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ALBA, Scotland’s fastest growing political party has launched its Women & Equalities Policy Statement following its first ever Women’s Conference on Saturday 10 April.
Launching the ALBA Women and Equalities policy statement Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh, ALBA Candidate for Central Scotland said:
“This is the policy statement women in Scotland have been waiting for and will speak to many women who feel their voices have been sidelined in the debates that have taken place in the Scottish Parliament on the forensic examination of women, hate crime and the proposals to reform the Gender Recognition Act. A majority of ALBA’s candidates in this Election, 18 in total are women, who if elected will tip the balance, in the Scottish Parliament in favour of Womens sex based rights.
“ALBA acknowledges that no single protected characteristic is more virtuous or more worthy of recognition and safeguarding than another. They are all fundamentally important, each on their own, and as a collective”.

Cllr Caroline McAllister, ALBA Candidate for West Scotland, a former SNP Womens Convenor, past Deputy Convenor of West Dunbartonshire Council who was “Violence Against Women” Ambassador said:
“The launch of this ALBA Women and Equalities statement is an important milestone for Women in Scotland.  It sends the clearest possible signal that Women will not be silenced for defending their sex based rights. It also calls a halt to the repeated and continued abuse women experience every day just for expressing their legitimate concerns about the attempts to erode their existing rights in law, such as the Equality Act 2010”.

Cllr Lynne Anderson, a former SNP Equalities Convenor and ALBA Candidate in Central Scotland said:
“This statement provides vital recognition of the need for women and girls to have privacy and dignity in every aspect of their lives, including access to refuges, changing rooms, toilets and prison cells.  ALBA are standing up for women, and for that reason, more and more women are backing ALBA in this Election”.

Speaking after the ALBA Women’s Conference Rhona Hotchkiss, a former Director of the Nursing and Midwifery Practice Development Unit and a Former Prison Governor said:  
“The single most important thing Alba could do for women in Scotland would be to recognise the sex-based nature of the oppression, discrimination and violence against them. If Alba is serious about being a party that stands up for women, it must work to protect single-sex spaces, services and sports, applying the terms of the 2010 Equality Act”.

Also speaking after the Conference Professor Nighet Riaz who is a researcher and educator at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS), a published author, political and community activist.  said:
“As a woman of colour, I am enjoyed speaking at Alba’s Women’s Conference and discussing my research on racism, and how it is framed and enacted through our policies, reports, our social systems, structures and institutions. I shared stories where women of colour navigate ‘work spaces’, highlighting the barriers and challenges they face at each level of recruitment, retention and promotion. Working collectively with activists and allies, I dream and work towards a post-racial society, but we still have a fair distance to go, and we can only get ‘there’ by working together.”

Speaking at the Conference Eva Comrie, ALBA Candidate for Mid Scotland and Fife said: 

“Professional experience as a family and child law specialist, and personal experience as an amputee and frequent visitor to hospitals and clinics, tell me that women and girls need safe spaces today just as much as ever. Those are especially important where there has been trauma or abuse or where there are illness and other vulnerabilities”.

Stephanie Reilly, ALBA Candidate for Mid Scotland and Fife said:
“As the youngest Alba candidate, I am standing to give young people a voice. Independence is the only way to begin to change the inequalities that young, less-privileged women face.  I believe that empowering young women and building a fairer country for them is vital. Encouraging young women to pursue their dreams without the burden of poverty and discrimination is top of my priority list. ALBA strives to achieve a country in which we are all equal to one another”.  

