Sometimes Journalists take things too far. Writing about someone who has passed away forecasting their actions or views is very dodgy ground. Kenny Farquharson did so today tweeting about the late Margo MacDonald. Her husband Jim Sillars responds. He is lucky it isn’t Margo herself, she didn’t take kindly to people putting words in her mouth.

Jim responds

“I am told Kenny Farquharson Is able to read my dead wife’s mind, and says he knows Margo MacDonald would not have joined Alba if alive today. A remarkable ability that I don’t have.But I have an ability based on knowledge that Kenny does not have, drawn from being married to her for 33 years.I don’t know if Margo, if alive today, would join Alba. She rather enjoyed the freedom of being an independent advocate of independence – same as my position now.But joining Alba is not the point. Would she support it? Margo had one of the best minds I ever met anywhere, and she was blest with the capacity to be resolutely logical. She might indeed not join Alba, but given the logic of its position on the List votes issue, I suspect that she would see the common sense of Alba’s argument, and be happy to vote for it, as I will.As I record in the memoir that will be published later this year, one of the last people Margo asked to come and see her was Alex Salmond who, despite any disagreements they may have had, she saw as important in the fight to achieving independence.”


Referendum date slips a couple of years once again.


Commenting on Nicola Sturgeon’s remarks at the SPJA, that an Independence Referendum should be delayed beyond 2023 as a result of the pandemic ALBA Party Leader and Former First Minister Alex Salmond said:
“Independence supporters who are already underwhelmed at the lack of progress  towards Independence over the last five years, despite there being a majority in the Parliament in favour of it,  will be taken aback at the apparent lack of urgency towards Independence in the next Parliament. 
“As Scotland recovers from Covid we will need the full powers of Independence to renew our economy and society, which is why the drive to independence should be a priority not something to be delayed. That is exactly why we need an independence #Supermajority in the Scottish Parliament.”

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16 thoughts on “OUT OF ORDER KENNY.

  1. I feel the rage Jim Sillars is barely able to suppress here. Is there nothing sacred, no good in existence for these people? I’m saying no more, for fear of bringing myself to the base-level of Farquharson.

    Keep well, Jim – looking forward to the memoirs.

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  2. What can you say; among a rum bunch, Kenny takes the biscuit. At lease Massie and Daisley can write – worth reading even if disagree with every word.

    Kenny’s Modus Operandi is to attention seek by shit stirring – “the brown spurtle” – because his output doesn’t warrant reading, even for entertainment.

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  3. We do not have journalists in Scotland! No that is unfair to the very talented bloggers who have had to take on the role vacated by the “professionals”. The bloggers work is now often stolen by the MSM and published without any credit to the source. The professionals consider a days hard work being simply cut and paste Unionist press releases.

    They feel that having completed a course, joined a union and registered with a body deems them journalists. It does not.

    The MSM hacks are simple hired mercenaries. They use words instead of guns but their objective is the same. Money is paid and they use their training to undermine democracies for their Paymaster.

    The “Wild Geese” who for cash will ensure a Nation is denied self determination.

    More than 50% of our fellow citizens support Independence but 99% of our “official” media oppose.

    Do not pay for Unionist propaganda.

    The cycle is Unionist press release, MSM cut and Paste, TV channels run Paper Reviews, The BBC report MSM and then the Unionists quote them at FMQs – Rinse and Repeat.

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    Out of order? It is much, much more than that.

    It is truly amazing the depths that some people will sink to in order to disparage an opposing viewpoint, especially when it is an opposing political viewpoint. (BTW, are many journalists “people”?)

    Do these people never consider/think that when they claim to speak on behalf of those who have gone before, do they never consider the hurt their words will likely cause to those left behind and knew the person involved *much better* than some scurrilous, click-bait stirrer?
    (Brown stirrer as mentioned above is a very more apt description, especially the “Brown Spurtle”! I bet Kenny Farquharson has a few of those trophies in his collection.)

    The introduction on his blog “Muck Rack” (Muck Rake, surely – ed.) claims:
    “Columnist and senior writer with @TheTimes in Scotland. I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king. Orwell Fellow. Drummer @Best_Picture_ ”

    He obviously could not spell shyster as he missed it out from his CV.

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  5. This is the kind of inane shit that we’ll get from mediocre unionist hacks such as Farquharson, now that a real independence party has arrived on the scene in the form of the ALBA party.

    In my opinion Margo would’ve let rip on Sturgeon and the SNP as a whole, regarding the party’s recent machinations, I’m sure Mr Sillars of whom Farquharson couldn’t lace his boots, would agree with me on that one.

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  6. The thing I cant understand about the MSM is why would you exclude Salmond from the debates. Can you imagine an American broadcaster following suit during an American election. They would be tripping over themselves to show the dynamic of Sturgeon and Salmond in debate. At the very least it makes great TV. the exclusion of Salmond must be political not commercial.

