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God help you if you are a man in Nicola’s man hating Scotland. Worse, you are doomed to ridicule and dismissal if you happen to be anything other than a spotty faced youth in her eyes. A day over 40 years of age and you are classified as belonging to the “old boys club” and anything you say or do can be easily dismissed as more ranting from the “old boys network”. Having greatly angered women with GRA and the HCB it is now the turn of men. Who needs their votes eh?

Folk wonder why the SNP is being split asunder by gender wars. Look no further, the leader herself is a man hater, she cannot disguise the bitterness and contempt in her voice whenever her deviousness and selective memory comes under attack.

She is an expert in diversion. She made much of the fact that the missing documents that David Davis highlighted in the House of Commons had in fact been handed over, or so she told Holyrood at FMQ’s.

If only, but they hadn’t been, she intentionally misled Holyrood, they had not been handed over as she alleged. It is a quite lengthy explanation about what actually happened BUT I posted a statement earlier from David Davis MP which dealt with the main points. It was a deliberate and intentional play designed to mislead Parliament. In itself, given the seriousness of the issue it should result in her immediate resignation now that the truth has been fully exposed.

This is further proof, if it was needed that the Scottish Government knew what they were doing was wrong, very wrong. That they recognised this and sought to conceal this from their own legal counsel repeatedly, and only reluctantly handed the papers over when warned, in the sternest terms by their own QC’s that they risked contempt charges or worst. It makes a nonsense of their claims that their actions were not malicious. No wonder Lord Pentland made the judgement he did. By once again misleading Parliament at FMQ’s the importance of this and damage done is now probably more important now than what the documents contained.

As I write this I am just hearing that the Committee has voted and ruled Nicola’s accounts of the meeting in her house with Alex Salmond misled the committee and was not accurate. This again is another potential breach of the ministerial code. What action will follow the latest fresh effort at misleading Parliament has still to be determined. She is on a slippery slope and there is much more to worry about.

One document that is a problem and is of interest was dated the 6th February 2018 and was between two senior Civil Servants who complained about serious interference from the First Minister’s Chief of Staff Liz Lloyd in the process of compiling the legislation to take action against Alex Salmond. Why is this important? It is important because the statement Liz Lloyd provided to the Inquiry stated that she only became aware  of the Alex Salmond case in the April, “coincidentally” on around the same dates the First Minister stated she was first made aware. Here is evidence about Liz Lloyd that suggests she knew months before.

If she was interfering in the process, to such a point where civil servants were describing the interference as very bad, it is inconceivable she would have felt empowered to do so without the First Minister’s knowledge, likewise it is completely implausible that if Liz Lloyd knew about it at the start of the February that she did not mention it to the First Minister until months later in the April.

Now we have already been presented with the frankly ludicrous testimony of her husband Peter Murrell, who just happens to be the Party Chief Executive and who has been shown, beyond doubt, to have given evidence, under oath which has been proved patently false. He denied there were any further text messages. There were in fact dozens more that revealed that he and his fellow plotters Sue Ruddick and Ian McCann were busily engaged in a coaching and pressuring campaign. All designed to create new allegations to go along with those already organised from some of the alphabet women, allegations that were disproved in court and which were dismissed by the jury, that comprised a majority of women, in front of a female judge.

It was also largely female defence witnesses, who without the protection of anonymity, demolished the accusations of the alphabet women, armed solely by the truth and to the complete satisfaction of the jury.. Nicola’s concern for women doesn’t extend to them, does it Nicola? Spoiled the plan did they? They are the women who deserve our concern, respect and thanks. They rarely get mentioned but they did not want or need anonymity to give their evidence. You can do that when you are telling the truth!

The fact is this was all being organised by Murrell and his team long after the police investigation had commenced, an investigation that involved 22 police making 700 face to face interviews with 400 people encompassing Alex Salmond’s entire life. It was completely improper, possibly criminal in itself, as it sought to coach and influence witnesses. Between interfering with potential witnesses and offering false testimony under oath it must surely be only a matter of days before the police take action, after all they were not slow to arrest Craig Murray or Mark Hirst not so long ago.

The fact that this huge police operation, carried out at considerable public expense failed to result in a single additional charge of any type is further evidence, particularly after considering what happened to the spurious charges that did make it to court, only to be completely rejected, to make all the smears against Alex Salmond’s character even more ridiculous. Since before the referendum in 2014 until now he is probably the most investigated person not just in Scotland but in the rest of the UK and yet he is in the two different court’s judgement a completely Innocent man. Nothing was found to stain his reputation yet the smearing from the Nikkla loyal continues. It is disgusting.

Of course “Honest Pete” insists he never ever discussed any of this with his wife or any other matter relating to the case against Alex Salmond. “What did you get up to today?” Was never a conversation ever mentioned in the Murrell/Sturgeon household! Believe that if you will!

The big cost of this vendetta against Alex Salmond is increasingly “ Nasty Nicola” becoming more visible. She can barely contain her venom when his name is mentioned. Whereas he studiously avoided making personal criticism of the First Minister, she in contrast spent the week in advance of her appearance in front of the committee smearing him at every turn, even interrupting a public Covid briefing to spend time having a personal nine minute rant against him. As her team swopped to smearing and decrying the committee after they voted she had misled them I was struck by how quickly Nicola had moved from “relishing” giving them her testimony to abusing them the minute they made a decision against her. How quickly and aggressively the mood changes?

