ALBA FUR INDY By Eva Comrie Mid Scotland and Fife.

Independence for Scotland has driven me, and many thousands of others, since time immemorial. It is not simply a dream comprising patriotism, painted faces or tartan bellbottoms. It’s about eradicating the vision the oil rig worker has as he sits alone in his cabin gazing ashore to a landscape peppered with foodbanks.  It’s about the care worker whose hands you notice are hacked and wrinkled as you watch with embarrassment while she counts out the pennies for the cheapest items in the supersaver shops. It’s the mother who pretends that a trip to Macdonalds is a treat for she’s too skint to fill the meter with enough to cover the cost of heating and cooking. It’s the young man not long out of ‘care’, in a bedsit, staring into space, wondering when he’ll hear another human voice. It’s the old guy shuffling down the street with his trousers wrinkled and torn,and his heart breaking on the anniversary of his son’s death at his own hand, his shame at failing to see as a father the depths to which his boy had sunk. It’s the young teacher just completed her first full year in school reading the text from the council telling her in the most brutal of terms that next year she, along with most of her friends, will be doomed to the status of ‘supply’ with no pay over the summer and a wage come August only if she’s required to work. All the while children remain desperate to learn and teachers are on the dole. 

This is not the Scotland I can regard for one moment longer – neither can you.

The pandemic, coupled with the rule of the buffoon, have proven that our lives are at stake, indeed lives have been lost unnecessarily in Scotland, because the Union is in fact and deed a murderous beast. The want, the need and the misery seen daily in Scotland are entirely unnecessary and mainly manmade. To recover and rebuild the country we want and we deserve, Independence must be restored to the forefront of Scotland’s political ambitions.

Scotland’s answer to a lack of democratic respect, to the failure of Westminster to consult and co-operate, to the Brexit for which Scotland neither yearned nor voted, should be, in logic and at heart,  four square solidarity with a concentrated, powerful surge leading our country, this nation, into our independence era.

Scotland, and the world, are fighting multiple battles on innumerable fronts and that can’t continue. Decisions about what happens in Scotland have to be made in, by and for the people of Scotland; we can’t forge a life in a changed world with one hand tied behind our back, without the complete skill set available to all others. And instead of cherishing the begrudged largesse of Westminster, why can’t we just decide that we already own the lot? What’s made in Scotland stays in Scotland. There’s a thought.

It might have been right and proper, a year ago and more , to say that political campaigning should be suspended, out of respect in an unfolding crisis, but the emergency now is that as the pandemic eases, furlough wages stop being paid and the true impact of Brexit hits home, Scotland faces the imminent loss of the transformative powers devolved to Holyrood – those which allowed us to ban smoking, make prescriptions free, provide free personal care, nursery hours, school meals, proscribe the sale of council houses and begin the long, slow rehabilitation and recuperation of a country neglected and brutalised for decades if not centuries. The invasion by thousands of civil servants appointed by Westminster into Scotland, the creation of new satellites of Whitehall in Scotland, that tells us all we need to know about our continued status as a colony and of Westminster’s desire to keep Scotland within its grasping greedy hands.

Now is not the time to be meek, the scolded child in the corner with a bowl begging to be replete with section 30s when it’s already overflowing with mandates. Neither is it the time to be jostling and jockeying in poor temper and with jaded heart for the chance to win seats in a legislature which might become that in name only all too soon. All and every effort should be directed to achieving our Independence because from that all else flows – we will have a Parliament furnished with a toolbox brimming over with the tools from which we will rebuild this country. And we will, when we drive Scotland forwards with a supermajority comprising ALBA MSPs who will seek to persuade all Independence supporting representatives to negotiate the terms of our country’s exit from the Union, its return to the status of self-determination with the unmistakeable ambition of fulfilling the potential of every citizen of this country. 


  1. Well said. As we have learnt, the SG have only put forward a draft INDY bill which has no standing. This was declared at the courts. You might even think this was done to thwart the Keatings case!

    Thousands of leaflets out in Livingston and more on the way, in an SNP ward.

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      1. Sorry Iain, I was meaning Roibert a Briuis. If he could tell us what region he lives in we might be able to put him in touch with the appropriate regional coordinator who could tell him where organised leafleting events are taking place.

