The flow of new recruits to the new ALBA party continues apace with the formation of a new organisation “Scots Asians for ALBA” at a Zoom meeting hosted from Glasgow today.
Members of the Asian community around Scotland joined in to elect former SNP NEC member Mr Abdul Majid as the Convener of the new group. Scots Asians for ALBA (SAFA) will now apply to be the first affiliated organisation of the new party.
Mr Majid said;“I am pleased to launch this new dimension of support for the ALBA party today and proud to become Convener of the very first affiliated organisation to apply to join ALBA. We seek a positive campaign for independence.
My advice to the SNP is to put more effort into promoting Scottish independence and spend less time on their negative attacks on ALBA. These are not going down at all well in the Asian community.
We in the Asian community stand with Alex Salmond and we stand for ALBA independence for Scotland.”
Mr Majid was proposed and seconded by ALBA candidates Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh (Central Scotland), Mr Irshad Ahmed (Lothian) and Cllr Shahid Farooq (Glasgow).
The meeting pledged 400 members for ALBA by the end of the campaign and a donation of £10,000 to ALBA campaign funds.
The Declaration for ALBA was then adopted unanimously by the entire meeting.
DECLARATION FOR ALBAWe Scottish Asians, declare our support for the new ALBA Party and the concept of independence for Scotland.
We recognise that the interests of our communities are already reflected in the ALBA candidate profiles and will work to ensure that the new party always represents our interests.
We see the opportunity of the coming election to advance Scotland’s cause by building a #Supermajority for independence in the Parliament.
We, therefore, endorse the formation of Scottish Asians for ALBA and will now apply for affiliated group status within the new party.
Endorsed 2nd April 2021 Glasgow, Scotland
Further info
After a whirlwind seven days we are:

  • 4,100 members
  • 32 candidates the length and breadth of Scotland
  • 2 serving MPs
  • Led by a Former First Minister
  • 7 serving Councillors as candidates with dozens more applying across Scotland
  • Both the Equalities and Women’s Conveners of the SNP as ALBA candidates
  • First policy Conference arranged for Saturday 3 April.

ALBA is Scotland’s new political force.

22 thoughts on “MORE GOOD NEWS

  1. This is really great news Iain, the only reservation I have with these affiliate groups is reflected in the undemocratic situation as is currently evidenced within the SNP where these groups have an unwarranted and disproportionate influence within the organisation

    This must not be allowed to happen within ALBA, opinions and suggestions are always welcome but these groups should not have an overriding influence on policies or views which will bias their situation

    The LUNATIC situation these affiliate groups have been granted within the SNP should be a STARK WARNING to the ALBA organisation

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      1. Good to hear Iain.
        The problem isn’t so much affiliate groups themselves, it is the ‘power’ gifted to them by the SNP leadership.

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  2. I’m delighted to announce that I have joined Alba tonight, and look forward to doing all I can to achieve the Supermajority we seek,

    You should know Iain, that the link to the policy conference is returning a “Safari cannot connect to the server” message. Not sure if that’s an issue with Safari or not..

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      1. lol. very good.
        Preserved for the lulz. 😉

        Peter Murrell 2nd April 2021

        Peter here, best of wishes, i found a spare £20 when i was moving some cash the other day.. I might donate more soon, as i have a fair amount to try and get rid of! Please don’t tell the wife x


        Liked by 1 person

  3. This organisation is a wonderful addition to Alba Party. Extremely good to have your organisation with us, Mr Majid! Thank you for standing with Alba & pushing Independence forward!

    Liked by 4 people

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