I know my articles infuriate Ultra Party Loyalists. Those of the My Party, Wrong or Right (MPROW) brigade who will tolerate, worse even support, policies that are destructive and divisive, do great damage to society,  are only achieved by denying the rest of the Party any say or vote on them. To the MPROW that is the price you pay, willingly, to become intellectual giants and be able to respond to any criticism with the refrain “what about the polls?” Which appears to be a cure to all ills. A pretty shaky remedy to those of us who have experienced politics for longer than just a few years. We can recall just how unexpected and quickly new Labour disappeared as a collective realism hit that they were no longer representing the folk who had previously elected them. I regularly get the impression the current leadership of the New SNP are stumbling badly down the same route. The Cliff will still be there before they get much further as it was for New Labour. “A what about the polls” response is hopeless as you fall from dizzy heights onto the rocky ground below.

The question I ask is why? It is so unnecessary, this should be a time when everything should be in the SNP’s favour but they have been busy destroying all the advantages they hold. Let’s have a look at what has been happening.

Membership and Organisation.

Despite losing tens of thousands of members in recent years the SNP remain the biggest political party in Scotland. My concern is that while they have got a lot of members many of the most effective activists are among those who have left. Why? Unlike new members they remember how democratic the Party used to be. How members held power and could influence events and policies. They look at the changes to the NEC, away from elected to appointed members, the complete removal of the National Council which represented the forum where members and branches could question every senior figure and get answers. 

What difference could that have made? Well there would not be any missing money for a start. The Treasurer and other senior members would be grilled relentlessly until answers were forthcoming. The leadership would be pursued on trying to introduce policies like GRA and the Hate Crime Bill without the membership been given the opportunity to debate and vote on it. They would demand their rights to have their resolutions debated and for the democratic decisions of the Conference to be respected and implemented. They would have been strongly opposed to the centralization and control, the ridiculous interference and control of the WOKE dominated NEC and Vetting committees which were so disruptive in the selection process and saw excellent potential candidates rejected because they failed the “gender test” while a pile of second rate, correction make that third rate biology deniers sailed through selection. Only the good sense of the ordinary members at branch level stopped these swamp tactics being successful and giving us a Ill balanced science denying Parliament.

Divisive Policies

Who can believe as divisive a bill as the Hate Crime Bill being presented to Parliament a few weeks before an election? An attack on freedom of speech and free expression where even within your own home OUR PARLIAMENT are giving the Thought Police free access to enforce this ill thought out legislation.

Let me be clear I am strongly opposed to any type of hate in our society, be that for religious, racial, sex or any other reason. We have already in Scotland time tested laws which are adequate and are effective. Laws that do not need to be oppressive  on as important A RIGHT in life as freedom of speech and expression. Scotland’s new legislation shall make our country the most oppressive in the UK and one of the most oppressive in the rest of Europe.

It is being forced through by the SNP Government in the face of massive opposition across the country uniting many hundreds of the most important organisations in Scotland against the SNP. It stands accused, justifiably in my view, of stirring up the politics of fear. Where people, woman in particular, are intimidated into not speaking out when their rights are being ruthlessly removed in favour of obscure minority rights. Rights that have a effective full time public relations lobbying group behind them, all financed by the taxpayer due to their “minority status” This legislation is fascist in its design. That is what I would describe it as if it was being implemented by the Tories. It remains fascist if its being implemented by the SNP. A Scotland dominated by the Thought Police is not a Scotland I want to see.

It is there for a reason, it is there to protect the introduction of GRA, to intimidate opposition to this crazy legislation, it will not work. The only reason it has got this far is because of Covid. The minute it is safe to do so, marches will be heading for Bute House and the Scottish Parliament in absolutely huge numbers, demanding action on Independence and an end to mad, divisive legislation. ACTION OR THE RESIGNATION OF THOSE RESPONSIBLE.

You would think that a Party that is still reeling from the revelations about the plot against Alex Salmond, a plot that goes right to the very top of the SNP, that has led to huge embarrassment and difficulty for the Government, the damage to reputation caused by the concealment and obstruction in providing information and documents to the Inquiries, the staggering incompetence of the Civil Service and the collective and embarrassing amnesia that is at epidemic levels within the Government and Civil Service would make them very wary of creating a “plotters recipe book” but that is indeed what the Hate Crime and GRA issues do.

No need to prove anyone guilty, no the HCB allows those who make the allegations to do so with the taxpayer picking up their entire costs, while the “innocent” accused is responsible for their entire costs. So even when the  case is dismissed when it reaches court the poor innocent accused has had to endure months of worry and find potentially tens of thousands of pounds to fund their defence while those who made the allegations, celebrate and look for their next target. Sound fair to you? No me neither. For those who say that can never happen I suggest a chat with Mark Hirst! These dangers are very real.

I have much more to write about why I have lost faith in the current SNP Leadership but will have to wait for future articles,I think it hurts more because I used to be a strong supporter. Not because I was ever a member of the MPROW brigade but because I knew them to be capable people and believed them committed to delivering Independence. Gradually I have been forced to realise they are still capable people but have become devoted to other issues that now take precedence over Independence in their minds and actions. What is happening is no accident. It is happening by intentional design. It is a disappointment but that is as nothing, to the disappointment and disgust that so few of our elected representatives, at both MP and MSP level, have had the guts to speak out against this betrayal and for reasons better known to them, money or whatever, been such weak fodder and complicit in the crime. I suspect people will pay much closer interest to selection contests in the future.

This article may have cost me a few friends. I am sorry if it has but I have written it honestly and it needs said. Who knows I may have made a few new ones as well. I will have to live with that.

