Alas the both votes SNP disciples have been turned to dust. Having spent months describing those who urged more sensible and effective use of the around  one million votes that were squandered on the both votes SNP strategy last time as “snake oil salesmen” , they find it is they  themselves that now are left with gallons of the stuff and their customers heading out the door looking at the sunny uplands where their every vote will be counted, electing pro Indy MSP’s and kicking Unionist MSP’s out in the process.

Why opt for a route where your vote total is divided multiple times, regularly and most often to a worthless value, when you can vote ALBA instead and be sure your vote is going to achieve a positive  FULL value result every time? Depending on where you live in Scotland, based on what happened in 2016 an ALBA vote will be a minimum of FIVE times the Worth of an SNP second vote and in many cases as much as TEN TIMES more effective.

In contrast the SNP both votes argument is now reduced to “yes it’s second best, yes our No 1 candidates were placed rather than elected by our members, yes in most cases our totals will be divided and discarded, just like the last time, effectively making them worthless but you will be still supporting GRA and the Hate Crime Bill”. Now if you were a sales person and you relied on sales to put food on the table, the minute someone handed you that playbook and script you would be leaving and looking for a new job. Either that or starve!

Any sales person will tell you to be successful you need a good product and a credible sales story. “Both votes SNP” fails on both counts. It is a grossly inferior product that is guaranteed to fail in most cases. The story you have to tell to get anyone to believe it is a whopper of giant proportions.

If it was a product or a service, rather than politics, those making the argument would be certainly liable to prosecution under the Trade Descriptions legislation. The argument is patently false and those making the argument know it. They debase their own standing by being prepared to do so.

It is the ultimate proof the SNP are not interested in a pro Indy Parliament. No they see those second list votes as a personal guarantee scheme for themselves in case they fail to win their own constituency seat. The fact that it costs tens of thousands of wasted pro Indy votes in each and every region is a small price to pay. Personal survival and all that?

As their own members rebel and reject the “appointees” imposed in the No1 spot on the SNP lists they have provided a massive incentive for their own members, never mind the rest of the electorate, not to support the SNP on the list. It’s was an arrogant and foolish step too far and it could result in some high profile casualties, including the highest of all, if she continues to alienate many more Indy supporters with her smearing and cheap jibes. We are urging people to vote SNP1 ! Strategic thinker she is not!

ALBA have announced an excellent list of candidates with a wide range of talents and experience, varied in age group, balanced 18-14 in terms of female /male from the most experienced politicians to fresh faces it is a formidable team that compares more than favourably with anything any other Party in Scotland has to offer. These are candidates worthy of our support.

I have noticed in the last few days, a drop in the vitriol on Facebook. I hope it is not just shock. I hope it is the realisation of people thinking “hold on there may be something in this”. I hope so, because there is a great deal in this, it can, and already has, restarted the drive and power for Independence last seen in 2014. Speaking regularly with the Alba team that is what it reminds me of, the willingness to do whatever it takes, the positivity and enthusiasm, the great feeling you get when you know all those around you are pulling in the same direction and putting their entire effort and heart into making it happen. It is the spirit of YES 2014 all over again and it’s GREAT!

So if you have not already joined, please do you will be very welcome. Likewise starting so close to an election we have had no time to amass a war chest, and resources are vital to any campaign. If you can afford to donate any amount, large or small, you will be making a valued contribution to Scotland’s battle to win back our Independence.

You can do all these wonderful things at whether that is to join or donate, or ideally both. We are looking at a very exciting time in Scottish politics. Perhaps life changing. BE PART OF IT!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

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  1. I know it has only been a week but I am tiring already of the invective directed at Alba supporters, anyone would think that we were advocating vote Unionist 1 and Alba 2. As for the Greens, they are riding on the SNPs coat tails as usual. To them I respond with a remark along the lines of the fact they have been ‘a team’, supposedly, for the past five years and have managed to make zero progress towards independence. If the prize wasn’t so great, the supermajority we so desperately need, the SNP and their woke brigade could take their hubris, and we’ll, Im sure readers will know where I’d like them to stick it. This time is the last time I will vote for them. I only wish that I didn’t have to.

