Life begins on the other side of despair

A Guest Article from Denise Findlay in advance of the Women’s Conference.

It has been a hard few years for the women who support Scottish independence.  The women have endured vicious bullying, name calling, doxing and rape threats simply for trying to stand up for their rights.  All from those who are meant to on the same side in the independence debate.  Women have now struggled for years against their own party and movement.  Many honourable men have joined the debate giving women their support but still truckloads of abuse are heaped on the women’s heads every day.

Women’s concerns have not been heard.  All parties in the Scottish Parliament are signed up in varying degrees to gender ideology.  

The Greens and LibDems are irretrievably anti-women in hock to an ideology which is dangerous to the health and well being of women and girls.  Andy Wightman resigned from the Greens due to their intolerance of any discussion of women’s rights claiming party leader Patrick Harvie is captured by Queer Theory.  

Labour is unfortunately losing three MSPs who actually backed women; Johann Lamont, Jenny Marra and Elaine Smith and Anas Sarwar the new Labour leader is unwilling to take on the gender ideologues within his own party.  

The Conservatives although they voted against the Hate Crimes Bill that was because of its general infringement of the right to freedom of expression and it is a sad day when it is the Conservatives who are our only slim hope.   

The SNP leadership is fully signed up to the gender ideology and have a number of policies that are dangerous to women.

Just before recess the Scottish Parliament passed the Hate Crimes Bill (HCB). This bill does not give protection to women who as a sex have been ignored by this bill.   A man dressed as a woman has more protection against hate than a woman. But it does pose significant danger and risk to women.

The bill introduces a new offence of ‘stirring up hatred’ which requires that behaviour must be judged “abusive or threatening” by a “reasonable” person.

Define ‘Reasonable’ when using the word ‘female’ can be judged transphobic.  When our own justice secretary can’t say if there are two sexes and a judge in England ruled that belief in two sexes was ‘not worthy of respect in a democratic society’.  When many women’s accounts have been suspended or banned from social media for stating biological fact. 

During the passage of the bill amendments that would have given women a small measure of protection, were withdrawn due to an outcry by the trans lobby.

There is little doubt that women arguing on the basis of sex will be reported to the police, this coupled with doubts over the independence of the crown office will have a chilling effect of women’s freedom of expression.

Throughout the progress of the bill voices on the gender ideology side of this debate have been listened to, to the near exclusion of the those on the other.  The grassroots women’s groups were permitted to attend one committee session where they pleaded with the mainly male committee to allow women to speak about their rights without facing jail but to no avail.

Recently women protested against the bill by leaving ribbons in suffragette colours, slates with messages and stickers at political offices, the politicians took to twitter to voice their outrage and let the women know that the police had been informed. 

In two separate instances women who had scrolled chalk slogans on public buildings were visited by the police and one was threatened that, if it happened again, she might be charged with breach of the peace. 

Women’s rights to political protest are under threat.

In the new parliament the SNP intends to reform the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) which would allow a man to legally change his sex to female purely on his own say-so.   The GRA was introduced prior to same sex marriage, it was to allow people who suffer from gender dysphoria – which at that time was a mental illness – and have changed their bodies to legally become the opposite sex in order to marry.

At the time it was understood that it impacted women’s rights because women’s sex-based rights are necessarily exclusive as they exclude males.  But the European Court of Human Rights decided that the numbers were so small women could just accommodate them. 

Over time same sex marriage was made legal which negated the original need for a GRA.  A further ruling of the European Court of Human Rights meant that people would not have to change their bodies to obtain a GRA and the World Health Organisation (WHO) determined that gender dysphoria was not a mental illness.

This greatly increased the number of men who could claim to be women and the trans umbrella is now large, it includes men with gender dysphoria who have changed their bodies but also cross-dressers, men who have a sexual fetish about being a woman or being accepted as a woman, exhibitionists and men who believe they have a lady brain.  As well as the increase in the number of men now considered trans and who feel they are entitled to access women only spaces and services there is also an issue of abuse of the system.

With self-id there is no gate-keeping so this opens it up to the risk of predatory men taking advantage.  Male sexual offenders are identifying as women and being housed in women’s prisons, this is already happening in Scottish prisons.