In front of the Inquiry Alex Salmond answered every question comprehensively and had his required documents available, the First Minister in contrast had trouble recalling a host of matters, could not be sure what involvement she had in certain processes, had to promise to look into a lot of matters and see if she could find the required information. All this despite the SNP stooges on the committee playing defence for her, in sharp contrast to their aggressive questioning of Alex Salmond previously. When it ended Scotland was subjected to the orchestrated “I am with Nicola campaign” and later the fantastical membership surge propaganda campaign all designed to try and protect the now damaged goods that she now represents. As I said it has failed because more and more are realising her Government is failing the cause of Independence and she is increasingly seen as dishonest and corrupt, The more so as the supposed Inquiry refuses to get the additional evidence from Mr Salmond’s lawyers that he offered. What sort of honest Inquiry turns down the opportunity to look at evidence when it is offered? It is of course the “safe” option if you don’t examine the evidence, it can’t be included in the report. That has been the tactic from the beginning, block, redact, withhold is in full operation.

On Tuesday at 8am the Inquiry must publish its final report, gallons of whitewash are on order as the Scottish Government and Crown Office have successfully, through working in close collusion, managed to successfully block and redact most of the evidence, and sure of holding the majority on the committee are confident of nothing too damaging emerging. That of course might not be so certain now given that the Committee recently,for the first time, flexed its muscles. Blowing a million pounds of taxpayers money is small beer to the establishment if it lets them carry on as before. Hopefully the second Inquiry carried out by Sir James Hamilton QC will be of some value. To hope for a result from him is also very unlikely. Nicola got to appoint him. He reports to Nicola. How independent is he?

I fear all we will get from the Parliamentary Inquiry is conclusive proof that the current Scottish Parliament, as presently constituted is incapable of holding the Scottish Government and Crown Office to account when they are working unchecked and in collusion with each other to completely frustrate the process. I hope I am wrong about that and this latest indication that they believe Nicola misled them gives hope that they are finally going to act as they should.

All in all it is an ugly look for the First Minister, the Scottish Government, the Crown Office and the Scottish Parliament. I hope I am wrong about this but I believe the Inquiry, frustrated at every turn will produce a pretty meaningless whitewash. The money will have been wasted. Nobody will specifically be at fault, nobody will be sacked and the whole pathetic game will continue as before. Scotland will be the poorer for it, our politicians will have failed us….again. Or maybe even at this late stage some honour and justice can win through?

I hope for justice, if not then I will continue to look for other options. I will not give up. Intentional and deliberate evil must never prevail.I console myself it rarely does long term. Given her latest outrage it may yet come sooner than anyone expected. I conclude with Nicola’s own words when she introduced the Ministerial Code  “I will lead by example in following the letter and spirit of this Code, and I expect the Ministers and civil servants will likewise.” Some example!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

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89 thoughts on “TAXI FOR MURRELL

  1. Iain, like you I just hope somehow justice is done.

    I fear it all depends on Mr Hamilton interpreting the evidence and ignoring the white noise. Let’s hope like us, he can’t conclude anything other than a witch hunt and then a cover up.

    Something that really wasn’t highlighted enough during Sturgeon’s shit show at the enquiry. Was when JB asked her why her government had delayed, redacted, lost and denied the evidence to the enquiry. Why it took two votes in parliament.

    Sturgeon stared in silence for 5 seconds . She had no answer. That look is enough for any sensible person to see she is a liar, and a bad one.

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  2. If they resign they lose control of data, files and access to the ring fenced money truth.
    They will be PROVEN liars and law breakers.

    If they remain and keep control (especially a steadying hand on the weak)
    They will be THOUGHT liars and law breakers.

    This is why they cannot let go. They evidence can only be presented, hidden, redacted etc if you are the gatekeeper.

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    1. I think the resignations by the finance committee members at today’s NEC proves that is their intent. Good to know that people with integrity still make a stance when required..

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    2. “the ring fenced money”

      I hope it has not been used to ‘finance’ any of this mankit affair, but I wouldn’t put it past them.


    3. She has got herself into the unenviable position of needing to be in power to stop the truth coming out which further reduces her lack of interest in independence
      She can’t resign or her successor may open the files or sacrifice a colleague,even though they’ve been well paid fir their protection of her,for fear they might turn whistle-blower
      But still they chase the carrots she dangles


  3. Nicola Sturgeon and ‘her cronies’ has brought all the institutions of Scotland into disrepute: The Office of First Minister, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament. Even Rape Crisis Scotland, a quango almost fully funded by the Scottish Government, has been politicised and used as a weapon to attack the Nicola Sturgeon’s enemies and, in particular, to smear Alex Salmond and even the Committee of Inquiry, now that the latter has concluded that at least one breach of the Ministerial Code has occurred.

    She has once again been found blatantly misled Parliament with her economic description of when “the document” was handed over to their OWN counsel. The document to which she referred, of course, was the redacted one. The real one, which showed that the Police had been informed of the complainants complaints against the latter’s wishes or without their knowledge, had been withheld until much later, hence the anger of her own legal advisers who had been ‘professionally embarrassed’ in front of Lord Pentland in the Judicial Review civil case.

    The double-down deniers of the Nicola Loyal and True Brigade choose not to see. Check the comments on The National articles, below the line if you need confirmation of this. These guys simply try to propagandise their own supporters. A pile on ensues if you try to shine even a flicker of light of reality on the matter.

    The blindly faithful think it is OK to send an innocent man to jail for life, to stay quiet because, you know, we’ve never ever ever been so close to Independence.

    Well, I for one would not even want Boris Johnson or Murdo Fraser or Douglas Ross or Ruth Davidson sent to prison for any period of time for a crime they did not commit if it meant that the prize in return was Independence. These means simply do not justify the end.

    Disgusting just doesn’t cover it.

