A guest post from another friend Eva Comrie who is the No 1 list candidate for the Alba Party on the Mid Scotland &Fife list. She was previously No 1 on the SNP list for the same region. A fabulous and courageous lady. A great Scot.

​ALBA – for the supermajority

Archie Gemmill’s goal – everybody knows the one – in Argentina against The Netherlands on 11 June 1978. Jubilation in Scotland, we were no longer the underdogs and maybe, just maybe we were going through this time. That optimism and tartan terrier vision united a country. We need more of that, especially these days, but this time the outcome has to be a win for Scotland.

I’m not here to denigrate or insult the efforts of the SNP –  I have been proud  to campaign for them for decades – because I was playing for the Scottish jersey. That’s why I walked away from the SNP – they appointed me their number one on the Mid Scotland and Fife list – thereby guaranteeing that the only way I would be elected would be if one of their constituency candidates lost. That’s how it works. The more you get on the constituency, the less you get on the list.  The trick is to cover both. Manipulate it. Make it work to create  the very thing that has the Tories trying to recreate Better Together.

It’s not only Alex Salmond who has the Tories and Labour and the Lib Dems talking to each other – they’re just kidding on that they’ve ruled out a super pact – they’ll still be at it behind the scenes – they spotted what we know – you win Independence by winning the constituencies AND the list. But you can’t do that with one party – you need two parties, one on the constituencies and one on the list. 

Now is the time for a strategy that works in Scotland’s interests. The plan, the only fool proof way to get a supermajority of MSPs elected on a democratic vote, an instruction to deliver Independence, is to vote for a different Indy party on the list than the party you vote for in constituencies. 

Now is the time to get Scotland’s strategy, game plan, mapped out – with players from all the teams passing to each other. 

This is our best chance for Independence and may be our last. Are you really going to say to your children, friends, parents, conscience, well, we’re not independent because we don’t like that Alex Salmond?  He’s not immortal – I am.

But if you desire to  see Scotland independent then voting SNP1 ALBA2 is the way to get it. The reason for that is simple – the voting system was designed by the Unionists to prevent one single Independence party having an outright majority. You can try SNP1 and 2 this time if you want but if you do you’re going to find that this 2021 election becomes your Archie Gemmill moment. 

One million SNP votes on the list were wasted in 2016 – they got nobody elected. A million crosses silenced. Like the ‘uh’ in the stadium when the ball just skiffed the bar and sailed over the net. That would have been a goal if it had gone in.

If you want to get rid of Murdo and Annie and Alex Cole Hamilton how’s SNP x 2 going to achieve that? It won’t. It will keep them right where they are. So it’ll not be me and that Alex Salmond letting the Tories and the LibDems in, it’ll be you. You might as well hand the ball to the ref and walk off the park.

The ALBA party is not competing with the SNP for your first vote – ALBA positively encourages you to vote SNP1 and increase the size of their vote – aim to make every single constituency in Scotland SNP! If that happened they’d hear me in Boris’ livingroom.

But vote ALBA2 on the list – see those 1 million votes? Suddenly they’re screaming because they count. Roaring like Hampden.

If you vote 1 for SNP and 2 for ALBA we, the people of Scotland, will deliver a supermajority of MSPs chosen with one aim in mind – to achieve Independence for our country. 

And how enormous a message it will be for Boris, and the world, when we deliver an overwhelming contingent of like minded representatives enjoined with the task of negotiating the terms of our departure from the Union. 

No longer will there be any credence given to the line – the trouble with the Scots is they’re always falling out with themselves. Belligerent. Not team players. 

It’s not quite the World Cup, yet, but we’re shooting at an open goal. And the one legged ref (that’s me) has the whistle.

Let us make Independence happen – SNP1 ALBA 2  – Scotland scores!

I am, Yours for Scotland

Eva Comrie

Beat the Censors

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  1. Thanks for posting Iain, Eva seems like a good candidate.

