already decided, due to their GRA fetish that I wasn’t going to vote for them on the list. I cannot now, in all conscience, vote for them at all while this woman and her cohorts are at the helm. They have no intention of delivering indy anyway and it was the only reason I ever voted for them.
    I’ll have to accept that I’ll never see independence, that the dream for me has, sadly, died and I’ve Sturgeon and her coven to thank for that.

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    1. The point I cant understand is that if she is correct that he was a bad man then presumably he was a bad man when she was hanging on his coattails as his protege to get where she is now. What a hypocrite she is.

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  2. My husband sent me a text asking how the NS session was going. My summary was:

    Alex Salmond is a very bad man, very bad. I am not bad I am good and I have thought about this a lot and did only good things. He asked me to help him, he wanted me to help him cover it up. He is a bad man, have I mentioned that. I don’t know lots of things because I wasn’t involved and I don’t know why my government got lots of advice from lots of people who know what they are talking about but ignored it and did their own thing anyway, but it wasn’t to get Alex Salmond, I do know that, even though he is a very bad man.

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    1. I would say you’ve summed it up perfectly! I am so disgusted at her but my disgust at the ‘eyes on the prize’ fan club is far beyond words can describe …. how easily they are fooled!!! These are people that I was proud to call my friends, who I marched with …. I have no word to describe them!

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  3. I was really disappointed to hear Nicola deliberately lambast Alex on a personal level, many times. Trying to mention ‘sexual crimes’ and ‘inappropriate’ as often as possible. Alex was NOT on trial, supposedly! Yet the criminal trial seemed to indicate that there was no ‘sexual crimes’ complaints from a number of women. The Court found him not guilty of any ‘sexual crimes’.
    That was no states person performance and contrasts vividly with Alex’s evidence. That performances seemed more geared towards giving a green light to the entryists to carry on with their ‘destruction’ of OUR party.
    I despair!

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  4. Once again Ian this is excellent and cuts through the obfuscation and muddle of Sturgeon’s endless and pointless diatribe yesterday, Only the deluded looking for a straw to grasp could have taken any satisfaction from the playground performance of the first minister. As a Scot, I found it cringeworthy and embarrassing.
    Linda Fabiani took embarrassment to a new level with her constant interruptions and bullying
    This has along way to go yet. Keep up the good work, thanks once again.

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    1. Me too.

      Life has taught me that among other things, if you take people at face value, you can often end up with egg on yours.

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    2. Never wondered that, only directly thought it for years. She hates men, it’s obvious. Every single thing she says has some sort of useless, counter-productive battle of the sexes undertone to it. Her hatred of her mentor, and vicious legal and verbal attacks on him, are merely her gynocentric worldview in a microcosm.

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  5. I honestly never knew that…obvs had heard the rumors but I never knew that specifically….

    On the second point, I am glad I have no child in the Scottish education system.

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  6. I’m maybe being naive here, but, I’m hanging fire until the committee publishes its conclusions. I found her performance very underwhelming, she stumbled through some answers, often looked anywhere but at the questioner, I noticed her shake her head a couple of times as she was speaking. Not the body language of someone who is sure of what they are saying.
    This morning I feel depressed, I’m wondering how the truth will ever see the light of day. Never, in almost 40 years have I been in any doubt as to how I would cast my vote, it was always SNP for independence. I’m no longer certain that the two necessarily go hand in hand.

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  7. I watched yesterday with increasing horror .I waited for Fabiani to interrupt the F.M to remind her that Alex Salmond was not on trial and had been found innocent but no. She did interrupt when things were getting a little hotter to prevent a bad scald on the F.M.

    I am really disgusted and despairing , for whom can I vote now? If the Lib/Lab/Con Party take over Holyrood independence is done for, and if independence is not up and running in the next few years I suspect I will be pushing up daisies.

    It seems clinging to words spoken by Alex Salmond is a stick with which to beat those of independent mind .

    “Once in a lifetime opportunity” ” I could have been a better man’ That last one could be uttered by most if not all adults but now is used as corroborating guilt.