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  2. I used to think that the 1&2 strategy was purely about maintaining SNP power. However, I have recently heard a story that Nicola is in favour of accepting a Devomax deal. It would therefore suit her purpose to have unionist MSPs rather than those who would want to hold her feet to the fire to really fight for independence.

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    1. “Nicola is in favour of accepting a Devomax”.. that statement fills me with a genuine dread. The unionist-contrived Doomsday scenario, wrapped in Union flag colours, it’s the horrific, generations-long nightmare that cannot be wakened from. If you ever wondered why no journo has ever put that question to neo-liberalism-by-stealth Sturgeon, it’s probably because – by orders from above – it’s never to be asked as the truth can never be revealed – under threat that Scots would hastily ditch the SNP in their billions.
      Be very afraid – especially of those bearing the Pandora’s Box of ‘Both Votes SNP’.

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  3. The vitriol towards Alba is really starting to rip my knitting. The MSM fair enough, the Unionist parties fair enough but the poison emanating from the Greens and SNP, NO.

    Prior to Alba I’d decided to spoil my constituency vote and vote ISP on the list. Unless Nicola shuts up and moves forward, I will still spoil the constituency vote. I already have a Unionist constituency MSP and no SNP listers, so I’ll be in no worse situation if it happens again. I realise for most of you, you really need to peg your nose and vote SNP 1 for Alba to benefit but I don’t need to and unless hostilities cease, I won’t.

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  4. I agree with all you say Iain.

    However, yesterday’s published Survation poll had Alba registering 3%. I am surprised about that and was hoping for 10% minimum based on prior information about a possible Salmond-led party.

    It is early days with still 5 weeks to go and it’s only 1 poll so let’s hope momentum accelerates in the days ahead.

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    1. The ground work for that poll was done two weeks ago. The question was being asked before the announcement by Alex.

      Look at the Newspapers today. Front page attacks, not on Alba but Alex. This is an engineered headline to slow or halt momentum.

      They have made the classic mistake by this attack strategy. People are now asking “Who is Alba”

      The YES movement/network will spread the word. Women will spread the word. Pissed off SNP members will spread the word. ISP and AFI members will support Alba.

      The SNP are NOT the Independence movement, We are.

      Polling companies have built in algorithms to prevent spikes or initial jumps “distorting” trends. They also correct and average movement. Therefore this 3% is a heavily corrected figure. This will also back fire on the media because the next poll will have to reflect true trends.

      Polling is never about a single set of data, it is for capturing trends.

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      1. Great reply, Julia Gibb; my late breakfast will now taste as sweet as the Paisley sky is blue: Oh, what a beautiful morning!*

        *sung by Gordon MacRae** in the Rogers & Hammerstein musical, Oklahoma!
        **Gordon MacRae; born in New Jersey, United States, to Scottish parents – know your famous Scots!

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    2. The Unionist media will use every possible method of driving a wedge between the Pro indy parties. Polls are statistics and can be worded and arranged to suit a cause.. An example being to make things feel better is. ” A recent Poll showed Alba party as being one of the fastest growing parties by trebling their percentage vote share in just one week” That sounds better

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  5. To be fair, I suspect that many of the folk who are still behind the “Both Votes SNP” approach, simply don’t understand how the system is set up, they still go on about ‘vote splitting’ etc. What’s more, in many cases confronting them just makes them dig in. So go easy with them, try to gently explain how the system is set up, ‘rigged’ if you like. By voting SNP on the list now that there is a credible list-only Indy party will devalue their vote, and in many regions throw it away entirely. I know it’s tedious to have to keep spelling it out, but surely worth the trouble at this critical moment?

