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“Boris Johnson better learn to swim if he visits Peterhead Harbour again”

John Buchan, of the Peterhead boat FAIRLINE, has declared in support of the new ALBA Party.
One of the most experienced skippers in the Scottish fleet, with 40 years at sea, Buchan has recorded a message of support for the Party’s list of four candidates in the North East of Scotland. The Fairline is now on escort duty in the Irish sea on offshore renewable wind turbines.
Buchan takes aim at the Brexiteers who use the fishing industry as political pawns but are nowhere to be seen now that prices have collapsed due to the problems with European market access.

He says
“Back in the 2016 referendum on an almost daily basis at the harbour in Peterhead, you had either Boris Johnson or Michael Gove, a’ these people who made political capital out of the fishing industry. Now of course they are conspicuous by their absence.
“If Boris Johnson was to turn up in Peterhead tomorrow then he would need to learn to swim very quickly because he would probably be tossed in the dock because he used the Scottish fishing industry as a political football …that is take control of our waters, bright new dawn for the fishing industry, it’s all been lies, I feel we’ve been let down very badly, we’ve got the worst of both worlds.

“Unfortunately, fishermen thought that removal from the Common Fisheries Policy would revert back to the halcyon days of the 1950s and 60s when you could go to sea and catch what you want where you want and do as you please, that of course was never going to happen. The net result of Brexit also means that there has been a huge marketing issue ….. the big problem now is because the higher-end market that we target in demersal fish and the langoustines, predominately the market for that has been in the continent which appreciates the value of fresh fish.
“It is imperative that we start getting better access to the market because any businessman will tell you that his customer is the most important person and it is imperative that we try and eradicate some of the bureaucracy that has now come in as a result of Brexit which has made it more difficult to export, it was very easy to export before Brexit it is now more difficult because every piece of bureaucracy has to be paid for and that money has to come out of fishermen’s pocket.

“Alex Salmond was always there when the industry needed him and tried his best and listened when the industry needed him and I can’t recall him once making political capital out for the industry. The fishing industry is important to Scotland and I think the more power we have for Scotland to become an independent nation-state the better and all I can see is that ALBA would help that along the road.

“What the British Government has done in recent times is used us as a political football for a political end and when push comes to choke they have cast us adrift. Norway is a completely different kettle of fish, fishing is a very important and trained industry to their government”.

Mr Buchan’s backing for ALBA was welcomed by Cllr Brian Topping of Fraserburgh who is a candidate in the Regional List for the party in next month’s Scottish election.
Cllr Topping said
“It is fantastic for our new Party to have the support and advice of someone of John’s experience in fishing. He has hit the nail on the head The vast majority of fish landed in Scotland is exported to Europe, so any delays are incredibly costly. Mr Topping said, “I was supportive of leaving the European Union for a number of reasons – the Common Fisheries Policy, in particular, was damaging for local fishing communities – and at the time we were promised the earth by the Tories at Westminster. But the fishermen have, once again, been sold down the river by the deal that has been struck. I talk to fishermen all the time and I see first-hand the effect it has had: there are fewer landings, it’s more difficult to export and everything is tied up in bureaucracy. It’s difficult to conclude anything other than this bourach has been the consequence of a complete betrayal.”
Mr Topping continued,
“It is interesting that John Buchan speaks favourably of the Norwegian model on fishing. That is being examined by ALBA in our policy conference this coming weekend because it would mean we could have access to the single market without being bound to the Common Fisheries Policy– I think that would command a significant amount of support in our coastal communities”

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11 thoughts on “JOHN BUCHAN BACKS ALBA

  1. Postcolonial literature tells us that: “the conscious and organized undertaking by a colonized people to re-establish the sovereignty of that nation constitutes the most complete and obvious cultural manifestation that exists” (Frantz Fanon).

    Scotland is far more culturally aligned with EFTA’s ideals and state members, as John Buchan implies, than the cultural deceit that still seeks to impose itself on us, only to exploit and dominate us. This would be but one excellent example of us Scots doing things differently, only because we hold and wield our own sovereignty.

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  2. Welcome John, I am coming round to EFTA as our first step back into Europe. Hopefully that will be for the people of Scotland to decide and not the party funded by hedge fund managers and currency speculators.