The ramifications of self-id for women’s sex-based rights are considerable, already mixed sex toilets in schools are causing teenage girls to miss school in particular when they have their period, there are mixed sex changing rooms, mixed sex hospital wards, women’s refuges and rape crisis centres. All places where women are vulnerable and predatory men or men indulging their sexual fetishes can take advantage.

There is the effect on women’s sport, where women and girls are losing out on scholarships and medals due to having to compete against biological males.

Personal care where a woman’s dignity is not considered where she has no right to a female carer.

Regressive sex stereotypes being forced on our children in schools, with children told unless they conform to the stereotype, they are trans, the explosion of teenage girls wishing to become boys and the experimental and irreversible puberty blocking drugs given to them by our Scottish NHS.

And of course, women in the board room where only recently the government passed a Gender Balance on Public Boards act which redefined the sex class women to include males.  This was challenged by a crowd-funded grassroots women’s group arrayed against this group was not just the Scottish Government but government funded 3rd sector bodies. On 25thMarch the case was lost.

There was despair, the future for Scottish women was bleak a SNP or a SNP-Green government dedicated to gender ideology and no one to take up our fight, no main stream party on our side.

The very real prospect of the complete loss of women’s rights in Scotland and the risk of a criminal prosecution if we complain.

Then into this hopeless situation strode hope.

Hope in the form of the Alba Party who just might save the rights of Scottish women and girls, while gaining us our independence.

This weekend it is the Alba Party Women’s Conference.   Women will have a voice. All is not yet lost. We still have Hope.


My thanks to Denise for this article. I am very aware of how serious these issues are and the strong defence of women’s rights that are so badly needed. I hope the Alba Party Woman’s Conference provides the hope that Denise and so many others are hoping for. We have many top level women who have joined Alba including 18 excellent female candidates. I wish the Conference every success and hope that Alba will have a strong voice on these issues during the campaign and thereafter in the Parliament.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

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59 thoughts on “Life begins on the other side of despair

  1. Well done Denise. Excellent piece. I do wonder if women in Scotland are actually aware of what is being done to their rights. Keep up the great work. I so admire you.

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    1. Best of luck, Denise, in your struggle for women’s rights against this transfascism. What you said is deeply worrying for women and leaves them, and especially younger women and girls, under threat from predators who are not biologically women. I am shocked and appalled by the SNP and the Greens (or rather their leadership) for pushing this nonsense through. It has to be resisted. Women of all ages are under threat.

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  2. Mixed toilets in Schools, FFS, they are bad enough places single-sex. I cannot imagine how girls in general cope with that, never mind the more fragile ones. How they have to make alternative arrangements, or perhaps just not drink all day so they do not need to use a mixed toilet. We need to stop this and stop it now, Alba all the way for me, and frankly, I struggle with voting SNP at all.

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    1. Musselburgh Grammar School is trying to introduce them right now. There is a petition against it, which I’m sure you can find online.

      I was gobsmacked a few years back to hear that Earlston High was built with these. I couldn’t have handled that! At school I went home for dinner, and went to the loo then, as the school loos had the bolts broken off the cubicle doors. And that was before phone cameras…

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    2. Schools and Education authorities must be pressured to stop this obscenity taking place> This is a major political issue, not just this year but in next year’s local elections.

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  3. Thank you Denise. Super article pointing out clearly the dangers of self ID, an issue of which most folk seem to be unaware.

    Hoping that at some point Alba will also come up with some way of mitigating the serious financial effects of the change to the pension age on WASPI women. Everyone seems to have forgotten about us and while all parties claim to try to do as much as they can for “young people and families” we seem to have been abandoned.

    Many older women are also carers and are struggling to carry out caring duties along with keeping on a job when they should have been in receipt of a state pension by now.

    I know pensions are retained and I don’t expect the Scottish govt to make up the shortfall but some sort of mitigation (not just the bus pass which has been of no use to many of us this past year through fear of using public transport) would have been appreciated.

    Even something as small as the gesture of gifting us the £10 Christmas bonus, the Winter fuel Allowance and the Warm Homes Allowance – a total of £350 per WASPI woman per annum would have given, at least, some feeling of acknowledgement.