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    1. That’s an excellent reply, marconatrix. I entirely agree with you on the ‘go easy on them’ strategy, for not all of them are unionist trolls, and yes, many simply do not understand and are resisting purely from the standpoint of ignorance. If we simply pour scorn then they’ll put up more barriers. We are now educators, armed with facts, and we should wield that power responsibly.

      “What about the ones who direct abuse at us?” Quietly inform them, after providing some simple facts, that they’re in the wrong – and they are in the wrong – and leave a good impression to those observing the exchange. Bear in mind that a great many of those shouting abuse are not what they claim to be, goading us into abusing them for maximum visual effect: “See! – I told you Alba are vile and abusive!”.. I’m now seeing clearly divisive statements from accounts I previously thought kosher, and, during these times when things are beginning to settle down, look out for those friendly accounts employing the anti-Salmond splitter – don’t bite.
      By the way, we’re winning again – what’s not to like?!

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  6. If Alba fails then Scotland will be the loser. The Tories want the SNP in their seats in Westminster, the more the better, for there they have no power, Ian can jump up and down as much as he likes, but will only be rebuffed by Boris, brayed at and jeered at from across the house, but best of all, they are not sitting in Labour seats where they can make trouble for the Tories. Yes, fahobson, could be right, the Tories will wish to make a deal with Sturgeon, that would stem the Alba guns. When I see SNP MPs moving onto committees and applying for the Speakers job, getting their feet under the table, (just like Scottish Labour before them) you have to wonder how committed to independence, are they?

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    1. I fear you might be right, much as I hope you’re not. But the anti-Alba rhetoric coming from some inside the SNP is certainly disturbing (unless it’s a deliberate ploy to emphasise to the authorities that the two parties, SNP and Alba, are indeed separate?)

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    2. We should not be going to Westminster!

      We cannot alter or influence any policy. All we do is legitimise that Parliament as dominant.
      We are a Nation and our focus should be Holyrood.

      We are expected to turn up and respect their rules yet Westminster Ministers refuse to attend Holyrood committees when asked.

      The Irish stopped walking the path to the Masters House. Why are we still doing it. This mindset of Westminster being superior has to end.

      It was the English Parliament in 1706. It was the English Parliament in 1707. It is still the English Parliament.

      Read some Irish history regarding political negotiations with Westminster between 1915 and 1922.

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      1. Correct again, Julia Gibb.
        There’s clearly something about Scots going to Westminster that seems to affect their priorities. Just this week I noticed a tweet from Dr Philippa Whitford that had me crestfallen. Is that place so mystical? so alluring, that passionate Scots are gradually placated? Are they beguiled by the history, or do they simply become used to the corridors of power – or fall in love with it all? I’ve seen the most incredible tweets, bold statements defending the status quo, from those we selected to be our champions – heart-breaking.

        Whatever, it’s no place for our people – get them the Hell out of there.

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  7. From a selling point of view. People should adopt the FAB theory in selling the ALBA’s party direction towards Independence.
    Explain the Features of the party, the Advantages to Scots people & the Benefits to the livelyhood of generations to come.
    By voting SNP1 & ALBA 2 you are eliminating Westminster control of your parliament.
    Surely eliminating any WM control of your parliament is the first step towards Independence.

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  8. Duncan Spence joined ALBA the day it came into being.

    The both votes SNP mantra actually relies on not explaining the way d’Hondy works. The very existence of ALBA is on the contrary a partial explanation of d’Hondt.

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  9. Have now decided that every time some offensive comment or other crosses my timeline, be it in relation to Both Votes; Can do no Wrong; Still Guilty; Eyes on the Prize, or whatever, the klaxon going off will result in a donation in the Alba tips jar. And if the jar fills too quickly my first vote will be back on the At Risk register.

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  10. Iain,

    I would like to modify that post somewhat and use it as a hand out when I HOPE SOON to be distributing/handing out ALBA produced leaflets that are most probably going to be bullet points and nice simple phrases.

