I have been around a while so it takes a lot to leave me shocked. Yesterday the man above managed to do so. I received the following communication. It was sent by Geoff Bush from the SNP supporters for Independence Group although it came to me from another member

Fainthearts , That’s what I’m thinking about today as I’m just back in from a short leafletting stint.
Earlier in the week Manifesto For Indy emailed all SNP Holyrood candidates including sitting MSPs who are standing again. The email was a last gasp attempt to get candidates to consider the Manifesto for Indy approach of making the May 6th election a de facto declaration of independence. We got quite a few replies but this one stood out for sheer faint-heartedness. Frankly if this is how SNP candidates feel about independence then they are just not fit for purpose. So here is an extract from the response, and just to inject a bit of fun into something very disturbing, can we try to guess which SNP candidate wrote this response

I note the points you make but I personally do still favour having a referendum. However, I would prefer to wait until support for independence as shown in the opinion polls was up to around 70%.
Once that happens, international opinion will swing behind us and Westminster would be under great pressure to accept it.
I take your point as to whether we are under Scottish or English or some other kind of international law. But Westminster controls the armed forces so I think we have to accept that what they say goes. UDI did not work out well for Rhodesia.

I can now reveal that the MSP concerned was John Mason. I often have had sympathy for John who is a staunch Christian and often is targeted, unfairly in my view, for his beliefs.

While I find it possible to support him in those circumstances I have ZERO sympathy for the views he espouses above. How did he pass vetting holding these opinions.? Does his constituency know and does this sound like the person who should be fronting Scotland’s battle for Independence as their representative?

Yet he may have done Scotland a great service, inadvertently, by making public these opinions. He provides the clearest evidence that the SNP have lost their way. That they have become “soft on Indy”.

He provides the clearest example why the Alba Party is needed. The desperate need to flush out those who have no interest in pursuing the Independence agenda. Those that are happy to pick up their salaries and build their pension pot rather than pursue the objectives they were elected to fulfill.

I am a fair man. If John Mason wants to write an article explaining why he thinks his views are justified I will happily give him the right of reply. I genuinely hope it is all some terrible misunderstanding but reading his comments I can’t see how they can be.

Anyway, my shock and disappointment was soon dispersed when news of this poll arrived


The first stage of the Alba campaign is now over. The initial target of creating a credible party with a sizeable and growing membership has been achieved. Regional organisations are being put in place, candidates have been selected, policies are being developed. A successful Women’s Conference and Candidates Conference have been held and campaigning materials are beginning to become available. Posters are beginning to appear in good sites and the Party will hopefully become much more visible in the coming weeks.

This is very important. Only as more and more people learn about Alba will we start to see big movement in the polls. Every barrier imaginable is being thrown in our way. The TV companies strive to censor our involvement in the debates, we are routinely ignored in the daily political round up reports on the news bulletins, the MSM are operating a virtual closedown on their reporting with exceptions to those policies only being permitted if a negative spin can be applied to any paragraph involved. We are getting the full Pravda treatment.

I see this in a most positive light. This is unheard of. This is exceptional. It has brought all other parties together in a United front, Unionist or nationalist alike, with the Greens thrown in for good measure. You can smell the fear, the terror.

Their only defence is ignorance. If folk understand how the electoral system works the game will be a bogey and unionist seats will be disappearing the length and breadth of the country. It must not happen says the Unionists. More surprisingly the SNP Leadership agree. The last thing they want is another pro Indy Party in the Parliament. Worse, one with a plan and a strategy to make it happen! One that isn’t waiting for 70% or the end of 2023 or like the Greens 2026!

Can you imagine? The SNP in the Parliament voting WITH the Unionist parties to block moves to advance Independence forward. It will have to do so if Alba is there in numbers, or of course follow a much more productive course with Alba to secure Independence urgently.

That is why Alba members are so crucial, the others can keep Alba off the TV screens, off the airwaves, off the newsprint but there are two things they cannot stop. They cannot stop ordinary ALBA members delivering leaflets, hitting the streets, and building knowledge on how using the list vote for Alba can transform the Parliament into a supermajority for Independence. Also they can do nothing with Alba’s New Media wing which is working flat out every day to educate and encourage Scots to make the most of the tremendous opportunity to drive Independence onto a new urgent timetable. A much needed acceleration that is needed as we witness Westminster moving aggressively forward in seizing more powers and putting Holyrood in a straight jacket.