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  4. Snp candidates who show no respect for the parliament they wish to join by supporting a misleader do not deserve to be given votes from people who wish independence. Snp for the first vote is now a precarious strategy. So candidates better say something or the electorate will certainly dae something.

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  5. Thanks for a very comprehensive summary of this sad mess.

    Point of information regarding James Hamilton QC. Alex Salmond mentioned in his evidence that he had set up the panel and appointed Hamilton to it. I don’t know how many are on the panel and who gets to choose which person actually does which job.

    Hamilton is an unknown quantity but has a good reputation that would be at risk if he tried to whitewash. I’m not aware of any kompromat, but I guess we wouldn’t be. I take some comfort from the effort being made to spin ‘so what if she broke the code, NS is our COVID Queen’ etc etc which would be unnecessary if it were all sewed up.

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    1. Hamilton is indeed an unknown quantity.

      Ian has elevated him to Sir James Hamilton QC in his piece above.

      I have been trying without much success to unearth a CV for him. If you Google him it reveals he is the 70 year old former Chief of the Republic of Ireland DPP.. as such he is an Irish barrister or as they are known there Senior Counsel. Ireland ceased appointing QCs in 1924 and has its own Bar council and of course no links to our Crown.
      His CV online has been hacked as he’s variously described as a Tory Party member, a Labour supporter, and of course a long term member of the SNP.
      Surely the SG should sort this out.

      It’s not so long ago that the former Irish Taoiseach Charlie Haughy was convicted of taking bribes. According to breaking news Leo Varadker is presently being investigated for a criminal leak of Government information.

      Having appeared as an expert witness in a complicated case in the Irish High Court 40 years ago one thing i can say for sure is their court process and law is vastly different to Scotland where I have similarly appeared many times.

      For one thing the case which took me to Dublin actually involved an insurance loss in Scotland but insured in Dublin by an Irish client with an English insurer but with their Irish Subsiduary. The client under Irish law in fact had the option of sueing in Scotland where the loss occurred, in England where the Insurers parent Co was registered or in Ireland where the premium had been paid.
      For reasons which became obvious my client chose Dublin and Irish Justice. The case lasted 3 weeks and pantomime is perhaps an unfair description but not far removed. My client lost but appealed immediately and won on appeal where not only the law was a ground of appeal but the amount of the loss as well.
      Only in Ireland is not an understatement.

      So whilst I’m in no sense questioning James Hamilton’s impartiality or expertise, I wonder why an eminent Foreign Advocate was chosen in preference to the equally eminent Rt Hon Dame Elish Angliolini PC QC FRSA FRSE and former Lord Advocate of Scotland.
      Both were appointed by Alex Salmond as advisors on the Ministerial code.
      Based on my past experience it surprises me not a bit why Sturgeon and Swinney have opted for the Irish version.

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  6. “I will lead by example in following the letter and spirit of this Code, and I expect the Ministers and civil servants will likewise.”
    That quote shows her in full light,for what she is,
    A bad piece of work,note I said Bad not Nasty
    I will go out and buy the Daily Record when Sturgeon / Murrell and the any of the Waffen-NS get led away in handcuffs(optional)
    I remember well the Thatcher years and tactics of the Union Flagged Trucks ,Sermon on the Mound .
    I would suggest she is actually worse

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    1. Well, yes, she is worse than Margaret Thatcher. At least Margaret Thatcher had the decency to tell you her policies then enact them when elected, instead of ditching them and the people who helped elect her.

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  7. Sadly I believe Sturgeon is going nowhere, I’ll actually be surprised if anyone is held to account, the establishment won’t be be pushing for her resignation simply because they know their precious union is safe in her hands.
    Of course the biggest fear that still remains for the unionists is that Alex Salmond could still yet make a comeback hence the daily attacks against him from all sides.
    listen to any reporter speaking about this fiasco which should be about nothing more than the Scottish government but Alex is kept in the headline always, and the way in which they word their statements you’d be forgiven for thinking that Alex Salmond had been found guilty in court.

    Actually I have come to think that the media and the opposition are putting on a good show to convince us they want rid of Sturgeon while making no mention of the criminals in Westminster, I do think this is being done in the hope that it makes us vote SNP just to spite them. union saved, job done.

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      1. Being offended is a choice. Letting someone press your buttons is a choice. That offence comes from within. So mcwhineyface needs to look within as to why he gets so upset hearing things which can be backed with evidence…

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    1. Seems that the blog is now attracting foul mouthed trolls who object to the commentaries of the authors too this online blog.

      No doubt such trolls may very well come from the vicious camp of supporters that attach themselves to our current First Minister. And unpleasant these people are as the recent conviction of the 30 year old SNP member from Stirling who threatened Joanna Cherry on line proved when he messaged her to say that she didn’t fully know what he was capable of.doing to her.

      Such vicious nasty support is all to reflective of the vicious nasty vindictiveness that is being exposed at the heart of the current SNP Government.

      But back to today’s rude and objectionable troll. ‘ Good riddance to you’ – was that a threat.

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      1. I do my best to block them getting through Willie. I try to maintain decent standards. People are able to disagree as long as it’s done politely and without name calling or smears.

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    2. Ditto. Lawson should declare which of the Unionist parties he will be supporting.
      Destruction seems to be his mission in life.