    Happy for you to modify it to use in a hand out as well

    IF you want to do that I will send you my email address ASAP


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  11. Without doubt I will be voting for the Alba party on the list, my intention had been to not vote at all until Alba came along, I will however wait until the day of voting to decide on whether I give my first vote to the SNP.
    My reason for this is we’ll have a better idea of how Alba is going to perform, if it looks like they will take enough votes to make a difference then I will hold my nose and give the SNP my first vote, on the other hand if it doesn’t look good then I’ll cast only my list vote for Alba.

    My biggest worry is I see Mays election as highly likely being our last chance to get out of this union, the thought of Alba not doing well doesn’t bear thinking about for me. should this turn out to be the case and Sturgeon reigns supreme then my voting days will be over.
    We know the establishment and the media will throw everything they have at preventing Alex Salmond returning to Holyrood, he has always been and will continue to be the only real threat in Scotland to the union, that the current leader in Scotland “the Great Pretender” is the one who spouts the most vicious vitriol against Salmond should be a wake up call to all Scots.
    This woman’s only purpose is to ensure the continuation of the union.

    It has to be a strong presence of Alba in Holyrood in May or it’s goodbye independence forever.
    It’s up to us.

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  12. I honestly don’t know which is the more galling; the SNP pushing this 1&2 nonsense, or the fact they obviously believe we are all imbeciles who can’t think and reason for ourselves, and will do whatever we’re told by our ‘betters’.

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  13. Well I’m glad someone has found the vitriol on Facebook decreasing. I’ve already been called a traitor and told to go **** myself this morning! I suppose that’s what you get when you stick an Alba badge on your profile pic.

    I see folk elsewhere declaring that NS has been compromised. Until now I’ve believed that she was just power-crazed and would stop at nothing to eliminate any threat to her position. However, I’m starting to wonder.

    What I don’t get is her cult-like followers. They’re going to need some serious deprogramming work when realisation finally dawns. I’m genuinely concerned for their mental health (I have experience of dealing with a former cult member) as I know what it’ll be like for them.

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  14. If you want to waste your second vote to not deliver independence seats and to keep unionists in seats then why bother voting at all

    Better still why not just vote Conservative or Labour.

    The choice is that simple. How could any independence supporter throw away a million votes.

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  15. Asserting that one thing must fail isn’t the same as demonstrating that another thing will succeed.

    Both votes SNP is a perfectly valid strategy. It has been shown to work over a a period of time. It has kept the British parties out of power for 14 years. Which, as should hardly need to be explained, must be our first priority.

    Giving one’s list vote to Alba Party may well be a valid option. As valid as any other. But we’ve really no way of telling how effective it might be in relation to the second priority of restoring Scotland’s independence. Questions about exactly HOW the party might contribute in any tangible practical way tend to elicit only increasingly shrill denunciations of the SNP and those who choose what is, as I’ve already said, a perfectly valid way to use one’s votes.

    BTW – The regional ballot IS NOT a standalone FPTP election. Portraying it as such is not honest.


      1. Hardly a meaningful response. Give me something to be upbeat about. Give me something to be positive about. Start by explaining how Alex Salmond’s approach to the constitutional issue differs in any significant way for Nicola Sturgeon’s.

        Talk about “depressive and negative”! I’ve got to the stage where I’m hesitating before posting comments asking questions or seeking information or giving an alternative perspective or expressing concerns or offering constructive criticism. The responses are seldom any more relevant or helpful than yours. So why bother?


      2. As do many of us who were once long time die hard SNP voters & members, he tells us what should be done or who should be doing what, if you read his blogs there is only one person fit to run this country & it is P Bell, challenge him on anything & all you get is give me this, give me that, Give me something to be upbeat about. We have, the ALBA Party with Alex at the helm ready to PUSH the feartie STURGEON into action for INDY for a change..

