Scottish Election is Independence “Moment of Decision.” 

Alex Salmond, ALBA Party Leader and Former First Minister, has today (Saturday) written to his successor SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon following her reported suggestions that she would order SNP MSPs to not support a motion tabled by ALBA instructing the Scottish Government to begin Independence negotiations in the first week of the new Parliament. Mr Salmond has also issued a May Day rallying call to the Yes Movement.

In a statement Mr Salmond said:

“In every election campaign there is a defining moment.

“Nicola Sturgeon’s indications on the BBC Today programme that she would order SNP MSPs to oppose an ALBA motion in the Scottish Parliament instructing the Scottish Government to begin Independence negotiations is exactly such a moment.

If a group of ALBA MSPs are elected, it can only be as part of an Independence Supermajority. Therefore, any intention by the SNP leadership to obstruct what would be a clear mandate from the Scottish people risks offering a veto on Scotland’s Future to Boris Johnson. That cannot be allowed to happen yet again.

That is why I am writing today to Nicola, urging her to think again and to put the country before party.

I am also issuing a May Day call to the Yes Movement urging every Independence supporter to seize the opportunity of this Election to secure the Independence Supermajority which can kickstart the process of taking Scotland to Independence.

“Nicola’s interview on the Today programme is the clearest of messages to every Independence supporter in the land, that they must use their vote on Thursday to elect a strong team of ALBA MSPs. These are the circumstances in which the Scottish Government will have no choice but to implement the mandate for progress on Independence and do so as a matter of urgency.”


1 May 2021

Nicola Sturgeon MSP

Leader of the Scottish National Party

Gordon Lamb House

3 Jackson’s Entry

Edinburgh, Scotland


Dear Nicola

I note your interview comments of yesterday, on the BBC Today programme suggesting that SNP MSPs would be ordered not to support any motion tabled by ALBA instructing the Scottish Government to initiate Independence negotiations with Westminster, following the election of a parliament with an Independence Supermajority.

While you have chosen to pause preparations for Independence, during the COVID pandemic, the time for any further delay has surely passed.

If the outcome of the Election is an Independence majority, it will be incumbent on you as the Leader of the largest party in the Scottish Parliament to work with others in the Parliament who support Independence to take matters forward with the necessary urgency that the recovery from the pandemic and the need for economic and social reconstruction requires.

Any continuing refusal by you to support a motion in the Scottish Parliament to instruct the Scottish Government to implement what would be a clear mandate from the Scottish people in the Election, risks surrendering not just a veto but the initiative on Scotland’s Future to Boris Johnson. That cannot be allowed to continue.

ALBA stands ready to put country before party and to strengthen the Scottish Parliament in the face of any Westminster refusal to respect the mandate of the Scottish people. I now urge you to do the same.

Yours for Scotland.


Leader ALBA.

12 thoughts on “SURELY..FOR SCOTLAND’S SAKE!

  1. Good on you Alex, in making it absolutely obvious that the obstacle to Scotland’s route to restoration of its full self government is, in the first instance, our very own Scottish Nationalist (apparently) First Minister: Nicola Sturgeon is a Toom Tabard for the 21st century indeed.

    In the early 14th century Robert The Bruce had to deal with his internal enemies in Scotland before turning his full attention to the real enemy in the South.

    It feels like history is starting to repeat itself once again. Hopefully we’ll get the same ultimate outcome … soon.

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  2. I like the quote 󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿”Alex, Leader Alba” well said Alec lets get the job done so lets put Scotland 1st its people 2nd and party 3rd its the right thing to do, but Sturgeon will only ignore she arrogant.

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  3. I never thought I would see the day when Alex Salmond would be asking Nicola Sturgeon to accept help in pushing the case for independence forward. It almost beggars belief and then again, given her attitude and her aggressive innuendo recently, perhaps it doesn’t. Who would ever have imagined it would come to this.

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  4. Surely for even the most ardent SNP supporters this statement from the Leader of their party that she would actively order her MSPs to oppose any moves towards Independence ( the reason for their very existence) the penny must be starting to drop. Many people only lent their vote to the SNP as Independence WAS supposed to be their aim.Not any more is the definite answer.Sad to say that not only as a party of Independence but as a party the SNP are on a downward spiral.Nicola Sturgeon has forgotten one of life,s golden rules “Dont forget who you upset on the way up as you might meet them on the way down” Did she really think that all the activists , all the people who went on the marches and most importantly all the people who became members of the SNP would just accept that Independence was something that might happen eventually in the far off distant future? No wonder members are leaving in droves and personally I dont believe that there are new members joining every week.ALBA are now the way forward and in my opinion will become the main party of Independence but not the only one.The most important thing next week is to ensure that we get ALBA MSPs in to Holyrood then progress from there with a real Independence party. namely ALBA.

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  5. Iain
    I subscribe to your blog and then, in order to post it on twitter, I have to click on the URL and then post it from the blog proper.
    Would it be possible to insert a twitter link directly onto the subscription (email) blog?

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  6. In a word, nope. She’s so obsessed with herself that the SNP and independence are now irrelevant. She is utterly poisonous, and consumed with hatred for the man who made her. It is pathetic, and indicative of a weak and deeply flawed personality. Let no one forget; without Salmond there would have been no majority in 2011, and no referendum. Sturgeon has done nothing. Nothing.

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  7. I detested the “Bain principle” of Labour ( never vote for a SNP motion!)

    She has joined the dregs of the political circus by that edict.

    Her ego is now so huge that she believes following her orders are more important than the future of Scotland.
    Scotland may soon be renamed “Sturgeonland”

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  8. Alex is so patient and mild mannered towards Nicola Sturgeon who appears to be hell bent on morphing the SNP into a political copy of the Labour Party with her “best that can be achieved by negotiation strategy” eg Devomax. Fair enough some may say but that is not the purpose of the Scottish National Party and Alex is right to call her out on that alone.

    Scotland should also take the case for devolving BBC national broadcasting to the UN.

    Protection of Scotland’s Cultural Diversity is Protected by a UN Charter but systematically destroyed by the BBC

    This is the BBC

    The way in which BBC Scotland is run, the quality of care it shows for the many good people who work for it, the standard of what it does, the public service in Scotland ethos it supposedly represents are some of the more important questions facing the Scottish nation. But it is doubtful they can be successfully addressed within the control systems that prevail at the present time. The result is that the BBC is failing Scots when they need it most. The primary blockages firmly implanted the minds of those who retain control of the British state media output are:

    “That the BBC, is the glue that holds Great Britain & Northern Ireland together and any weakening of the corporation will bring about its end. So the quality of the paste is suspect and yet the BBC dictatorial powers decide the daily agenda for the Queens subjects, how they talk to each other and what about. This being the case it is imperative that Scots are able to trust the BBC and feel they have a personal investment in it, otherwise it will be lost and Britain with it.”


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