    But – always a but – I think it might be a good idea for those previously in the SNP to state very clearly that they’ve moved to Alba for ideological reasons – not just because it’s the best way to ‘game the system’. I have no problem with gaming the system, but it will leave Alba open to being accused of being a clone of the SNP and so a possibility the electoral commission may take interest.

    Even if it’s just a bland phrase like ‘I feel more comfortable in Alba’.

    Known rebels that have have ‘good riddance’ messages from the SNP, won’t be questioned, but less well known members might cause a few questions. It won’t take long before the unionists start to turn their eye to other strategies for removing Alba from the list – so a bit of safeguarding won’t go amiss. (I’m sure once policies come out clear differences will emerge anyway, so I’m probably worrying unnecessarily).

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    1. I think you are. Given the rhetoric and crazy hate coming from Nicola I think arguing the SNP and Alba being the same Party is a gigantic stretch that would have zero chance of success. Alba already includes big numbers of people who were never SNP or any Party before.

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    2. Perhaps you should look at it differently. ALBA holds the values of the SNP of several years ago. The current leadership of the SNP meanwhile destroyed internal democracy. Jimmy Reid once described that scenario perfectly.

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    3. Yes, Iain and Julia, you are likely correct – it’s a difficult balance for SNP people to leave the SNP but at the same time not be seen to say anything negative about them – public perception may be that those SNP values haven’t changed over the years, though. I just thought there would be no harm in mentioning little things specific to Alba are a preference, for those moving on from the SNP.

      Things are moving fast of course, and the line up is looking good, accidentally diverse in fact.

      Keep up the good work Iain!

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    4. Contrary, I can see why you might be worried about those leaving the SNP and I agree they should make it evident that they have left and joined Alba for ideological reasons rather than just to garner regional list votes. I agree with Ian about the nastiness coming from the SNP but NS and the SNP may well settle down after someone gives them a good talking-to. For me, the two parties are ideologically poles apart especially in relation to the rights of women and the safeguarding of girls and the more I hear of the intentions of those involved the happier I feel about my membership of Alba. I like the sound of Eva Comrie and I like her football analogy. I wish her well on the list for Mid Scot and Fife.

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  2. No true supporter of a free Scotland can possibly argue with the clear logic of this article.

    Well said Eva, thank you.

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  3. Yes Caroline it is time for a more positive attitude.

    Our Archie Gemmill moment? Well I enjoyed two more to go with that one on Friday past:

    1. The announcement of the ALBA party (under Alex Salmond’s leadership).
    2. Scotland’s late, late winning score in Paris versus France in the 6 Nations in Paris.

    These good things are said to come in threes … so let’s create our own memorable result:

    3. SNP 1 ALBA 2 on 6th May.

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  4. An excellent post Eva and as a Partick Thistle supporter it resonates with me more than most – lol

    The Alba Party has just solved my problem for the 6th May Holyrood Election.

    I recently terminated my SNP membership and was in a dilemma on who to vote for. Now I can vote SNP in the Consistency vote and the Alba Party on the List vote with a super Independence majority the best way to achieve Independence for Scotland which I have supported for 64 years. This has made an 82 year old Scot very, very happy.

    Both my votes will be for Independence supporting parties. My constituency vote will be for Angela Constance SNP and my List vote in the Lothian Region will be for the Alba Party. I have given this careful consideration.

    Iain very kindly published my first ever article on his blog in October last year as the Article of the Week. It received a modest positive response.

    You can read it here:


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  5. Eva, I was very impressed by your message at Mr Salmond’s press conference.

    Good luck to you in the election and beyond. What an asset you are to Scotland.

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  6. Eva. I was going to vote for Martin Keating on the list but felt guilty about not supporting you. Now I am feeling guilty about not supporting Martin Keating. But you have my vote!

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    1. Aye but Mike Russell’s had six years to come up with an 11-point plan. Alba has had since last Friday.

      I may be wrong but I have a sneaking suspicion that Alba will bring forth policies that will resonate with many in the Scottish electorate. I daresay we will find out on the coming days.