        Unlike the greens who say they back INDY but have never pushed for it, no, their preference is the GRA bill being passed..

        Maybe he can tell us what the fuck STURGEON has given him or us in the last 6yrs that has been upbeat? GRA, HCB, ignoring members, using NEC for her own purposes, & running to UNIONIST media with MONEY knowing they are happy these days to print her lies & Digs about other people, she isn’t fit to lead a bairns birthday party let alone a political part, or worse a COUNTRY.. She is a disgrace, but so long as she gets the UNIONIST press backing her, & Mr Bell, attacking everyone who will not give both votes to SNP, she knows she is OK!

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      3. Ian, I just scroll past Peter Bell whether it be here or on wings. “Stopped reading his posts long before he lost weight.”
        He’s a glass half empty kind of person. Life’s too short to have so much negativity in it.


    1. Peter none of us know what tomorrow will bring, some of us live in hope of an independent Scotland and we will NEVER get that with the SNP

      WE have a dream and we will work as hard as well can to make that dream reality

      THE REALITY is that getting many ALBA MPS in the Scottish parliament is the best way for those of who have given up on the SNP for many many reasons to energizer the move towards independence and truly focus on that not make repeated empty promises{at election time}.

      FFS The SNP are mailing people asking for {MORE} money that will be ring fenced for the referendum….

      YES REALLY!!!

      Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me, do they really think our heads button up the back?

      I dont agree with you Peter, the AMS/List is effectively a FPTP ballot IF you don’t stand in the constituency, as your divisor is initially ONE so every vote you get counts……the SNP votes will have a divisor of up to TEN if SNP voting history is repeated

      As I think Iain wrote here if you are going to vote SNP 1 & 2 you may as well burn the list paper.

      I was going to write REDACTED in thick black writing over my Constituency vote and the list vote would have been ISP

      NOW with AS and ALBA in the game I will hold my nose and probably Vote SNP 1 ALBA 2

      The SNP 1 vote is still only a mibby if NS continues to behaving like a vindictive nasty piece of work I will have to think hard about SNP 1 and I fully understand that Independence is not about one person BUT her behavior is totally outrageous and unacceptable for the Fist Minister of Scotland

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    2. Give me something to be upbeat about. Give me something to be positive about.

      READ SLOWLY Peter, Alex Salmond is back in Scottish politics and leading the ALBA Party and will be 100% focused on getting Scottish Independence, hopefully in my and your lifetime.

      Talk about “depressive and negative”

      Whether you like it or not Peter that is how you came across

      I’ve got to the stage where i am offering constructive criticism.

      I did not see anything constructive in your post Peter

      So why bother?

      YOUR Life YOUR Choices Peter, no one is dragging you here by your collar or your ear.

      Why dont you do what we all are doing and that is Vote for ALBA on the AMS/List vote and then WAIT and see what the outcome is …….then hopefully there will be no need for your negativity nor constructive criticism

      As you said Peter, Why Bother, I suppose I should have just ignored your post rather than respond, for sure I am not looking for a pissing contest here.

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      1. You didn’t respond to my post. You didn’t address any of the points Raise. You didn’t answer a single question. In short, you failed comprehensively and abysmally. Your opinion of me is of no consequence.


    3. PAB: the SNP vote was wasted to the tune of almost a million, but I take your point that voting SNP in the constituency alone might not be enough to secure the SNP candidate. However, it is up to people to understand their own constituency and region. If the SNP candidate is well ahead, there is no point in a second List vote being wasted on him or her, but it is essential that that will be the case. As far as I can see for now, only about two constituencies come under that threat for certain, but you have to keep your wits about you.

      Time being of the essence, I also take that point on board. Therefore, we should be aiming at negotiations starting and being over in the main details within two years, albeit it will probably take longer to get everything ironed out, but two years should see the basics sorted. If this election shows a definite majority for YES – either in seats or votes or both – there can be no reason thereafter to hesitate.