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  8. It was an act. And a good one too, if you you are an aficionado of Eastenders and Coronation Street.

    Nicola Sturgeon’s presentation was full of smear, evasion, conflation etc. I expected that – she has been doing that for at least 2 years now regarding this matter. As Ian says every sentence was full of caveats, provisos and get outs. Which gives her “plausible deniability” on everything – everything – that she said. Others just recognise the weasel words for what they are.

    When under pressure she reverted to type – defensively aggressive. Nippy Nicola returns! Old habits obviously do die hard.

    Even her admitted flaw was a virtue. I paraphrase: “I wanted to let my friend of 30 years down gently. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so nice” etc. From what we have seen and heard it is clear that she has a heart of stone masquerading as a heart of gold.

    So for me it is not so much ‘Saint Nic’ as ‘Old Nic’.

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  9. Thanks Iain, I’m glad you’ve written about your overall impression of that marathon 8 hour session, and that’s exactly how I thought of it. I really thought she’d actually put on a professional front and show some of that smooth debating skill she has – but no, it was cringeworthy, embarrassing beyond belief, and shows she really has no interest how the public sees her. It was awful. And that’s aside from the lies.

    I noted Mike Russell MSP on the radio this morning say that NS has cleared everything up, given a great delivery and quashed any conspiracy theories. He must have been watching reruns of Rainbow or something, because that’s not what I saw. So they’re relying on all the MSPs rewriting history and pretending it was what it wasn’t – very 1984!

    She contradicted herself in nearly every thing ‘everyone has forgotten about the complainers!’ She wails – um,,,well, that’s because that’s not what the committee is investigating, and so has she, obviously. Her casual demeanour throughout and her throw-away comments about how ‘they might consider looking at’ various breaches and procedural flaws do NOT say she gives even the slightest care for the poor treatment of complainers. She totally missed the point, every time it was made, that her government’s poor handling has put everyone off ever complaining (while NS claims the opposite!).

    Her slouching casual speech and presentation was unbelievably dismissive of the seriousness of the government breaches. Je recuse: she’s recused herself from being FM by the looks of it. She is no leader or mine, and not one I’d ever want in charge of my nation.

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  10. Thanks Iain

    Last night there was a collective amnesia going on in Twitter. I was beginning to think I was the only sane one on an island of the mad.

    Your thoughts echo mine exactly. It was a performance from Nicola, the one we expected. What really angered me was the snide remarks about Salmond and then the snigger. If I was a prosecutor in court ,I would have asked if she thought this was funny! She tried to make light of something that demanded absolute sobriety.

    I think Alex will have the last laugh, Hamilton will not be bought so cheaply.

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  11. Your assessment Iain is bang on and accords I believe with what many many Scots now believe.

    Nicola Sturgeon in particular yesterday, but also her government came across as scheming and malicious devoid of any integrity whatsoever. This after all was an enquiry it an attempt to destroy Alex Salmond through an illegal and biased process deemed so by the highest court in the land. And that was only the start of it.

    Gordon Jackson in the subsequent criminal trial said that there was a smell and there certainly has been that. People now see that. The mask, the veneer of decency, has now gone to expose a tawdry stretched First Minister and her government involved in the most unacceptable of dirty deeds and actions.

    And meanwhile, the Hollyrood party of government focuses on GRA and Hate Crime legislation whilst the Tories begin to dismantle devolution before our very eyes, where the impacts of Brexit against our will destroys our economy.

    And they expect a majority with the electors falling over themselves to vote for them.

    The logic of the electorate not knowing Jack and voting for the SNP in their droves is utterly arrogant and insane. The Labour Party who metaphorically used to weigh their votes found that out – and I suspect the Sturgeon led SNP is about to find that out big time come May unless there is a change of leadership and a change of policy.

