Ah, Inverness, Capital of the Highlands

Delighted to visit this lovely city again. It formed part of my “Estonia” speaking tour just before COVID arrived and I remember speaking at the meeting about my frustration that Independence was being sidelined and I saw none of the preparations or plans that were so vital in Establishing Estonian Independence and getting that country off to the best start. It was clear then there was no current urgency or plans to advance Independence in Scotland.

How interesting then to arrive back in the city a year or so later to discover the vast bulk of my audience that night have joined Alba and are busy campaigning for a Supermajority here in the Highlands. Was it something I said? Doubt it, as I remember most of the audience that night had already formed the same view as me long before I got there. The Branch Convener Judith Reid is now one of the Highland Alba candidates and is the key organiser across the geographically huge Highland Region.

She is so well organised that within a few minutes of me meeting her for Lunch at the excellent Chieftan Hotel, which is owned by the very pleasant Liz Lawson (no relation) she had identified where I was going next on my Highland tour and before I knew it I had been recruited as a delivery driver taking Alba election materials to the most northerly coasts of Scotland. ALBA IS IN GOOD HANDS IN THE HIGHLANDS. What follows is a report from Judith on how things are going in this most beautiful region of Scotland.

ALBA is Rising.

I am “fair chuffed” to be a candidate for the regional list/seat, in the up-and-coming Scottish Parliamentary elections, for the Alba Party in the ever scenic and spectacular Highlands and Islands.

I have been mesmerised by the efforts of our tireless volunteers and campaigners, putting up posters, arranging leafletting sessions and organising socially distanced gatherings to show support for Myself, Josh, Craig and Kirk. 

I know that they, like I, have been blown away by the enthusiasm and commitment shown by all of our campaigners, from Stornoway to Keith, Kirkwall to Dunoon; All keen to get out, be visual and get our candidates elected to ensure our voices are not only heard but listened to at long last.

Their passion is even more incredible considering that the Alba party is only 5 weeks as of today! 

When I got the call asking if I would be willing to stand for Alba in the Highlands and Islands, I never thought we would have been embraced and welcomed so warmly by the wider Independence movement as we have been this last month. 

Independence supporting individuals and groups across Scotland have rallied to our call, and it is because of their desire; their drive for independence, that we find ourselves 6 days out from election day riding high in recent polls and predicted to win 8 seats (and counting!).

Their faith has been rewarded too. I have lost count of the number of people who’ve approached me and said that they are delighted a party is finally putting an Independent Scotland truly at the heart of every policy – as it should have been for the last 7 years. 

I, as well as the other 31 superb candidates, across all 8 regions of Scotland, have pledged to start building the brighter, better, independent nation that we all dream of, not from our ‘Independence Day’, nor the day of a referendum, but the very first day of the new Scottish parliament.

Alba has promised in our manifesto a robust, radical commitment to tackling child poverty – pledging to all but eradicate it by the year 2026 -, aims to establish a world-leading national housebuilding company addressing the housing crisis that has been worsening for almost 20 years, legislate for additional protections for women’s rights while further advancing the rights of Transgender and other LGBT+ individuals, and establishing the fiscal and monetary framework that would allow us to open independence negotiations on day one with a Super-Majority, all truly revolutionary and exciting policies, embracing those famous word engraved on our very parliament; “Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation”

There is a buzz in the air, one that I have not felt since that bonnie but, ultimately disappointing September, all those years ago. 

Those who know me personally ken that I hate leaving a job half-finished, and I have never been more excited to get out and play my part in getting our independence over the line. 

The energy I know so many of you feel justifies the statement that the Alba party is the summer of 2014 reborn in political form. 

I know that for me, it feels like we are finally, almost in the early days of our better, freer nation.

We are growing, in members, volunteers and followers. We have already gained more members than the Liberal Democrats, and by a very healthy margin too, and are forecast to win more seats than the Greens won in 2016. 

We have on our team some of the best and brightest Scotland has to offer, with former SNP big-Whig’s election agents, ex-elected officials and an army of the most battle-hardened and impassioned activists.

“Alba is rising.”

We have amazingly talented and life experienced candidates, with, of course, the main man himself, Alex Salmond as our Leader. 

We have a Party that has a vision, that is a driving force with Policies and goals for an Independent Scotland. Preparations, infrastructure and visions for our Country must be discussed and structured now. 

Our sole aim is to drive a resounding message to Westminster and Johnson (if he hasn’t resigned by the time of print) that he isn’t facing a First Minister or a single political party, but the people of Scotland, the only people who have the right to determine our future.  

We’re in touching distance of our freedom now, let’s seize this opportunity together, by casting our list votes for the Alba party on May the 6th.

*Postscript – Please note that we are holding a Highlands and Islands regional cavalcade Saturday the 1st of May in Inverness. We will be meeting at Vue cinema at 10:45 am, and I would appreciate if many of you could attend our (Covid-safe) event to show the Highlands just what Independence means to us! 

Find out more from the event on my Facebook page here – https://www.facebook.com/AlbaJudithReid


Judith is a political powerhouse, one of the many great women who have joined Alba and proving such an inspiration. We have a great bunch of people working so hard all over our wonderful country. If there is any justice in the World we will all get the result we deserve on the 6th May. It will only be the beginning!