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  3. John Buchan observes well that the Scottish fishing industry has been sold short by Brexit and a Westminster Government that sees Scottish Fishing as a political trading pawn.

    Sadly John, it not just the Scottish fishing industry that has been let down and is being decimated. Meat production, Scottish farm produce, Scottish seed potatoes, whisky and much more have all been hit. The once premium products and their markets are now well on their way to destruction.

    Taking back control was the Westminster cry. And they certainly did that as they rush to reduce food standards, be it chlorinated chicken, hormone fed beef, or herbicide sprayed crops. Cheapest is best. A race to the bottom.

    But taking back control in Scotland can be an entirely different kettle of fish to use the saying. Free to resume EU membership, or membership of the looser EFTA, Scotland could prosper, would prosper.

    That is why Westminster is determined to neuter the Scottish Parliament and impose effective direct rule. Scotland has what England wants, oil, wind energy, hydro power, 42% of the UK land mass, millions of square miles of sea area, water, and much more. Why should a population of 8.8% be allowed to have this.

    So welcome on board John Buchan. The good ship Alba is launched with an already able and experience crew and they know the destination where we want to go.

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  4. I have been advocating EFTA membership to my friends and family ever since “brexit”. Not as a route back into the EU but as a final destination in partnership with other countries of our own size. There is much to admire in the EU; its common market, freedom of movement of people, goods, and services, its contribution to a peaceful Europe and its environmental standards. All these are available through membership of EFTA. There are also downsides to the EU such as its adherence to Neo- liberal economic practices that we should and could avoid by EFTA membership.

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  5. They were fools to be taken in by the Tories and Brexiteers. Salmond lost his Gordon seat in 2017 because they were taken in. Norway stayed out of EU to avoid CAP and CFP because historically these sectors were culturally and economically important. It means the Norwegian government is able to support these industries without being hampered by EU restraints on the level of government support. EFTA might suit Scotland better too. I wonder how CAP and CFP affects Ireland?

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    1. Agreed. While I welcome all who support Independence I have limited sympathy for the Scottish fishing industry who allowed themselves to be treated as fools by UKIP & the Tories because of their own greed.

      The fisheries industry is responsible for raping the seas in pursuit of profit & all the Scottish fishermen want is a licence to be the only ones to rape (or pollute, in the case of the fish farming sector) Scottish waters. Which is what the Norwegians do to their own seas.

      But EFTA gets my vote over membership of the EU – for a whole variety of reasons – in a future independent Scotland.

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      1. I believe the West coast shell-fishermen weren’t taken in though. May be wrong about that, but the industry is diverse. There are the salmon and mussel farmers as well, for instance. Then there is the onshore work, the gutters and processors.

        Last I heard the big boys scooping up everything that lives in the North Sea and beyond were landing their catches in Denmark to avoid the EU paperwork. That’s got to mean jobs going at Peterhead.

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  6. That is quite an endorsement for Alex salmond and Alba. It is very interesting that membership of EFTA could resolve the issues surrounding Scotlands sovereignty, its economy and its membership of the EU. If it could unite our country whilst improving our economy and giving us the freedoms to operate as an independent state on the world stage that will do for me. Go Alba!

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  7. Bet this news doesn’t get the same level of blanket media coverage fishing fae Peterheid did during t Brexit Referendum and subsequent negotiations with the EU did!

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  8. You know, it would be a good idea if the fishermen and farmers started their own list parties sometime. That’s what happened in Norway. The existence of these parties was what influenced the decision to stay out of the EU whilst the business mob and capitalists in Oslo would prefer to join. They would stand a good chance of getting their own folk in and a direct ear to the Scottish government rather than it being filtered through a party based more on an ideology than an interest. In Norway these parties do tend to develop other policies as well. But they tend to reflect the small ‘c’ conservatism of rural and fishing folk, but without being Tory in the way we understand it.

    I wait with baited breath to hear the good news for the farmers along the borders belt, that big band of blue in Mundell and Jack country, to the replacement for CAP. Because Scotland used to get 17% of the CAP money. If we get a Barnett share of this new Shared Prosperity Fund (of which there has been silence, of late – somebody needs to check this out) our share would fall to 8.3%, less than half.

    In Norway the fishers and farmers tend to be the backbone of patriotism in the country. Whereas here, all those Tory landowners are clients of UK Government, but that could change, if they get shafted.

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