    But change out this utterly damaged and discredited leader, remove the hated woke policies, restore a commitment to pursuing independence, and maybe, most importantly, restore integrity in the function of government and state, and the SNP together with an ISP list party could in May put us back in business,

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    1. I’m not as confident about the electorate as you are. What we are seeing is a Trumpian cult: devotion to Nicola by people who don’t have the facts, don’t even want the facts (as many of them say) and are prepared to blindly follow their leader. This is not an unusual phenomenon in the world, it’s just unusual for Scotland.–And very depressing. These ‘stand-with-Nicola’ people want easy answers, and an easy emotional course of action, and Nicola is offering it to them in a: ‘Me good mamma of the nation, everyone else bad’ kind of way.

      Yesterday I really saw how conniving and cold-hearted Nicola is, how spiteful, and hugely dishonest, not only with the public but with herself. Power has taken her over. I have gone from admiration for Nicola to total revulsion and that’s not an easy path to walk. I’m afraid most people don’t want to go there, it’s too disappointing.

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  12. And if I may make one further comment on the need for change can I simply say that I have heard long time SNP members and supporters say that they will vote for whoever is best placed to get the SNP candidates out, such is the revulsion at what has been going on.

    They will however vote ISP on the list.

    What an incredible statement from long long term supporters and maybe a not unconnected to the fact that over half of the SNP membership has left the party over the last eighteen months.

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  13. Thanks for the article Iain.
    Yes it is all very depressing. To be honest, I couldn’t bear to watch it all. Ns took every opportunity to smear Alex and it wasn’t pretty.
    From her testimony , we must surely go along with Gordon Dangerfields premise. She was either involved in the fit up from the start or she does indeed know nothing. In which case the Scottish Government is being run by her ‘Officals’. ie. Leslie Evans and Liz Lloyd.
    Zero accountability all round . Appalling

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  14. The repeated mention of the Edinburgh Airport “incident” as well. The only concern that “incident” should’ve brought up was: “Note to self – don’t let the guy tell any jokes at the next SNP night out.”

    The joke was so bad it was actually funny! Beats me where they get that it was something to be concerned or worried about.

    I doubt if Alex Salmond, the master tactician, will be letting that hatchet job go unanswered.

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  15. Given the amount of blocking of evidence that has taken place to the Committee, most critically that of Geoff Aberdein and the flippant way that the corroborating letters from two very highly respected people into what Mr Aberdein had told them, I dont expect much from the Committee conclusion. Hopefully the investigation by James Hamilton will not have such blockages placed on him.

    Leaving aside these two investigations and the deeply unpopular GRA & HCB policies, what has sickened me most was the recent exposure (link below to Denise Findlay’s blog) of just how systematically the SNP has been corrupted based almost solely on the leadership of Sturgeon. Bad as Ms Findlay’s outline was, in the words of the author, it still “only scratched the surface”. This helps put much of what has happened into an overall context that then can be seen for what it is, a complete takeover and reorganisation of the SNP that removes democratic processes and has as a central tenet, the creation of a celebrity leader. The vote for us because you don’t have any alternative if you want independence is also clearly part of this process.

    I see the systematic changes to the SNP since 2018 to be the central issue regarding the current SNP. Most, and maybe all key issues start to make sense when viewed within the new SNP organisational structure. If the SNP get a majority in May we know what won’t happen, namely a real move to push for independence (just more limp grandstanding as a cover). The really scary part is what could happpen if they do form a majority government. GRA & HCB would be a good indication of what else could be in the wings.


    I hope Ms Findlay’s article becomes expanded and does scratch below the surface, since the evidence of what has happened and when & how it happened is surely something that needs to be made clear so that on May 6 voters can vote (or not) with their eyes wide open as the serious question of why such changes were made. Things can get much worse. Thatcher made her famous “there is no alternative” speech in May 1980. Look at how things turned out after that.

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  16. As much as I detest her (now), from what I could stomach, I thought she produced enough vaccuous, well polished spin to satisfy her supporters, and nothing of substance to change the dynamics. But it was always going to be that way.

    I no longer believe the SNP is ‘keeping its powder dry’, or is blindly unaware of the rocks its heading for.

    I absolutely believe the captain at the brig and all her ‘mates’ have been bought and sold, know exactly what they are doing (specifically with regards recruiting the ‘loony left types’), and are going full throttle to destroy the SNP and our chances of Indy.