    How much would that cost in comparison with some of the other projects the Scottish govt have undertaken – the monetary bung to the MSM, for example?

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    1. Schools and Education authorities must be pressured to stop this obscenity taking place> This is a major political issue, not just this year but in next year’s local elections.

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  4. “The bones belonged to a genderfluid individual most likely self-identifying as a non-binary womxn at the time of death…” said no forensic lab ever.

    There are two sexes – male and female. There, I’ve said it. Send the polis round. Anyone believing in this nonsense needs a good check up from the neck up.

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    1. Sorry Dave, didn’t see your comment when I posted about the first comments being from women. Thanks for being an ally 🙂

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  5. Well said Denise. When I hear the FM chuntering on about remembering the women in the AS case, the ones that jury heard the evidence about and acquitted him (and the two civil servants did not want their complaint handed over to the police in the first place), I actually remember all the facts about women you mention above. The facts Sturgeon doesn’t care about. The women whose abuse she never films a wee tearful video about. I remember Joanna Cherry and Joan McApline.

    No-one is remembering all the women and girls who are having our sex based rights removed because men want them. Because that’s what it all boils down to. It’s always transwomen we hear about, never transmen. Somehow years of socialisation as women, means transmen know not to try to impose their demands on men. I’ve known a couple of transwomen, diagnosed with gender dysphoria who just want to live their lives free from actual transphobia and discrimination, not the faux transphobia of not capitulating to the TRAs every demand. This is not being done in their name but I fear the backlash will hit them too.

    Girls are already restricting fluid intake and “holding” resulting in UTIs and missing school. The urinary leash of Victorian times is back. Women prisoners are being attacked physically and sexually in jail by convicted rapists who suddenly discover they are trans round about time they are arrested. But no one carers about the women prisoners and indeed the women guards, as long as we can affirm the self id of the penis haver. I know Rhona Hotchkiss, a former prison governor will be speaking to the conference.

    In answer to the mantra, trans rights are human rights, yes they are, but so are women’s rights and where they clash a win win solution must be found and if they say it can’t be; then I’m sorry but the rights of the majority (51% of humans are female) must come first.

    Women won’t wheest.

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      1. Not really, there’s a good balance of men and women on the blog comment section. However it’s not really for men to say who gets our rights. Or how it affects us, so you’d expect more women to respond than men. Its only right

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      2. I am a heterosexual man with a family and I fully sympathise and support what the women on here are saying. They have growing support from many men.

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  6. The issue that should concern everyone who believes in democracy is that bullying, aggression and threats closed down debate.

    All women did was ask questions about safe places, safety in sport, women’s sport being taken over (several top sports such as cycling , weight lifting etc now have middle aged transwoman champions – male body mass gives an advantage). Questions about safety in prisons. Questions about predators who could use poorly constructed legislation.

    Ask a question and you are transphobic. Try to debate and you are de-platformed. Try to debate and your Twitter account is closed.

    Our language is being changed in society to deny terms relating to Womem and motherhood. A Women raped by a transwoman with a penis has the insult of a contempt of court for refusing to use the correct pronoun when referring to her attacker.
    Statistics in medical care are being distorted due to conditions being classified incorrectly. Census data is becoming pointless.

    If debate can be closed down so effectively by 0.05% of the population then we give a green light to to bullies on every topic.

    Why are politicians so frightened by a tiny minority and so willing to alienate 52% of the population.

    Men need to wake up to this issue also – you are the Fathers, Husbands, Brothers of those being marginalised and threatened for merely asking for balanced debate.

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  7. Perfect summary of the situation Denise.

    I currently have my Twitter Account suspended for challenging a 50 year old man for being abusive to a 20 year old Scottish girl. I merely said if he wished to repeat his tirade on a young woman in public in Scotland then he’d be knocked on his oversized arse within 5 minutes – that was classed as hate speech and my account was suspended permanently. Social media companies are one of the main reasons societies are so divided these days. Legislation is needed to protect users from racism, misogyny, fake news and fake accounts. I’d love Scotland to be the first country in the world to legislate against those companies. Twitter Support is genuinely useless – they are nothing but enablers – we have too many good people suspended on the platform who would benefit greatly from access – where politicians can be pressure and held to account.