I am, as always


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A reader has just made the very valid point in comments that they would be reluctant to discuss any gender issue or criticise the leadership at any branch meeting if the Woke youth were in attendance. This is where we are heading, the worry about recording equipment and notebooks. What a Scotland? I despair and despise those responsible


  1. I think the crucial moment in this article is your saying that as soon as lockdown is over there will be people out on the streets. There will be. Millions of them.

    They know this of course as it is being discussed at the centre of imperial power whether to give the police greater ability to limit political demonstrations.

    Almost as if the Scottish and Westminster governments were in cahoots.

    I am with you here entirely. As a curmudgeonly and unapologetic intellectual I have serious issues with the levels of “debate” that are possible within the SNP. Once upon a time it was possible to talk about anything with anybody. It was a broad church. Those days are long gone. Discussion can only now take place after carefully signalling that we are all singing from the same hymn sheet, the one that has been passed down from on high. This is not politics any more. It is exactly as you say. Fascism.

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    1. Postcolonial theory predicts all of this and more. It tells us that the pampered bourgeoisie elite in the dominant national party reaches its own “accommodation with colonialism” (Fanon). This leads to a new layer of colonialism and oppression (laws etc) imposed on what are regarded as the more ‘radical’ elements of the nationalism movement. It tells us that new National Parties need to be created, much as we see have now been created. The drivers towards independence are the lumpen proletariat, the ordinary working folk, the Scots-speaking native; it is our distinct language and culture, albeit diminished through imperialism, that gives us our national consciousness, without which there can be no motivation for national liberation. So what we see is actually a well trod decolonisation process. In this it is the dominating National Party which needs to be either radically changed, or brought down and replaced.

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      1. Alf are you suggesting we abandon the snp in droves in May to ensure they are brought down.? I do hope you have an ‘oven ready’ alternative one because the IMB will have Holyrood reduced to an outlying Parish Council, powerless in a trice.I’m with Peter Bell an overwhelming SNP majority in May essential – but I’m sure you know his ideas from there well

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      2. Florence, Holyrood is not a sovereign (i.e. bona fide) parliament; it and the so-called ScotGov form a colonial administration subject to Westminster rule. SG is still a spending department of the UKGov and continues to be headed/run by the UK civil service.

        What we see from Holyrood and the SG is oppressive laws, inaction on independence, the use of state powers to unlawfully attack and smear independence campaigners, amidst a general disinterest and inability to properly develop and advance the nation and its people. This is colonialism in which the colonizer and those who ally with it have, as we see, immunity from prosecution. And as Iain and others have explained, the inner workings of the dominant national party are also corrupt – for it has made its own ‘accommodation with colonialism’.

        All of this is very well documented in the extensive post-colonial literature and forms an established part of the decolonisation process.

        You and Peter Bell are perfectly entitled to vote for all of that if you wish. But you can rest assured it will bring Scotland no closer to independence.

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  2. ‘To the MPROW that is the price you pay, willingly, to become intellectual giants and be able to respond to any criticism with the refrain “what about the polls?” ‘

    Well they’re not saying that now – 10 out of the last bone fide polls are showing Yes dropping … and significantly so.

    Judging by The National comments a week ago the MPROW were still in denial. They’ve now moved on to the anger phase – “Are you happy now, you with all the negative commentary?”

    By this time next week I expect they’ll be in bargain mode, pleading with Nicola to just get Boris to let us keep devolution, stripped back naturally.

    Depression will likely come on 6th May.

    I’ve already accepted that the current SNP leadership have been a catastrophic calamity of a disaster for Scotland and Scotland and her Cause.

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    1. That’s what gets me. I don’t think I appreciated Alex Salmond’s leadership as much then as I do now, when I see the movement fragmented and fighting like ferrets in a sack.
      Some managers can only retain their status by making sure the staff are all fighting each other too much to see how woeful their leadership is. The First Minister looks like one of those managers.
      A government too busy with Covid to do anything about independence, but they have the time and energy for this disgraceful piece of legislation. It shows where their priorities lie.

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  3. An issue I haven’t seen raised anywhere is the ability of the wokes to be able to use the Hate Crime Law to stifle any remaining debate in the SNP, for example, at Branch Meetings. I, for one, would be reluctant to discuss any gender related issues, or criticism of the leadership in a meeting where there were Nicola’s twitler youth in attendance.

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    1. Why would you be afraid to speak out You have no difficulty it seems speaking out here or do you only comment to like minded bloggers. As if that’ll change the dastardly things that appear to concern you !??


    2. A very legitimate concern, fairliered. Even as they introduce thoroughly age-inappropriate stuff into our children’s schools, they alienate our children from parental concern. The pseudo ‘wokerati’ will use branch meetings to finger those who are willing to speak out, I have no doubt. At home? When people are terrified and coerced into silence, you have totalitarianism. We always make the mistake of thinking that these horribly restrictive ideas come from the right. On the contrary, they often come from the left and are usurped by the right who use their own methods of control. At the moment, the Tories (who are not actually the far right) are standing against this stuff, but it came to us via the left, like PPP which originated with the Tories but was pushed out by the left. The SNPG has fallen into the same trap of being the means of delivery. Stonewall is financed, and being used, by governments and rich men of corporate America. Go figure, as our American cousins would say.

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  4. Will you still be voting SNP, Iain? I’ve made up my mind that I won’t be. It will take virtually every sitting MSP & especially all the leadership, retiring before May to change my mind.

    Last night’s ‘debate’ on the HCB was the final straw. Only Joan McAlpine showed any integrity as far as I’m concerned. My planned letter to Kenny Gibson is now long out of date & won’t be getting sent. I’m firmly of the belief that Scotland desperately needs shot of this political party if we have any hope of a decent, democratic future.