POLICY STATEMENT:ALBA Women & Equalities Policy Statement

The ALBA party recognises that by dint of birth and happenstance, we are not all created nor do we live our lives as equals. Scotland’s history involves multiple injustices where chances or privilege have dictated outcomes, and today, poverty continues to be the biggest driver of inequality and a blight on our society. These days should by now be past. Surely this modern world and an independent Scotland can cater for all without loss to any.
The Scotland ALBA strives to create, envisions a level playing field where we can become truly equal to each other and where everyone’s rights are respected and protected, but, vitally, not at the cost of others.
ALBA undertakes to protect and preserve women’s rights, notat any expense to others, but as a safeguard for women and girls.
ALBA believes women have the right to discuss all policies which affect them, without being abused and silenced.
ALBA believes women have the right to maintain their sexbased protections as set out in the Equality Act 2010. These include female only spaces such as changing rooms, hospital wards, sanitary and sleeping accommodation, refuges, hostels and prisons.
ALBA believes women have the right to refuse consent to males in single sex spaces or males delivering intimate services to females such as washing, dressing and counselling.
ALBA believes women have the right to single sex sports to ensure fairness and safety at all levels of competition.
ALBA believes women have the right to organise themselves according to their sex class across a range of cultural, leisure,educational and political activities.
ALBA acknowledges and promotes all of the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010 which are age,disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership,pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation and sex.
Crucially, ALBA understands the controversy and pain which have characterised Scotland’s recent attempts at reform; there has been much heat and at times little light.
ALBA invites and will endorse a citizens’ assembly on how best to reform the Gender Recognition process in a respectful,sensitive and positive fashion.
ALBA acknowledges that no single protected characteristic is more virtuous or more worthy of recognition and safeguarding than another. They are all fundamentally important, each on their own, and as a collective.
We’re all equal in ALBA.

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28 thoughts on “ALBA WOMEN SPEAK OUT!

  1. What exactly is a sex based right Ian?

    Rights are individual and universal and no right belongs exclusively to any gender, sex, race, or any other group.

    Tam Laird

    Scottish Libertarian Party


      1. So basically your exclusive right to exclude, based on your sex, granted to you by government should be maintained, while no-one else gets the right to exclude YOU based on sex.

        In the words of Mr Hall and Oates. “I can’t go for that. No can do.”

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  2. At last, a party that actually supports women’s rights, if you truly want to protect women and girls in our society, vote Alba.

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    1. YES BUT!!! All sensible common sense principles and polices BUT we need to get lots of ALBA MSP’s into the Scottish parliament to see if THEY can turn all of that into legislation and into Scottish Law.

      Only a few weeks to go and while I don’t feel like a lonely voice in the desert that has become Scottish Politics WE need to get out there explaining ALBA to the people who are both not politically active nor understand the D’Hondt system.

      Postal votes are coming out soon, and we need to have some ALBA info/hand outs to distribute ASAP.

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    2. Eh, without sounding like the devil’s advocate, men are much more likely to be victims of violence than women, especially young men. Having said that the women on here have an excellent case.

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      1. Of course men and boys are victims of violence too. But who inflicts the violence?Other men.
        Also much of the violence against women and girls is not reported because frankly nothing is done about it. Men have a 95% change of getting away with rape without any consequences whatsoever.


  3. What absolute common sense principles that both men and women understand.

    The absolute antidote to the destructive, divisive and women threatening policies that are being rolled out by the SNP woke fanatics. Sound, sensible voices and then some. Voices you can trust.

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  4. Good.

    Do women in the general population understand the threat to their rights in the hands of the SNP and all the other main parties? There has been so much silencing and closing down of debate I’m not sure the threat is widely understood, but for those that do, this is such a relief to see.

    Girls, give them no quarter. The SNP government and all those lobbying groups have not acted in good faith, and deserve no sympathy – if they want to open up a debate to change policies and laws, let hem openly debate and campaign instead of sneaking about under the radar. Give them no quarter.

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  5. Whilst I appreciate the fact that they are standing up for women they, like every other party, appear to have completely ignored the plight of the women suffering either physically, mentally and/or financially because of the change by the UK govt in the state pension age.
    I’m disappointed that this just might turn out to be yet another middle class party which has no conception of the hardships being faced by those who are being forced to carry on working, whether fit and able or not, or living below the breadline and having to make the choice of heating or eating. How can we be equal when some are living in poverty?
    Please Alba, do not be just another party who has abandoned a particular section of women who now feel completely ignored by the political class.

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    1. As a WASPI woman and a candidate for the North East region I can assure you that us 1950’s born women, cheated out of our pensions, have not been forgotten. Alba will be discussing the matter of pensions this week I believe and I’m pretty certain there will be a policy statement following that.

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      1. Nobody liked the pension age being increased from 60 to 65 then again to 67. However, as a 60s woman I can’t say seeing someone born a couple of years before me getting a pension reinstated to 60 whilst us 60s women still had to wait until we are 67 would seem very fair to me.

        This is a policy that needs to be carefully considered less we end up with the scenario where a woman born on 31 December 1959 gets a pension at 60, and a woman born on 1 January 1960 waits until 67.