        Each region has a Twitter account which might be helpful e.g. @Albacentral has a lot going on in Coatbridge tomorrow. AFAIK leafleting is being done in organised groups rather than solo.

        I’ll be helping in Alva tomorrow!

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      2. I am in Central Scotland Motherwell and Wishaw

        My partner is in West Scotland Cunninghame South


  2. A great manifesto speech, Eva – powerful, passionate, proud.

    That’s what we need to inspire folk – an independent Scotland can be better. A lot better.

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  3. Great piece of writing, agree 100% if you can begin to make changes you will get my vote. We need changes to determine our own future. END LONDON RULE

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  4. A truly brave declaration of intent along with a no holds barred admission of the state Scotland has been driven into. Alba has simply brought out so much pent-up desire … onward then! 🙂

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  5. Well expressed Eva, an appalling indictment on the state of affairs afflicting this country of ours. Our country rich in human resource being oppressed by the pillars of the Westminster Establishment, dutifully aided and abetted by the First Minister of Scotland.



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  6. That was a great article but pardon me for saying something out loud that you might not all agree with. Yes, there are people out there with limited incomes and yes, there has been a rise in the number of food banks. However, the majority in Scotland are neither poor nor do they go near a food bank.

    The majority still live relatively well. Why do the house-building companies still build more houses? There is a boom at the moment so who is buying them?

    Those of us who have travelled and lived and worked outside Europe often recoil when we hear about poverty, when everyone has access to free drinking water and most of those on welfare get their electricity and gas paid for. They get free prescriptions and when they go to see a doctor it costs them nothing. This is not the case in the vast majority of countries in the world.

    Of course, our country could do better in many ways and, undoubtedly, we could be better governed. But when it comes to the next referendum on independence then we should remember those for whom life at the present time isn’t that bad. Two cars in the driveway of their semi in a nice area, a fridge and a freezer full of food and a holiday abroad every year is the norm. We should never forget that when we are looking for their vote.


    1. “most of those on welfare get their electricity and gas paid for.”

      That’s not true. No-one on social security gets their electricity and gas paid for. Unless you mean as part of the £74.70 pw that single people over 25 receive? Which also covers all bills inc food.


  7. Alba’s determination is definitely needed – for independence and for being the only party standing up for women’s rights. I’d like to see Alba candidates gain many seats.

    I think if Alba had got fair coverage by our broadcasters, more people would be enthused to go out and vote at all (and the SNP vote would go up). Nicola Sturgeon, and those that support her, have really messed up – she should have stood down as leader or at the very least fired Leslie Evans after the inquiries, that’s what a NORMAL politician would have done. To have so little awareness of what happens to public opinion when you create controversy in government is a huge political sin. Sturgeon could have got away with just being seen to be making any kind of change probably, but she decided on the status quo and offering us more of the same (corruption). Anyway, ordinary folk not paying much attention will still know that something should have changed, and her constant bitching can’t be impressing anyone.

    That aside, the media blackout of Alba is a bit of a stumbling block – it’s a gamble for us voters to have SNP returned to parliament without knowing we’ll have the gate keeping of Alba being there in numbers. I noticed on the radio this morning – BBC radio Scotland news – that they reported that Alex Salmond wrote a letter to NS saying the SNP should work with Alba, and I thought, we need some ‘controversy’ from Alba to get them in the news – something for the pearl-clutchers to get horrified by, but in fact appeals to ordinary folk. Alex Salmond launching Alba created initial ‘controversy’ that raised their profile, but with everyone avoiding using the words Alba and Alex Salmond, the biggest part of the population won’t be aware of all their superb policies.

    I haven’t come up with any ideas for any last ditch media grabbing headlines, and I’d really very much like the general public to know Alba is going to back women’s rights – to the hilt. I don’t want a controversy that only gives the Soundbite opportunity to tell people how to vote (that’s been done well though) but something on poverty or women’s rights. Always a risk so near to an election, but we need something that puts Alex Salmond on the telly for a few days – even if it’s just to defend or condemn something done in Alba’s name.

    Thanks for my Alba poster guys! Sorry, Alba leaflet, masquerading as a poster 😉 good thinking.

    Not many SNP posters up in windows on my street this year, I note. In fact, not any.


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