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    1. Gibson will never say anything against the wokeratti,,
      Both him and his wife fully back Sturgeon,The pair have a direct line to Sturgeon via Maria Burns who is in with the brick in regard to the leader and will do anything to get further up the SNP tree
      For some unfathomable reason the complaint (s) against Gibson have not really been exposed fully,
      I would assume that the Gibsons are protected by Sturgeon
      If the Labour Party had picked Baxter instead of Clark ,……Gibson(K) would be toast in May

      As for the HCB? Lunacy It’s created an minority elite, that will start attacking ordinary folk with cries of Bigot, Racist etc etc etc, and rest assured they will most probably be inclined to “massage” the evidence
      Surely Not!!!

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    2. I hope all of you who resign will rejoin, as I believe many current nonSNP will join after 6 May. If SNP are out of power we shall all have a major problem; however if they win power together with others then they need to be infiltrated with a majority of new/re-joining Independentistas to gradually remove the careerists/wokists from Committees and to kick the ‘leaders’ on the backside into pushing 110% for Indy in 2026 – when unfortunately some may not see the dream realised. We cannot be put under the Tory jackboot.

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      1. How though? What if the mechanism by which decent members can replace the wokey ones? What is the mechanism by which members can oust the current leadership if they refuse to stand down?


  5. I’m angry with the leadership.
    I’m even angrier with those who stay silent. Those who vote in support this leaderships grazy acts. Those who allow this madness to continue.

    If the MPs and MSPs spoke NOW we could still save our Independence hopes BUT they must act NOW.

    I will not forget those who have let Scotland down by putting their career first. They will not have a career by staying silent anyway.

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    1. Julia Gibb

      “If the mps and msps spoke now we could still save our independence hopes, but they must act now”

      I wrote an email to my local msp saying this very thing a few weeks back. He didn’t even bother to reply, really disappointing because he seems a decent enough guy. Don’t know where to go from here, just scunnered now.

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  6. More power to your elbow Iain. Despite agreeing with all you say here I will vote SNP in May because the option here is the Tories, and it will be a cold day in hell before I ever vote for them. I’m still an SNP member but definitely not of the MPROW faction, being involved in SNP Members For Independence a private FB group for SNP members who openly question the policies and direction of the leadership. Will be posting a link from the group to here.

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    1. This is what I do not understand Bushgeoff I assume you disagree with the whole lies and corruption situation but you are STILL willing to vote FOR the continuing situation to go on , that just makes no sense, I understand you NOT willing to vote for a tory but you still have the option to abstain or spoil your vote with a comment for your reasons , but IMHO voting SNP is giving consent and agreement that you accept their policies , lies and corruption .

      Again IMHO the continued disregard , contempt and ignoring of members and non members opposition to these reviled policies aligned with a total disregard for a plebiscite election which is massively supported highlights the fact that they don’t care what people think because they are convinced that people are so DESPERATE that they have NO OPTION and I for one will not be blackmailed

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      1. with you on a lot of that twathater, abstaining gives the tories zero, voting tory gives them plus one, voting SNP gives the tories minus one. If I could give them minus 5 I’d do that but unless I drive very quickly I heve only 1 vote in the constituency election.

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      2. Your point that voting SNP is giving consent and agreement that you accept their policies ,lies and corruption is a good one. The likelihood is that they will win the election however I vote.

        Balanced against it is that not doing so would equally include some element of giving consent and agreement that you accept the Tories (of whatever colour or stripe) policies, lies and corruption. It’s not a choice that I relish or that I will easily forgive those responsible for serving it up.

        The problem runs deeper than that though. MPROW has now been seeded and imprinted dogmatically throughout a large section of the SNP. Even the ones who are horrified by the actions of those who have seized power in their party are faced with the eternal ransom note that has been regularly served up to the wider movement and the Scottish Public on many occasions. ‘No SNP = No Independence, now and for a long time’. Consequently many of those now unconvinced walk down the same path as the true believers, occasionally apologetically but just as often as vociferously as each other. It’s either that or leave,which many do, whilst others stay in the hope that something can be salvaged.

        The ‘SNP 1+2’ mantra therefore becomes all consuming, actual discussion and logical debate is not to be tolerated, and anyone with the gall to question if it might not actually be truth ordained by the gods is now subjected to the type of vile abuse that should be reserved for the enemy. There may indeed be a case to be made for SNP 1+2 in some regions, but trying to get anyone to actually state it nowadays feels a bit like asking for a positive case for the Union.

        I’m not troubled by the profanity as I regard it as being part of the normal discourse of the Scots language, ingrained in our culture and quite correctly peppered over every sentence ever uttered by some members of my family, and as a result having an altogether different meaning to its use in standard English. In fact it is so integral to Scots it should probably be positively encouraged.

        What I tend to regard as REALLY offensive are the names I call those who seek to defeat the progress of our Nation. REALLY offensive words like ‘Tory’ and ‘Unionist’ or even ‘M15 infiltrator’. Now it has become the standard tactic to hurl these disgusting terms of abuse at each other, especially at times when the person, (who up until that point has been regarded as an ally) involved in issuing them, is clearly devoid of any rational argument. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are a small number of actual examples of those groups around. They’d be crazy to miss the opportunity, but how are we supposed to see them when everyone is dancing to their tune?

        The result is a toxic distrust between everybody. Folk are leaving / joining the SNP at a rate if knots, each time proclaiming their new status to the world. Blocking each other is the new order of the day. (Exactly how this attitude is meant to attract uncommitted voters is beyond my ken). People are denouncing former friends at a rate that would have had Joe McCarthy calling for them to cool their ardour so he could keep up, and of course the possibility of all this resulting in less than overwhelming victory in May means blame is already being hurled in every direction, except at the actual enemy, before the election campaign has actually formally begun.

        The leadership of the SNP rightly or wrongly claim for themselves leadership of the Independence Movement. Let me be clear, when a Movement starts to fragment, the leadership have to be the ones to shoulder the blame. If they did not actively cause it, they would still be guilty of a failure to prevent it, equating to a failure of leadership. In the current case, their actions appear to me open to indictment on both counts. It is up to them to put things right, to listen to everyone and find a way to hold things together. I see no evidence of any attempt to do that. Quite the opposite in fact, and that is unforgivable. They can’t then blame people they have repeatedly let down for the debacle that could result.

