The SNP is heading for a fourth term in office in Thursday’s Holyrood election with Alex Salmond’s ALBA Party helping to deliver to Holyrood a pro-independence “supermajority” of between 25 and 29 seats. 
The latest polls by Panelbase for the Sunday Times and BMG for the Sunday Herald sees the SNP set to win an outright majority in its own right and represent the 6th and 7th polls of the campaign to show Salmond’s newly formed ALBA winning representation to the Scottish Parliament. 
Neither poll projects the SNP to win any regional list seats whatsoever underlining the ALBA argument that SNP list votes are wasted

ALBA wants the Scottish Parliament, with its supermajority for independence, to instruct the Scottish Government to commence independence negotiations with the UK Government within the first week after Election Day. 

Commenting Alex Salmond said: 
“ALBA is rising. Our activists are campaigning hard across Scotland and we are confident that as the only party injecting urgency into the independence cause during this election, our message is gaining ground. Nicola Sturgeon is simply wrong to suggest delay yet again in the move for independence. In reality independence is essential to the reconstruction of the Scottish economy post pandemic.An SNP regional list vote is a wasted vote across Scotland and they are set to win zero list seats on Thursday.  It is now vital that to ensure abig Supermajority,with independence supporters giving the SNP their constituency vote but backing ALBA on the list. Today’s polls show that the independence supporting MSPs could potentially reach 80 or even more.Once the people of Scotland have spoken on Thursday no British Prime Minister will be able to stand in our way, if we make independence a priority for the here and now, not the hereafter”.




  1. Call me cynical iain but I think these polls by and the whole “SNP set to win an outright majority” are in the same vein as the Yes Poll just prior to the Indy Ref.

    They are a clarion call to the Unionists to GOTV on Thursday and lull Indy voters that their votes aren’t really needed because it is in the bag already.

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    1. It’s not cynicism, it’s reality. Polls are there to sway opinion not gauge it. In that you are spot on. But people have short memories when it comes to crunch time. Along the lines of if you tell a lie often enough….doesn’t matter whether its a clarion call to unionists. In Aberdeen there’s a great swathe of not interested in politics or voting kind of people. Yet even still snp took all but one seat in constituency. Political anoraks will vote. Everyone that’s ever voted snp, will be out to vote. People that care about Scotland realise the urgency of voting. And they will vote. The youth seem interested in getting out to vote.

      Just never forget Polls are used to sway not gauge. The only poll that counts is the results

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  2. That message needs to be hammered home. It might, however, take till the next election for the electorate to understand and accept. There will be ALBA MSP’s after this election! The silent YES voters will speak.
    Due to the short and limited campaign time from ALBA’s formation, allied with the MSM blackout, the general electorate are slowly getting the message. I thought the split in the SNP would come after Independence, but it is here now and voters and activists now have to make their choice. Is it left or right, gradualist or fundamentalist, independence or Referendum?

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  3. Was out yesterday campaigning for Alba in our local constituency. And what enthusiasm.

    As part of a near twenty vehicle cavalcade armed with public address and dozens of campaigners ready to stop and leaflet our mobile rolling presence was cheered as we moved through the constituency

    With the latest polls indicating that the SNP will secure no seats whatsoever in the list the logic of giving your second vote to Alba is becoming the irresistible choice. An SNP with a majority of one, or none, or a minority of a few short is not a position that will give Scotland the strength to talk to Boris and be heard.

    An SNP bolstered by a phalanx of Alba members will however give us a parliament mandated to talk to Boris and be heard. That message is now becoming clear.

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    1. Good to hear, Willie. Sadly Nicola Sturgeon refuses to listen. She will side with the other britnats when Alba MSPs bring forward a motion for independence in Holyrood next month. Reports say she will instruct other SNP MSPs to vote it down. At least then the Scottish public will see just how anti-independence she really is.


  4. No male-born person can possibly understand the issues that affect women and couple them to social, economic, political and health policies, etc., to provide the best outcome for woman, any more than female-born persons can understand what it is to be a man and to cater properly for male issues in these fields.

    You cannot simply remove women from the equation and expect good results for women. Otherwise, why did our great-grandmothers fight for our rights? Why not just let men decide everything for us? Precisely because we would not get the results that we need for our continued well-being and representation as over half of the human race. You have to be a very dim lightbulb not to see that.