I am, as always

Yours For Scotland


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  1. “Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation” was fine as a starting point when the Scottish Parliament was built but it is not as important as, to quote Judith, “getting our independence over the line”.

    Sadly Nicola Sturgeon and the current SNP leadership seem to have settled for the former in a devolved but ultimately, deficient Scotland.

    Alba, and Alba supporters, must never do that.

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  2. What comes over very strongly for me about the candidates for Alba is they are down to earth people that wish to make a difference in their community and Scotland as a whole, not career politicians, (in it for what it will give them) and to me that is refreshing, maybe change is coming.

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  3. Sadly nothing going on down south, seems it is all up north 😦

    Not one sensible contact from ALBA, not one leaflet through my door, not anything to distribute

    I was in Arbroath and Perth and Scone yesterday and while I saw lots of SNP stuff and Jim F posters nothing else

    The most exciting thing I did see and photograph was a yacht on the hard called Declaration

    If you know anything about yachts and sailing that would be “Declaration of Arbroath!

    That did make me smile unlike my lack of real life contact and info from ALBA



    MAYBE THE ALBA PLAN is to target big time the northern continuances/regions, where they are strong on the ground, hoping to get three or four ALBA AMS/List seats and are keeping their fingers crossed in the two regions I know about

    Time will tell only a week to go.

    So I really hope that ALBA votes in to me what looks like targeted areas produce sufficient list seats so they can have a BIG Impact in the Scottish Parliament

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  5. As ever, a good article to cheer up all Indy supporters. Iain, you have kept many of us going through a very dark period and i think we are now feeling more hopeful and seeing a way out of the present impasse.

    Off topic, I read James Kally’s National article which mentioned the opposition in Scotland to Westminster’s challenge to the enshrinement in Scots Law of the UN Charter on the Rights of Children. While I think no-one is surprised at this, I was struck by the relative figures he quoted for men and women. While men were roughly 50/50. women opposed the Westminster move 64/36.
    This is a significant difference and, to me, more proof that men and women think differently about a variety of issues so that the idea of accepting trans-women as if they were natal women on committes, boards of governors, women only lists etc is madness. I don’t know if it is genetic or due to the conditioning girls experience from birth. but women are on the whole more caring and more attuned to the needs of individuals, particularly those who are at a disadvantage for whatever reason.
    We need to have both men and women represented on bodies making decisions and a group consisting only of men and trans-women is not acceptable whatever Patrick Harvey may say.

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  6. Those with any experience of political campaigning will know that what has been achieved is remarkable.

    From a standing start 5 weeks ago with no organisation, no fund, no data base, no branches, no members, no money, etc etc to register on the polls is astounding.

    Yes some volunteers have not been contacted, yes areas have not been leafleted. However it should be remembered that the same people starting this Party are doing their day job, driving miles to distribute material, leafleting, putting up posters etc.

    I would like to stress one point to the critics. I have a voting choice now for Independence and it is one without accepting Wokerati politicians. I now have a Party that considers Women’s Rights an important issue.

    The candidate do not have a CA structure to direct branches for them to organise local activists. They do not have a full time HQ staff organising the production and distribution of material or preparing news releases and briefing papers.

    Candidates like Judith are doing the work that a small army normally undertakes. If they can do that for an election just imagine how they would work for you at Holyrood.

    Thank you ALBA candidates for attempting to climb Everest without years of preparation.
    Thank you for giving me a choice.


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  7. The contrast in the hopeful positivity of Alba and the fearful negativity of Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP is palpable. The SNP, as it stands today, is a party of devolution.

    The current SNP leadership continues to suffocate the independence movement. It’s almost as if Nicola Sturgeon is deliberately encouraging the paralysing effects of the Scottish Cringe in order to reduce/cancel any pro-indy majority in Holyrood. A pro-indy majority, especially with Alba MSPs, will mean she will have nowhere left to hide on the matter of independence. If she does try to postpone the fight for independence yet again, by, for example, saying the SNP itself having no majority in Holyrood means indyref2 is off the table she will be deliberately siding with British nationalists – and the people of Scotland will rightly see that for what it is: treachery.

    Vote Alba for Scotland’s future.

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  8. BBC Business Correspondent Sarah Smith reflected on her experiences with the Corporation saying: “I joined the BBC in Glasgow as a 20 year old trainee in 1989. I never saw any underage sex or rapes. But in those days sexist jokes and inappropriate touching were considered normal. That same year the BBC Scotland TV newsroom Christmas party had the theme of “Grape and Vine”. Someone thought it was funny and went around Broadcasting House deleting the “G” on every poster, changing the theme to “Rape and Vine”. A fellow, female, trainee lodged a formal complaint with management, saying she did not wish to work in a newsroom displaying the posters and asked for them to be removed. She was immediately shunned by just about all of the male journalists in the newsroom. In the follow-up she was systematically ridiculed for being unable to take a joke and treated unfairly when assignments were being handed out. The posters stayed in place leaving our only avenue of protest a boycott of the party.

    Wow!! What an admission from the woman that together with Kirsty Wark harassed Alex Salmond after he had been found not guilty in a court of law. She knew who the perpetrators were but never came to the assistance of a female colleague.

    BBC reporter Sarah Smith impartial presentation unlikely when mummy is a head bummer in the British Secret Service

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