      If Nicola Sturgeon remains, as she has said she will (and no mention of indy whatsoever), she will have to be bombarded by those who support independence, but not the SNP. I mean that every means must be used to get the message across that, if she does nothing again, she will be brought down. Even if we have to take to the streets to get through to her and her coterie. We cannot have a FM who is also leader of the party of independence doing sweet fanny adams about independence for another five years. It is as stark as that. To boot, any successor will require to be made aware that he/she will not reign long if the same delaying tactics are employed. It is now or never for a peaceful resolution. Leave it, and conflict will become the only means left.

      As for self-ID, that, too, will prove far more divisive than any of the FM’s camp would have envisaged. I am quite sure that they thought women would just heave to and do as they are told. They think it will be in the bag in the next term. That’s what they thought about Alec Salmond. Either they learn a hard lesson that women will not put up with this and ditch it or they will go. A men’s movement sneaking in the back door dressed as women is not on. Whatever it takes.

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  16. All very positive, long may it continue.

    Anybody any opinions on somebody wanting to join SNP to steer change in their direction and policies to align more with the real wishes of the Scottish people.

    Obviously ‘somebody’ would have to invilve a fe thousnd others joining to help effect change!

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    1. As an SNP member until very recently, my advice to you would be don’t bother. The SNP used to be a democratic party and a member’s vote counted. The NEC had been behaving in an autocratic and frankly, occasionally disturbing way up until the November conference. Many grassroots members voted successfully to oust the most prolific and vocal culprits. Sadly, they simply found their way back in complete with votes and those whom the membership had elected were sidelined and silenced. If that sounds like a political party you would be happy to support, then go ahead. It wasn’t for me, and many others who have now found a new political home in Alba.

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  17. The Romans dangled citizenship of Rome to woo the leaders of the conquered.

    London copied this for their Empire. Knighthoods, medals, House of Lords. The pageantary of Westminster is designed to seduce the peasants and make them grateful for their masters kindness and the crumbs from his table. The rules are to ensure the elite keep their grip. The idea of a Royal household or Emperor should disgust us.

    The Romans had gladiators to distract the peasants, we get football.

    Rome and London bled Nations dry and used their own people to keep them their fellow citizens subdued.

    Get off your knees Scotland….please!

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  18. As a woman who absolutely abhors how female born woman are now being treated by the SNP, there was absolutely NO way I was ever going to vote SNP, which would be the first time in my life of voting for the past 54yrs NOT voting SNP.

    Throw in the nastiness that we read & hear from STURGEON to this very day towards her so called best friend of 30yrs, Plus her STITCH up & the man walking free from both attempts to jail him. Surely She as a once upon a time lawyer should have known that to continually keep blackening his character, & insisting that although he may have been found innocent. That does not mean he IS innocent. Just to keep publicly forcing the fact that she wants him GUILTY..

    Now she has resorted to telling her new UNIONIST media pals, (the same Media that she gave £3million of OUR money, whether it came from Scotlands budget or membership fees. It did NOT come out of her purse..)That he GAMBLES on horses EVERYDAY.. What is wrong with her? Christ she is so bitter so nasty..Is this the REAL STURGEON we see today? Is this was power s done to her Heid?

    One things for sure we all know he did take a big gamble in 2014, with polls just in the 20’s for INDY, Because he always said if he got a majority he would give the people a referendum on Independence.. And true to his word he did just that, It cost him his career.. He did right by Scotland, it was the country that let him down..

    Sturgeon on the other hand has enjoyed polls over 50%, also seen the change in circumstances happen via BREXIT, Asked for & given Mandate after mandate, and been FEART to upset the UNIONISTS. How anyone can back her today is beyond belief in my opinion.. She used Alex to get where she is, & now she has used the Scottish voters for the past 6 yrs..

    If Alex Salmond is flawed in anyway, (and I do not believe the sexual harassment SHE Brought against him) She has shown more flaws Than Alex ever had, because NO way would he talk about anyone in the way she has been doing & still is doing about him..She is full of hatred, and that in anyone is not good but in a leader it is bloody dangerous..