    The cuckoo in the nest.

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  17. I am going to reserve judgement until the committee reports.

    But I was not impressed. The whole thing could have been half the length if NS had not waffled and prevaricated so much.

    The issue of withheld evidence is not going away.

    Much was made about how two women were badly let down. As I understand, these two women had their day in court and have not as far as I am aware appealed the verdict. I do not understand how women whose accusations were not accepted in court could have been let down. Repeating this phrase seems designed simply to doubt the integrity of the court.

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    1. Aye, the poor women who were let down. By having their complaints taken to the police against their will. And not by Alex Salmond.

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    2. There is much made of the fact that women were let down, the 2 women civil servants who had a whole new process rushed through for them in order that they could be the first to use it to raise their complaints against Alex Salmond.

      Let’s just imagine for a minute that the procedure had not been messed up and that a robust and agreed policy had been developed. That due process was then followed and it was all done properly. What would the outcome have been. AS was no longer the FM, he was just an average citizen (sort of). The Scottish Government had no means to discipline him in any way, he no longer worked for them. He was still a member of the SNP at this point I think, so the outcome of the investigation would have been sent to the leader of that party to take appropriate action, which as one of the committee pointed out is a pretty shakey outcome for a procedure anyways.

      What would that leader have done…named and shamed him and expelled him to the frozen wastelands of Strichen (it is cold up here).

      What actually happened…well those 2 women that were let down actually got more than any person who raises a complaint at work could possibly hope for, their complaint went to the police and their ‘attacker’ was tried in court. All the naming and shaming they could have hoped to achieve has been achieved, as well as an enormous amount of pain and suffering inflicted on Alex and his family and friends and his bank balance. Excellent result ladies and I don’t see how you have been let down.

      The people who have been let down are any other SG civil servants who have been/are being sexually assaulted by any minister as I sure as hell would not be raising a complaint to that useless bunch of freelancing, ill-equipped and untrained bunch of screaming divas that pass for the SG HR.

      In what way were they let down as I genuinely cannot see it?

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  18. I don’t think she could have mentioned Alex Salmond anymore if she had been allowed to say nothing but his name over & over, and every dig about sexual harassment was prefixed by SERIOUS.. That woman was NEVER a friend let alone a close friend of Alex Salmonds. Her hatred for him & it is hatred, all became apparent too quickly for there ever to have been a deep close friendship.

    Alex tried to protect her during his appearance. He never said a bad word about her other than answer yes to a question of did she break the ministerial code.. I hope he stops going easy on her from here on in..

    She is a disgusting piece of shit in my opinion, & she knows how much damage this is doing to not just the party, which I have NO faith or trust in anymore, as too many have sat their content & ready to stand again for their big Buck wage packets.

    I honestly believe the only way to get rid of them now is for all of the smaller list seat parties to come together as one, and stand against every one of them in BOTH seats.. And Alex leading that party.. He has every right to do so, he has been cleared by a court so no convictions. And IF there are any decent MSPS or MP left in that party they to should all be standing for HOLYROOD..

    We need STURGEON & her ROT gone from Scottish politics, & a clear out of all the institutions she has corrupted..

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  19. I nearly fell off my seat when Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the SNP, declared that she did not know the idendity of the complainers. If that is true, how come none of us noticed that she has been going around blindfolded and with noise cancelling headphones for the past few years?

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  20. Your second point leaves me with a circle I cannot square. Just the other day I viewed a piece of the sex education material being used in our schools, where a young guy (late teens/early 20’s?) was encouraging kids to get into and enjoy pornography for the express purpose of “stimulation”. So we have a FM who is an evangelist for feminism but whose government actively promotes an activity that exploits, objectivises and debases women (and men). Am I missing something?
    I say this as an SNP member and supporter of independence for over 40 years.


  21. An excellent and succinct summary Iain. I’d only add that I thought the ‘Edinburgh Airport incident’ did some particularly heavy lifting, and her enthusiastic endorsement of the ‘Me Too’ movement rings hollow when we consider her conduct towards Joanna Cherry.