        However we are still left with the eternal ransom note. The SNP still has a large number of good people involved in it, who represent a chance, however slim, of continuing a path of some kind, vague and undefined as it is, in the general direction of Independence at some point.

        The Unionists would instantly kill Independence stone dead and seek to close off any way back permanently. There are no good people in the Tories, no redeeming features for any of them.

        So left with the terrible choice between the despairingly awful and the totally unconscionable, I’ll choose to give SNP my first vote and another Pro-Indy party my second. I do this not with any belief that it will bring about progressive change, but rather as the only effort at harm reduction I can imagine. Many will be hurt by the coming events, and we need to try to protect as many as possible, because afterwards we need to rebuild and we need as many of those people as possible to do that. I’ve never been in the SNP, but I am of the stay and salvage wing of the Yes Movement. There’s no way to leave because there’s nowhere to go to. Leaving the SNP takes a few keystrokes. Leaving the fight for Independence is not an option.

        Which Party gets my second vote will depend on how AFI/ISP/Greens etc., conduct themselves between now and May. Actually their failure to agree a unified approach is not at all encouraging. Reason should dictate that the egos have to go and they should stand aside for whoever has the greater chance in any area. They should have thought of that earlier because it has always been screamingly obvious. Regardless of any pronouncements they make the fact that they didn’t says a lot about their own leadership skills and commitment to Independence as the Primary Issue, and there’s always the awful thought that they set out deliberately down disunited paths.

        In the end there is always one thing left in the bottom of Pandoras box. It is always hope.

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      3. At Neil Anderson thank you for that fair and balanced response , I have openly admitted on numerous occasions and numerous blogs I am not and have never been a member of any political party , but I am a committed independence supporter and unfortunately at this juncture it requires voting SNP as they are the ONLY party CURRENTLY who are associated ( questionably) with independence

        My and others dilemma comes with which is the lesser of two evils , voting SNP and swallowing my integrity and beliefs in honesty , principle , fairness , equality , and betraying our excellent caring Scottish womenfolk , our MOTHERS , WIVES , DAUGHTERS , SISTERS to a coterie of dangerous deviants led by a narcissistic authoritarian with a god complex who is fixated with other issues than independence , voting SNP and be led up the hill by MORE false promises of referendums and challenges to WM which NEVER materialise , vote SNP for a possible legal challenge which is at least 4 years too late and will take a further 3 to 5 years to work through the courts , and much , much more


        Spoil my constituency vote and write on it the reason why ,” Nicola Sturgeon has betrayed independence supporters” , and vote for ISP/SOLIDARITY/AFI on the regional vote if they have a plebiscite election in their manifesto , and basically take my chances that independence will never die

        I have done innumerable soul searching on my decision but I have no faith that Sturgeon going by her performance will resign or can be forced to go and as far as i’m concerned SHE has caused the division

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      4. Twathater – If you spoil your constituency vote and write on it the reason why ,” Nicola Sturgeon has betrayed independence supporters”, nobody will read it beyond the candidates and the election official who declares it invalid. It would have precisely the same effect as not voting in ballot 1 at all, because they simply don’t care. That message is clearly one aimed at wider public consumption and probably more effective just by being posted in this discussion and seen by some people who do care.

        Better still if it is used in conversation with independence supporters as part of future conversations both about how we do actually achieve independence, and more importantly in this context about how we can change society to protect people made vulnerable by legislation that is at best ill considered, but more probably dangerous by design on the part of some self serving factions.

        Primarily that is the Women including those you refer to.

        I’d also say that this legislation also puts all the Trans people who just want to live in peace and be themselves at risk too, and I’d suggest that’s quite possibly the vast majority of Trans people, who I believe would be in favour of maintaining safe spaces, and redesigning spaces so that everyone who uses them can feel safe.

        Moreover, the other groups it claims to protect may also be put at risk because the importance of legislating their safety is falsely bundled in with irrational approaches to other issues, and so open to being labelled as irrational.

        If this legislation had progressed in a more sensible and organised fashion, including protection for Women, and ensuring everyone was fully consulted and not just those with particular views and loud voices, it could have been a really positive contribution to the future of a better nation.

        One of the principles that has guided us for some years was the #AllOfUsFirst concept introduced by CommonWeal. There is no reason that legislation should not have been carried on into the next Parliament and the various groups now set against each other at the insistence of a tiny vociferous minority could have been brought together to find agreed solutions. I think there would have been general agreement that most folk not only have no problem with Trans people but also would want them to have the greatest possible rights. However their rights have now been deliberately set in conflict with the rights of Women and others. That conflict should have been resolved in advance of legislation.

        Of course this is not the only issue where my views diverge from the policies of the SNP, or the way they were gerrymandered into being, or the actions of some of their members, but that probably is true of everyone in the Independence movement (including SNP members) over lots of issues dear to their own sets of beliefs.

        I never expected other than that the Movement would face such conflicts throughout it’s existence. If everyone was in total agreement about everything we would all have joined SNP on day one. That was never the agreement of the movement. The one thing we all agreed on was the primary importance of independence.

        It was never meant to be a permanent commitment to wheesht for indy, and it was clearly unsustainable in the long term. It is however the one thing we should all be able to expect without question from the SNP. Independence first. All of us first. Of course in government other matters have to be resolved. We couldn’t let Covid just run its course for example because we required Independence before dealing with it. But we dis let many other things sit on the back burner to a greater or lesser degree to allow independence to happen.