    I joined the Alba party on the day it launched, & I resigned myself to holding my nose & giving her my 1st vote. But I have to say, I am reverting back to NOT voting SNP at all, I was not voting them because of the corruption, now I can’t stand the sight of her, I do not like what she stands for, & one thing she has proved she does not stand for is INDEPENDENCE, someone posted already that they read she would be happy with devolution, I think that has been obvious for some time. If people do not back ALBA & get as many of that party into HR, then I agree with another posted above, Scotland is done for..

    SNP will NOT deliver INDY. Greens May back a referendum, but they won’t push for one, or force her hand, they are more interest in the GRA bill being passed. People don’t seem to realise that our Independence, Scotlands future truly is down once AGAIN to Alex Salmond being back in HR..

    If the SNP both votes stick to their guns, & the SNP are just short of a majority then they will try to blame ALBA, when infact it is their voting tactics that will be to blame for there never being another INDY ref.

    if the SNP do get a majority on the constituency, that will be down to ALBA voters who have said for a long time now, they would never vote SNP again, actually doing as Alex suggested and voting SNP.
    But NO Alex Salmond & Alba representation, that majority will for the SNP will still not get us any closer to INDY..

    Right now, I am back to where I was, not wanting to give a vote to that party at all anymore. I honestly believe it is corrupt throughout now, I was also sickened by Mps, whom I truly believed joined the party to GET Independence, yet happy to promote the both votes, which for me means they are happy to settle in at WM.. Also MSPs who have been treated like shit by STURGEON and her cabal of nasties, also promoting the both votes. Yet STURGEON has stood by while they were jumped on by the GRA. Brigade, I no longer trust or have faith in the actual party..
    Not just in STURGEON.

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    1. KuriKat, you have written exactly as I am feeling right now, too. I come from the place I thought she’d be the one to free Scotland – to knowing she’ll be the one to make sure Scotland is never free. In two years of my eyes opening, I’ve gone from disappointed in her behaviour – to downright livid at how she continues to blacken the name of the man she tried to jail for life. And for doing what she has done to three PRO-INDY bloggers! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive her for that. It’s one thing pursuing something you believe in. It is totally something else very evil when you decide to have someone jailed to achieve it. That is as low as someone can get.

      I was very buoyed up by the coming of Alba & all that it could and should achieve. I thought, in spite of personalities, Indy supporters would stop for a moment, assess the necessity to get unionist bums off HR seats & get Indy people in. All those people that got angry with me because I wouldn’t ‘hold my nose for Indy & vote SNP otherwise you’re just voting tory’, that were all for independence, now refuse to hold their noses, vote Alba otherwise they’re just voting tory! It seems it was a one way street. I was supposed to ‘FORGET GRA/HC because we can sort all that later’… But it seems THEY REFUSE to hold their noses and vote what is best for Scotland – and the Independence they SAID they wanted. It seems they prefer tories in HR. I’m now willing (though under duress, because I see how a super-majority will be beneficial) to vote SNP, but they’re not willing to vote Alba. It was always about what THEY wanted & not about ideals or Independence or Scotland or – anything. It was just about wanting what Sturgeon chanted & wanted…

      It is deeply disturbing that people I once thought were so entrenched in Indy they’d vote for a woman who deliberately tried to jail 4 men, who has spent funds that didn’t belong to them, that has rigged elections so carpetbaggers can decide policy, etc., just so they could get Independence – now just follows someone morally deficient for virtually no reason at all… My Dad fought against someone who manipulated the people of his country in much the same way… It’s really scary…

      Time, I think, for more coffee and perhaps a bit of Irish Apple Cake to brighten a somewhat cloudy day… At least I have a political home now. And I’m part of something that wants to let Scotland fly free! So we work for that! Onward & upward!

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