There is a lot more at stake on Thursday than just determining who is going to be represented in Holyrood, no what is at stake is going to determine the ground rules for how the media, TV in particular, treat and balance their programmes in the event of any future referendum.

As this election has demonstrated beyond any doubt the BBC and other media outlets can be hugely creative when it comes to stopping pro Indy voices being heard. The blanket ban on Alba has been a democratic outrage. We are calling for our nations Independence but all too many in Scotland are happy to go along with letting the BBC DETERMINE who voters in Scotland should hear from.

Alarm bells should have been ringing in everyone’s ears at the pathetic excuse given as reason for Alba’s exclusion. They had never won an election to the Scottish Parliament. Really? The Party was only a few weeks old at the time, how could they ever overcome such a rule? It is a future can of worms that will unfairly impinge on any future political development in Scotland. I say Scotland because it only applies here. Different rules were applied in Wales and indeed in the London Mayoral Election where no such controls were applied.

Just think how this rule could have influenced elections in the past. What about when Roy Jenkins Social Democratic Party was formed.? Should they, as a new Party who had never won a seat at Westminster be excluded? Not a bit of it. Or what about Nigel Farage, his Party never won a seat at Westminster but he was never off the telly, indeed he had his own seat on Question Time? Then we had the creation of the Liberal Democrats when that new Party was formed. Were these BBC Scotland rules applied then? Of course not, none of them threatened the Union in the way Alba does.

The shame for Scotland is that the other supposedly democratic parties, out of naked self interest, went meekly along with it. Too scared or not principled enough to say to the BBC this is not on! We need considerably more courage and principle if we are ever to win Independence. It should be Scotland decides….not the BBC.

So what voters do on Thursday has added importance. If sufficient voters support Alba and they win representation at Holyrood and help form that Supermajority at Holyrood then it would be unthinkable for there to be anything other than equal balance on any Indyref programmes, three parties Tory, Labour and the Liberals supporting the Union and three parties SNP, GREENS AND ALBA supporting Independence. This would be hard for the BBC or anyone else to argue against, IMPOSSIBLE against a background of a supermajority in Holyrood.

So all Independence supporters need to realise what they do this Thursday could have a huge outcome in determining how fairly the programmes are organised in any future Referendum.

The polls are quite clear, the SNP will not win a single list seat on Thursday because their overwhelming success in the constituency seats divides their list vote by so many times they become meaningless. 

However, if instead of wasting their list vote and letting Unionists in the back door, sufficient SNP Indy supporters vote for ALBA then the BBC will have lost any opportunity to rig future Indyref debates or programmes in favour of the Union.

So instead of wasting your vote I would urge SNP voters to recycle it by voting for Alba on the list and severely tying up the BBC from being able to rig future programmes in the Union’s favour. Doing so will create the equal platform where the strength of our arguments in favour of Independence will win the day. It really is that important.

Let’s move Scotland forward on Thursday. We need to take these opportunities if we are ever to be successful. We need to stop squandering opportunity. We need to think strategically and recognise opportunity when it is presented before us. We really do!

Please share this everywhere. People need to understand this is much bigger than individual parties!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

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  1. Hmmm, you think? I think the BBC will find a new excuse and a new way to be biased.

    All campaigning now should factor in absolute bias from the BBC and ITV etc, including being ignored during election times.

    While challenging the BBC over its misconduct is important – this is a rigged game, there are other areas more worthy of our energy.

    Factoring in the bias, means campaigning (admittedly in a more low key way) all through the year. It means Billboards – and if we can’t hire them, we need to make our own and put them in our own gardens. It means bumper stickers and T shirts – not just with the Alba logo (though that is important) but with info about Scotland’s true wealth.

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    1. Absolutely.

      We need the subversion on the printing press updated for the 21st century, not to social media, but to home printers. A simple A4 newsletter with facts about everything the MSM won’t publish put through letterboxes every month or so until we get our independence.

      Cheap, not glossy, non-corporate; none of this image projection that the SNP & all other major parties try to convey. Local, grassroots, with all the pro-Independence party’s logos on it (whether they like it or not). We need a Yes movement front & center in the streets & homes as well as political parties in parliaments & councils.

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  2. The BBCs excuse is of course bollocks and as you point out “only for viewers in Scotland”.

    This from 2019 Westminster GE:

    “ Figures from seven major political parties are being quizzed in a live BBC election debate.
    Senior members of the Tories, Labour, Lib Dems, SNP, Greens, Plaid Cymru and the Brexit Party are taking part in the debate chaired by Nick Robinson.”


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  3. Spot on Iain. The bias will be a side affect of electing ALBA MSP’s and will be very hard for future political/news programmes to ignore, though they will still try! This election gives ALBA the platform to grow going forward to future elections. Success can be added to at next years Council elections, keeping the momentum going.
    The BBC must be wracking their collective thoughts just now on how to ignore ALBA. Other political parties will be having to rehash their election strategies going forward. ALBA has already played its part but there is more to be done

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    1. Has the time come to make this a deliberate campaign tactic; a mild form of civil disobedience? I’d love to see ALBA advocating this perhaps with a policy of non-engagement with the BBC.

