I was approached by the author of this article and asked if I could publish it. I read it and thought it of worth. It is often a good idea to have a good grasp of what is behind if you are looking to identify the best way forward. I plan to publish this over two episodes. I hope my readers will enjoy.

‘Scotland; Independence, & ‘Union’


David Taylor

To know where you are, you need to understand where you have been. Only then can you decide where you want to go. More than ever, Scots need the truth about Independence & Union. There is no point in Unionist Scots saying ‘History Does Not Matter’, it does. Our history is crucial. Here is a brief perspective on Scotland’s past and ‘How We Got Here’, and a comment about the future of the Scottish Nation. 

In 930 AD Athelstan of little England tried to invade Scotland. It failed – so no history of it is recorded. William The Conqueror tried to enforce a border in 1093 to stop Scots invading England to chase English bandits. It didn’t work so he resorted to bribery – some history is recorded. For English Monarchs and Westminster, Scots were a nightmare because of superb trader skills, fighting ability if attacked and, post 1295, the ‘Auld Alliance’, where Scots enjoyed Free Trading, support, and automatic French citizenship. Like France, Scotland was a nation for many centuries whilst England had been plagued by invasion, conflict and defeat. But with allies like England since 1603, Scots didn’t need enemies. From 1650-1700 Westminster passed many Acts attacking Scots. Navigation Acts disallowed Scot trade with Colonies. The Alien Act of 1705 embargoed all Scottish produce; classed Scots as Aliens; destroyed estates, demolished public rights, and fifty percent of Scot export trade was destroyed. Despite all this, in 1707, Scot National Debt was sixteen thousand pounds but English National Debt was eighteen million pounds. England was twelve hundred times more in debt. Today, Westminster England is far more than 1200 times in debt than Scots, fast approaching three trillion pounds. Scots trading ability is as strong as ever.

Scottish Exports Higher Than Per Capita Westminster England.

British History Books claim via a collapsed investment called ‘The Darien Scheme’, the Scottish Government was Bankrupted, and ‘The Union’ rescued Scotland. This is British fake history. Darien was privately funded. It did not bankrupt Scotland. Westminster with Dutch help destroyed the Darien scheme hoping it would bankrupt Scotland. Westminsters ‘Union of Equals’ false promises were made. In 1707 ‘The Act’ was signed by thirty-two Scots terrified of losing what they had, including their lives. There was no election. Scots lost their Government. Angry Scots called them: ‘A Parcel of Rogues’. Signed papers were smuggled into England at night as the ‘Rogues’ would be killed. The Scot Electoral Map was re-drawn by Westminster. Scotland with then 20% of the English population were ‘allotted’ forty-five MPs. England retained five-hundred. Over six decades four hundred English Forts/Garrisons were created in Scotland, to keep Scots at bay by force. This too is conveniently erased from ‘British’ history. They imprisoned, killed or deported thousands. Westminster taxed Scots for the privilege of being invaded, a model used again when Westminster stole thirty-seven trillion dollars from India. You won’t find the latter point in British fake history books either. The ‘Union’ was a fraud. Scotland was a Colony sharing a land-mass with its captors. For many, over a century, captivity became a norm – Stockholm Syndrome where a prisoner feels empathy for its jailor. ‘Britification’ of Scots culture has been relentless for centuries. Even Scots language is denied – it is not badly spoken English, it has its own history ,grammar, vocabulary and it evolved alongside English. 

Victorian Poster Shows Englishness, not Scots, as the Future.

A main form of forced emigration was Highland Clearances in 18th/19th centuries. Scots were evicted from homes often to make way for sheep. In ‘Lowland Clearances’ hundreds of thousands – mainly Cottars and Tenant Farmers were evicted from farms or small holdings families had been in for centuries. Many were forced to move to high-rent towns, or E.g. tens of thousands emigrated to Canada alone. Fishing, Spinning, and Military Service were crucial sources of survival. Scots who joined the British Army, returned to find lands, homes lost and families vanished. By late 19th Century, little changed, Scots remained shackled to Westminster. More property, assets and rights swallowed up and murder imprisonment or deportation. But protesting for freedom continued. In 1889 a Scotmotion for Home Rule, complains about the term ‘England’ incessantly used when talking of ‘Britain’ or ‘Union’ – indicating institutionalised anti-Scot bigotry and abuse. Scots MPs were berated. Little could be done due to fraudulent MP allocations. Irish Independence, debated in Westminster in the 1920’s, saw Scot MPs worry Scots would pay too much towards it and be defrauded even more. They asked for figures. These were provided (Hansard).  Much to Scots shock, Westminster was spending 74% of Scot Revenue already on ‘Empire’ costs, not on starving Scots. Westminster, did not relieve starvation but refused to publish any more statistics for decades.

LEFT: Westminster Spend 74% of Scots Income, not in Scotland. RIGHT: ScotStarvation Protest Marches to London.