So my friends, whatever you can do over the next few weeks is going to be vital. It can transform the battle for Independence. It can introduce new drive, ideas and strategies into Holyrood and ensure all pro Indy MSP’s will have to stay focussed on the main prize. You and I can do this for Scotland. I can tell you with certainty I will. I very much hope you will join me!


I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

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49 thoughts on “THIS IS THE MAN

  1. Why not make it eighty percent, or ninety percent or even a hundred percent John.

    Taken out of the EU on the slender margin of 51.9% but Scotland needs 70% for international recognition.

    Come on John even you don’t believe that. A majority is a majority, that how thing work.

    And is that why your fascist leader, and I believe I use the word correctly, doesn’t want a supermajority

    She only wants a SIMPLE majority.

    Ah I’ve got it now!

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  2. Once that happens, international opinion will swing behind us and Westminster would be under great pressure to accept it.

    What? The International community read the opinion polls and more to the point form their policy on opinion polls.

    As for Zimbabwe, after UDI it did seem to prosper initially. Not sure what John is implying with the mention of armed forces. Does he think the UK government would use armed forces to suppress UDI?

    I have no doubt that John is not alone within the SNP that think like this and believe the polls rather than the electorate!

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  3. STILL got NOTHING from Alba to distribute and NO CONTACT from my Regional Organiser

    Feeling rather pissed off

    Like I said before we need to get in contact with the non-political voters and those that don’t understand the voting system and QUICKLY time is running out here, and I and a few others I assume need some ALBA literature to distribute

    OR do I really have to produce my own??

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    1. Mate, I said this on other blogs and got a good response….

      Check your bins, spam and junk folders for emails from ALBA.

      I’ve been marking them safe since day one and they STILL ALL go into my junk folder, on a gmail app.

      Don’t want to sound tin hattish, but I’ve tried all sorts and still can’t sort it.

      Having checked constantly, I have emails from ALBA re. campaigning, posters, leafleting etc….

      Good luck….

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      1. Nothing in spam and STILL NO CONTACT from my local regional co-ordinator despite leaving a few voice messages 😦


    2. Robert. Alba I think have this far achieved tremendous progress in the teeth of a torrent of opposition and hostility.

      I feel your enthusiasm and know that you think not what your country can but what you can do for it.

      There is a plan, there will be leaflets, posters and to do. Contact has been made with all the new members who have only just joined. And make no mistake there is planning in the background, and a plan afoot. We didn’t get this far without it.

      So Robert, don’t get pissed off. Things are going very very well.

      The master tactician is seeing to that.

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    3. Got this yesterday:

      A Follow up on Leaflets/Posters/Boards + Social Media

      Thank you to everyone who has already been in touch regarding volunteering to leaftlet and display garden/field boards on your private property. If you have not yet been in touch and you want to help us spread the Alba message in Glasgow, please see updated information below regarding plans.

      Leaflets/Field and Garden boards/Posters
      We have our first batch of leaflets, garden boards and posters ready this week and we are currently organising Glasgow into sections. If you are willing to help distribute leaflets and have not already let us know, please contact us here and include your area and phone number in your your reply.

      Leafleting, posters and field/garden boards are essential to this campaign – we need as much help as possible to deliver and distribute these. Alba will not get the MSM coverage so these elements of the campaign, alongside sharing far and wide on social media, are crucial for us.

      Social Media

      If you are a social media user, please follow these profiles and pages and help us to get our message and profile raised by sharing and retweeting: Please note that there are some non official Twitter and Facebook accounts about and the ones below are the official accounts for candidates, Glasgow Alba and Alba Party.

      Twitter: @AlbaParty @ALBA_Glasgow @michelleferns11 @Shahidfarooq75 @lynndiloo


      Please be sure that you keep all of your discussions on social media respectful 🙂

      We’ve much to do, but together we can share our dreams for a super majority for Scotland far and wide.


      Aye for ALBA & Scotland,

      Michelle Ferns, Ailsa Gray, Shahid Farooq, Lynn McMahon

      Alba Party · Scotland

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    4. “We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow.”