        The problem we have is that it is not happening, and there is nothing in the current actions of the SNP, from S30 requests, to no plan B, to 11 point back of a fag packet plan A that inspires us to continue thinking they are sincere about pursuing Independence as the primary and overriding objective. Neither can we possibly believe that All of us are first when some are clearly more equal than others.

        For me that means back to the whole hearted pursuit of International Socialism that has informed my whole life. Others will move ion their own various directions. That’s what was intended to happen after independence and if its not on offer I’m not for hanging around. When a credible new force that clearly does want to pursue independence forms. I’ll be there.

        How I vote will also be informed by that and by what I feel is the most pragmatic choice towards that alternative end I have available at the time. For ballot 1, my thinking is …
        1. All Tories are bad news. Always. Giving them any ground whatsoever is unconscionable

        2. Some SNP are bad news, some are misled and misguided, and some are actually good people doing what they feel is the best they can in the circumstances. Its a bad option, but less bad than option 1.

        3. There is no preferable third option on the ballot. No party can get a list of good candidates on the constituency ballots in time. No option stops bad actors holding power. Option 2 is better (or at least slightly less bad) than Option 1. Abstention damages option 2, and helps option 1 even if not actually selecting for it. Anything that helps option 1 is unconscionable. Hence – option 2.

        I understand anyone reaching different conclusions. We are held to ransom by all parties. We need to take a pragmatic path and organise ourselves to more effectively against all who would do us harm, by accident or design. Put the SNP in because they are not Tories, with as many non SNP Pro-indy candidates from the list as we can achieve, but hold SNP to the greatest possible account thereafter and still nonetheless organise for their fragmentation and replacement.

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  7. I’ve been branded a looney for over a year now as I knew the minute Alec was smeared by members of the SNP that the British state had infiltrated the party to a high level. Yesterday was another indicator that the destruction of the Party making then unelectable is well under way and is being executed to perfection. Expect more surprises in the coming weeks; I suspect there will be a push to remove the good guys left in the party through Transphobia or anti-semitism before the election. I hope they are rewarded well for services to the Queen and Empire.

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    1. Perhaps. My suspicion is that they will aim to keep ‘good guys’ just within the party until 7th May or so, when they will be cast out as scapegoats.

      This way the leadership have maximum chance of the ‘good guys’ reputations being tainted by association with the SNP. And their future careers outside the SNP being undermined.

      When Alex resigned in 2018 ‘to clear (his) name’, that may not have been the ONLY reason. All that has happened since, was ‘not in (his) name’.

      Though JC and NH and KMacA and ABMcN have been shielded a little by being out of the loop.

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  8. Agree, we need to organise and start working on motions and how to get them debated. The entryists are using and abusing the constitution to put in place their strategy. We need to undo lots of it, first!
    However, we need to vote SNP to have any chance of both a Referendum and Independence. Only an SNP government can give us those options. Allowing a Unionist coalition at Holyrood will do untold damage to our country and the Independence movement. However, OUR party are not making that easy for us. Too many of the elected politicians have accepted the comfort of their positions, especially at Westminster!

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    1. Sorry Frank, I cannot and will not vote for the SNP at this present time.

      As a father of a 13yo daughter I am seething with anger at what they are implementing, let alone the jettisoning of independence.

      I have been a supporter of the party for over 40 years, before I was old enough to vote but enough is enough.

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      1. Forgot to say, that I am also seething at the spinless SNP MSPs and MPs who sit and say and do nothing.

        However in saying that, Joan McAlpine deserves plaudits for her stance.

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    2. A bit late.

      Autumn conference demonstrated we CAN’T get motions debated.

      HCB demonstrates that we DAREN’T get motions discussed.

      NEC elections and NEC since demonstrates that we CAN’T get constitution enforced as is, let alone improved.

      List selection recently demonstrates that we couldn’t trust HQ to administer an EGM or vote by the membership, eg for a new leader.

      Silence of elected reps, who COULD force a VONC, demonstrates that they won’t stand up for internal democracy either. If you wanted to try those routes, 2018 was the latest date for that.

      The only route currently open to members for a counter-coup from WITHIN, would be seeking immediate de-registration of the party, with the Electoral Commission. On the basis that breaches of the constitution have rendered the current leadership unauthorised.

      That would:
      – Remove the power of the whips. – Remove HQ’s right to 20% of elected reps’ wages, which could be used in their own campaigns instead of official’ high wages and legal fees.
      – Remove HQ’s control over branches.
      – And force every candidate to stand or fall as an independent. (Pro-independence or otherwise.🤔)

      When the case came to court (see Free Church precedent in 1900) the membership then argue that they, collectively, are the SNP as per constitution and founding principles and aims, not the out of control clique at the top.

      Possibly not worth the candle though, as reputation and finances are trashed already.

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  9. This thing is very much bigger than the SNP, independence, Scotland, the UK, even. The fightback against it is taking place everywhere it has been introduced, but the trans lobby/Stonewall has powerful backers with deep pockets – rich men who are not in it out of compassion for genuine trans people. Like every big social movement, stirred up by political or social or economic philosophy, it never quite works out as the idealists intended. Usually, it leads to oppression, repression and suppression.

    I think the critics of Labour are beginning to understand just what Labour found itself up against. This stuff and independence are totally incompatible, which is the reason that independence has been parked. The fence-sitters and the gold-plated, pension-builders in the SNPG and parliamentary parties in Holyrood and Westminster have enabled this, and the perennially intellect-free have been captured by it, and, believing, in their stupidity and naivety, that this was about genuine human rights, have pushed it.

    As human beings, we are doomed always to experience-learning despite having the ability to rationalize, on the one hand, and use our imaginations, on the other – and even that is dubious at the best of times – so we will have to either suffer the consequences of this stuff or refuse to suffer the consequences, which, in itself, will necessitate the suffering of the consequences that follow from that refusal.