    Be in the right side of history, not Twitter. Be on the right side of women, not the GRA zealots.

    SNP 1
    Alba 2

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    1. Silicone Valley appears to be awash with these gender “idealists”. Reddit were employing Aimee Challenor – a man who claims to be a woman who is married to a man who confesses to being a paedophile. As someone on another blog stated PIE has never gone away – it just changed its tactics.
      Anyone who doesn’t know anything about this stuff should take a look at Kelly Jay Keen Minshull or Karen Davies of “You’re Kidding, Right” – both on Youtube – or sign up for emails from Graham Linehan and watch his Podcast “The State We Are In”. Eyes will be opened.
      I’m no prude and I’ve absolutely no objection to people doing whatever they want – as long as it does no harm but someone else’s right to punch out their arm ends just before my nose begins and I should have every right to debate if I feel my rights are under threat.

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      1. Trans run twitters complaints and banning sections. They allow abuse of women to pass and block women who merely want to discuss how this affects us. Im on a lifetime ban from twitter too

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    2. Apart from China, with their separate social media designed to censor political debate, has any country tried nationalising internet provision? In a good way, I mean.

      Is it time for Scotland to provide a properly, accountably regulated social media platform, at least within the country?

      Like domestic public transport. External traffic in/out could either be regulated at individual or ‘compliant trade partner’ level.

      Obviously, with recent abuses, the separation of this from Government, would be vital. Perhaps regulated by some kind of direct democracy? Co-op membership?

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  8. Many thanks Denise (and commentators)
    You articulate perfectly the situation we are already in, knowing if the Self ID GRA legislation is passed, much worse is to come.
    How has it come to this? Both Self ID and it’s supporting Hate Crime Bill are hugely unpopular with the Scottish electorate but it’s foisted on us anyway.
    NS’s somewhat unhinged video appeal to the trans activists, along with the abandoned ammendments to the HCB (and Jo Cherry’s demotion) finally finished the SNP for me. Membership resigned.
    Thanks to Alba for providing me a new political home. I am delighted that Alba is putting Women’s rights front and centre of party policy.

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  9. I’ve just about got my head around voting SNP 1, Alba 2 instead of Spoil 1, Anybody But SNP 2 when Denise writes this superb article & various commenters add their just as excellent thoughts to the mix.

    How can any woman in Scotland vote for the SNP or Greens? How can any man who cares about women vote for the SNP or Greens?

    Is the risk of an SNP majority worth the benefits of supermajority for Yes? What price is worth paying for a chance at Independence? Fortunately my hair is too short for me to be able to tear it out in frustration!

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  10. A lot of folk seem to form their impression of trans people from television programmes.
    This is a good piece presenting the other side of the coin

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    1. How did you work that out. Mine if formed thru interaction on social media. I also have a trans friend, but one based in mental reality in that they are aware they’re only pretending to be women. At the end of the day that’s all they can do. They don’t have the lived experience of women from birth to puberty, to periods and childbirth and the gamut of hormones accounted with all of the above. Which defines us as different. I have no issue with trans. U have an issue when others want me to suspend my reality to take part in their fantasy, and I lose my rights to single sex spaces in the process. Trans can live their beat lives, in their own trans spaces and allow women ours. Then noone loses out, everyone has a fair go at sports, awards, health stats, brain processing….because trans aren’t female, they present feminine stereotypes, and often badly….they act how women don’t act. Thwyre changing crime and health stats for women, taking our awards, sports and spaces….why not give them their own….but thats not good enough for many TRAs

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      1. The fact is that they want validation, many of them who are paraphiliacs of one type or another, and that validation comes from forcing others to see them as they wish themselves to be seen – i.e. as women. Women need to stop feeling empathy and understanding for those who are not body dysphoric, but who present as paraphiliacs – those who get sexual pleasure from their female persona. They need to use the kinds of tactics the Suffragettes used. If a trans athlete takes a women’s prize or place, female athletes should not shout and complain. Turn their backs and remain silent, then walk. Women’s literary prize? Refuse to take part. Same procedure. A trans woman in a female safe space – changing room, toilet, shower, etc., scream and scream in terror. Same with refuges and shelters. Scream and hide in a corner in terror. Let off personal alarms. Blow whistles. Start to fight back. Get really mean and vicious. They have had no compunction in doing it to us.