      There is no ‘international opinion’ or ‘international community’; just a bunch of countries pursuing their own interests – as it has always been. To borrow from Henry Kissinger; “When I want to know international opinion, who do I call?”

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    5. Roibert, I am in the NE and have offered to help in any way I can. I spoke to someone this week who told me that activists within a party are normally about 5%-10% of the members, in ALBA it’s 80%. I don’t know what region you are in and I expect there are different approaches being taken. I understand and feel your frustration and I hope you are contacted soo as we need to keep that 80% activist number.

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  4. This is worrying. Previously 60% was the threshold for demanding a new referendum and the margin considered safe to ensure a successful Yes vote. Much as I am sad to say so, the current SNP leadership have settled into their current situation and will certainly need a severe provocation from ALBA and their remaining grass roots members to change their minds!

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    1. Cameron took a mandate for his EU referendum on 36.9% of the vote. I fail to see why 60% is required for a Scottish independence referendum.

      The SNP have already had a mandate for years for a referendum and the Scottish parliament voted twice to hold a referendum- what happened – nothing.

      Did Mason vote for the referendum knowing it was a farce?

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  5. I am not sure that the media treatment of Alba is unprecedented, Iain. I’m sure I remember the SNP received the same treatment in the 1970s when they were starting to win Westminster seats. However, then it was the unionists that were running scared, not so called nationialists.

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  6. Oh well, let’s look at John’s new thinking in the light of emerging poll data.

    Based upon the Panel Base poll info graphic the Scottish Parliament is being predicted to take a substantial Yes majority.

    Indeed three weeks a party and on the teeth of media censorship and a barrage of negative smearing, Alba is already being forecast to take 5 seats.

    And will that grow as the message gets across. Alba after all are standing 32 candidates and as their vote increases the reality of a super majority in the high 80s or 90s becomes an emerging reality.

    So, looking at John’s sums on the present predicted majority, 78 /126 = 60.1%

    Not difficult to see where he’s coming as he ups the figures.

    And 90/128……… what’s that John?

    Or does he just not like majorities.

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  7. Even Pete Wishart says 60%. This is further proof that the SNP are done as the party of independence. The only thing needed to hammer the final nail in their coffin is a strong Alba representation to bring forward a bill in Holyrood to pursue independence and then sit back and watch Sturgeon and her clones fight against it.

    At least we won’t have to start completely from scratch for the next elections.

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  8. Iain,

    Mason is my local. I’ve always had difficulty in the past voting for him because of his views on things like same sex marriage, homosexuality and abortion etc.

    You say you can understand his passed views, based on that ‘christian’ faith of his (I know that doesn’t mean you agree necessarily with them).

    But how on earth, if it is indeed his ‘faith’ that drives him, is he okay with all that’s developing under the SNP at the moment? The GRA, the Hate Crime bill, queer theory in schools etc etc.

    Seems to me he deserves even less consideration of his ‘faith’ when one is judging his points of view. Because, from where I’m sitting, Mason’s outlook is based on personal bigotry and self interest.

    Thank something (not God) for ALBA. 😉

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    1. Glenn like yourself I have had difficulties with some of John views however I believe in his own commitment to Independence unlike his current party leader with her risk aversive personality. I think you and others may be surprised hy him in the new indy parliament. Its probably true to say that he will not vote for GRA which I as a gay man doesnt support it either. I guess he will support the expected ALBA ammendment to place contentious issues like this to a citizens assembly outwith holyrood. Indeed from knowing John I would not be surprised if he defects to ALBA at some time because I dont think his socially conservative views will be welcome or tolerated in the new snp.

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  9. This is the way the Labour Party used to behave.

    ‘We are not going to do what we are elected for, but tough, because you have no other choice.’

    Well, now we have.

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  10. 40% is enough to put a Tory Government (Again!) in command of the U.K. and therefore Scotlands future.
    52% is enough to take the UK out of Europe and Scotland with a significant pro EU vote.

    John has just proven why ALBA is required.

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  11. The SNP has settled in as the de facto government of Scotland, so much so that Scottish independence is now seen as more of a hinderance than a goal. I’m not shocked anymore at statement like this from SNP/MSPs/MPs.