    Independence has been halted/delayed indefinitely in order to allow this stuff to be pushed through Holyrood. It probably wasn’t even a conscious decision by the FM and her coterie, so captured are they by this, and certainly, Stonewall and the Trans Alliance have been behind a lot of it, encouraging the FM and her coterie, infiltrating every arm of the SNPG, councils, public services, schools, universities (the young, also captured by this stuff, are the future, not oldies like us) and, generally, ensuring their own survival by drawing public funding to themselves (it isn’t spent on shelters or services or counselling for trans people, is it, and it doesn’t even go on helping to pay for transitioning, which is funded by the SNHS and the taxpayer – a bit like the condemned paying for their own firing squad).

    I am not saying that the FM does not know what she is doing; she does. She is just incapable of projecting that knowledge into the future and seeing the bigger picture. She lacks vision and strength of character. she is intransigent and micro-managerial, and that plays straight into the hands of malign lobbyists.

    We have been conned by very stupid people who lack the wit to use their imaginations and apply their reason, who are having their strings pulled by clever lobbyists who are, in turn, in the pockets of very rich men and corporate America. That is why we are not getting independence.

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    1. Thanks again Lorna.
      That is why I have no second thoughts about NOT voting SNP in the forthcoming election. Independence is off the agenda despite the carrot dangling.
      The 11 point plan is an absolute joke. Can’t say I’ve had much time for Ian Blackford but saying we can have Indyref 2 later in 2021 is a blatant lie. The man has lost the plot and I hope his constituants lose him.

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  10. I was of the opinion that I would probably accept anything to ensure the SNP got the best mandate possible and then sort out the leadership afterwards. If it was not possible to “sort” the leadership, live with it until independence was achieved and then there would be a GE within Scotland with numerous parties standing. The SNP offering of Hate Crime and GRA would probably be rejected by the electorate and it would no longer matter if the SNP ceased to exist.

    Pragmatically Is there anything wrong with that view, although I would admit I am now finding it difficult to swallow what is being thrown at us?

    Like others, it is now difficult to raise questions on trans and similar issues in the branch and especially at constituency level.

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    1. That would be enough for me Alin when you feel you cannot speak freely about what you feel important is oppression. Decent people oppose oppression and support freedom. It is that simple for me.

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    2. Which is why it is in the leadership’s self-interest to ensure that ALL their crazy policies are enacted while they still have the power/votes to do so.

      That is, BEFORE independence. Which is why they will delay independence indefinitely.

      Much as communist regimes delayed democracy indefinitely. In case the little people don’t 100% comply with the superior wisdom of their rulers.

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  11. To paraphrase the words of Dougie Maclean

    You’ve almost certainly lost the friends that needed losing, found others on the way.

    Silence is complicity.

    Thanks for speaking out Iain.

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  12. I really admire the depth of thought and understanding amongst you guys. It’s impressive. Not sure how I fit in here but feel the need to say it nonetheless.

    I don’t understand the finer points of corporation tax – but will vote for the party I feel will give best chance of Indy. SNP

    I struggle to get my head round fiscal policy – but will vote for the party I feel will give best chance of Indy. SNP

    I can’t claim to understand the best way forward to tackle climate change – but will vote for the party I feel will give best chance of Indy. SNP

    Gender politics, queer theory, GRA – still getting up to speed and will vote for the part I feel will give best chance of Indy.

    Hate crime bill – ditto

    Woke, wokeratti – not a scooby what it/they are but I will vote for the party I feel will give the best chance of Indy, SNP.

    Why? Because if I/we don’t vote SNP the chances of a unionist mskotyst Holyrood how’s way up and that’s just too big a chance to take / for Indy, for Scotland.

    That said, my voting intentions could change if someone could tell me what the credible and winnable alternative is? Not in five years, not in 10 years but now. That would be the game changer.

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    1. I voted SNP in 2016 on that very basis. We’re no closer to indy now than we were then. Look at the chances that have been squandered since Brexit. They’re like New Labour – they think we have nowhere else to go. That’s what has bred this arrogance.
      I’ll vote SNP in May, because my candidate is endorsed by Joanne Cherry.
      I won’t vote for them again after that.
      They’re useless in local government because they won’t stand up to the Scottish Government, and if we’re still at Westminster in the next General Election in 2024, they will have failed us catastrophically.

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  13. Well put Iain it needed saying, and if your friends are real friends then they’ll understand where you’re coming from and why. I’m quietly confident that once they see that Sturgeon has no intentions of holding an indyref, time will tell that you will bathe in the waters of vindication. Then hopefully we will unite and leave this union once and for all.

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  14. There are 14 SNP MSPs retiring in May. Surely to goodness a few of them could find the backbone to oppose this dreadful bill? What have they got to lose?

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    1. I can only assume 2 possibilities:

      1. You know those unlawful ‘retrospective’ disciplinary processes that Scot Gov like? Where Scot Gov act as judge, jury, executioner, police force, accuser? Perhaps they’ve brushed past someone in a stairwell a decade ago? Held a dinner that no one attended? Made a remark about shoes?

      2. Perhaps they fear that the tentacles of UK-Scot Gov have extended to be able to remove their pensions, even if they escape jail via political prosecution?

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  15. Ian, I would be grateful if you would give an analysis of the amendments the the HCB, which are supposed to guarantee freedom of expression. I find myself not trusting that these will be effective in preventing malicious prosecutions for expressing views of which those in power those of whom they are disciples

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  16. Is it an inevitable thing that powerful groups/political parties consolidate power with the favoured few at the top, and ditch accountability to the vast majority of their group and supporters?

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    1. Inevitable that they TRY.

      The current constitution, scrapping national council, moving power to the NEC, was voted through conference in 2018.

      The appointment of affiliated groups to shadowy, murky, shady power, which I remember voting against in 2015, was also passed by conference.