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    2. With Mike’s caveat of AFTER the Pandemic has ended! (Long grass again)
      Peter after all the recent turmoil the forward plan for Independence SNP1/ALBA2 is looking good.
      The movements is coming back together united. Is everybody out of step wth you again?
      The Independence movement is not, and was never, the SNP. It was a vehicle.
      The YES movement should be the focus for ALL.

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  7. Great post, glad I have you in my constituency to vote for.. I swore blind I would never vote SNP again after 54yrs of doing so. But Alex is right, we MUST hold our noses, & vote SNP, get them as many constituency seats as is possible. And if their own voters have any sense, & are voting SNP for the chance of INDEPENDENCE they would vote ALBA2..

    But I honestly do not see them holding their noses for their country. Because the country is not their priority these days, it is corruption & stupid policies like GRA & HCB..

    So yes, you are right, it won’t be ALBA votes that let the MURDOS & Annie’s in. It WILL be the so called INDEPENDENCE PARTY. SNP voters.. I also agree this may very well be our last chance for INDEPENDENCE.. And what’s really galling about that is, the SNP must know this too, yet I very much doubt they will come on board.

    Hopefully the people of Scotland will then see that party for what it is now, a party of settlers at WM & self serving careerists at HR..

    it took 80+ years to build the SNP to where it is today, & it has only taken 6yrs to destroy that once great party & with it Scotlands dreams seeing INDY..I despair even though my heart has been lifted by the return of Alex and this new Party..

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  8. you say give your first vote to the SNP giving them power…..yet at the foot of your page you state that they have a thought police……..will you be voting SNP on your first vote….you intimated that we all should. ??


  9. Very good article and an excellent analogy but let’s not end this chance to progress in glorious failure as it did in ’78. Alba have come late to the party but the number of disaffected SNP and ex SNP members has allowed an initial surge of membership for Alba. It is a logical place for them to go. The requirement is to continue that membership growth beyond this start-up phase. Another real issue for Alba is getting the message across to the voters intent on voting SNP 1 and 2 as well as more votes from Labour and as it entrenches itself more deeply in its unionist values. Recent history has hardened resolve on the SNP side and convincing a sizeable chunk of the Both Votes SNP element is key to a successful outcome. Most of the voting public are ignorant of the d’Hondt voting system but its design is inarguable – no single party can dominate exclusively. The Both Votes SNP strategy only works on marginal consituencies as an insurance policy against a loss. Adopting it nationally as a tactic is only counter-productive and defies all logic. I was going to vote ISP as a second vote before the creation of Alba – the first political party I have ever joined. For me voting SNP on a first preference in May is as appealing as chewing a wasp. But for any supporter of independence it MUST be done in the interests of a greater goal. So I will gladly give them my constituency vote in May. Likewise for any true independence supporter in the SNP – with the stated exceptions of any marginals – a list vote for the Alba Party is the ONLY possible voting option. Both Votes SNP is a failed strategic move that results in people like Annie Wells, Murdo Fraser etc to sneak into Holyrood via the back door despite being seemingly allergic to election victories. It creates an imbalance. It results in the unnatural dilution of the Nationalist voice at Holyrood at the expense of a louder Unionist voice which is further amplified by a media which is all to eager to display its Unionist clothing. The short time frame makes getting this message across in a plain and untainted way very difficult. Scotland didn’t qualify in 1978 because they left themselves too much to do before Archie Gemmill etched his name in history. As I said earlier it is convincing others that an Alba vote is the only reasonable voting option for those who want indepedence. We all need to reach out and convince others of that message – difficult when you’re thrice barred from Twitter 😇 and made more difficult from the bubbled world of a pandemic. Face to face meetings are out, door to door campaigns are out, there is no guarantee that flyers are longer regarded as hygienic and may be immediately disposed of before being read. We live in a different world now. Alba need to think very strategically to ensure they reach every single potential voter. Good luck to all those involved 🙏🏻

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  10. Thanks Iain for the link to ‘Jim from Livingston’s’ post. I hadn’t read it before, and I think it is really excellent. Crucially, Jim argues for a WRITTEN CONSTITUTION as a really central element of any election commitment, and I totally agree with him. If they haven’t already done so, I think it would be a very good idea for ALBA to link up with constitutionforscotland.scot , which is an interactive forum well on the way to a completed document. It is intrinsically democratic, and I understand that approaches made to ScotGov. have so far met with little or no success. Here are a few useful further references.