        No one deserves to be cold-shouldered for something that must be hard to live with, but, on the other hand, they are happy to trample women into the tarmac to get what they want. It is the refusal to engage that really gets me. One such person apparently kicked up a fuss to get access to the women’s changing rooms in a big store. All the females walked. Next thing, he demanded that the store FORCE women to use the changing rooms before they could purchase clothes and take them away without trying them on, so that he could undress in front of them and vice versa. A group of trans women have pursued a campaigner against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and made her life hell because she did not include them. In Ireland, a women’s group on abortion was attended by some trans women who spoke over the women there and took over the discussion until the females walked. Anecdotal, but apparently so. Sooner rather than later, someone is going to die because they have not been given the right medication because they refused to reveal their true sex. This stuff defies any rational explanation. It appears to be dark net pornography coming out into the light and blinking, expecting women to be kind and empathetic. Like hell.

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  11. SNP 1 and Alba 2 it makes sense.

    But what if Sturgeon scrapes a minority. Will the dead woods in the SNP stay and support her. Will the SNP members who have decency move their allegiance to Alba. It’s interesting numbers because if let us say Alba got 30 members then the SNP could take a hit on some seats and the Parliament could still have a thumping majority.

    This nonsense of having women and girls having to defecate, micturate, menstruate alongside men, or alongside the proverbial chicks with dicks comes straight from no lesser than Nicola Sturgeon. An individual in it seems a lavender marriage where both it seems pursue other interests, isn’t it time that folks considered taking her out. The so called political decapitation strategy. And I emphasise political, nor physical lest some unionist hack reporter tries to construe decapitation strategy as anything less voting Sturgeon out.

    There is so much wrong with Sturgeon and what she has turned the party and is turning the country into. This article brings into full view the absolutely foul removal of protections for women.

    Frankly, Sturgeon and her ilk must be removed. She and her ilk, as this article shows, are poison.

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    1. Problem is its not just her, the greens, labour…tories almost but then they rolled back on changing gra down there because of the backlash. Every country in the world. Some of the people who were involved in pie (paedo info exchange) are involved in pride and the trans movement. They’ve been lobbying govs for decades, and somehow their tiny voices have been amplified beyond everyone else. Their feels above everything…and govs are falling for it. Yet people scoff at the new world order etc….this is how it begins

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      1. We need Scotland to buck the trend on this, just as New Zealand bucked the trend on coronavirus.

        They saw Italy and had courageous leadership. We need to see Canada, Ireland, the USA, Sweden(?) and acquire similarly courageous leadership.

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  12. Sorry, mis type. What is Sturgeon secures a ‘ minority majority ‘ Ergo a slender majority of maybe one. Or a majority of none but backed by a couple of Greens.

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    1. Voting Alba sends a clear message. If ALBA do not get the support from SNP voters on the list then I am afraid both Independence and Women’s Rights are lost causes.

      It is very hard for me to vote SNP in the constituency but I do so in the hope that many decent SNP voters will give ALBA their Regional vote. We should walk together!

      For Independence AND the protection of Women’s Rights
      Vote SNP/ALBA

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  13. The Liberal Democratic Party is pledging ‘complete reform’ of the Gender Recognition Act

    Assisting their efforts with donations exceeding £1.3million, is Ferring Pharmaceuticals a company that markets drugs used in gender-identity clinics to delay puberty. The party has already upset feminists, who worry that the “extreme trans-ideological” policies in its manifesto will put vulnerable women at risk. The company is owned by the Swedish billionaire Frederik Paulsen and markets the drug, which is used to block puberty among adolescents. The Lib Dem manifesto pledges “complete reform of the Gender Recognition Act to remove the requirement for medical reports, scrapping fees and recognition of non-binary gender identities”. It also promises to “introduce an ‘X’ gender option on passports and extend equality law.