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    1. Was the Edinburgh Airport incident not just AS commenting on some woman’s shoes being ‘killer heels’ because they had to be removed for security?


  22. The truth will come out. Many good people have left the SNP and they will not return until democracy has been reinstated in the Party.

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  23. I agree on everything …. I wondered about the ‘piece that was coming out about you’ … yet nobody is questioning it. As for the children at school, yes they are being taught gender-neutral before they know anything about biology!


  24. And then there was the ‘Lash Out’ comment, which must have been from a different evidence session to the six hours I watched on Friday, the one delivered with dignity and gravitas, the skills expected of a leader. We saw none of either yesterday.

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  25. ‘Start where you are and do what you can’

    Been thinking. At some point we all presumably want a reuniting, a coming back together. Do you think there will be a watershed moment coming from one or some of our ‘big hitters’? Somebody extends the metaphorical or actual hand of friendship and says ‘time to draw a line under things and move on’, The kind of things that leaders sometimes have to do for the greater good. Or is it more likely to come from within us, the troops in the grassroots? Again would need some kind of ‘leadership message’ to set the reconciliation ball rolling. Perhaps one of our bloggers could be that person. Probably too soon just now but this can’t rumble on indefinitely. Sometime, somewhere, someone will need to have the courage to start building bridges. If not I fear things could rumble on for months years even decades leaving Indy ‘not quite there yet’ for much longer than necessary. That would be quite a legacy for those coming after us.

    Who’s going to make the first step, the first leap of good faith?

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  26. Good work, Iain, thanks for all your efforts.

    I feel less nauseated today. It wasn’t her ‘performance’ that sickened me, it was the fawning, blinded and loyal ‘I told you so’ of people I’ve been following on Twitter for years, the same people who could spot unionist bots seem to have suddenly become dopey. Furthermore, quite disgusting that Murray Foote’s been employed as a weaver of fantasy, designed to bolster the mob at peak-corruption from Nicola Sturgeon. Oh, it all sounds so neg, doesn’t it? It’s far from neg,

    I fully expect this corrupt kingdom to fall by dint of the corruption being too corrupt, too wide-spread to ignore. As someone recently said, if this were a couple of minor details – say, a minister covered-up some-or-other shady cash favour, or escaped making an anti-Semitic statement – then, perhaps things would blow-over – does anyone see anything blowing-over? No, me neither. This administration is kaput.

    I see Holyrood mag’s Professor James Mitchell has a stinging article today…
    Hmm – a Wings post just popped-up in my email – must investigate.

    Once again, thanks, Iain. Keep well, dude.

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  27. Well you guys must have watched a different 6 hours of interview I did as I thought she came across as confident, honest and most of all, competent.
    What is more I think the vast amount of independistas will agree with me,
    Time will tell.

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    1. David , I am sure lots of people think the same as you. She is a good actor. However, if you avail yourself of the pertinent facts it was easy to see where she continually lied or evaded replying. Most people watching are ignorant of the mountain of evidence that points to Salmond being targeted.

      She is a nasty authoritarian who stabbed her mentor in the back and tried to send him to prison. Not a person anyone should trust about anything especially the future of Scotland.

      Remember Tony Blair convinced a lot of people that Saddam Hussein had weapons of Mass Destruction that could kill us within 46 mins. He was a good actor as well. He also lied as well. He created the conditions for millions dead in the Middle East and decades of terrorism. Sturgeons legacy will be better as she thankfully has no armed forces under her control and never will as she will never deliver an independent Scotland.

      8 or 6 hours of testimony doesn’t mean she addressed all the issues. It just means she can talk a lot and for a long time. Similarly providing the Committee with thousands of documents does not mean they were’t hiding the incriminating documents. It means they were philibusting in a different way. You are expected to just take her word even when it is patently nonsense. Some people do. Thankfully there are others who can spot a fraud.

      ” Time will tell” you say. It will but what will have been done to the SNP and Scottish independence by then. You will learn eventually.