    Genuine trans people do require the same rights and representation, but there is no easy route. They, too, must campaign as themselves – as trans people – for third spaces, and stay out of women’s. Piggy-backing on the hard fought for, and hard won, rights of others is profoundly parasitical and anti human rights. Only a deeply-ingrained sense of your own entitlement and superior importance could possibly make you think otherwise.

    If you are a narcissistic autogynephile, you know you are not a woman because your paraphilia is rooted in feelings of submission and being overpowered as a female, while you remain a man. No one is saying that you do not deserve consideration and empathy, but it has to be reciprocated.

    Yet, IF self-ID is rushed through the Holyrood parliament, men who know perfectly well that they are men – or, at a pinch, trans women, although genuine trans women don’t accept that definition either – will have the right to force themselves upon hitherto female-only, sex-based spaces while reluctant and angry women are made to accept it – often by other women who take it upon themselves to speak for our sex. It is unconscionable.

    What I find most worrying is that many trans women who are fully-transitioned or who understand that they are not women, but trans women, appear to also understand that cross-dressing men are not actual transsexuals, but paraphiliacs, and that their demands to access female spaces is not even based on any kind of accommodation with reality. I would tend to listen to these warning voices who are looking out for us, for lesbian women and for themselves. Being transitioned men, they know what they are talking about.

    Lorna Campbell

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    1. Lorna agree with everything there except 1 point. What rights dont trans have that we have? Answer none. Theres not a human right to invade the opposite sex and take over their category. And it never should be a human right. There’s not a human right to force people to comply with someone else’s belief to the detriment of their own reality. And that shouldn’t ever be a right. I think you mean campaign for their own category and spaces….but that won’t work because they want the 2 points I’ve outlined above. We have already been made a subset of our own sex while men with gender dysphoria/autogynaphilia/cross dressers on a Tuesday evening have taken our label of “woman” and closed the door on any of us who say “wait a minute”. They have the same human rights as the rest of us. They dont need mine too

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      1. Absolutely agree, littlelady. They have every human and civil right the rest of us have. They are scamming. What I meant was that they must campaign for access to the same representations, etc. that we have, not steal ours. I wouldn’t have a problem with a trans woman standing for Holyrood, but that person must stand as a trans woman separate from women, just as women did in relation to men. As a women, I don’t hold that I understand trans women’s needs in relation to policy, but neither can they possibly know women’s needs in ration to policy – and the trans warriors have shown a fine contempt for our needs and rights as women thus far. Actually, they don’t have any right to invade our sex-based spaces on human rights basis – and they know it. That is why they cannot ever BE women, but only ever TRANS women, and they will, therefore, need their own spaces separate from ours. Why our politicians should find that so hard to understand began the question (if they are not being deliberately disingenuous or deliberately provocative in a virtue-signalling way, of course): should such politicians be in the job at all if very basic biological and scientific truths backed by millennia of evidence are too hard for them to comprehend?

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  5. The polls are designed to manipulate voters not inform them. They will have a cover story for when things go wrong e.g. Our formula were incorrect due to a lack of previous voting data for ALBA. The figures were within the margin of error (3%) at the time. A late voting pattern change happened that was too late to detect. Etc etc.

    Note down the actual result on Friday/Saturday and compare it with the polling over the last few weeks. Write the results down and keep it handy for the next time you are tempted to look at polling data.

    My bottom figure is 8 seats for ALBA (at least 8). I will also predict at least 1 seat loss for the Greens, possibly 2. I won’t be humiliated if the pollsters are right – Scotland will be humiliated if the polls are accurate.

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    1. The Greens are now puke-inducing. Canadian Lorna Slater is completely pseudo ‘woke’. Canada is up to its eyeballs in pseudo ‘waker’. Whoever thought she’d make a better advocate than Patrick Harvie? Equally nauseating virtue-signalling.

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  6. If the Yes supporters are lulled into a false sense of security that the SNP will win a majority, coupled with an increadibly lacklustre ‘performance’ by Team Nicla… the danger (and probably the plan) is that many will stay at home and not vote at all.

    And if they don’t turn out to vote, then they won’t vote Alba.

    Which would seem to be what the real aim is. From a Britnat objective.

    Out leafleting today – think support for Alba is taking root, but folk don’t want any hasstle from SNPers, so keeping it quiet.

    If you have a leaflet/poster, please, please put it in the window. Let your neighbours know that they are not alone, and its OK to ‘cross the floor’. Max the Yes.