    Details of the donations to the Lib/Dems. Other Parties and Stonewall are in on the act Billion being spent on gender bending. Women need to be warned of the threat to their existence as a separate gender.

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    1. Indeed, CJ. This is predatory capitalism in action. Mutilating our bodies wasn’t enough, selling our bodies on the open market wasn’t enough, trafficking us for mega bucks wasn’t enough, grooming our children online wasn’t enough. Now they want to eradicate us in order to create a market for pharmaceuticals and big tech into the next millennium. It is like something out of science fiction but it is quite real. This stuff takes misogyny and child abuse to a whole new level of hatred, cruelty and sadism – all in the name of paraphilia and the other ‘p’ word that affects children, on the one hand, and mega bucks, on the other. I would suspect that there is a paraphilia that depends on making squillions of bucks in order to get your rocks off as a nappy-clad ‘female’ baby. What do you reckon?

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      1. Lorna: Forces have been unleashed in Scotland which if permitted to set aside the views and aspirations of the majority of Scots will cause great harm. What is to be done? Well as you will be aware a number of the women MSP’s who campaigned for constructive dialogue before any more changes, have been retired and Joanna Cherry has been forced to hide herself away from threats against her person. Common sense must surely prevail but perhaps only with a substantial number of Alba MSP’s in Holyrood

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  14. Denise, what a witness you are and how humane your voice.

    When you do prevail, and I know you will… I would really like to see this little phrase

    “Then into this hopeless situation strode hope.”

    Carved into one of the stones of our Parliament building. What an addition that will be.

    And many thanks….

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  15. And let us be quite clear after empowering trans people, removing women and girls protections, the next thing on the list of these people will be the legalisation of paedophilea.

    The Paedophile Information Exchange group has been on the case for years and it should come as no surprise why trans activists want to give children as young a eight years of age the right to select their sex. Indeed I have heard the argument raised in my own SNP constituency.

    The direction of travel is absolutely foul. Children, especially young girls, but young boys too, need to be protected. Marriage and sex with children used to be legal in Asian countries. Nicola Sturgeon is showing how this could come back here.

    Vote her out in May is the only way we can try and get some sanity back. Our children deserve no less.

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    1. You are absolutely right Willie. In my West of Scotland constituency there is an SNP Facebook page where no discussion or debate is allowed. I. and others, have been banned by the intellectual pygmies who form the admin and this is one of the main topics that I brought up. They are, of course, following a recent trend by the SNP nationally to simply sweep under the carpet any controversial issues, and this is a very controversial issue. We cannot allow these dullards to take over the political narrative and we, the majority in Scotland, depend on Alba and its activists, especially the women like Denise, to fly the flag for hope and decency.

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  16. Excuse me being picky. Constructive criticism intended.

    Meaning would be clarified in paragraph 9, by adding a comma after the word ‘reasonable’. And in paragraph 25, by starting a new sentence at the word ‘arrayed’.

    Totally agree though and have shared on my timeline.


  17. “Women’s concerns have not been heard. ”

    And a paradox here may be that we have a woman FM and a woman chief of staff. And a cabinet with many women in it. And a parliament with many women in it. And a civil service headed by a woman and supported by many other women in lead roles. Many of those in the Scottish Government giving evidence to the Fabiani enquiry were women, and that committee was chaired and co-chaired by women. Many in the SNP pushing GRA are women. And a woman in RCS and a woman judge appear to be proposing we get rid of jury trials for certain offences.

    Given that women appear to hold many if not most of the top positions in this administration, who, then, is the main driving force behind the removal of the “rights of Scottish women and girls”? Is it women?

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    1. It’s both men and women. Remember the male serial killers who used their girlfriends to lure children into their power? (Fred West & Myra Hindley?)

      In the 20th century, men found it harder to directly suppress women. Men in power had to be alert to accusations of misogyny.

      Women in power have, wrongly, been perceived as incapable of exactly the same misogyny. So they get away with directly bullying women AND can be groomed and used by men for the same purpose.

      However, the pattern is not new. I was reading 2 Timothy 3, 1-9 yesterday, and exactly the same is described. Women being used/leading as the acceptable face of misleading and destructive movements.