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      1. “if you avail yourself of the pertinent facts”
        Well, how condescending is that! And you of course, with your superior powers of deduction, have all the ‘facts’ at your finger tips and I a mere mortal, do not?
        Suffice to say, we have a difference of opinion, and leave it at that.


  28. The sychophancy in this article is almost tangible.
    To hell with balance, in with Salmond-coloured glasses.
    Your observations on the dynamics of party policy-driven factionalism are, in my opinion, usually spot on.
    However in this very personalised dissection of NS you demonstrate that same factionalism you so often (rightly) deride.
    There is nothing in this piece condemning the conduct of some panel members not only during the committee session but in the case of Fraser and Baillie, their frequent public statements when ‘talking out of school’.
    I keep an open mind on how this pans out since, in my view, both AS and NS conducted themselves with aplomb.
    It may be, as I hope, that the real villains of this are Evans and her coterie of incompetents in the branch office of Westminster that we refer to as the Scottish Government (civil service).
    Articles that keep the pot boiling add nothing to the push towards independence with May being an essential milestone on the journey.

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    1. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘the conduct of some panel members’ but if it is the sycophancy and superficiality of Watt, Allan and McMillan, I’m certainly with you on that.

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    2. Pertcol you say “”as I hope”.

      Some of us have looked at the facts. It is nothing to do with SNP factionalism as far as I am concerned. Politicians will argue and jockey for power but when that becomes murdering opponents as in some countries or in this case plotting to sexually smear someone and then try to send him to jail then it is about what is acceptable in a civilised country.

      Sturgeon and her gang are not acceptable to me.

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  29. In your last paragraph you state “Nicola let herself down badly today, we saw a nasty, cheap, smearing side to her which until now has been well disguised. It is not the look of a winner.”

    Is this not the exact same behaviour exhibited by the “woke’ elements of the SNP? If they are mirroring her own personality then it perhaps explains why she has yet to condemn the behaviour and indeed may be accused of condoning it.

    As Mary Angelou said “when someone shows you who they really are, believe them”

    The behaviour and culture of an organisation is set by the leadership. Given the obfuscation and blocking of evidence and language/attitude of yesterday is it any wonder that the SNP hierarchy and employees exhibit the same disdainful behaviour to any members/branches who dare to question anything.

    If they can do this to a parliamentary enquiry and indeed refuse to comply fully with a search warrant then ordinary SNP members have no chance.

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  30. Start where you are and do what you can.

    Been thinking. At some point we all presumably want a reuniting, a coming back together within and across the Indy movement. Do you think there will be a watershed moment coming from one or some of our ‘big hitters’? Somebody extends the metaphorical or actual hand of friendship and says ‘time to draw a line under things and move on’, The kind of things that leaders sometimes have to do for the greater good. Or is it more likely to come from within us, the troops in the grassroots? Again would need some kind of ‘leadership message’ to set the reconciliation ball rolling. Perhaps one or some of our bloggers could take the lead. Probably too soon just now but this can’t rumble on indefinitely. Sometime, somewhere, someone will need to have the courage to start building bridges. If not I fear things could rumble on for months years even decades leaving Indy ‘not quite there yet’ for much longer than necessary. That would be quite a legacy for those coming after us.

    Who’s going to make the first step, the first leap of good faith?

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  31. Iain, where is the “additional advice”?

    Looking at the original page[1] where the advice was published, I still only see the following 10 documents:

    2018-09-27 : OCT-+LA09+-LPP-+5-+FINAL-+Committee+copy.pdf
    2018-10-30 : OCT-+LA011+-LPP-+5-+FINAL-+Committee+copy.pdf
    2018-10-30:31 : OCT-+LA03+-LPP-+5-+FINAL-+Committee+copy.pdf
    2018-10-31 : OCT-+LA12+-LPP-+5-+FINAL-+Committee+copy.pdf
    2018-12-06 : OCT-+LA05+-LPP-+5-+FINAL-+Committee+copy.pdf
    2018-12-11 : OCT-+LA06+-LPP-+5-+FINAL-+Committee+copy.pdf
    2018-12-19 : OCT-+LA07+-LPP-+5-+FINAL-+Committee+copy.pdf
    2018-12-29 : LPP+-+legal+advice+-+Minute+of+29+December+2018+-+21+December+2020+4.pdf
    2018-12-31 : OCT-+LA08+-LPP-+5-+FINAL-+Committee+copy.pdf

    I do see the following[2][3] was published last night, but that is on procedure/policy not legal advice.