      Sadly some delegates treated conference as social entertainment, and internal sessions as boring and optional.

      The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

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  17. Another excellent article. I think the polls are showing the hierarchy the way things are heading. I have been a SNP member for over thirty years. I can no longer support the party.

    If the stasi hate crime bill and the genderwoowoo nonsense had been discussed and voted on at conference then it would have some legitimacy. It has been concocted in tofu filled rooms to aid and abet the lunatic fringe in obtaining what they want.

    A vote for the SNP in May is a vote for hamza’s stasi crime bill and genderwoowoo. It is not a vote to further independence.

    May commitment to independence is undiminished. I am no longer committed to the SNP because they left me.

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  18. Sadly it does. I suspect it will worsen too. I ache for the older, longer term members of the SNP. I also admire those still there, protesting from the inside!
    Not me. I detest the lack of true leadership. In my honest opinion they are not fit for purpose as party leader thus definitely not a FM, I would ever vote for. Grrrr.
    Great blog by the way. Thank you

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  19. I’m finished with the SNP and pretty much was before this because of their disgraceful failure of people with autism. In that area of policy it was the same tactics being used to ‘justify ‘ the HCB – oh our experts ( pet organisations funded by and in the pocket of the S.G.) have told us blah, blah. It was the same with the shambles that was GIRFEC and the NP – based on a very narrow trial. This SNP government have no interest in what ordinary people have to say or their lived experiences. My autistic son is 14 and has been failed at every turn during the term of the shambolic ‘Autism Strategy’. We’ve been strung along by Russell our MSP who has been more interested in grandstanding on the T.V than pesky constituents. He’ll be no loss to Argyll…… anyway rant almost over….. I am appreciative of your blog Iain and knowing via the comments here that I am not going mad. The silence from those around me has been shocking and disgraceful. The best I dare to hope for is a hung Parliament that might look at undoing some of these insane, vile and authoritarian policies because until this canker is cut out there will never be another Indy ref. I want nothing to do with or from the SNP.

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  20. As you read comment after comment and you match that up with the people that you know, many of whom have been in the party committed for decade after decade you truly realise the total and utter dissatisfaction with the party.

    Many have left, many utterly disengaged, whilst others hang on by the skin of their teeth in the hope that things will change. But not under a Sturgeon i’m afraid.

    It is truly difficult for those who have been members for so long to speak and act in the way that they are.I never thought I would see this situation arise. But that is where we are, a party full of elected politicians run by a coterie of control utterly divorced from not just party members, but the general public too. And these blogs tell you why, tell you exactly why.

    And the bitter calculation to spin on in the hope of securing a victory on behalf of the party but not the people is going to prove the undoing of the party. Polls, and they are just polls, are now, seven weeks out from the election now revealing the SNP will not secure their much assumed majority – and these polls are revealing what so man6 of us feel and know in our guts to be the case. This is a party not just out of touch but a party that is beginning to attract towards it hostility previously only reserved for the Tories.

    It is not too late to change. Sturgeon the ever more toxic leader could step down and their could be a step change in the leadership and policy. But no, for whatever reason, the high command are going to throw the election. But despondent as we may be about the demise of a once good and honourable party committed to the pursuit of independence, we should remain mindful that independence is bigger than the apples that have turned the SNP into the rotten barrel that it has become.

    Alternative candidates, alternative parties, or in fact existing elected representatives are emerging, and change, difficult as it seems may be easier than it seems.

    People know what is wrong, and they know how to change it, and that now includes the currently silent, many of whom are at huge risk with no lifeboat and no way back to the comfort and safety many thought was their God given right.

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    1. A Nation is it’s people. Political Parties are it’s members.
      The people of Scotland will decide the shape of our Nation and Holyrood.

      The current SNP leadership are just the latest in a long list of those who tried to shape our future without our consent.

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  21. Much of the upset and dismay being expressed here seems to pivot on Sturgeon’s leadership. This won’t be popular but as leaders go, I think she does a tough job very well ………..and she’s far from perfect.

    I’m trying to get a sense of what folks are looking for. Could I ask, who are the ‘stand out’ national political leaders who exemplify what folks are looking for. We know what Salmond had/has to offer. Who else, from any country, any era, has had or still has what folks are looking for from a national leader?


    1. Lintonbairn anyone who doesn’t plot to send a friend of 30 years to jail on trumped up charges would be an imporovement.

      Lintonbairn anyone who actually wants independence would be an improvement.

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    2. Ghandi – He put his Nation’s peaceful Independence campaign above personal standing.
      Mandela – He put equality of citizens above his freedom.

      They did not seek fame. They always tried to do the right thing.

      We do do want someone like Aung Su See Kye who was once seen as a champion of Human Rights and then “forgot” those values.

      Many people who are now “famous” as Great Leaders were not famous when they started their journey. Select the Right kind of Leader and if they should fail you pick another.
      Choose integrity not show business fame.

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      1. Arguably the only current Scottish comparator to these great national leaders is Tommy Sheridan, a man who has fought many causes on behalf of the Scottish people, and who also lost his liberty as a result. It is no coincidence Solidarity is the only political party proposing a plebiscite election on independence.

        We should remember that independence is decolonisation, which is something the bourgeoisie political class have yet to come to terms with.

        Independence is a necessary cause of ‘a people’, not a nice to have policy. We need leaders who understand this, as Mandela and Ghandi did. They also understood how, under colonial rule, the nation’s social institutions oppress the people rather than serve them.

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  22. Plenty people have the ability to deliver Lintobairn. Unless of course we are of the commonly held belief that we are too poor, to stupid to be able to have slate of not just one leader, but a slate of worthy ministers.

    Unfortunately, and this is what every one now knows it’s Nicola and the gangs party where every one stays in the shadows of the COVID Queen.