      That was 2,000 years ago and he in turn saw parallels with events 1,500 years earlier.


    2. Have you looked at what is happening around the World? Have you seen the basket case Canada has become. By trying to narrow down the issue of the drivers behind it to Scottish Politics and Government you have obviously not been paying attention for the last several years.

      This is major Pharmaceuticals, Right Wing politicians, groups such as Stonewall boosting their income.

      Please don’t try to trivialise the issue under Scottish Politics. If you don’t understand what is happening then try to educate yourself on the Global impact before making such insulting comments.

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    3. Well when you find out one of the main pride creation guys is one of the original pie guys….maybe the question that should be asked is….what do these people have on the gov…


      1. But then again the constant whining, gaslighting and playing on the women’s empathy…but like domestic abuse in that regard. These women giving their rights away cos feels, are victims of abuse and gaslighting and allowed to use common misogyny to fix their view on all

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    4. alfbaird
      The answer to your question may be found via the link given by Calton Jock in his comment. Jo Swinson and the Lib Dem pro trans lobby enjoyed largesse on a grand scale courtesy of that organisation. Could it be that Sturgeon and her Cabal have similarly profited and if so, through what conduit?

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    5. I have listened to a number of women, Alf, who have explained their support by emphasising that womanhood must embrace all women, born women or manufactured ones, that we have to be kind and inclusive. This stuff grew out of extreme feminism (another identity politics), but no woman ever invited cross-dressing men to BE them. That is entirely male, Alf. Some male opportunists saw the open door and ran through it. Some extreme feminists believed, and still believe, that there are no differences whatsoever between men and woman, and this is the result. They are just as science-denying as the trans lobby and have enabled this nonsense to come about the way it has. No moderate or radical critical feminist ever bought into it.

      Personally, I think that there are just as many stupid women out there as there are stupid men, and vice versa, and just as many stupid black people as there are white people, and so on. Just because you have a high-powered job does not make you intelligent where it matters. Clever, perhaps, in a short-term manner, but not necessarily intelligent in a thinking, far-seeing way.

      All that all these top women show is that they are as idiotic and gullible as many of their male peers. That was always going to be the price of equality. In politics, we need the brightest, those who can see further than the end of their noses, and it doesn’t matter which sex, colour, gender, creed, or anything else they are. What does matter is that there should, as far as possible, be representation of those people, other than white, middle class males so that other voices and their needs are heard.

      Women are 52% of the Scottish population (and the world population), so it seems only fair that they should be seen and heard, as should other marginalised groups, just as should men. What should never be allowed to happen is that one group should be able to marginalise another or try to eradicate it in order to take over its space. That goes totally against the grain of human rights. That is what is happening here, and you are right – with the help and encouragement of profoundly short-sighted females who have already shown their lack of credentials in the sphere of political tactics in relation to independence.

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  18. What you write Denise should be a warning to all who have yet to recognise the dangerous consequences which will arise should all of the provisions contained within the GRA and Hate crime bills be applied in the Courts with impunity.

    As a Nation seeking to embark on our journey to freedom, ideology as expressed in the form of transgenderism, must in no way be permitted credence in the desire to deny biological science. Scotland’s future as a Nation will not be predicated by ideology creating bias by denying women the right of recognition by sex rather than contrived .gender.

    Central to the situation women in Scotland now find themselves in is Nicola Sturgeon, who acting as proxy or otherwise has sponsored this legislation at Holyrood. More alarming is the fact that only two women SNP MSPs have openly opposed the passage of this legislation through Holyrood and NO MALE OPPOSITION from within the party at Holyrood!

    If it has come to the sorry state the feeble minded are being controlled by the cult of the personality that must be of serious concern . Extreme concern must follow if they concur and endorse the ideology Nicola Sturgeon sponsors.

    This weekend the women of ALBA have the opportunity to promote policy offering clear support of women’s rights conducive to the creation of an equal society. Scotland’s standing as a Nation can only flourish if we adhere to this tenet.

