For Immediate Release: Wednesday 27 AprilGREEN PARTY “LUKEWARM ON INDY” – POLLLess than half of Scottish Green voters in favour of independence, survey finds as SNP voters are urged to Vote ALBA on the list to make their vote count for independence”

The ALBA party led by Alex Salmond have urged independence supporters to support them with their list vote if they want it to “count for independence” as a survey has been published suggesting less than half of Scottish Green voters actually support independence. 
A survey by Lord Ashcroft Polls found that only 43 per cent of those intending to vote Green backed independence, while 46 per cent were against it.
Salmond’s ALBA party want to help deliver a Supermajority for independence in the Scottish Parliament and for the Scottish Government to be instructed to enter into immediate independence negotiations with Whitehall. 

The Ashcroft survey of 2,017 adults in Scotland was carried out online between 7 and 19 April 2021, which does predate more recent opinion poll on party voting intentions. However, the information on the Green Party attitudes to independence is unlikely to have changed substantially from three weeks ago. 

Salmond says that it is now clear that, with the SNP not expected to win a single list seat, independence supporters who want their list vote to count should vote ALBA on the list to help deliver an Independence “Supermajority”. Salmond added that “The SNP will gain next to nothing on the regional list while the Green leadership are at best lukewarm on independence”

In an interview with Holyrood magazine in December last year, the then Green MSP Andy Wightman described the Greens as “not a nationalist party.”
“It’s not. It is a decentralist party,” he said. “Give me powerful, strong, meaningful local government and I’ll reject Scottish independence. We’re a localist party. We reject the nation state. Our policy is to reject the nation state.”

The Ashcroft Poll was carried out online between 7 and 19 April 2021, however in terms of headline Party support, ALBA point to the much more recent Panelbase Poll which polled between the 21st and 26th April. Panelbase also showed ALBA on course to win 8 seats and help deliver the “Supermajority” for independence. 
In a statement Alex Salmond said:“ A majority of Green voters are at best doubtful about independence. Perhaps this is whytheir own leadership don’t want a referendum until around 2026.“By contrast, ALBA have made independence the key issue of this election. With the SNP projected to win not a single list seat across Scotland , if voters give their list vote to ALBA the Panelbase poll shows that we are on course to win seats across the country.In two weeks time ALBA MSPs if backed by the people will table a motion in the Scots Parliament to instruct the Government to initiate independence negotiations with Westminster.”ENDS 
Notes to Editors:
1.  The Ashcroft survey was carried out on 7th – 19th April.
2.  The Panelbase/Scotland Goes Pop poll was carried out on 21st-26th April. 



  1. Greens are not pro indy: they just like harvesting pro indy votes! And promoting queer theory – seen elsewhere

    “Vote Green – putting the ‘men’ into environment!

    Despite being Greta Thunberg before Greta was 🙂 I’d never vote Green.

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    1. YES BUT we will never get any ‘green person’ to vote ALBA on the list

      Dave Prowse is now dead and neither the Green Cross Code man NOR Darth Vader could pull that one off either

      However we have ‘The Chosen One’ Alexander Elliot Anderson Salmond to promote the cause of Scottish Independence

      A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith

      They might not just be good movies

      Here’s hoping

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  2. Always knew this. They have been ‘gaming’ the Indy 2nd vote before that was a phrase. Robin Harper made that clear some years ago and Wightman recently declared the Greens were not an Independence Party. Their voters confirm that point. SNP voters should avoid giving them their list vote if they want Independence

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    1. And, of course, Patrick Harvie stated in 2014 that “I’m not that bothered about independence one way or another” (see

      In addition Lorna Slater on being challenged in the Sunday Politics show on 18th April said “Our manifesto is not a manifesto for Independence, it’s a manifesto for a fair and green recovery” at the same time as welcoming votes from Unionists as well as those supporting Independence (see

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  3. Both the greens and the SNP aren’t bothered about Independence now or in the future. These two so called Pro-Independence supporting parties and neither of them wanted the Alba Party on the TV debates or protest at the Alba Party being excluded from these debates. Neither the Greens or the SNP want to talk about there being an Independence referendum until covid has finished. What other country including England has put everything on hold because of covid, none! When at least half the Scottish population wants Independence and Independence is within our grasp the SNP and the Greens aren’t bothered, why? I have no idea what planet Sturgeon is on, she’ll talk in front of a camera and state, I’ve know Alec for 30yrs and I’ve wanted Independence all my life, but now for the first time Independence is achievable, all be it with the help of another party, shes not interested!. Alba is even stating, vote SNP and the Alba Party on the list, then we can remove the Unionist from the Scottish Parliament, this will strengthens our case to the UK to agree terms for a referendum, what isn’t there to like about that? I’d sell my sole to the devil to get out of this Union, so why won’t the SNP even acknowledge that the Alba party has a winning strategy. I am extremely poorly educated but yet I can see the benefits of SNP 1 and Alba 2, so why doesn’t my fellow Independence seeking Scots like Sturgeon. I know she dislikes Alec, but Scottish Independence is the prize, that is worth getting past any vendetta you might have, to secure our country back in to Scottish hands, it just makes no sense. Lets forget about the Greens because, they’ll keep fighting for a blade of grass to be greener on the other side of the road, than think about the bigger picture Independence (lets not just think about one blade of grass, but lets sort out the field instead and this can be achieved by Independence).

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  4. Green supporters point to their Manifesto which says they support an Independence *Referendum’.
    That just means exactly what it says on the tin. Support a referendum yes, but support actual Independence NO.
    They know they’ve no chance standing on Green Policies alone.
    Anyway can you see mealy mouthed Patrick Harvie going head to head with Bojo or Gove?
    Don’t make me laugh.

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  5. So for the past few weeks Alba have been ignored and Greens promoted by the MSM. Now the, Greens ain’t pro Indy card gets played therefore an Indy majority reliant on Greens doesn’t count. Clever and sooo predictable.

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  6. The “Green Party” hijacking of a movement is no different from infiltration to hijack a Political Party. They infest every body to push on issue forward relentlessly their goals. Every barrier they knock down just leads a charge to the next. Queer theory is real and no one seems prepared to challenge the push OR there wan’t until ALBA arrived.

    The Enviroment is no more a priority for the Greens than Independence. The Name is simply to pull in votes in order to win seats and THEN impact legislation that forwards their real objectives.

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  7. The Greens are unelectable from top to bottom, now we find out the majority of them oppose Scottish independence as well, along with being gender obsessed and their co-leader the scroatfaced rodent Patrick Harvie, who can’t or more like won’t even answer a question on what is a woman when asked by a woman.

    As I’ve said before lets remove as many of the Green candidates from Holyrood as possible, and replace them will ALBA MSPs. Lets protect our women folk and try and isolate Sturgeon in the process by voting ALBA on the list.

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