With the exception of two World Wars, ‘Britain’ a four nation cooperative, existed under protest, not voluntarily. The ‘Great War’ 1914-18 was caused by monarchic English, arguing with European cousins over land and titles. It backfired after twenty million dead, as survivors threatened revolution. But Westminster inflicted poverty, debt and starvation quelled any UK revolution. World War Two 1939-45 – another conflict which could have been prevented by Westminster. It did give victory over Nazi tyranny, but had another adverse influence on truth. People wanted change, but a ‘Debt Economy’; learned from Hitler’s Reich, blocked post war understanding. Both World Wars and mortality clouded memories of prior struggles. Thanks to technology, we can look at historic truths. There were beneficial developments in the ‘UK’ post 1945, not least of which was the National Health service. These do not detract from Westminster lies, mismanagement, misappropriation of funds, and abuses of the North, in favour of developing Southern England or developing the vast personal wealth of its friends. Amid all of the above, sits the Westminster talent for ‘Bread and Circuses’ misdirection, propaganda and scandal.

Dunoon 1950 – Independence SupportUnionist ‘Labour Betrays Scotland.

North Sea Oil was discovered in 1968. Westminster England, under Harold Wilson, was deeply in debt so issued hasty Contracts to extract it at ‘any cost. Labour hatched a plan to keep it secret from Scots. Thus the governments ‘McCrone Report’, was classified Top Secret and hidden for thirty years. The report said an Independent Scotland: “Could be the richest country in the world”. Oil was extracted inefficiently but many tens of billions still went directly into Westminster treasury every year. With Tory Margaret Thatcher in power, she used it to develop London and the South-East of England. Thatcher gave away three hundred billion pounds in Tax Breaks to the rich, whilst Scots still struggled with poverty and high unemployment – and worse. Thatcher dismantled Scottish industries, like shipbuilding and steel production, and raised unemployment more. Irrespective of oil wealth,  secrecy and hostile treatment of Scots are not acts of an equal partner in a voluntary Union. Especially if that partner is suffering. These are acts of the elitist, English, criminal Institutions, headed by Westminster. 

Poverty in 1970’s Scotland ‘The Richest Country in the World’.

In the 1960’s – 1980’s Scots continued to question Westminster spending. In that period a Scot, John Jappy and others report seeing anomalies in Government papers when working in the Civil Service. Jappy later exposed the Secret ‘McCrone Report’. In the 1990’s, after major Scot protests, Westminster created the ‘Government Expenditure & Revenue Scotland’ (GERS) a National Statistics publication. It only ‘estimates’ Revenues. It does not include all Scot exports from English Ports, nor those re-branded by England, nor all Tax Revenue created byScots e.g. Financial Services. It does not include Revenue for mysterious ‘Off-Shore’, or ‘Unknown Regions’. It also only credits Scots an 8% share of oil revenue. But even without the oil fortune, GERS is a travesty of accounting. It does not include Westminster ‘special’ deals it uses Scot assets for, and those recipients who in return bribe with donations, or make Westminster MPs rich. Westminster also ‘allocates’ as much debt to Scots as it wants. Professor Richard Murphy (City University, London): “GERS data is ludicrous: Scotland does not generate 60% of UK’s net fiscal deficit.” On Net Fiscal Balance he wrote: “I’ll be candid: that makes not one iota of sense”.  More importantly GERS says nothing of how Independent Scots would choose to spend money. This would NOT be the same as Westminster. E.g. Many Billions would not be spent on Defence, Security and on the South of England.Over the last twenty years, Westminster spent 35-45 Billion pounds a year on Defence and Scots paid 10% of that.

Westminster England omits Revenues, and ‘allocates’ Debt to Scots to make sure Scots have a ‘Budget Deficit’. Westminster forces Scottish Government by law, via Westminster appointed Civil Servants, to use the ONS figures and print the GERS Report. With GERS and all of the above, Unionist MPs and Media like BBC repeatedly broadcast a Scots failure, budget deficit and over-spend. It is not true. Scotland always was, a Westminster ‘Piggy-Bank; its elitist Country Playground, and its Colony – even today. The English Crown Estates claim to own about 100,000 acres of Scotland. Despite sales allegedly disallowed, much was also sold to rich ‘friends’. The Crown also claims to own Scotland’s seabed and much of its foreshore. The National Trust also ‘manages’ many public buildings and historic assets, and has a history of selling them off. Westminster repeatedly comes up with schemes to defraud Scots. In the late 1990’s it created PFI/PPP projects funded by banks and Investors which cost seven times more than cost . These cause decades of additional so called ‘Scottish Debts’ of fifty billion pounds or more. It is described as: One of “The Greatest Financial Rip-Offs of the Scottish Electorate since 1707”. But how does Westminster get away with it? Surely people would rise up if they knew? The answer is simple. Westminster and the ‘British’ state are masters of propaganda. They invented psychological war, colonisation and misinformation and aretrue masters of those arts. They even brag about it in historic documentaries about Empire and WW2.