    Its fine to vote for the SNP or any other party at Holyrood on May 6th, but Sturgeon has said we’ll need to wait until the aftermath of Covid is sorted before we can have an indyref. of course the aftermath of Covid (economically that is) will never return to pre-Covid levels due to Brexit, so Scotland will limp on for years until we finally become independent.

    Cue the ALBA party.

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  12. “You can smell the fear, the terror.”

    Aye, fear is why the dominant national party and its pampered bourgeoisie elite always ends up making its own “accommodation with colonialism” (Fanon), and is actually working with colonialism to block independence and to smear and discredit the native ‘radicals’ who campaign urgently for it.

    The SNP pampered bourgeoisie elite don’t have the courage for independence and they have been found out as worse than indy-lite, more scared of the colonial power than the Scottish people. When did such a Janus approach ever win a people their national liberation?

    ‘Do you have the courage to declare Scotland independent?’ This should be the top vetting question for any would-be national representative seeking election where the main aim is to secure the national liberation of a people.

    Which is why we must elect as many ALBA list candidates as possible, because they do have ‘the courage to declare Scotland independent’, and the SNP knows it.

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  13. I really should have put bets on at a bookie a few years ago, snp dithering, uk seeking to undermine laws passed here to unmake holyroods law making. Dragged out the eu, uk changing goal posts in regards to % required. And now mason has said this, watch the uk adopt it and say that’s what needs to be done. I stopped writing what I thought uk would do, because it almost seemed like they were reading my posts then a few months later…boom something I’d opined about becomes reality. I’d be a wealthy cookie if I’d put bets on…

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  14. Maybe if the SNP had been campaigning for and putting independence as on e of their main priorities these last six years we would have reached 70% or more. Who knows.

    What an absolute cop out the SNP are . Sold their voters down the river but took their monies and kept the carrots dangling all at the same time . There’s a name for that but can’t quite put into words what it is.

    Their mantra was blackmail of late. Who else you going to vote for? The ALBA Party came the answer finally. Look at how the leadership are lashing out at the new pro Indy party. As bad or even worse reaction than the unionists tells anyone who’s actually listening all they need to know. It’s quite something to behold !

    Great news ALBA is 6% in the latest panel base poll . And the crowdfunded reaching its target. It’s all going in the right direction. The only way is up! We need ALBA in holyrood more than ever.

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  15. Just a small note to all reading, if you haven’t already done so, or if you want to add a bit more since elections are expensive, there is one day left for the Alba crowdfunded.

    Help Alba through your campaigning efforts, and help also by sending a few quid.

    The money is essential, will be used wisely, and you’ll be doing the righ5 thing. So please, all get your card out and go to the site. Every little helps.

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  16. Iain, I just wanted to say thanks. Your political acumen and commitment are really inspiring.

    I too am encouraged that there is such blatant fear among ALBA’s competition for May votes.

    It’s really something.

    Am amazed to watch all the proprietorial/editorial papers stand to attention when the calls for the union come in. And flabbergasted to have seen the behaviour of BBC and STV and their professional apologists as they excluded ALBA from the TV debates. And then spent all their time cooing as if something interesting had happened when in reality democracy was smothered.

    Sorry for the rant. Didn’t know I would go there.

    Your positivity, on the other hand… That’s sparkly.


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  17. I believe the opposite is true: that if we do not go very soon, the only option in future will be armed conflict with our neighbour; a guerrilla war. This is what we want to avoid at all cost. John Mason is wrong, and history bears this out. Weak parties and leaders always cause far greater harm than would have been the case had they taken the initiative and gone for broke when the time was right. It has nothing to do with gambling or taking risks: it is pure sense and logic, backed by millennia of evidence.

    I think that those of us with eyes to see, must accept now that the SNP will never deliver independence, will never even deliver the necessary steps to independence. I despair of them and what has happened to the party. From the referendum onwards, all emphasis has been on NO voters. John Mason is, perhaps, telling the truth when he says that the UKG controls the armed forces in the UK, and what that could mean for us if they decide to deploy them.

    However, it would also force members of the armed forces who are Scottish to choose, and I rather think many would come down on our side. In NI, the UKG avoided the deployment of NI armed forces personnel, relying, instead, on the RUC (as was) which was mainly Protestant, and Scots, Welsh and English armed forces. The problem for the UKG is that so many of the armed forces are Scottish. That is what poverty does.