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  7. Iain, if you don’t mind: a wee suggestion for Alec Salmond and Alba? BBC Alba’s Euorpa and political unit. These were the ones who gave extensive coverage to the unearthing of the McCrone Report and to the theft of our seas with the changing of the boundaries. Worth a try. A wee snatch of Runrig’s Alba to introduce the programme?

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  8. In message-conversation with my Green-member friend, I had texted something like “are you voting Alba, the only party standing up for women’s rights,,,”.

    She replied “I’ve decided trans rights ,,,” blah blah

    I replied “what have trans rights got to do with women’s rights? I didn’t mention trans” blah blah.

    Besides the worrying fact a friend is fully brainwashed, therein lies the problem we now have: as soon as you mention ‘women’ the reply is always about ‘trans’. Ironically, by doing so, they are stating categorically that the two groups’ rights are in opposition, they cannot coexist, according to those that will not even discuss women. Why other women want to become second class citizens again, I can’t fathom, but I accept others’ opinions. Though I feel free to point out inconsistencies and hypocrisy, in case it helps the hard of thinking.

    I’ve watched the Alba Women Rising video several times now, it’s a massive relief to hear women talking just about women, and that we do have protections and rights under the law – and we have these for good reason; maybe one day we won’t need these and society will treat everyone fairly, but that day isn’t yet. We’ve come a long way in the past few decades, lets, please, not go backwards.

    I believe the British State fully expects Alex Salmond, at least, to get into the Scots’ Parliament – the sudden ‘controversy’ over Boris Johnstone’s spending on decoration: I mean, really, the number of things that Boris could be condemned for, jailed even, throughout his career, and they chose an expenses scandal?! Get a grip. – anyway, that indicates they are setting Boris up for removal (and an expenses scandal is easily buried if they don’t need to remove him after all, unlike say, causing the unnecessary deaths of thousands of people).

    The fact is, Boris is useless as a politician, and Alex Salmond would run rings round him – Alex’s extensive knowledge of Westminster politics, the establishment, and his pragmatic, mature politicking, could see us with independence within weeks (if he was in charge,,,) – so I predicted that Boris would be quickly replaced if Alex got in. The fact that they are eroding Boris’s support base ALREADY, means the State is expecting Alba and Alex to have a presence in parliament, and will be replacing Boris very, very quickly. The English people should be thanking us for this service, but will we receive any gratitude?

    Anyhow, whatever the polls say, I think the recent so-called scandal about Boris Johnstone is the biggest tell: Alba will be making their presence felt in the Scots Parliament come 6th-8th May.

    Keep up the hard work guys! You are doing well, and keep those leaflets flowing – it’s really impressive to see all the things that have been done at such short notice, and the number of activists getting out there – it’s a sair fecht, but you are making it happen. If we have to wait til the next GE (note: let’s install ISP in numbers into councils, that will be a major step forward as we go along) I think we’ll see Alba already risen and take/have constituency as well as list seats.

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    1. Interesting hypothesis about the immanent (you think) demise of BoJo. You may be right (let me get that in right away), but there are a couple of things that you havent taken into account. First of all if you look over his career, Boris has regularly (I was going to write “always” but that would be an exaggeration, if a little one) been mired in controversy. I dont see why, as you yourself say, an expenses scandal is going to bring him down – he’s faced up to and seen off worse than this.
      Secondly, have you seen the recent UK opinion polls? If he called an election next week, he could be back with an even bigger majority. Tories will put up with a lot if they think they are winning.
      Last thing – you are dead right – Salmond would run rings round him, but Alex might be present at Holyrood, but I am afraid considerable efforts will be made to leave him like the spectre at the feast. If not played well then the msm will at every turn emphasise the disagreements between him and Sturgeon, and that, as recent polling has suggested, is not good for support for independence. I am not saying they need to kiss and make up – that is not going to happen. But they need to develop a professional relationship. I know Salmond has said he wants to move on, and Sturgeon has been less positive, but post election he needs to appreciate that most of the independence supermajority is SNP and she needs to appreciate that others are entitled to their opinion and not be treated as the enemy if it’s different.


  9. Could I ask a question here. My recollection is that at the start of the campaign a “supermajority” was 2/3 of MSPs, so that independence supporting MSPs could dissolve Holyrood at will, as a campaigning tactic (eg so that a “referendum election” could be held). Reading this, it seems to me that “supermajority” has been downgraded to basically, “as large an independence majority as possible but if it’s short of 2/3 of MSPs then it’s still described as a “supermajority” “


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