    [1] https://www.gov.scot/publications/legal-advice-related-to-the-parliamentary-inquiry-into-the-scottish-governments-handling-of-harassment-complaints-sghhc/
    [2] https://www.gov.scot/publications/foi-202000101556/
    [3] https://www.gov.scot/publications/handling-of-harassment-complaints-involving-current-or-former-ministers/


  32. And she is still smearing right now at FMQ’s & her minions sat behind her are happy clapping away.. I don’t just hate STURGEON these days, I hate the bloody party, especially the minions sitting there happy knowing that a man found by a court to be innocent is still being tarnished by their lying nasty Leader.. And the clap louder…Thatcher would be proud of her…

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  33. Ian, thank you for your perspective on yesterday’s committee hearing. I agree with almost everything that you say and it makes depressing reading. I know that I feel disenfranchised as I will be unable in all conscience to vote for the SNP in either vote and I would not vote for any of the other parties. If May produces a majority vote, it will not make Independence any more likely with the current leadership. However, it will be considered a mandate for the hated GRA reform and, along with the HCB, women will be left without their legally protected rights. Why would any woman vote for that? I want all women in Scotland to have ALL the facts about GRA before the election because after it will be far too late.

    I have supported the SNP because it was a vehicle for Independence, but no more. Yesterday’s hearing produced nothing that we did not already know, nor did it answer any of the questions that were very relevant to the shameful events. No-one will be held to account and no people will be considered responsible. It will be swept aside and rewritten for the history books. Democracy in our nation is ill-served by the vice-like grip that NS and her accomplices currently have. I have no idea where the answer lies now. I am hoping great minds will come together and produce a solution that will satisfy all.

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  34. At every opportunity she claimed a “counter factual” to her actions… that if she had done something else she would have been attacked, castigated, blamed, etc. This tells us that every decision she made was designed to protect her alone & not the the 2 original complainers, the public purse, the government, the parliament or even the people of Scotland in general. She was calculated at every turn, thinking only of herself.

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  35. This committee was set up to fail, Fabiani an astute choice as convenor to ensure failure.Fabiani had many many reasons to halt and demand corrections from FM Sturgeon, and to call a halt to Sturgeon’s faux heartfelt, sincere, sentimental emotions towards Alex Salmond – interlaced with her repeated reference to sexual misbehaviour, and the “two women who were let down”.

    tTe Edinburgh Airport “incident”, I understand was reported by Angus Robertson – after a considerable time delay – was that a women’s stiletto heel shoes set off a security alarm at check-in, and that Alex Salmond quipped…killer heels. get it? Stiletto. Now why would Angus Robertson report such a triviality? All about timing to damage Alex Salmond.

    I doubt that were I a committee member I would put my name to the final report.

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    1. By every report Angus Robertson is one odious individual.

      I would say that come the election there will be no way that he will get elected. His reputation goes before him, and folks do nor warm to people like him, or indeed his much younger wife Jennifer, nee Dempsie.

      Maybe Joanna Cherry would stand for this seat. Nothing to stop her and the constituents would in Joanna have a very fine candidate with a razor sharp legal mind and integrity to match. The absolute antithesis of Angus Robertson in fact.


  36. Great article. This has been a witch hunt from the start. But there’s another point. Salmond represents what could happen to any man, anywhere and at any time. I’m all for womens rights – I am one. But the balance needs to be redressed. Although I am a woman, I have a husband and a son. Salmond was found innocent for Gods sake and they still want to hang him. Woe betide any woman who tried this on either of them.


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