      1. Are you on drugs. Not all of us indy voters are snp blinded. We used to be labour voters many of us. We merely lend the snp a vote…I left wondering why I’m lending them a vote…all they’ve done is make it so a man in skirt on a Tuesday has the right to be nasty and offensive to me, and if I dare try to defend myself ill be a nasty bigot. As a rape victim I’m also left feeling insecure about men, who will take advantage of this self id law to abuse women in the spaces they should be safe….is my safety worth lending snp more votes…im seriously doubting that. And what I’ve seen of her mouthing and still continuing to accuse a man found innocent in court…well she reminds me in those school bully bitches, and I dont bullies and bitches

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  8. Twenty Police Scotland officers plus support staff for over a year investigating every aspect of Alex Salmond’s life. A civil service dedicated to the production of a policy to pursue one man. A Crown Office with dedicated resources to prepare charges all of which were rejected by a High Court Jury. A government that rejected legal advice to concede that Alex Salmond was being pursued by an illegal process replete with apparent bias. And a court case that was only conceded after the government’s Counsel advised they were withdrawing because the could not and would not defend an unstateable case.

    And then all the obfuscation, documentation and tampering with evidence. Yes tampering with evidence. Issuing evidence but blanking our detail to hid, yes hide, that information had been sent to police when it shouldn’t have.

    You could go on an on. But no one can be in any doubt. A nasty vicious spiteful women with a coterie of equally spiteful colluding to destroy Alex Salmond, and for that matter others too.

    A rotten Police Force, a rotten Crown Office, rotten civil servants, a rotten government, party managers working seamlessly with the mechanisms of state, and all headed up by an innocent saintly Nicola Sturgeon who knows nothing.

    Time she and her coterie were flushed down the toilet. We accept this behaviour at our peril and anyone who blogs and makes comment had better remember that. Mark Hirst after eight months of hell and financial ruin was exonerated with no case to answer. Craig Murray after his trial in the High Court and with a two year sentence hanging over him still awaits a decision months after his case was heard.

    So, for all those predisposed to voting SNP just remember that it could be you next that gets the kicking on trumped up charges. This is a government where the rule of law, fairness and justice is utterly absent, and where political opponents get utterly hammered.

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    1. Well said Willie and great post Iain.
      To some, it doesn’t matter at all what St Nikkla does, all they see is the Indy carrot dangling.
      They can somehow, despite enough information being out there, suspend all critical thinking.
      The ‘cult’ members cannot see it and never will.
      I share Craig Murray’s depression.

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      1. I think a lot of the online support is now co-ordinated around paid staff and the identity politics lobby or as I like to describe them the Anti Civil Rights lobby. They are relying on folk who aren’t paying attention. They are tiny in number.

        I don’t see that as a problem to us going forward if the Independence supporting SNP MPs and MSPs clean out their own party. The members do not have sufficient say to do it. The alternative is that we allow the SNP to be used by the opponents of Independence. Getting shot of Sturgeon, Murrell, Ruddick, Swinney and others needs to happen very soon.

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    2. Sinister no matter which prism this shocking affair is viewed. Of equal concern must be the complete lack of opposition within the ranks of those SNP MSPs to this flagrant abuse of power being excercised by Sturgeon.

      Are we expected to believe as they apparently do that the Scottish Government has acted with probity throughout or is it a case of cover my erse and hide behind their illustrious liar in the form of Nicola Sturgeon?

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    3. “A rotten Police Force, a rotten Crown Office, rotten civil servants, a rotten government, party managers working seamlessly with the mechanisms of state”

      A colonial legacy? Justice is rather theoretical in a colonial situation, and the native cannot expect much from it. Which highlights why independence is necessary.


      1. There was a wild colonial boy,
        alfbaird was his name
        He was born and raised in Scotchland
        in a place called Castlemaine
        He was his father’s only son,
        his mother’s pride and joy
        And dearly did his parents love
        the wild colonial boy


  9. Is it not the case that most of this was initiated by a clique of Civil Servants, who seem to be exempt from any disciplinary actions? Surely, the police or the Crown Office should be reviewing the testimony of the ‘alphabets’ and potential charges should follow. Or will that lead to the ‘victims’ being victimised.
    I am rather puzzled by the Rape Crisis SCOTLAND attack on the ‘interference v bad’ statement. They state a complainer had been in touch with them to clarify it was ‘support’ they were seeking and ‘clarification’ if they had to comply. Yet ends with ‘ they didn’t want to make a complaint’. Something not right there!

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  10. I’m curious as to who the 5th person was to swing the result against Sturgeon as this was designed to be a fix and a whitewash. I doubt it was Andy Wightman as he’s already shown his true colours and doesn’t have the courage to rock the boat. For me it had to be a member of the SNP who has seen that the writing is on the wall and doesn’t want tarred with the same brush. I think we can rule out Fabiani and Watt as they couldn’t be more biased if they tried which leaves 2 in my view.

    On another note: I’m genuinely concerned about this cult and their refusal to accept any evidence pointing to corruption linking back to Nicola. I’ve never experienced anything like this first hand and I’m not sure how to address the situation once the inevitable happens. These people I believe will cut their noses off to spite their face and will reject the next leader of the movement whoever that might be which could potentially set us back years. I’d love nothing more that Alec to return but we’d need to re-educate half the population for that to happen judging by what I’ve seen on social media. Hopefully that’s not representative of the general population.

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    1. It must have been Wightman.
      The 3 SNP wrote the false outrage at the leak, showing a motive for the leak, so it wasn’t them. Presumably Fabiani couldn’t sign the letter as she is chair but i doubt she would vote for a motion even though it was pathetically mild.
      I hope they have more criticism because if that is it, it was a waste of time, money and effort.
      At least it exposed yet again that Sturgeon is a liar. She did not give full co-operation and should resign on that alone and then the police can have a full investigation free of political interference. Get the police-wagons, a big one.
      Well, dreams have to start somewhere.
      Vote Bonnie Prince Bob in Edin central.

