CORRI WILSON the SNP MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock from 2015-17 has also announced she has joined Alba and intends to stand in the South of Scotland list.

She becomes the latest recruit to the Alba ranks, highly experienced and well liked she adds to the growing list of impressive experienced candidates Alba plan to field in the forthcoming May elections.

I was speaking to Corri on a Zoom call only a couple of weeks ago and neither of us mentioned Alba so it’s further proof of how quickly things can change in politics.

Welcome Corri you are a valued addition to the list of first class female candidates that will be representing Alba in the elections and exposing the nonsense of the vile accusations from Nikkla’s Woo Woo’s army about the false smears which is their only response to Alex Salmond. Many prominent women, who know both Alex and Nicola are happy to choose Alex. I was speaking to another one this morning but that will keep for another day.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

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  1. I haven’t been this excited in ages. I wonder how many of us feeling energised, positive and certain today. The Labbi Siffre song “Something inside so strong,” was being massacred by earlier.

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  2. Great news, another splendid candidate along with Kenny and the others unveiled yesterday! Things are lining up beautifully…..all we need now is the other two westminster rebels to join the party 🙂 I’m so bloody happy, what a difference a day makes, I belong to a new, exciting, determined party of Independence 😀

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  3. Good grief, I can hardly keep up with all that’s going on. I haven’t felt this happy or energised about independence for a long while. I thought, given the way the SNP were going, that I wouldn’t get to see independence for Scotland in my lifetime as I’m getting on a bit now.

    The gender woo woo and wee Nicla are no hivin a great day again. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

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  4. ” the vile accusations from Nikkla’s Woo Woo’s army “. Don’t do this! Stay well above retaliation- for Scotland’s sake. I listened to Alyn Smith on Radio 4 this morning and was horrified. He needs to be told that Scotland comes first. Unionists will exploit every hostile exchange. Sarah Smith, Glen Campbell and co- watching and listening for every chance -like Mesdames Defarge.
    For Scotland’s sake, don’t let the unionists see ALBA and SNP attacking or sneering at each other. Scotland is on the brink just now- it is independence or disaster ahead.
    Scotland before party. Scotland before personalities. Help Scotland.

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    1. Agreed. Not once has Alex Salmond resorted to name calling and questioning other people’s characters. we have to take a leaf out of his book. I’ve been over on the National, and to a lesser extent Twitter, staying positive and getting the message out there. Tempting it might be to retaliate, but I find it is best to move on. Humour and politeness might just sway someone who just needs a little encouragement. Bile and whatabootery won’t win friends and influence people. 😁

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    2. Slight correction. They are not “sneering at each other”.
      Nicola has given the Green light to her cult and careerists to abuse others. She set the example of what she considers suitable.

      Nicola has to call off the attack dogs

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      1. With the greatest of respect Julia, I think people need to stop referring to Nicola Sturgeon by her first name only as if she was the country’s favourite Aunty. Recent events have demonstrated that she possesses a degree of vindictiveness that would not be out of place amongst a colony of vipers and she should be denied the familiarity on that basis.

        That qualification not withstanding you are spot on in your assertion.

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  5. Best wishes to you Corrie I’m sure you’ll get elected and do your best for Scotland.

    Read somewhere, I can’t recall where though, that candidacies close on Wednesday, if so I’m sure there’s still time for a few more good folk to jump ship to the ALBA party.

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  6. Is Joan McAlpine on the SNP list for South of Scotland? I hope this doesn’t scupper her chances as she’s one SNP voice we can’t afford to lose. Unless of course she’s jumping ship as well…? 🙂

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    1. Joan was only second on the SNP list because of the fix that put an unelected candidate above her. She has however a good chance of winning her constituency seat. I very much hope she does.

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  7. Mullwharcharcom I’m with you 100%
    I do wish people would rise above the playground gibes and act responsibly instead of gleeful childish name calling.There is no guarantee that this will end well Tomorrow is promised to noone – Independence will be the casualty.

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  8. Don’t know Corrie, but if she has your endorsement Iain that’s good enough.
    Just saw Sturgeon on the TV bad mouthing Alex yet again, disgraceful woman that she is, she is our answer to Trump.
    Like others I’m feeling great so I won’t let the negative element of the SNP (especially the FM) get me down, hopefully good times ahead. Keep safe Iain, best wishes.

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  9. Iain O/T apologies but this is interesting.

    The SNP hierarchy are so rattled by the new ALBA party that they’ve bought over a site named ALBA, that takes you to the SNP’s home page.

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  10. Exactly. This women nonsense re Alex is a joke. Alex took independence to where it is and it is because of him that most people voted snp. Sturgeon can never match the principled figures Salmond and MackAskill.

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  11. Apparently the Lib/Dems and Labour don’t want to team up with the Tories.

    offered to cooperate and work with pro-UK parties against the new threat of an indy super-majority.

    In just 3 hours, Labour and the Lib Dems have refused.

    They won’t come to the table. They’re not serious about stopping the SNP and indyref2.”

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    1. Labour and the LibDems would be very stupid to get into bed with the Tories AGAIN.
      Labour especially have around 40% ready to leave them if they do!

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