    I doubt whether that tactic would work as well in Scotland, anyway, because the independista cohort ranges across all religions and creeds and the political divides. Yes, it is something that we need to take into account, but we can just shut up shop if we are waiting for 70%+ before we move. That kind of percentage is very unlikely in a mature democracy, again, as all evidence shows. Even 60% is probably pushing it, and the reasons have nothing to do with a reluctance for independence, but many other factors, not least an influx of people who have a Unionist mindset (Quebec, Catalunya, New Caledonia, Scotland).

    All of this could have been avoided had the FM and the SNPG made this election, and every one after it, a plebiscitary one. That was SNP policy for decades, since its inception. That is exactly how the Unionists look upon all elections in Scotland – as plebiscitary ones for the Union. This precludes another independence referendum, which is just another excuse to put off independence, both by the Unionists and by the SNPG, who, to all intents and purposes, as far as independence is concerned, are working together to prevent our going.

    The SNP may well talk about another referendum, but it is the trap of inertia, and has been since 2014. I cannot now conceive of Nicola Sturgeon having ever, in reality, been other than a foot-dragging neo capitalist at heart, who, when confronted by power and the realities of politics in power, opted, almost from day one, to ensure that we never again reached the dizzy heights of expectancy we did in 2014. Her motives are a mystery, but I do not believe now that she could ever have been other than she is, but, perhaps, kept it well-hidden.

    Many, in Scotland, in 2014 displayed the same neo colonial mindset as Westminster. She recognized that and made obeisance to it, and in doing so, she has forfeited a large proportion of her support. I hope that, when she looks back on her career, she understands what she has done to Scotland and our sense of hope – with independence inertia, with GRA reform and with the Hate Crime legislation – and I just hope that she believes it was worth it. In the ned, for her, on a personal and career level, it probably will be. For the rest of us, not so much.

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    1. This is most insightful, Lorna. You are right, the SNP’s daeless and lazy stance on independence is not a sustainable position and only raises the stakes further down the line.

      As Albert Memmi wrote: “A day necessarily comes when the colonized lifts his head and topples the always unstable equilibrium of colonization. For the colonized just as for the colonizer, there is no way out other than a complete end to colonization.”

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    2. Could not dispute any of that Lorna, and could I say Nicola Sturgeon has demonstrated that she has no belief in the principle by which so many Scots placed their trust in her and the SNP to deliver the means to gaining our Independence.

      Recent events have demonstrated that she is morally bankrupt and entirely lacking shame in all aspects of her public and private being. Why so many SNP elected politicians have tarnished their personal and political reputations by facilitating her agenda at potentially the expense of Scotland’s future as an Independent Nation stinks of cowardice.

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  18. We certainly need to be more visual on the street, I am out with my tricycle and trailer my problem is posters etc. something that looks official. I do have some homemade signs but they look homemade so not very professional. I have asked those standing in Fife if they can help, but only get a standard reply, can anyone help with this material?

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  19. It’s a long time since I played this kind of game.
    I did not realise at that time that it was a precursor of an indy campaign

    Pick a number. Any number. Double it. Add on your age. Multiply by 2. etc

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  20. The UK government may be well minded to put in the troops if democratically decided decisions do not suit them.

    In fact they already deploy the military extensively throughout the civilian population. Military intelligence and the security apparatus have long been a part of our community, watching, waiting, playing a dark game in the background. That is their job, doing everything needed up to traditional symmetrical warfare.

    Infiltration, influencing, undermining is the name of the game. Blackmail, bribery, it’s all in the playbook, the veneer of democracy the cover. The Crown Office, the most senior Civil Servants, the most senior management of Police Scotland, and the watchers in every aspect of life from big business, to academic institutions, to trade unions, to political parties, its all there.

    And the press, the good old press, do you think it’s only D notices that are required to influence what they report, what they don’t, and how they report it.

    And the suspicious deaths, Willie MacRae, Robin Cook, Dr David Kelly, or even Princess Diana. There’s plenty to suggest that they became just too much for the establishment. But you only need to look across the water to the deaths in Northern Ireland where shadowy murder units like the Force Research Unit were arming and directing groups against political opponents. Over there it was not the republicans who started the violence. The British security services started that………..starting way back with the B specials and a partisan security apparatus.

