With Neale Hanvey becoming the second ALBA Member of Parliament, the ALBA GROUP AT WESTMINSTER moves to two and this moves ALBA to the point it outnumbers Labour who only have one solitary MP from Scotland. It also equals the Westminster representation the SNP enjoyed for many years when it was only Gordon Wilson and Donald Stewart representing the Party at Westminster.

Another prominent recruit to join is Lynne Anderson, the current Equalities Convener on the SNP NEC. Well I suppose current no more. If there is to be a shard of light in all this for the SNP it is they are not going to need so many seats in either Group or NEC meetings at their next meetings!

The clocks moved forward an hour last night but they are not moving fast enough to keep up with ALBA!

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  1. I see Kirsty Strickland has just done a hatchet job on Alex Salmond in the Guardian with the same tripe that Sturgeon and Blackford are peddling.

    But we all know that they will not hound Alex Salmond into submission. They have tried over the last 2/3 years and will not succeed now. In fact, there is a good chance their bile will rebound on them spectacularly.

    Another good read

    MACALBA ‘The Wealthiest Country in Europe’

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    1. scrandoonyeah; they must realize and soon, the party that is ALBA with its membership is not about to be hounded into submission by any group let alone Sturgeon, Strickland, Blackford et al.

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  2. Neale was treated abominably by the SNP in the run up to his election so this is no surprise. I did think Angus Brendan O’Neill would be next and thus they couldn’t criticise his pronunciation of Alba!

    I doubt the SNP will miss Lynne because they made all their “equality” decisions without involving her leading some folk to wonder if they even realised they had an Equalities Convener (sarcasm).

    I’m delighted she has joined a party that will use her skills and knowledge which the SNP disgracefully ignored.

    So glad I subscribed to this blog, the news is coming thick and fast!

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