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  11. Nicola Sturgeon, Rape Crises, Kirsty Wark, and the many women who have piled into the accusations against Alex Salmond have been keen to say that the women at the heart of the accusations have been let down by the Scottish Government in their handling of the procedures. There is one woman who has been more than ‘let down’. Moira Salmond has been subjected to years of mental distress, to say the least, by these women with no regard for her well-being.

    Whatever, Alex Salmond has been through so has Moira Salmond with no way of defending herself. That is the woman I would have more concern for not the women who were proved in a court of law to have lied.

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  12. Thank you for putting my feelings into words, Iain.

    As an over 40 male, I feel the hatred that Ms Sturgeon has for me and my cohort of old men. Until the evil, man-hating, lying woman is deposed, there will be no hope for independence.

    I am proud to call myself a crony of Alex Salmond.

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  13. I asked in a previous blog, Ian, what needs to be done to get a judge led inquiry into the Committee and all the interference into its work. I would be grateful if you would answer that. I think such an independent inquiry is imperative.

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      1. I apologise for missing your earlier reply.

        If Parliament does not instigate a judge led inquiry, can any one else do it? Alex Salmond get a judicial review into what was found to an unlawful, unfair, and biased procedure.

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  14. Great but very very sad article again Iain. Why has this happened? Why are none of our MSP’s not speaking up? Why are none of our Westminster folk speaking up? I know or at least I used to know some good guys who are MSP’s snd MP’s and I can’t for the life of me understand why they are not making a noise.
    If she really has skeletons in the closet that she doesn’t want anyone to know about then it’s about time we did.
    Is anything she or the rest of the hierarchy done that is criminal and we could expect charges against them?
    I/We are standing on the shoulders of giants and she is ruining it because of her own need to be idolised. Sad

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    1. “Why are none of our MSP’s speaking up?”

      Because we are 7 weeks away from a Holyrood election and Sturgeon and Murrell have an iron grip on the Party machinery via their unelected stooges on the NEC. If anybody speaks out against her now they’ll get expelled from the Party and lose the SNP nomination with no time to organise a campaign as an independent. It’s the same reason the Hate Crime Bill was rammed through Parliament last week with none of the MSPs daring to speak against it. If they’d left it until after the election then some of them with the security of a 5-year term ahead might have been emboldened to object. As it is Sturgeon and Murrell are holding a knife to their throats.

      Being an MSP under Sturgeon must feel like being in Stalin’s Politburo – ostensibly you’re part of the ruling body but you’re secretly horrified at what’s going on yet feel powerless to stop it and fearful that you’ll be next on the chopping block. I don’t know any of them but it wouldn’t surprise me if a number of MSPs are secretly resentful of the Sturrells’ dictatorial rule and will turn against them when the opportunity arises and they see they’re not alone.

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  15. “… , she intentionally misled Holyrood,…”
    You might, Ian, have italicised, in bold, the word intentionally. Much media comment on the committee leak has focused on the omission of the word “intentional” in the process under review. Lack of intentionality (à la Pritti Patel) is clearly part of a strategy to save Sturgeon’s skin.

    There can be no doubt that last Thursday is misleading of Parliament was ABSOLUTELY intentional. Sturgeon and a battery of advisors will have a game -planned FMQ in expectation of precisely the question Ruth Davidson posed.

    The reply will have been rehearsed over and over again along with the trademark Sturgeon histrionics we saw accompanying it – “old boys club” et cetera.

    The irrefutable (and, unlike Sturgeon, I know what the word “refute” means) evidence of their own ears should persuade even the spineless Greens on board for next week’s VONC.

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  16. In her attack on the enquiry committee for its judgement Nicola Sturgeon, despite her not having seen (?) the unreleased committee report rails that the committee was rigged from the start.

    That I have to say is a most interesting comment to levy about a committee report that has not been issued and suggests that somehow, just somehow Nicola Sturgeon has advance inside knowledge of the committees decisions. So how does a head of government who keeps saying she doesn’t interfere, doesn’t know about what’s going on around her, know in advance of a committee report, that the committee was rigged from the start.

    Just another public example of Nicola Sturgeon knowing more than she would try to have everyone believe.

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  17. I can’t remember who said it and I may be misquoting too , but here it is ,

    “When trust is gone like the soul to the body it never returns”

    Mine has gone and I swither thinking about May6th.

    Polling cards arrived today and I’d love someone to explain why I don’t have to present it when I vote. Seems a waste of sending them out when they could perhaps prevent fraud.

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    1. As Stalin said “It is not who has the vote, It is who counts them”
      The SNP candidate list ranking of member voting and the NEC Survey Monkey votes prove his point.


  18. I’m more hopeful. Yes, the committee has been hamstrung by all the legal shenanigans, threats and redactions, but the committee knows that, and will surely denounce it in the strongest terms. Further, a number of individuals are surely beyond saving, including most obviously Murrell and Leslie Evans, but others too. So, just as the committee’s finding that Sturgeon lied to parliament came as a bit of a shock (not because it isn’t true, but because the committee found it to be true), I think there will be bigger shocks still to come. The committee will surely have saved its best until last.

    Regarding James Hamilton QC, I’m not sure he was Nicola’s appointment. I think he goes back to Salmond days, and was presumably retained by parliament to be on call for whenever needed. Sturgeon would have had no option but to use him, rather than appoint some SNP crony to investigate her own behaviour.

    Anyway, I am hopeful Hamilton will deliver. He’s had access to material the harassment committee was prevented from formally considering (Geoff Aberdein’s evidence, for example), but unlike the committee he is under no legal threat, and is therefore able to conclude however he wants.

