Great interview. This is why they are desperately trying to censor him and keep Scotland from hearing his ideas and plans. Share and retweet this everywhere Scotland needs to hear what Alba can and will do. We are relying on YOU to get the message out there! Thanks.


  1. An inspiring interview to watch. ALBA is the YES spirit and mood re-born.
    I sense people coming together as they did for YES and as I feel and sense on AUOB marches.

    That is why I do not accept the polling. Independence is why the grassroot YES movement took off. Why would they not get behind the only Party demanding urgent action?

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  2. I’m pretty disappointed in the SNPs newsletter aka the National newspaper, today for the second day in a row we have the star comment on the comments page attack Alex Salmond, and ex-National editor Richard Walker has two-page spread urging us to vote both votes SNP, to top it off Lesley Riddoch has a two-page spread and has a go at Salmond as well.

    Barrhead Boy is usually on the money, as he is this time.

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    1. Not only that but sky news have alba polling at just 2%. So I don’t know where the hell theyre getting numbers, but last I seen alba had overtaken Willie sit doon Rennie and his fib dems and were at 6%, lib dems were on 5%. So sky just making it all up today

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  3. Re polling it is what it is. To even register less than a week after you have been formed is an achievement, not to progress much when every party including the SNP and every msm outlet is smearing you is also something. I live in a very unionist place so I’m not sure what the feeling on the ground is re Alba. But for a party that the polls are writing off they all seem to be gey feart o it.

    The Scottish blt contingent in the Guardian are very anti Salmond and pro Sturgeon as in a lot of the pro indy blogs btl. I’m dearly hoping that Alba break through but Sturgeon is getting a lot of soft ball treatment from MSM. I just hope Alba and indeed AFI and ISP don’t give up if things don’t turn out the way we hope when votes are counted in May. Two of the 3 latest polls are showing a SNP majority – if that happens and when we get GRA and HRB but no indy surely folk are going to see the con and vote accordingly in next elections which are the STV council ones.

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      1. Yes I know that they stood down for Holyrood, but the ISP said they are continuing as a party and will stand in the council elections. I’m not sure whether AfI are continuing or not, hope so. The more pro indy parties the better when it comes to single transferable voting! I’d love the opportunity to put the SNP 4th on my preference list just ahead of the Greens 🙂

        O/t Peter Bell one of the last holdouts for both votes SNP has had enough.

        “For this reason, I can no longer contemplate voting SNP on both ballots. Nor can I in good conscience commend this strategy to others.”

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      2. To be honest I’ve lost a bit of respect for P.A.Bellend last few weeks. Each to their own in bloggers tho, we cant all share the same views lol.

        Council elections aren’t really what’s being discussed. Thats for another day. Relevant to current elections, AFI and ISP have stood down their guys.

        I wouldn’t necessarily like snp 4th…currently that would mean brits ruling the roost in its current format. Greens are neeps so feck having Harvie anywhere near power.

        Best we can hope for is alba getting some list seats, and putting the same drive that got snp to where they are into Alba. And since salmond did the hard work for SNP, he knows the game better than anyone. He knows how to bring debates and motions to holyrood, he knows what needs to be done in the background for pushing independence talks with the British that isn’t being done under SNP. He can be on their case.

        SNP has gone from dangling a carrot to the donkey actually getting the carrot…what they gonna do now. They either push for a ref, or alba stands in constituency seats next election. Once we’ve one man in, its easier to get more. She should be aware of that, and maybe consider why people are flocking to Alba from SNP under her rule. Actions speak louder than words. And now someone is on the scene to hold her feet to fire, we instantly see the Greens upping their talk on how they’re going to drive independence. (Not that I trust them at all). So balls in SNPs court. Theyve one term to show us what they’ve got, or she will be known as the woman that ended the SNP

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    1. Not enough salt in the world haha. I have borderline personality disorder and he triggers me badly haha


  4. His passion is inspiring. I believe it will be infectious. I now see SNP supporters openly backing Alba. The penny is dropping.

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