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  4. Your commitment and enthusiasm is at a very high level Iain, I WAS there in 2014 and managed to play a small part in two regions which voted YES……so far with ALBA nothing through the door and all my messages to ALBA and emails seem just like a vote for the SNP on the list wasted (time)

    Here we are in a bubble talking to the converted and the committed, that won’t get 32 ALBA MSP’s into the Scottish parliament

    Sadly I was elsewhere at the weekend so could not see or take part in the local drive through procession.

    BUT apart from hearing about that, far too late to allow me to change my plans I can see no ALBA presence in my region of Central Scotland.

    As a YES Biker I have heard nothing about ALBA as well.

    As I have said before ALBA are missing the foot soldiers and the necessary info and hand outs to get to the people that don’t really know about ALBA…..this is, and was even more critical seeing that ALBA was blanked out by the MSN

    I don’t know if that MSN blanking out was predictable BUT needing all the troops on the ground with info to distribute certainly was.

    I am hoping that I am wrong and ALBA takes a fair number of list seats. If it does not, I will be as upset and disappointed as I was in 2014 not only by observing voting regulations being ignored, illegal action taking place and being allowed by those in control of the vote count and then of course the final result.

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    1. Do you really think writing that post less than 2 days before the polls open added value to the cause? Nobody contacted me! I chased the candidates down.

      “Nobody contacted me”, “I wasn’t given enough notice”, “I see no presence in Central Scotland”…and what did you do…you posted a winge on this blog.

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      1. I have written repeated emails to all four candidates offering help I have received nothing back apart from thanks for contacting me I have contacted ALBA on their main email address and got replies saying someone will be in contact in a few days NOTHING BACK!!!

        I was VERY VERY active in 2014 and was successful in helping two regions vote yes

        YES I am complaining (and I see this as a serious complaint) NOT whinging and if you think that is unhelpful well what can I say except don’t shoot the messenger

        THE CAUSE is bigger that this blog

        ALBA have missed a BIG opportunity to get troops on the ground

        IT IS that SIMPLE but for some reason it seems to matter where you are and who you know

        I have been TRYING TO HELP since DAY ONE and getting nowhere 😦

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    2. Roibert, I agree with your comments. I was getting very frustrated with Alba West Scotland for much the same reasons. They did come through in the end & between myself & wife & our neighbour (mostly him it has to be said) we got our town leafleted.

      But, I’m sure more could have been done. We just have to hope that enough has been done for this election but a good few of us are going to have to step up to the plate & get organised & not just sit back & wait for others to organise us. Whether that is within Alba or a wider Yes movement I don’t know.

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      1. One of the best things ALBA Party could do to promote independence (through re-invigorating and strengthening national consciousness among Scots) is arguably to get a Scots Language Act through Holyrood.

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      2. YES we need to get all the YES groups integrated into ALBA but with ALBA working with and communicating with them and I believe that the ISP will get back to being active again

        IT IS troops on the ground that will put the MSN and THE BBC STV and CH4 in their place.

        Why ALBA don’t understand that and had a plan to do that and had people in place to do that from day one mystifies me

        Hopefully we can put lots of ALBA MSP’s into the Scottish parliament and double up on that and more next time both on the constituency vote and the AMS/List vote and replace the SNP as the main driving force for independence…OR get the Stalanistic leadership out and get the SNP back under the control of the members and have a truly democratic SNP. Then maybe we can have an SNP ALBA alliance and drive towards INDEPENDENCE

        My partner is in the West region, so I know it is an ALBA black spot as well.

        EVER HOPEFUL but a little worried

        Hopefully I will be happy and smiling by the end of the week with lots of ALBA MSP’s elected

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      3. Roibert, the troops have been on the ground and from what I have seen in my area no other party has any at all.

        In six weeks from a standing start the Alba organisation has been impressive and a great credit to those involved. It is unfortunate that some offers of help like yours have fallen through the cracks. I tried to get some email contacts in your areas but got no response.

        Tomorrow there are events in Central in Coatbridge, Moodiesburn and Cumberland advertised on the @Albacentral twitter account. There is leafleting in Kilwinning in the West advertised on the Alba website events page. You can just turn up if convenient.

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  5. You are absolutely correct Iain. However the MSM will simply carry on as normal. We all know the futility of the BBC complaints procedure. We all witnessed the dismissal of the recent bias complaint regarding ALBA coverage.

    What would work is when ALBA wins seats this weekend and the MSM are demanding access interviews for the “big story” simply exclude the BBC. Yes, the BBC will spin that action but the publicity will get the story out. “The BBC have been excluded because of extreme bias during the election”

    Trying to achieve balanced reporting from the BBC cannot be achieved. They are servants of the Union.

    This election is a classic example of how the BBC bias works. They applied different rules in Wales and the London Mayorial candidate debates and ignored the comparison to Scotland.