    Agreeing with the committee’s findings is the straight-forward option for him, although if he felt he should disagree, I’m sure he would (everyone seems to agree he is an honourable man).

    But I don’t think he’ll find against the committee. He’s not four ninths SNP loyalist, and five fifths SNP opposition, and subject to all the political shenanigans that go on between parties under the radar. He’s politically neutral, has is own reputation to consider, and has seen all the facts.

    I predict bad news for Sturgeon.

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  19. TRULY HORRENDOUS and for the life of me I can’t see a way forward I find it doubly sad that no SNP MSP has teh balls (excuse that gender related term) to stand up and say ENOUGH!!!

    To quote a rather famous Englishman ‘The lady doth protest too much, methinks‘ ‘Cowards die many times before their deaths’ ‘If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?’

    Hopefully that revenge is sweet and soon.

    Being an independent supporter for most of my life I cannot see how I can vote for THIS LOT and sadly this is about every last one of them sitting on their hands and playing at the three monkeys

    What is it about Fish Rotting From The Head, that looks so true and accurate here

    I just watched Craig Murray’s video

    And like him, I am devastated upset very angry and deeply depressed at this happing in my country..

    Things can only get better and hopefully soon

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  20. Regards Sturgeon’s hatred of men.

    Any fool can tell you that being male or female is entirely a lottery. When the chromosomes come together X or Y. We just become what biology dictates.

    The idea that it is bad to be a man , is simply ridiculous. We have no say in it. Should the 99% of good men feel guilt or shame for the 1% of really bad men?

    I think this division of society where men are predators and insensitive, and women are all victims or do holders. Is what is actually causing the problems.

    We are all human beings, and your sex is not a crime. I know plenty of terrible women. I know one in Bute House and another who used to be in number 10.

    This narrative infuriates normal men. Because we are supposed to be ashamed of our sex. Why the he’ll should we.

    Men are not women get over it. Deal with it.

    Who cares.


  21. Great article.

    One positive outcome from the SNP fiasco has been the rise in High quality blog sites. Scotland has been denied good journalism for decades ( perhaps centuries).
    The people of Scotland need someone to keep the politicians honest. Several good sources have earned our trust by publishing honest, no nonsense, straight talking articles.

    The Newspapers represent wealthy people. The writers are paid wordsmiths
    The blogs represent the people. The many posters honest Scots who write with passion.

    I know where I turn for clarity!

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  22. Iain – very many thanks for this post. When the ‘Salmon trial’ first surfaced, I was quite neutral about his guilt or innocence. But I was curious, so I read as much as I could about the case and also about Alex Salmond – his own ‘The Dream Shall Never Die’, David Torrance’s ‘unauthorised’ biography, and also critical stuff like ‘Alex Salmond: My Part in his Downfall’ by Alan Cochrane. I emerged from all this with great respect for AS as a politician and indeed as a statesman. Then I discovered among other things that he had been exhaustively researched by twenty two of Police Scotland’s finest who, despite their best endeavours, had come up with NOTHING against him,
    It then occurred to me that I was looking at a guy who had been found squeaky-clean by no fewer than THREE legal processes – two trials and an exhaustive police investigation, which some have termed a ‘fishing expedition’, Coupling all that with his exemplary conduct and openness at the Fabiani Inquiry, led me to the conclusion that he was an honest person whose life-long commitment to Independence has been, and still is, absolutely total,
    Furthermore, to describe his conduct as stemming from ‘the egotism of one man’ and designed to ‘bring down Independence’, would be ludicrous were it not couched in such venomous terms. On the contrary, his motivation, once having cleared his name from malicious prosecution, has been to do all he can to make Scot.Parl. and Scot.Gov fit for purpose and up to the job of achieving an independent and truly democratic Scotland. Throughout all this he has never once criticised Nicola Sturgeon in person..
    For me, Alex Salmond made one big mistake, which was to resign as FM in 2014 in the belief that he was leaving the Scottish Government and the on-going fight for Independence in safe hands. If he stood again for public office, I for one would have no hesitation in voting for him, and encouraging others to do the same.

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  23. Have had two bosses over the years who really knew their stuff, who could inspire and infuriate me in a single sentence, who were far from perfect human beings but perhaps that’s what made them the kind of leader you would want to follow. And I learned masses from them, some of it about leadership much of it about what makes people tick, a lot of it about being about to operate in the grey a murky real world rather than yearning for a perfect world where all was simple, black and white. They both also knew how to work with what they called ‘the dark arts’ to achieve the optimum outcomes. Wasn’t written down anywhere, it wasn’t ‘leadership by numbers’, you couldn’t go on a course to learn the ‘dark arts’, they didn’t exist in any neat managerial policy or procedure. But their understanding and mastery of the ‘dark arts’ gave them a strength of purpose, a focus, a resilience that saw them do great things. Alex Salmond is cut from the same cloth. He will have coached, mentored, showed, taught Nicola Sturgeon how to do it. He would have known that’s what his protege needed to survive and thrive. That’s what she’s done and that’s what she’s doing because, like it or not, that’s what we need and, I wonder, if in a quiet moment, Alex might actually agree.

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  24. A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”- Marcus Aurelius, aka Cicero.

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  25. I moved to the USA about nineteen years ago. For the first time, I am happier to be here than in Scotland. For sure, we have our problems with governance but at least we have a proper constitution and ways of exercising our rights. Power is held at the most local level necessary to do good. We have a judiciary that is fiercely independent, led from the front by Chief Justice Roberts.

    We have elections (at least in NC) every single year at one level or another. In terms of elections, party leadership is not as strong as in Scotland. Anyone can run for nomination by a registered party and there are rules, recently relaxed significantly in North Carolina, that allow independents to run with demonstrated support from their fellow citizens. It is not yet enough to break the two-party hold, but every election it weakens a bit more.