    John Drummond, All You Want to Know about Constitutions But Were Afraid to Ask. Facebook video, IndependenceLive net given to the Edinburgh SNP group March 22 2019

    SNP A Constitution for a Free Scotland. September 2002, and amended and published in 2011.

    Elliot Bulmer Foundations for Freedom – on Commonweal website. Also ‘A Constitution for the Common Good’ 2nd Edition

    Robert Ingram et al. (LOTS of them!!) A Constitution for Scotland Homepage: constitutionforscotland.scot

    Neil Mackay, The Big Read: It’s now time to have the conversation about creating a Scottish constitution. Herald, 29th November, 2020 (About the Constitution for Scotland group initiative)

    The documents of the Scottish Constitutional Commission (founded in 2005 by John Drummond et al).

    People need to know what they are voting for, and to have available even a draft Constitution is a very important plank in any Election Manifesto. especially in these stirring times!.

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    1. There is also Dr Mark McNaught’s Constitution that is up & ready to go. Mike Russell has had a copy of it on his desk for a year and a half & done nothing with it. Says that’s for AFTER Independence. ?? Surely people want to know what Scotland’s indy ‘contract’ would be BEFORE Indy or at least have a good idea! It took 5 years to write & Dr McNaught has taken bits of the best constitutions from around the world. Scots DID have input into it too! It can be found at:


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  11. I would like to point out a slight problem
    ISP sent an email giving the members a choice of what they were going to do next,
    Given ALBA has entered the ring
    The choice to go or to stay.
    They put it differently than paraphrased Clash lyrics

    Simply put they go and ALBA picks up their vote, Hopefully
    One would hope that by doing that ISP pick up the Local Election votes directly from the SNP
    Honestly SNP Councillors are wokist sycophants. I call them Turds
    Advantage would be longer time to prepare

    Stay and that screws up the list votes, by making it more of a free for all

    What is admirable is the fact that it is even being considered I doubt any other party would do that.

    My quandary is or was which option?

    I appreciate ALBA was to an extent unexpected

    The constituency vote less of a problem I cannot and will not vote for SNP, The Uni-tunes or the Greens so looks like spoiled ballot

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  12. Yes we all get how you can – in theory – obtain an indy supermajority. In theory, mind. (It presupposes voters don’t get so scunnered by Alex Salmond and his interminable feud with Nicola Sturgeon that they fail to turn out to vote at all).

    But how does that help? What do you then do with it should your ploy work?

    And crucially, since we’re democrats, (I hope) how does that confer legitimacy to negotiate for independence if it turns out that the indy parties (SNP and Greens) in national terms got less than 50% on the constituency vote and on the list? (SNP, Greens, Alba, ISP, Skotia).

    As far as I can see all it does is pile on pressure on the Westminster government, but does not compel them to negotiate.

    Or are you planning UDI with less than 50% popular support?


    1. Bit of a one sided feud. Alex hasn’t said a word about Nicola. Not one. Yet you seem to hold him responsible for a feud. With respect I think you have a problem with your reasoning.

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      1. Oh yes he has! He is already offering to write the legislation! He is setting himself up as the organ-grinder. And not even elected!


  13. What did she do wrong? I stopped at that point. If you don’t know by now then any hope of you seeing the big picture here is gone. Try and find out who made the allegations. Find out their content. When you do that you will understand why, when the defence witnesses gave their evidence every “charge” collapsed. You are supporting the wrong side. The jury heard the truth, they recognised the truth and all the alphabet smears were consigned to the bin.


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