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    2. Heather: the answer was to have phased it in gradually and incrementally. That was what was agreed initially, but, hey, we’re just women. The court decision really angered me because it did not take into account the earlier agreed form of introduction. They could have brought it in over a number of years until we had parity, with everyone involved losing only a small part of her pension, but, no, that would have been too sensible and – let’s face it – too costly. This is what this pushing of trans women into women’s spaces is all about, as well: saving money; because it will cost too build third spaces. Hell mend them with their big, fat salaries and gold-plated pensions.

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  6. Just read media quotes of Patrick Harvie’s response to the Alba women’s conference and he is absolutely scathing in his reaction to it.

    Indeed in reacting to the call for women’s rights to be protected Patrick Harvie, leader of the Scottish Greens, said the views of the Alba party should be “rejected at the ballot box” and needed to be challenged “on a daily basis”.

    He said: “The transphobia which has developed in Scotland in recent years, which many political parties and media outlets have either ignored or deliberately cultivated, was always going to broaden out and threaten others.

    “The progress toward equality and human rights for LGBT+ people is under direct threat, and while Alex Salmond and his Alba ego-trip bear responsibility, they are by no means alone in that.

    “I am far from the only person for whom being out in public life now means a daily torrent of online abuse from both sides of the constitutional divide. But this is also affecting private individuals simply living their lives, and now the globally respected organisations working for our human rights are in the firing line too.

    “This dangerous agenda needs to be rejected at the ballot box, but also needs to be challenged and opposed on a daily basis, by everyone who believes in equality and human rights, whatever side of the constitutional debate they are on. ”

    So there you have it. Women seeking safe spaces are a dangerous agenda who need to be challenged. And challenged you will be ladies will be ladies, on a daily basis in fact, if Mr Harvie and his Green Party have anything to do with it.

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      1. I think you make a fair point Diabloandco.

        By his outburst Harvie has both declared women seeking to protect safe spaces to be dangerous and that they need to be challenged on a daily basis. This is an outrage, and absolute outrage from the leader of the Greens.

        Any politician of any decency would recognise the very real concerns that women now have, would try to address those concerns. But no, Harvie tells us that in being ‘ out ‘ he is suffering a daily torrent of abuse, and that women trying to secure protection are dangerous and to be challenged daily.

        And in that behaviour we see the true Patrick Harvie shining through. Someone who is ‘ out ‘ whatever that means, and someone who wants to trample women’s rights.

        And of the globally respected human rights organisations that he now says are under attack by these dangerous women, maybe he could tell us exactly who they are. They’re certainly not women’s rights organisations.

        Yes, in his outburst the Green Party leader has just shown himself and his party for what they are. Not to be touched with an electoral barge pole.

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  7. The quality of a political statement for me is when all I have to do is applaud.

    A real sense of relief that someone is listening.
    Not Labour
    Not Conservatives
    Certainly not theSNP, Greens or LibDems

    It has required the formation of a new Party to protect Women.
    Women should join Alba and vote Alba.

    The votes of 52% of the population have been ignored by politician in the existing Holyrood Parties – so ignore them for that insulting stance.

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    1. Here in England Reclaim and SDP strongly support women’s rights, the Tories are lining up to trash them and Labour, Greens and Lib Dems have all actively joined the backlash against them

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  8. A good statement of principles.

    I was especially impressed with the ending, namely

    “ALBA acknowledges that no single protected characteristic is more virtuous or more worthy of recognition and safeguarding than another. They are all fundamentally important, each on their own, and as a collective.
    We’re all equal in ALBA.”

    This is in tune with the aspirations for Scotland itself to be an independent nation: no better, nor worse, no different from any other.

    Just on a level pegging with special privileges or entitlement.

    Just equal.

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    1. In the Green Party and the SNP some are more equal than others. It appears that 52% of the population are a tiny minority compared to the 0.05% majority.

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  9. PH statement “ globally respected organisations “ Any organisation signed up to the ILGA Declaration should not be respected.Stonewall are signed up . Former Cofounder of Stonewall Simon Fanshawe left the Organisation he said “ transgender policy is putting Women and children at risk and that it had undermined Women’s sex based rights and protections”

    The Scottish govt .are pandering to Stonewalls trans ideology. They have captured many policies and are currently training Teachers and issuing guidance to Schools.

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  10. Alba are now not just the advocates of a supermajority and an independent Scotland, but they are now the voice of women in Scotland and the protectors of children, young adults and human decency. Not bad for two weeks of existence. C’mon the smo folk!

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