    Aye, we have our problems in the USA but at least we have democratic institutions to resolve them. At the moment, it seems to me that Scotland does not.

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    1. Hi Skip_NC – got to admit, I’ve not paid as much attention to the effective functioning of our institutions as I might have. Was there a time that things were better than now and, if so, why? Cheers


      1. Lintonbairn, oh, that’s a good question. I suppose we like to think it was different but I wonder if it was. I remember being out leafleting in blocks of flats with a colleague in 1987 for Mungo Bovey in Edinburgh East. A Labour councillor was out too and we all took it in turns to hold the door open for each other. We had a chat here and there throughout the evening. So we had mutual respect for one another, of the sort that anyone might have. I mean, you hold the door open for someone don’t you? It’s what civilized people do, no matter the context. Does that still exist in Scotland’s politics? I honestly don’t know.

        At the Edinburgh count in 1987, I was young and quite new to politics. One of the SNP old-timers introduced me to a number of Conservatives that night, reinforcing the point that we can disagree agreeably.

        So what we had was mutual respect with differing points of view. Maybe that allowed institutions to work effectively. But if that mutual respect is diminished (especially within party leaderships) the institutions need to be strong enough to withstand that. It seems to me that they are not.

        Here in the USA, it has been concerning that Sen. Schumer (US Senate Majority Leader) played fast and loose with the Senate rules to get the latest stimulus package passed. He was slowed down by the Senate Parliamentarian, who ruled that the minimum wage increase could not be voted through the Senate on a bare majority. Most bills in the US Senate require sixty votes out of 100 to pass. They could have over-ruled her but did not. If they had done so, the matter could easily have ended up at the US Supreme Court. Many people complain that the Supreme Court is “Conservative” and full of Trump appointees (he has nominated three out of the nine on the court). However, all the “Conservative” justices have voted with the “Liberal” side, at some point, on matters that one might expect a partisan split. In fact, in a recent case on abortion, Chief Justice Roberts, a Catholic Republican, voted to strike down a law that made it more difficult to get an abortion in one of the Deep South states. He would have supported the law, but noted that it was essentially the same as one struck down in 2016, when the court was ideologically different. There being no good argument having been advanced to overturn that decision, he voted to strike down.

        Which brings me to David Davis. He is correct. Scotland needs proper separation of powers. The idea that the chief prosecutor is appointed by the executive branch and gets to sit in cabinet is perverse. That the executive branch controls the legislative branch by default is also a problem. We have that problem in the USA as well. The Attorney General and Solicitor General are appointed by the President, subject to confirmation by the US Senate. However, in the states, where most crimes are charged, the Attorney General tends to be more independent. in fact, here in NC, we elect the Attorney General (and nine other statewide offices) in a statewide ballot, separate from elections for Governor or the state legislature. My average ballot paper in an even-numbered year consists of about thirty races – federal, state, county and judicial – and maybe a ballot measure or two, such as approving municipal bonds or constitutional amendments.

        I seem to have rambled on a bit and I am not sure I have answered your question. Our host may have a different perspective from his times in Florida.

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  26. The question of non criticism of Sturgeon by the members especially the MPs,MSPs and Councillors who fail to say anything against the beloved leader.
    Seems quite obvious to me from what I’ve viewed and any by any interaction I’ve had with the Party.
    Murrell has a a big book with any indiscretions made,
    The provider of data? Who could that be ? His close chum ..Cambridge Analytica, Perchance?
    Cambridge Analytica I believe used Facebook as a data source
    The SNP have advocated the use of Facebook since 2014,indeed it was mandatory in some branches

    How many people use Facebook to register on line for say,.Tescos ..Now expand that thought

    Just how much was known about Mackay? or about MacDonald? and all
    Could it be an opening for blackmail?
    I ask the question,Is that at all possible?

    It’s not a conspiracy theory or paranoia, but do think
    Power is funded by money or fear
    And the SNP are now skint

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    1. You couldn’t meet a nicer guy than Mark McDonald.
      He was the practise case for going after Alex Salmond.
      He did not deserve what happened to him. A dreadful injustice. Some of the same people were involved.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. No I don’t know him
        If all was untrue then his behavior was that of an idiot
        The SNP use people as only as a means to their ends,what they can do for the SNP and personally. and the people just follow


  27. I have written to Alex and Nicola together. I have said that they are writing themselves into history as the people who fought against each other- allowing Scotland’s greatest chance of independence to be destroyed- to the great delight of the most evil bunch of political thugs ever to wield power at Westminster. It is a nightmare.
    Westminster tories are installing Michael Gove as their agent in Glasgow and A Jack in that horrific building in Edinburgh. They are using Nicola and Alex’s mess to declare our Parliament unfit for government.
    I asked Nicola and Alex to remember the girl who had difficulty breathing- carrying oxygen on her back – climbing Castle Rock in Edinburgh to fix a YES banner- to give us all hope. She is just one example of the people who have given absolutely everything to the campaign to help Scotland get out of this rotten, foul, dangerous subjugation. They are betrayed- appallingly and disgracefully- by every single player in this mess.
    There are still good people in the SNP and many good people in the YES Campaign. In my opinion now- 6 weeks before this vital election- these people have to move on.
    I don’t care anymore who started it- whether it was London, the Tories, Leslie Evans or James Hynd. I don’t care about the mess at the SNP National Executive.
    There is nothing left in me – absolutely nothing- but contempt for every single one of the conflicting egos and cliques that lie at the heart of the mess that is currently wounding Scotland- whatever “side” they think they are on.
    Let them all become history as soon as possible.
    The rest of us will carry on fighting positively for Scotland- and independence. We have had enough.
    You can join “Singing for an Independent Scotland” on Facebook. Giving up on politicians, we are trying to help Scotland the Estonian way- ordinary people, working and singing together to raise spirits and hope.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. There are many levels. I know Alex was targeted and I have supported him throughout- because it was a conspiracy from the start. The process was illegal and he was awarded over £500,000. He was declared innocent in court. He and Moira have endured appalling distress and anxiety- there is no doubt. There will surely be redress eventually for that too. There is, James Hynd, designing a process to target Alex. There is the Crown Agent. There is Lesley Evans. There is the dark malice within the SNP.
        Nevertheless, right now, a fight to the death with the SNP HQ people, devastates and confuses SNP voters and hurts Scotland. After the election, I would be first in the queue to demand a clean up. We need a mandate for independence. Neither Alex nor Nicola can be allowed to mess that up. Scotland has done nothing wrong. Scotland comes first.