22 thoughts on “HOW WE GOT HERE PART ONE

  1. I knew all of what was written so eloquently atl, but I’d wager the majority don’t. Scots don’t know and many wouldn’t believe if you told them, just how much the “precious union” has screwed us. We’ve been asset stripped and then gaslighted. We shouldn’t feel special though. They’ve done it to every colony of “Mother England”, India being only one egregious example.

    It’s why I’ve wanted independence for decades. It’s why I can’t understand a supposedly pro indy government doing heehaw about it for years. They should call it Stenhousemuir syndrome because we had it long before Stockholm!

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    1. I had the pleasure of calling John Jappy a friend. I met him in 2014 after reading his blog. At that time he had been my mum’s neighbour for 20 years or so, though they didn’t know each other then. Sadly, John died in 2019. A truly remarkable man & intellect. The Independence movement owes him more than they will ever know.

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  2. When you’re picking someone’s pockets, filching their resources you don’t wake them up.

    And if they start to wake up you put them back to sleep. Glass beads and Indiansxalso comes to mind.

    Liked by 6 people

  3. Not so much “like” as ABSOLUTELY ADORE! How wonderful to read a condensed HISTORY of SCOTLAND at long last. I’ve read snippets all my adult life but never the whole brutal truth as written here.

    This should be proscribed reading for all Scots (and Brits, for that matter!)

    Liked by 7 people

      1. You’re right, Christopher! In such a flap and don’t know how to correct it…….Anybody able to help?

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  4. And herewith a thought for the day

    For those who’ve saved SNP membership dues by leaving, and or for those with a bit of goodwill there’s only three days left before the Alba Party crowd finder closes.

    Why not pick up your debit or credit card and switch a couple of quid to a very good cause. Do it today. The link is –

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    1. I know cash is tight for many.
      I know many have given directly in donations to the Party.
      ..but another fiver to the fund could make a big difference symbolically and campaign wise.

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  5. Well written article.

    However part of the history review should be the traits of “England” to poison the well after they have bled Nations dry and been asked/forced to leave.
    That the money stolen was often done by private companies such as the East India Company in India who were given license on the provision of a sizeable share going to the Monarchy and the London elite.

    Ireland, America, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East.Indis etc etc
    Not only is the wealth stolen, they depart leaving designed division.
    The “plantation” in Ireland. 1922 Six States forming N/Ireland.
    India / West Pakistan / East Pakistan (now Bangladesh – Hindi against Muslim
    The Middle East – conflict ensured but the Oil stolen for decades. (The birth of BP)
    Africa – straight lines through tribal areas to create neat states and future conflict.
    The lease of Honk Kong from China / the Opium Wars etc etc
    Concentration camps were developed in South Africa during the Boer period. In other places native spears did poorly against the .303 of the Imperial forces.
    Can anyone tell me the difference between China’s annexation of Tibet and England’s settlement in Wales.

    The “encouragement” of the Orange Order in Scotland and the often repeated claims of Shetland Oil who may stay with England are no accident. History has shown the modus operandi of London. Another important reason to study history.

    Look at how Wales was settled by expansion. At how Ireland was treated during the talks from 1915 to 1922. Read history and be ready for all the dirty tricks developed over centuries.

    “It is better to be England’s enemy than a friend, for they will always betray a friend to gain advantage with an enemy”

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    1. Your point about Wales is interesting. During the height of the pandemic the areas with highest figures in Wales formed a ring around the interior area which had less covid numbers. You could actually see the ring of Plantagenet settlements it was frightening. It was same in Northern Ireland.

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  6. “In 1889 a Scotmotion for Home Rule, complains about the term ‘England’ incessantly used when talking of ‘Britain’ or ‘Union’ – indicating institutionalised anti-Scot bigotry and abuse.”
    132 years later and what’s changed? NOTHING!! The English still refer to England when they really should say UK. Now it’s become so common place that other nations do it too, Americans especially.
    Not to mention 74% of our revenue spent by Westminster establishment for what, fancy buildings in London to show New York England is as good as them. I remember a few years ago there was a building embargo in the country but on a visit to London at the time the skyline was covered with tall cranes.

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    1. Ciaran Martin in the Times today

      Tuesday April 13

      The Times

      “In the middle of the noisiest election since the establishment of the Scottish parliament, there is one crucial, overlooked fact.

      The position of the United Kingdom government is that there is no lawful, democratic path to achieving Scottish independence for an unspecified number of decades.”

      Is that a partnership of Nations?

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  7. Information, including history of course, is power. The Scottish Cringe, in which so many Scots indulge today, continues to be the enemy of Scotland. Thankfully there are signs the corrosive Cringe is dissipating. Self-confidence is also a source of power. Articles like David Taylor’s are much needed. I hope tomorrow’s article will deal with the implementation of such power.

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  8. Good synopsis of Scotland’s predicament by David Taylor and look forward to part 2.

    Hopefully our colonial reality is beginning to dawn on more folk, as they realise the ‘union’ is a political con trick and that independence is decolonisation, according to the UN. Brexit highlights Scotland’s reality rather well:

    Economic underdevelopment of a people also parallels their linguistic (and cultural) underdevelopment, all of which is the consequence of colonialism.

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