    And so it would be here if it were considered needed. No doubt they have made their military assessment but it is a high risk strategy for the UK to consider resisting Democratic will.Northern Ireland is not sorted, not by a long shot, And of course Scotland has a different dynamic again. Could the UK military run Scotland, and what would the consequence be.

    No, they will struggle with a politically strong opponent, wily, capable, and well prepared to garner international support. But let us not be contrary, let us secure our majority, let us put forward a team to negotiate fairly and straightforwardly, let us take things to Court here and internationally because ultimately democracy will prevail.

    All we need to do is vote for it and send the message.

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  21. Its hardly democracy imposing levels of support at 60% or 70% in elections/polls/referenda on the people of Scotland when England accept 43.6% (52% EU referendum). The SNP are pretty much doing Westminster’s job for it by denying the sovereign people of Scotland the right to vote. That is unacceptable in any democracy, and knowing how damaging it is going to be to Scotland’s economy and the standard of living of her people is a dereliction of duty. This is not holding Scotland to a higher standard but holding Scotland to ransom and against her will. And by the way, democracy doesn’t require all or even 40% of the electorate to vote for the vote to be valid. With regards to voting democracy is, no matter what the voter turn-out, but only those that bother to physically vote (now including postal) on the day – count. When those votes are counted the party with the greatest number of votes wins the election/referendum. Placing additional constraints like % of turn-out or % to be achieved before validity is undemocratic, sinister and I would suggest unlawful especially if it has been imposed by Westminster. How far the New SNP have fallen from grace.

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  22. The SNP is a party of devolution, not independence. It is not a wee bit boke-inducing to know, that they know, there is no real alternative to voting SNP in the constituency vote [sorry Greens but reality dictates the SNP must, however reluctantly, be given maximum support in the first vote].

    It is absolutely imperative, as Iain argues above, that Alba is given as much support as possible in the List vote. It is even more important to apply pressure to the SNP in Holyrood than to keep the pressure on britnat Westminster.

    So, clothes pegs at the ready for the constituency vote, and a massive breath of fresh air for the List vote.

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  23. Look at that pie chart for the regional voting
    Tory chunk gives them 19 seats
    The much bigger SNP slice delivers ONE!

    ONE SNP instead of 20 plus ALBA MSPs. Think about that if you really want Independence.

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  24. The statement by John Mason that 70% for Independence is needed before a referendum should be considered conflicts all the SNP statements we have had before as it is only in the last couple of years his leader Nicola Sturgeon said we would have to wait till the polls were at 60%.Now she has said she doesent want a Supermajority for Independence in Holyrood just a Majority. ALBA has exposed the SNP as Devolutionists with no intention of pushing for Independence. Realistically as we have seen over the last few years as soon as we are getting near a percentage to go for a Referendum the target changes/rises plus as we know a section 30 will never be granted. The quest for Independence is still very much alive, it is just that now we have to go down a different road to get there.

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  25. Sturgeon is now saying today a referendum…..
    .. wait for it…….. in the next 5 years.

    And the reason for delay is the pandemic.

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  26. I hope John Mason takes up your invitation to explain his position. For thirty years John Mason has been an exceptionally hard working leafleter and canvasser and has been liberal with his treasure In support of the Independence cause.

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  27. Sarwar was shown the exit door at Westminster in 2014 by his Glasgow constituents who judged him to be a sleazy disingenuous political beastie seeking his own attainment milking his constituent’s misery with the goal of attaining political stardom and personal gain.

    His popularity in the Party is not mirrored in the community who rejected him when became clear he was a charlatan who enjoyed a life of capitalist excess whilst representing many of his constituents whose existence was dependent on food banks.

    Anas Sarwar – I will never define my politics by allegiance to the Scottish flag

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  28. If this John Mason’s comments are treated as confirming anything then you haven’t been paying attention. The top layer of the SNP are happy with the status quo, and the rump MSPs are too spineless to do anything about it.

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  29. Portrayed by Unionists as arrogant and self-serving, he confounded his critics when under his stewardship Party fortunes recovered dramatically and on a platform of fighting for Scottish independence he led it into government in 2007 and in a barnstorming election campaign in 2011 he achieved the impossible getting the Party back into power with an overall majority of MSP’s.

    Hammer of the Unionists -The Legacy of Alex Salmond is only partially complete

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