  28. Well said mullwharcharcom, totally agree. They all need to ‘put down their weapons’ and fight for the common good fur the next 6 weeks. And………so do we. The more we obsess on the ‘he said, she said, have you heard the latest, ‘ and aw that psychodrama, the more we help perpetuate the nonsense. In some respects we’re just as culpable, at least that’s how outsiders looking in see it and they’re the folks we want to get on board!!! Will be singing along with you soon, Ian

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    1. Hi Julia, there’s plenty wrong with the SNP, plenty wrong with the polis, with the NHS, with most businesses, most organisations, most political parties, most governments. Dig and you’ll find it. And the worst by lies with our supposed opponents – Westminster and the unionist parties.

      I’m totally baffled how this constant fixation/obsession with everything to do with the SNP, ever move, every utterance, every meeting, is helping the cause of Indy. Perhaps if there was a plan I would understand do can I ask ‘How does this latest bombshell, explosive, nuclear revelation help Indy come the 6th May?’What do you want to happen? Cheers


      1. Simple.

        I want the Murrells to resign and their corrupt inner circle to follow. I want internal membership democracy reinstated and I want to know where the £540,000 of ring fenced campaign money went. I would also welcome a focus on Independence and Women’s Right instead of the Transcult.

        That would be a good start!

        In summary the SNP of early 2014.

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      2. Lintonbairn, I do not know if you have read the Wings story. However, as an accountant, I can tell you that members of an audit committee do not resign simply because bank charges are high. That, in and of itself, is not necessarily a bad thing – at least not in the short-term. I strongly suspect this has nothing to do with bank charges per se. Therefore, it is a matter of public interest, especially with an election in about six weeks, as to why three members of the governing party’s Finance & Audit Committee have felt it necessary to resign.

        Observe the remit of that committee in WOS’ article and think about what that means & what it does not.


  29. On the subject of a Taxi For Murrell , Wings Over Scotland are just breaking the news that three of the NEC finance and Audit Committee have resigned on the basis that they’re responsible for the party’s finances but are unable to carry out their duties as chief executive Peter Murrell refuses to give them access to the books.

    Wings don’t know yet if it’s specifically in relation to the missing £600,000 in “ringfenced” fundraiser money that was supposed to have been earmarked for use in a second independence referendum campaign but which cannot be identified in the accounts of a party whose last published accounts showed only £97,000 in the bank.

    The three that are reported as having resigned from the Finance and Audit Committee are Frank Ross (a qualified chartered accountant and current Lord Provost of Edinburgh Council), Livingston company director Cynthia Guthrie and the Mid Scotland & Fife NEC member Allison Graham.

    No doubt we will find out more but these resignations suggest that someone has been cooking the books. But we suspected that and this report suggests. Maybe the party is trading in bankruptcy and that’s why the donation money is missing.

    Robbing Paul to pay Peter, there’s a smell wafting out of Douglas Lamb House.

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  30. Can anyone explain why Scotland can’t find 73 pro independence people to stand against the SNP in constituencies? Am I being way too naive to think Yes voters would vote for pro independence candidates who aren’t SNP?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Graham, you ask a thought-provoking question one that we’d all do well to think about. There are, of course, many incredibly capable people out there who could represent the non-SNP Indy supporters. Unfortunately, for me, it feels like a disproportionate amount of time and energy has endlessly been spent over the last few years identifying, highlighting, raging about about things to criticise the SNP, it’s leaders and increasingly, it’s followers. Some of it is indeed justified but it is all become a bit of a one trick pony. Throughout this no clear leadership has emerged, in fact the non-Indy parties are really not on most folks radar at all. Their policies, their USP, likewise has very little traction with the general electorate. Got to say, if even half of the time, energy and resources that has been expended on the obsessive criticising of the SNP had gone into focussing on new, alternative Indy parties, with clear, mature and credible leadership, I have no doubt we would have 73 quality pro Indy people, all with a recognised profile, standing against the SNP. Unfortunately we don’t. Many still seem to be fixated on turning all their fire on the SNP. Amid all the whaling and gnashing of teeth, it seems we’ve wasted time on blaming others trying to recreate the good old days rather than leave the SNP to it’s own devices and create our own, Indy ‘new normal’. Why haven’t we done that? Fuktifano!!


      1. Hi Iain, are you able to say what you think folks should do and how they should vote to avoid a disastrous splitting of the Indy vote on 6th May?

        Liked by 2 people

  31. Hi Iain, I do hope your ‘now is not the time’ to say what you think is mor another one of those ‘something massive is just round the corner’ dangling-carrots. Powder can be kept so dry that it goes off.


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