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    1. REALY!!

      They are scared BIG TIME the man is THE MAN a Giant amongst pigmies and numpties.

      Just managed to watch that video and the depth of AS is something truly awesome.

      Sadly in 2014 after the no result he was bruised and battered and could not have been thinking straight as he moved over and let a numpty take over as the leader of the SNP.

      I think in time that will be seen as a big mistake …..I can feel for him as I was also truly devastated at the result of the 2014 Referendum as it went against everything I knew and felt from my work with the YES movement and meeting people who were going to vote YES and going to vote for the first time in years…..so I did connect big time with his words re the people of Dundee.

      BUT he is back and things are looking positive again re Scottish politics and a future independent Scotland.


  7. I loved Margo who was as honest as the day is long. If only more Scots had listened to her heart felt pleas to waken up and smell the coffee Scotland would be free now. Margo was wise to and warned of Martin Rifkind and the Tory’s control over the British secret services. Read the full article. It is mind shaping.
    2013: Margo Macdonald Wrote to the Head of the UK’s Security Service and Asked but never got an Assurance that MI5 Spies Would not Interfere in the Independence Referendum.

    n a letter to MI5’s director general, Andrew Parker, Margo MacDonald wrote: “I will be obliged if you can give me an assurance that UK Security Services will not be used in any respect in the lead-up to the Scottish referendum on sovereignty, unless, of course, the Scottish police have sufficient evidence to justify normal responses to potentially overtly criminal acts. I do understand that the Security Services are vital to all the countries and regions of the British Isles and the potential for law-breaking may be heightened during the forthcoming campaign. As action on the Security Services’ part is calculated to keep communities safe and aid cohesion, I would welcome an assurance from you that this will continue, and that no other consideration will inform your Department’s work.”
    At interview Margo said the recent comments of former chancellor Denis Healey, who said the Labour Government of the 1970s had underplayed the value of oil revenues, underlined her concerns. She said: “The influence of the security services was insidious. If the opportunity came up to depress the self-confidence of Scots, then the opportunity was taken.” Asked if she believed the SNP and the wider Yes movement was currently infiltrated, she said: “Of course the security services have people in the SNP.”

    The British Secret Service Won the 2014 Independence Referendum Just as Margo Macdonald Predicted

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  8. I just remember Alex Salmond laying into Margo on Newsnight many years ago. It was an ambush. The hurt was written all over her face but she behaved with great dignity and composure. ‘Is she in, is she out, is she doing the hokey-cokey or what?’ It was around the time when the first elections to Holyrood were being held and candidates were being chosen and she left the party and stood as an independent. I think it must have been after that incident that she left the party. I was outraged. She was the mother of Scotland. She had done far more than Alex Salmond to carry the torch of our freedom aloft. It was completely out of order to attack her like that. This was around the time when Salmond was trying to tighten his grip on the party, expel dissidents like Margo or bring them into line.

    Whether she would have joined or voted Alba, I don’t know. I suspect she would just do what she thought was the best bet on 6 May. But I do know she didn’t trust Alex Salmond. Told me once (1992) that he was right in with the Westminster gang, just liked schmoozing and swanning about in the corridors of power. Fancied himself. Of course, she could have changed her mind. But, note, she never rejoined the party. She died, in March 2014, before she could cast her vote for independence. It doesn’t surprise me she would want to see Alex Salmond before she left this earth, to heal their rift, and to quizz him on how he saw things going and what he would next do if we lost.


    1. I’d have thought Winnie Ewing was the political “Mother of Scotland”.

      Or maybe Margo MacDonald saw her “swanning about” somewhere too..

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  9. For Mairianna

    your article is deeply insensitive .. you seek to create Margo v Salmond and given the statement by Jim about his wife this is very poor show indeed . You fail to grasp that irrespective of many disagreements Margo considered Alex .
    important to Independence. There is enough divide and hate already sown by NS .

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    1. You didn’t read what I said properly. She did not trust Salmond. For many years. She told me herself. It dishonours her memory to say otherwise. Maybe that changed. Margo put Scotland first. If she thought Alba would help Scotland I’m sure she would support it. I remember that interview when he tore her to shreds. It was vicious stuff. I am standing up for her. She was as she once described herself ‘the independent voice of independence’. She was not in anyone’s pocket.


  10. I stand by my comments Marianna. As an observer my view is Jim has made a statement .. might I suggest you read it and reflect on it. Your further statement “ she did not trust Salmond “
    equally underhanded and far from portraying a considered view you are displaying a lack of sensitivity and judgement.
    You have capitalised on this situation to paint AS in a bad light .. there is enough smear and hate already .

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