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  1. Well there isn’t much hope of Nicola resigning as you have just suggested she should to save the party. She isn’t even admitting that she did anything wrong and has said as much during today’s Covid briefing. You know that announcements that are supposed to be apolitical!!! Given that she tells us at every opportunity that she has always wanted independence I seriously wonder if she actually does because if she did she wouldn’t harm the movement so significantly. In fact I have to wonder if she is a unionist plant. Everything that has gone on in the party of late is completely against what the SNP stand for and it is all down to her actions and influence.

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  2. I never really understood cognitive dissonance until now. People are presented with facts that go against their beliefs and they just refuse to believe. It’s scary. It looks like the lady is not for turning either. She’s going to brazen it out and bring the whole party and independence down with her. Absolutely shameful. The SNP MPS and MSP must get her out now.

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    1. Its a perfect example of cognitive dissonance en masse. She is fast becoming Scotlands shame. From saviour to shamed in under a decade….we sure she’s not a tory in disguise….

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  3. David Davis made some very clear and unambiguous statements to the House of Commons. These absolutely call into question the probity of the First Minster of Scotland and her husband.

    And today i n response to David Davis’s delivery to the House of Commons Nicola Sturgeon is briefing to say that David Davis is a liar – for spreading a conspiracy.

    This is a an incredible accusation by the First Minster to sat that Mr Davis lied to the Commons and it brings into disrepute the House of Commons. If Davis is a liar he should not be in the House of Commons.

    The House of Commons must investigate this allegation with all due speed. Did David Davis lie and if so he should be censured. The First Minister has said he is.

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    1. Funny isn’t it.
      According to NS everyone is a liar except for her. But how would she know that?
      From her appearance before the ‘committee she apparently knows bugger all about bugger all, yet she knows DD is lying?
      The constant smearing of people who don’t conform to the Sturgeon narrative is a really bad look for a supposed mature ‘ head of State’.

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    2. All David has done is highlight rhe information the enquiry is lacking in due to obfuscation and cries of “it doeant exist” only to later surface as existing. Honest guvnor big boys did it and ran away. Nicola performing a classic old “shoot the messenger” whilst ignoring the damming evidence.


  4. As they thrash their death throws this article today by the very old established Spectator reveals the part the Lord Advocate has played and continues to play in trying to restrict and censor information and documentation to protect the actions of the government and the Crown Office in this absolutely rotten Burgh that is now Scotland.

    292 years to re-establish the Scottish Parliament and six short years for Sturgeon to bring it to utter ruin.

    After nearly forty years a member of the SNP I can no longer vote for what masquerades as a once great party. It has with great sadness become my political enemy and has to be excised from power. Cancer without treatment does not get better.

    We must vote them out in May and replace with better, and no full time 24 /7 protection as is now apparently being provided to Sturgeon and her husband is going to save them from their political demise. The people will vote, and vote wisely, and she and her rotten team will be gone.



  5. I’m just gobsmacked that it’s taking the Spectator and a WM tory MP to bring into the public whats going on. I’m ever more astonished that like a kid caught with their hands in the cookie jar, Nicola and her nicophants are trebling down on their obfuscation and outright dishonesty. Bloody woke lobby groups have much to answer for


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