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    1. The problem for the MSPs is that with the tyranny that Sturgeon and Murrell have imposed on the SNP the elected politicians probably feel they have no choice but to acquiesce, at least for now. It’s no accident that this legislation was rammed through in the last days of the Parliament. With 8 weeks before the May election no MSP dares risk expulsion from the SNP and disendorsement with no time to organise a campaign as an independent. If they had several years to go before the next election – such as after being re-elected in May – they might have revolted and voted against the GRA. Sturgeon deliberately brought on the vote now to preclude that. It’s typical of the underhanded and dictatorial way the two of them run the SNP.

      It seems to me that this is a good stick to beat Sturgeon with in her own constituency. Carpet-bomb the area with leaflets setting-out the effects of the GRA on women’s rights and specifically the impact on their school-age daughters. Expose Sturgeon for the hypocrite she is when she plays the feminist card. There’s only one woman Sturgeon cares for – herself.

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      1. Well said, Stuart. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Bombard the South side of Glasgow with leaflets pointing out the threat that this unscientific trans-nonsense represents to men, women and especially to young girls. Embarrass them. Ridicule them. It is time to start the fight back.

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  19. What we have now in Sturgeon and her ilk is a group who by force are going to impose their ideology on others. Thus they will remove protections for women and girls, removing their right to safe spaces.

    In the US many would never allow this to happen. The chick with a dick invading a girls space might find himself the chick without a dick. And therein lies our problem. If you impose things on people against their will, and by force, there will be an opposite force.

    Society needs to be consensual and this is not a consensual society. These people, and some would call them freaks, seek to impose their way on amass of ordinary people who have been getting on with their lives unconcerned about the absolute life priorities of men using women’s toilets, eight years olds being able to change their sex and etc.

    Well here is a thing. People are going to resist these micro interest freaks, and I know that there are many who in the event of SNP candidates like Josh Minnie wanting to use the women’s toilet every time he could, that there are those who’d make sure he’d think seriously about it. My daughter, my wife is entitled to protection to privacy, and some of these people are going to find that out the hard hard way.

    This is not the type of society that we want. A consensual, respectful, protective society for all is what we want and this trans fascism is very much going to be resisted. And as a start, we must get rid of Sturgeon beginning this May.

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  20. Isn’t it ever so ironic that Alec Salmond should be leading a party that is standing on women’s rights? In one way, yes, maybe, but, in another, there is a kind of inevitability about it. We have come full circle in a sense, in both women’s rights and on independence. We, women and independistas, are both in danger of being back where we started. The deepest irony lies in the fact that Nicola Sturgeon, who promised so much in the independence stakes, and who appeared to be such a champion of women’s rights, is the deliverer of nothing on either.

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  21. I’m curious. The m.s.m., gleefully tell us that the Alba numbers are so low that they will pick up no seats. Yet I read that the Alba party is increasing it’s membership exponentially? So, can anyone enlighten me. Two diametrically opposed statements. I know I have suspicions. Just wondered how the recruitment drive is going. Many thanks

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  22. Yes the invented genders are an encroachment into women’s rights and yes women – in some contexts – are being deliberately discriminated against and have every right to feel aggrieved.

    However this ‘fight’ could begin to end if people were to process some boring – yet uncomfortable *facts*.

    But many won’t. Because truth has a habit of challenging prejudices and besides, the emotionalised lie is much more exciting…

    ‘Where Have All The Good Men Gone?’ (2017) by #GaslightingGilligan

    Twitter: @GasGilligan (© 2017) *FREE download*.

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  23. The inclusion of such a radical programme of change in the manifesto, without discussion with or approval of party members breaks new ground for a Party which is at sixes and sevens as to the direction it intends to take the nation and there are many in the Party who are very unhappy with the leadership. But the force is apparently with other organisations.

    SNP Manifesto Commitment to the LGBTI Community We Will Change Scottish Society

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  24. The GRA have dictated the direction of this debate for too long. Their stance needs exposed and ridiculed. The message needs to get out to the wider but hopelessly uninformed general public. Before the Hate Crime Bill neutralises our opposition get the message out on billboards and online

    Men can never be women. Period

    Protect women and girls. Stop GRA reform.

    Get this simple message out loud and clear before it starts haemorrhaging votes away from Indy.

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