    The know that even if by some miracle a bias complaint is upheld it will be AFTER the election and they will have achieved their objective.
    If by some miracle the BBC were had given balanced access to ALBA at the debates then we would have seen an escalation of the Alex Salmond attacks/ retrial/ stories from the “victims” about their distress.

    We have only ONE escape rout from the Unionist Media – Independence.

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  6. When Alba win seats, The BBC will try to continue their bias by only inviting parties with constituency seats. That will also exclude the Greens and ensure 3 to 1 in favour of unionist parties. Is there an international regulator we can complain to?

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  7. It will change after Alba MSP take their seats at Holyrood, for Questions to the First Minister (whoever that may be after the election) will be televised – Alba MSPs will be there asking questions and the answers will tell all we need to know about the intentions of the SNP lead government to hold another referendum on independence – the SNP can not hide after Thursday – the (un) Truth shall find them out. And if the SNP continue with this silliness about “We have to make the case for independence” the streets will be filled with angry protesters demanding that the government heed the people of Scotland. This is a turning point in Scottish politics the status quo is a boogie.

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    1. Agreed, 3wheels.

      All it takes is just one Alba MSP. Hopefully we’ll get more than one.

      [Boogie woogie no more]


    2. YES BUT unless there are a fair number of ALBA MSP’s their questioning of the first minister is limited.

      Mind you I guess well all know who will be asking the questions.

      Then there will be a new Presiding Officer as the fairly hopeless KM is not going to be there

      So all change.

      It would be very nice if we had more ALBA MSP’s than the Greens…… they are predicting 11 Green MSP’s

      So to come from nowhere and have more seats than the Greens or even the LibDems would be some achievement


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  8. i’m sure if the BBBC was looking at a tird world country which blocked a possible candidate or party , the finger pointing would happen with every TUT in the world being used .It is unforgiveable that we are at the mercy of the BBBC , STV and every damned newspaer in Scotland.

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  9. Iain , I don’t know what has happened to my comment box , either by me and my stupidity or some gremlin in the works but I have a teeny weeeny comment box and cannot see what I am writing until after it is posted – hence the ;!tird’ world country. I also suffer from fat finger syndrome and regularly miss the intended key


  10. What surprises me is why anyone is surprised at BBC and others behaviour. Of course they will use all means at their disposal as they are at the very heart of the Union. Anything they say in our favour will be with forked tongue. Wise up and move on.

    Between now and whenever the referendum is, let’s get billboards up and running and spend the £400K, if found, on them.

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  11. We Scots are far too compliant, we need to take a leaf out the French book. We should be at Pacific Quay on Sunday after the count demanding our democracy.

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  12. I’m the same Diablo. Only the top half of the letters are appearing in a very small box.


  13. Great article as usual. A minor gripe from me would be that picture. I really don’t like the new Yes logo. The simplicity of the White Yes on Blue Background made it super easy to recreate, even for the most artistically inept. As someone who likes a bit of Yes Stoning, but doesn’t have any artistic ability, I much prefer the simple white on blue. I have no idea who thought it was a good idea, but I’ve always had my suspicions that it was an SNP thing. As a result, I’ve continued to ignore this logo in favour of the far better one that we used to all march under.

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    1. I’ve always ignored the multicoloured version purely because it’s a brand introduced and owned by the SNP. Sadly said party at no stage did anything to promote that logo, or any indy campaign, save for persuading us all to shell out six hundred grand. So for the last seven years I’ve used only the original logo, and will continue so to do.

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  14. I had sent a complaint to the Electoral Comm. on the 1st of April asking why they considered it too late for the ALBA Party to use the Saltire on the voting paper. I have just received a response , apologising for being tardy and suggesting they will manage to answer my query by the 25th of May.

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  15. Scottish Fisherfolk betrayed yet again by the Unionist Parties will they never learn ?

    UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove had been expected to publish the white paper on the fisheries policy for leaving the EU in December last year but has yet to do so. A leaked draft commits the UK Government to consult the Scottish Government on fisheries decisions with Mr Gove retaining the final say.

    Banffshire and Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson, SNP, said the paper was evidence the Conservatives still regarded Scottish fishing as expendable.

    “The Tories’ White Paper utterly fails to deliver the control over our waters and who catches fish in them that was promised in the Brexit referendum,” he said. “It confirms the Tories want to keep control in London so they can again trade away our fishermen’s rights as part of their Brexit negotiations – as they have already begun to do.

    “It’s even worse than taking fishing powers away from Scotland for seven years as threatened in the UK Withdrawal Bill. This is a bid to permanently remove control over fishing from Scotland’s fishermen.

    “The Tories infamously described Scotland’s fishing industry as ‘expendable’ on our way into the EU – this proves beyond all doubt they plan to do the same on the way out.”

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  16. I understand that Alba is Dumbarton and the Vale of Leven has been very active with more activists than any other party, including the SNP. Many Alba activists were Yes campaigners in the 2014 referendum and almost all have been former SNP members until recently, so all this is encouraging.

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