    Methinks Sir, you are firing off curved ball questions. So here’s my suggestion for new leader – Graham Campbell the big tall Rastafarian looking guchap that’s the Glasgow City councillor sitting right at the top of the Lothian Region list with 3.3% of the member votes.

    Having been a member of the SSP and then rise before being enticed in to the SNP by his partner Anne McGloughlin MP in 2016. I think he would be a wonderful leader. What do you think Lintonbairn?

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  23. Thank you to whoever provided that link. It corroborates other findings, out of the horse’s mouth, as they say. It shows precisely that this is no coincidence. It also shows far more clearly than any #metoo, or anything else, why Alec Salmond had to be eliminated. He would have led a new independence campaign. The PS and most of those around her are also pseudo ‘wokerati’. This infiltration happened in early 2015 onwards. It is not just Nicola Sturgeon, her coterie, and a handful of SPADS. This goes very deep. It just could not have happened otherwise.

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  24. Hi Willie, Graham Campbell? Got to say I know little of him. What I’m interested in who are the national leaders that would tick more boxes for folks than Sturgeon. Genuinely curious to hear examples.


  25. Why push this Bill through 8 weeks before the election? I suspect it was so they could dragoon their own MSPs to vote for it with the threat of expulsion hanging over their heads. If they had delayed the Bill until after the election some of the MSPs might have felt secure enough with 5 years tenure ahead to defy Sturgeon. As it is there simply isn’t enough time to put together a campaign as an Independent. (Alex Salmond is probably the one exception)

    With both the Hamilton and Fabiani’s Inquiries not likely to report before Holyrood is prorogued, I believe it is imperative that the election be deferred until later this year to allow them to report and Parliament to act on them. Unfortunately this is the very reason that Sturgeon is desperate for that election to happen in May in the expectation that re-elected with a majority and the support of the Wokerati candidates she’s foisted on the voters she can ignore the report findings.

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  26. Ian, as ever, an interesting and thought-provoking piece. Although I have been a supporter of Independence and the SNP, for several years, like many people I have accepted much of what I have heard or read, unless it was pretty obvious something was seriously out of kilter. I became aware of the insidious ideology of trans genderism about eighteen months ago and have spent that time trying to understand how it came to be part of the SNP and SG. It has been an eye-opening and cathartic experience and has made me aware of how hidden this government has become. I have found that the comments at the end of articles and blogs are as interesting and thought-provoking as the articles themselves. For me, these have taken the place of debate and discussion, while in lockdown, and provided me with other people’s views that can challenge my own. I was a strong supporter of the First Minister and, while not exactly of the MPROW kind, it took me some time to acknowledge that the Scottish Government was out of kilter because of her. We are eight weeks from a major election that should have had us on the edge of our seats for Independence. Instead, we find ourselves deflated, hurt, angry and bemused by what has taken place in the last few weeks and days and facing the ramifications of the Hate Crime Bill on our nation. We now await the reform of the Gender Recognition Act after the election, if the SNP win a majority in Holyrood. I am going to put my head above the parapet and say that we need a new independence party that will put us back on the path to independence, challenge the SNP Government, hold it to account and rein-in their irresponsible, fascistic, gender ideological policies. We must be smart with our votes and use them skilfully on May 6th to stop our nation from being turned into a fascist state.

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  27. As a relative newcomer to the Indy blogging world, this doesn’t seem to have ‘just happened’ and sprung out of nowhere. It’s been more like a slow motion car crash spread out over years. That what it sounds like in your posts. Again, as an outsider looking in, there’s been lots of ‘it’s going to happen, look it’s happening, I told you it’s happening and so on and so forth’. Lots of comment but not enough positive action leaving us, at this moment feeling hurt, dismayed, angry etc. Where is the leadership and party that will rally you now? Perhaps you’ve been let down by more than Sturgeon and the SNP


  28. Lintonbairn, I too am a newcomer . I am not Scottish .

    Sturgeon has been de railed entirely by her concentration on Gender politics . Rape Crisis Scotland, Trans alliance and Engender are heavily funded by Scotsgov . Please take a look at the Board of Directors and Senior Execs of both these Organisations . You cannot fail to miss that their leaders are trans cult activists .. they are heavily influencing and shaping current HCB and GRA . Take a look at their policies , their direct networking links to NS and also read their strategic policies moving forward . Their literature is also being shared with COPFS and Police Scotland . NS is not pro actively engaged in the fight for Scottish Independence.. she is to busy building her army of wokes . I see no evidence of Women’s Rights being progressed and the AS case far from being a conspiracy is indeed the orchestrated campaign he refers . The deliberate suppression of evidence , the relationship between Scotsgov and the SNP CEO all demonstrate that the Rule of Law and the normal constitutional rules and conventions are no longer working .

    Under NS Leadership the People of Scotland have been subjected to expensive Legal battles , she has history in ignoring advice .. and the latest NS Scandal is far from over . I sense the Ides of March and I see the fall of the SNP very soon .

    The hurt and anger that you are currently reading will dissipate and this crisis will re energise and re focus the People of Scotland . New Leaders (and possibly old ones too ) will emerge , division will be replaced with unification .

    The People of Scotland will decide their future ..

    Best Wishes to you .

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  29. Thanks Claire, I do share your optimism. I do think we have slipped or been led into a narrow narrative of Sturgeon’s failings and achievements. For example, she and the SNP have fine phenomenal work championing the rights and aspirations of young people in care (and young people’s rights in general) – yet on these blogs we barely hear mention of it, never mind celebrate it. Not sure why.


  30. More than 800 children and young people in Scotland have waited in excess of 16 months for specialist mental health problems ,consider this
    with Autism Strategy failure , may be a good reason so few consider any evidence of the fine phenomenal work that you refer .

    These issues pre date COVID .. there needs to be some independent scrutiny into the systemic failings of both strategies .

    Food for thought

    Best wishes to all

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